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Runner's lie? Cheating rumors didn’t stop Robert Young – but something else did

Posted: Yesterday at 21:07

So obviously aided by taking transport from his van it's not even funny.

That'd take a phenomenal athlete to do that as a solo run, let alone as a tiny part of the overall stable of work.
The pallid, untoned, slightly bellied chap of the pictures does not look to be in that boat.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 16:52

As a comparison, last time I did this race i did 17.37, and first time i did 17.24. Probably needs to be mentioned, that both of those were chasing/in a race with a guy as I came 2nd.

So therefore, I’ll take 17.29, pleased enough with that, and by sheer luck ties in with my vague goal earlier.

Breathing wise, it didn’t sound great, but maybe that’s my lot going forward.

Grass, steps n inclines, as Bus has mentioned before, mean you would deffo trim time off elsewhere, especially in a bit more of a race.

But for now it’s a good step, mental as well as physical.

Good to have Bus n Phil there, as well as a fair few peeps I knew. That’s what I’ve missed from my “exile”. Had seriously given it some thought about setting up an “event” on FB, but I guess it would look pretty self indulgent (says the guy writing 13 pages for a report on a parkrun), and might mean I come 37th on my comeback! (ED – you’d be lucky to have 37peeps who’d care to come!)

Think my days of long races might be behind me, but 5ks hopefully at least i can smash a bundle of when it’s needed.

Recovery wise, had a 10min spell of that possible blood sugar low, but as per before some Lucozade and carbs seemed to sort quickly.


But yeah, good to get a “1” for the 2016 row on my spreadsheet! Not to mention finally doing one of these some local level don hasn't turned up and ruined for me!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 16:51

Meanwhile “2km” had come up at 3.26, which played even sillier beggars with my monkey brain, supposedly 1 second slower than a sub 5 start?!
When I checked splits later, there was a very obvious reason for this...1k being long!

Anyway, round the grassy part, still on my own, telling myself, don’t worry about anything behind you, if you’re still in the lead later you can have a butchers...
Up some really wide steps, which are dodgy, not to mention a muddy little bit before them, and you have to leap up in seeming slow mo. Took Phil’s tip to not think of the top of the steps as the time to start monstering it, but a good 10metres later.

Worked well, and then had the next challenge. The same route back to the start, but perhaps 800metres back against a huge amount of runners still on the earlier section.

You have to be slightly wary, as a lot of the runners clearly aren’t expecting someone to be coming the other way, and take up the whole path. Add in some dogs and cyclists and it’s a little stressy.

Saw a couple of pals, and one of my run club girls in the pack, and felt a little rude to be ignoring a lot of the encouragement shouts, but i have enough breath to not collapse right now, there’s no extra for bantz.

Knew if i could make 4k ahead no one would suddenly emerge, and so it proved. It’s a bit of a long run in, but the pace had improved again from the mid race reduction, so agreed with myself that once I got to the last bend, I’d have a look round, see how far behind anyone was.

Looked round, must have had 300-350metres, and enjoyed going over the line in


To finally win/first finish one of these things!

Second came in about 1 min 10-15 or so later, so in fairness it was the billed “time trial” rather than a race as such, but was a perfect comeback.
Almost spoilt Phil’s report, by mentioning him there, but I’ll leave him to do his own, no doubt much much shorter I appreciate it’s only us who haven’t raced for so long who will milk this for a massive report!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 16:51

A 5k then. Got down there, and quickly saw a dead armed elder statesman through the misty glaze of the Rye, and thought, shall I zoom off and surprise him later, or take the more sensible social option of sharing a warm up. Phil probably thought i was just out running, as has happened before, but a big “i’m going for it” put cards on the table early doors. Quickly followed with a “in a, getting to the finish without collapsing way” disclaimer to reduce any expectations.

In my head I had loads of time thoughts going through my mind. Knowing i could “at least” do 6min miling, which’d give an 18.36 as i’d done loads of those sort of tempo speeds ages ago. Trying to forget the paces on the 12 week schedule, as this course does have grass, steps and inclines, so sort of vaguely wondered if a 17.30 and 3.30 km might be sensible.

Phil had informed me by pure lotto I’d bundled into some sort of 200th Wycombe parkrun celebration which was nice. Although the 10-15mins rucking around waiting for various clowns to take tonneloads of photos, as well as the Major who has a quite incredible way of pronouncing words, like no one i’ve ever heard, not even the infamous “Vick-ham Vonderers” with “Dennis” Taylor in goal (for any non footy fans, Dennis – snooker gimp, Martin – actual goalie name), and quite warm conditions for 9am (9.15?), coupled with the sheer non confidence after so long away, were getting my anxiety levels off the scale

Wycombe parkrun has an exceptionally wise start line. Looked down the mile down the left, didn’t really recognise anyone. Same down the right. Was slightly alarmed some midget kid with a name I can’t remember on his footy shirt (possibly Chavinho? ED - behave)was slightly too close, so trying not to smash him as I set off was mission 1.

