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Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 19:09

AG, I think that's the one round an Airfield? Did that once. Get it when not very windy and you have a chance.

Nice one as well Pete, couple of Age wins for the thread, and cash to boot. Must be a tidy course if you're beating your last Battersea turn out and pb!

Aley, sorry forgot to respond. Had a quick look at the logistics of the 5k Friday race. Organiser has previously said to me they save entries for sub 17/low 17 types, so that would take one issue out (needing to book well before like usual)
Bit late to take the day off, so it'd be whether I could take a half day in the middle of the day, start at 8,  leave work at 10, drive 40-45mins or so, and get a 20-25min tube in from say Ealing/Hammersmith type terrain and use for 3-5 stops to Hyde Park Corner.
12 race, done in 20, 10mins of chat, 10mins of cool down, back on tube by 1, Hour back to work with half hour safety net, and 2.30-500 rest of day.

Sort of doable, but a little mad.
As i'm attempting to pull such a stunt for the Friday after for that Ealing 1miler, I wonder if I could push my luck twice in a row

What do people think about that. Too much?

Wow Bus, I think it says it all about how dodgy/remote that type of race is, that over a mere 5.6miles you have to have check in points! I think if I attempted that type of race, I would quite literally die out there. Sounds a right barrel of fun for you though, just your cup of tea. And a subtle way of announcing 2016 hol #6.
If I ever grow up and get a life touring the country for a week here and there wouldn't be a bad idea.


ps sorry, one last one from me before I stop waffling, having thoughts about signing up for a club membership for the race entry aspect again.

Cheapest I've found so far is £18 for 2nd claim membership for Fetch everyone, which covers the £12 affiliation/right to race job

You can have as many 2nd claim as you like if I remember correctly, having read the Fascist Manifesto, sorry..the UK athletics rule book. But if you have ever held 1st claim anywhere, no matter how many years have passed, you have to pay £10 to switch, unless you go down the road of "hardship" which seems to mean if you've moved 100s of miles away, but even then the £10 seems to sweeten it along.

so erm, anyone ever found cheaper than £18, which I guess is quite an ask now UK affiliation is £12 (although i'm sure some quote £13)
And Bus, they have to be affiliated...not just entered on the form as such

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 17:05

Went out like I sometimes do telling myself, 10-12 will do today, few excuses, yesterday, hill in mile 2 planned. But put a 13 on the table.

Very tempting at the mo to take the "easy" option, shorter track reps, shorter "races", etc. Well, just not doing anything would be the easiest, but you know!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 17:04

Nice un Reg, pbs are magic, enjoy it as you never know when that's it and indeed, why would you want to "sh"t yourself off" from the race atmosphere. I remember though at Chichester years back, I found "shtting myself off" about 30secs before the start was essential tofeel lighter

Your hamstrings always make me wonder though. I've never heard anyone mention "tear" and "days" like you do. Sure they aint just tight?

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 13:46

 the same reward this year pending inflation)

Seemed like ages before 2nd came in, a kid, and 3rd, a geezer with headphones with seemingly a full body kit on and a little bag with other sh!T in. Joked with him later that he'd be 20secs quicker ditching that guff.

Felt plenty today, had intended to do the 10k, but as it's a hard course, probably a step too far right now.

I think it says it all that today didn't even break 19mins for the 5k! The parkruns I've been doing have pretty much been in the 17.20-18.00 terrain, with the top end of that range (when not unwell!) being grassy hilly stuff!

Breathing, as per usual, but average pace shocking. Seem to have that sort of little ache in the left side of the rib again, a little along the lines of the start of the problems 18months ago.

But all in all, glad to get there, would have been so easy to just bottle the whole thing rather than just the 10k!  The last time I did a 5k when there was a 10k on and got a stack of abuse was a bit different I think. For starters, I was fully fit back then, now i'm testing the waters a bit. And that 5k back then was a blimming individual race, held separate to the 10k! These two were together today.

Might have been interesting to see if I could have competed for 2nd/held it, or at worst clung on for 3rd, but for today, I think I needed a tiny little victory, ever so slightly better than a parkrun win!

I did mention Lit to a few people when they had this little podium!

Hers being for a big city marathon, mine being for a little rotary club village Saturday 5k when there's a 10k on

Am looking to see if I can do that Ealing miler soon, if anyone is about. That and parkruns I think are enough for now. I think I need to battle my brain before attempting a longer one again, although a flat road 5miler might be a better transition.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 13:45

Right, designated today to be my first race with a number for ... 15months!

Pencilled in Burnham Beeches 10k, a race I came 2nd in, back in 2008 when doing this in mid 39s. Clearly got faster and fitter over the years, but to balance that, the whole saga with the health.

The logic, was that I've done a fair chunk of parkruns, this is a fairly lowkey event, and gives me the chance to bank a higher distance race.

Woke up, didn't fancy it. Hadn't pre-signed up, so came very close to just sacking it off. Started thinking maybe an undulating 2 lapper on MT for a fairly high price wasn't better than just doing a run around town.

