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Training Methods for 10K

Posted: Yesterday at 22:31

best way is to find a 10k race, run it flat out.

Work out the pace per mile from that, and that's your 10k pace.

I'd then roughly, equate easy pace to be about 90secs minimum slower, but up to 2mins slower. That'd be the pace you do your long runs, or extra weekly mileage at.

You could perhaps then do intervals of a mile or so at your "10k pace", or shorter reps faster than this (with recoveries between 60-90seconds) ,  and tempos (continuous runs of say 4-6miles) at say 30secs or so slower than the 10k pace.

That's a rough guide on paces.

Check out the McMillan race calculator on google, that will give you more specifics.

Starting to run 100km/week - How fast can I go 10k?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:53

I don't actually think averaging 100k a week is that hard at all, after all that's 60miles or so.

But it obviously needs years of building up to.

Now, 100 MILES  a week, that'd probably be too much for all but a tiny handful of runners.


Fair play for the chap for coming back though. Many, many a runner has these barmy threads then just disappears.

Training Methods for 10K

Posted: Yesterday at 21:44

A motorised treadmill does some of the work, there's no weather conditions or air resistance to deal with, and you run in a different way to how you would naturally on the road.

Take your point about mental resistance, but trust me, there's enough need for discipline in running as it is, without adding more strain to the mix!

Generally though, a nice training plan long term is a long run, some reps of short distance followed by recoveries, and a continuous "tempo" run. Then slotting as much easy running in as you can handle.

Gradual build up, create a base fitness, then slowly add in the quality work.

To a point, the more mileage the better. Simple as.


Training Methods for 10K

Posted: Yesterday at 21:16

Applaud your desire, but dislike the approach massively!

Why only treadmill running?

Why do you record a speed but not the distance covered?

Surely the burning out should be a sign you're overdoing the speed angle.


Get out there on the roads, record the distance, slow it down, add a bit more mileage to get a base, and you'll improve race times wise just from that.

You can add some faster work when you've got a bigger base fitness.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 20:35

20mins Ric. 20 minutes.


You're on a theoretical 11 hour flight to Los Angeles...

Posted: Yesterday at 20:28
Miffi wrote (see)
RicF - again apologies for no quote function.
I think i'm the only one playing with the kk = mm theory. If not kk then her first attempt at a clone.

Think you are. Normally when people get banned, they come back and let slip some of the rows, past comments, or simple style of posting.

Mark seemed to have massive issues with Screamy and Dave, despite apparently only emerging a month ago.

But the way he wrote, and the way he quoted people and wrote the time in, rather than using the proper quote facility was super unique.
Add in the threatening and abusive tone, and all that taxi business, and it was a really odd character.

If someone created it as a windup, it was well played!

You're on a theoretical 11 hour flight to Los Angeles...

Posted: Yesterday at 20:25
Gideon Levy wrote (see)
MPNW- He actually went quiet about 2weeks after mark arrived.

Cracking point.

But then you seemed to emerge straight after that angry guy who was threatening and abusive can just be timing eh?


Posted: Yesterday at 20:22
RicF wrote (see)

Among 18-year-olds, 34% of women were allocated university places, compared with 26% of men.

This was on the BBC news site. I'm puzzled. What were the remaining 40%?

Oh Ric.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 18/12/2014 at 19:45

Scott, Dean's short stuff stood out from the very moment he arrived on the thread.

I'm sure you could do some pretty vast stuff though, as you're from a short distance background, still pretty young, and if you could avoid the niggles that have blighted you, you'd make a good success of it im sure.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 18/12/2014 at 19:43

Andrew, decent paces. I will try to forget that you're currently a XC star and saying how you found it hard, as I'm pretty much looking to do exactly that session and pace tomorrow...but as a 4mile continuous block

I reckon you could Dachs. I did one as part of a casual Sandhurst "fun" track night a few years back, 15mins after a 1k flat out rampage.
I remember being gutted at doing 60 as a fellow Sandhurster,...not Graham, did 58.

It's a different game of running though. The feeling in the lungs is quite unsettling. No wonder they say you should start out short distance and build once exhausting your development at each much harder going back down.

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