Mission 1 achieved, now the small matter of the race. Monstered off, on my own, although i was taking a different line to a gang on my right, so wasn’t sure if they’d suddenly join me.

They didn’t before the first bend, so on hearing Bus’s (volunteer boy today) encouragement I carried on. Second bend, still seemingly no one near, and the two times I’ve done this race, here is where someone joins me.
Quick sense check on the watch, sub 5 pace, hmmm, doesn’t feel too bad, although breathing sounds noisy, but then it’s inevitable, as breathing hasn’t felt 100% the same in a year.
Up to the 1k marker, and slightly surprised to “Only” see 3.25 on the clock. In my history of 5k races, i’ve found that first km is usually comfortably faster than the average. So I was trying to compute how, with that start, we weren’t off to a tastier first km.

Thought forget it, carry on, as hard as feels right. 2nd km takes you up to a slight muddy path through a kid’s park, and then up an incline round the back of the park. Hoped the goons with tonnes of mutts out on some doggy exhibition that were in plenitude earlier had dispersed, and luckily they had.
After the slightly undulating path part, comes a sharp left turn down a few metres onto a grassy section. The marshall was in a slightly odd position, but there was a sign there anyway.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 16:50

Well folks, it's been a mad week, joining the real world and actually after 13+ years of full time post Uni work, an actual commute. Only to Slough, but it's generally 30 or so mins either way, if you leave at the right time..

So forgive me postponing a catchup, writing my own stuff, then bew-garring off for a bit again.

50 weeks have passed since that Wycombe half collapse, with no racing.

Until today. And I am counting a parkrun as a race whatever anyone reckons.

So get yourself a drink, and sit on down for a good old fashioned race report, it'll be long, I assure you of that.                        
(I'm certain some will just scroll to post 7 and see the time/position etc, but I like to write these as well, so we are)

Had forgotten that uneasy sleep the night before, and certainly had forgotten the pure stressiness of wakeup, as adrenaline starts ramping up. Yes - even for a 5k, and one on my doorstep!

Have put this off for ages, and had to force myself to finally do it this week, as otherwise, why would I ever get round to it.

I've written this out in full already, as usually Bus will pop in mid way through with a "well, what happened". I'm writing it son! Patience

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 18/06/2016 at 17:05

then a 5miler, as per most runs this last 9months feeling breathier than they should, so erm..still no idea where I am really.

Next week, start an actual commute for work, after 13+ years at the same local site, so will have an easier mileage week, with a rest from track stuff just to ease the extra hour of driving a day into the system

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 18/06/2016 at 17:00

good work AG, equals my glory days pb

Which parkrun?

Ric - that's £28.50 for a 10miler, not a half! These days, if you limit it to £1 a mile, you'll not be doing many half marathons! It aint the 70s anymore son.


I also considered a parkrun....


for about 2secs, but instead had a nice lie in until 1.15!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 17/06/2016 at 09:18

last sesh of the 6 week plan, supposedly 5x400 at 800 off 2mins.


Says it all! Legs of rubber by rep 2!

Amazed that ,mere 400s can feel such hard work. The last one felt very slow, yet still a 73!


Over the course of the 12 sessions, I think the first 9 were very achievable if working well, whereas the last 3 were a bit optimistic. Especially for the zones that my 5k reps had given me.
If i'd stuck to the 82-78-74-70 of the original sheet, perhaps all could have come out right, but then the 5k ones would have felt too comfy.

And clearly, the shorter the rep the easier it is to finish. 200s at whatever zones are always doable, 300s at 800 just about at slow end of zone, but 400s proved an ask.

Good little trial though.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 14/06/2016 at 15:55

If i did the first 600 in a 5k at the first rep pace today i'd have a meltdown that made the Wycombe half finish look pretty 

ps when i finally ever get a parkrun or 2 in (and today they felt a mile away!) BP would be a nice one to do..

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 14/06/2016 at 09:26

Nice one Pete, pbs do come in the seconds at such a short distance at times, so a good result this far in!
I remember laundering my breeks to get 1 second under a benchmark last year, mist seem mental to people who don't get running!


Sesh 11 of the 12 sesh plan today, attrmpting 6x600 at 1500 zone (!) off 2mins.

Woke up a bit knackered, and like last week I did wonder if this was actually doable without going into a severe hurt locker.

I think the first 9 sessions on this plan have all been fairly doable in a work hard way, but session 10, 6x800 at 3k I think was a big ask, and today very similar!

This week i was determined not to edit it on the move, like I did last sesh, even if the paces tailed off....


Started off with 1 bang on the money, then it collapsed down a bit


average 1.52

Last one my legs had had enough.

In hindsight, 3600m reps at 1500 pace is probably a very tough session, especially when it's a theoretical 1500 pace itself.. Probably a challenge at 3k pace in fairness.

All a learning zone though, and can always edit the plan for future use

Was glad when this one ended, and glad I stuck it through.

Sam was up there midway through my session, doing a very pro looking warmup!


Sesh 12 is 5x400 at 800 pace! That'll be fun! And 400s you can generally hang on for!

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