Forced myself to the car, even driving I was half thinking about binning it off, but said get there, and there is also an option of 5k if needs be.

Quick drive there, about 2/3 of the drive to work, felt alright, so had a little 2mile pootle around, and sampled the early bit of the course. Got a right sweat on for not exactly furious pace, and considered it for a long time, do I wanna do 10k today.

Fabian 31min 10k man flew by,  and my mind was made up  . Feel a bit knackered, struggle round 2 laps a million miles behind Fabe, or stick to the distance I've been doing a lot recently, but a much harder version.

Had already paid my colossal £18 (£18!!) for the entry to the 10k, but because i'd confused them about the need to change race, and number (!) and that "just telling" the marshall at the end of lap 1 I was doing the 5k despite having a 10k number wasn't on, I thought  i'd donate them the £2 difference

So we're doing the 5k then, just 1 lap, and that felt so much of a release on the fragile mentality these days, that it was going to be an enjoyable one.

Monstered off on a long grassy circle on ridiculously uneven patchy stuff, chuckling as the boy Fabian almost took a wrong turn, over a ridiculous little dip that I can imagine anyone further than about 5 back wouldn't have seen, and then we were into the woods.
A ridiculously dangerous steep down drop woke us up, followed by a climb, and then it was some real classic MT stuff, dodgy little roots, subtle ups and downs, little turns.

Fabe was gone, and I was neck n neck with a guy who hadn't bottled the 10k, and then a crowd scene behind that I realised probably wouldn't be an issue to me doing the 5k.

Checking the watch every so often the pace looked real snail material, so I just stopped bothering looking at pace early doors. Did still log the splits though, although looking at them now they look woefully out of sync.

Seemed a fairly long gradual down midway, that could only smack of a massive up to follow, but barring a comedy slip and "frig's sake" eased away from the guy in 2nd in the 10k, and just had to see the last km, now on grass and flattish road out.

Got a shout from a marshall that I was going the wrong way, but quickly saw him off with "5k mate", as he probably thought what's this guy doing the 5k for, and erm, shuffled over the finish line sheepishly accepting the people's applause, including some little kid who probably had never seen a race finish before and mistook me for a proper runner.

Had one of the loveliest sit downs ever (literal, not metaphorical for a poopee), told as many marshalls as I could the whole back story, and how 5k seemed enough today, while they dished a prize out!

A prize! Lovely stuff. (although I was hoping for a nice medal like in 08, maybe that was just 10k, or they've long stopped those)

£20 Apex voucher job, just about covers today's expense.
(Looked back at the 2008 voucher, and that was £20 for 2nd in the 10k, so a less stressworthy way of getting t

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 16:46
Simon Coombes 2 wrote (see)

Dachs - Yes most realise it's short, not sure why anyone bothers measuring xc courses tbh, it will be pretty dry too.

Manchester for the Trafford 10k? whenever that is? What are all the fast ones?

Leeds - Abbey Dash

Manc - Trafford 10k

Brum - Telford 10k

London - BUPA 10K - (I think its a fast course)

I do know some smaller ones. The Christchurch 10k sells out well early and that's dead fast, mid December

I did the Bupa 10k in the same time span as I'd just done a 34:43 at Chichester (Feb) and 34:30 at Eastleigh

Registered the exact same pace per mile as Eastleigh, but ended up in the high 35s.

I'll also remember Crispy's shocked "f'cks sake" as I turned up on his shoulder. Clearly the sign of how badly you're racing is me overtaking 

But yes, i either didn't take a good racing line, or it's fairly long compared to other courses.
I know the local guy who trains an elite runner thinks it's long too. Said he can't get near the times he used to do there years ago, despite info suggesting he's as fast now as then. Who knows!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 16:42

Will be turning out this weekend ML, but something a bit different.

Am nervous, the adrenaline/anxiety hit me when I woke up today! Bit blimming early!!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 20/10/2016 at 19:35
Dachs wrote (see)
How is it our fault?

Big club throwing their weight around date wise? perhaps?

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 20/10/2016 at 19:34

Reg, the obvious choice is to not only do the bike ride, but do a stupidly long one.

Injury + massive pre race exertion = no lose.

Good race, you look an absolute hero
Crap race, well, you were injured and did tonnes of pre race exertion


ps Peter Rabbit 2. Are you ok there son? Little bit of a mad intro?

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 11:14

The Bus. A username that must confound any lurkers.

Although it does remind me of a couple of irritating sorts coming past in a half marathon years ago shouting "all aboard the sub 1hr 20 train"

After that, there was no way i was letting them beat me.


"Here comes the Bus"

8 today, 6.44 job, didn't feel like monstering it, and a scandalously dodgy average HR of 115 or so, with max only 145. No wonder this watch thinks i'm capable of incredible times if i could do a 6.44 paced 8miler at 115 hr!

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