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Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 12:18

not surprised you're a fair chunk over Phil,you've been ill for a few weeks, and given blood on top! Bigger surprise would have been if you'd smashed it.

Quite liked that Burnham 5k, the downhill start on top of my already fast start style led to a real zoom off. You do get those 2 steep bits at the end of each lap, including the last 100metres or so of the race, but overall usually produced a decent effort there.

Had quite a few years of doing 5 races in that series, Marlow's race obviously being a marshall duty job, and Cookham not existing then.

Generally went

Wargrave - all fresh, biggest attendance, right bang up for it, sting in the tail 4th km, and nice down to finish

Burnham - lots seems downhill, but even steeper, but shorter sections twice

Maidenhead - the fastest, despite being a couple of km on grass and having twisty sections and unlevel paths. Cruel last section where you literally pass 100cm from the finish, but realise you have to do a little loop first.

Wycombe - starting to long for the end of the series, home race,  never gagging for 2 laps of the local park. 3/4 on grass, undulating round the back on concrete

Datchet - desperate for the end of the series, another 2 lapper, again mostly on grass, often seemed a bit long.

Glorious post series festivities in the sunshine.


Were good days. Shame none of the courses were overly fast! Still, might do one this summer.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 09:33

simon, 26mins dead for 8k! That's some big running. Always slightly odd when they change an established race route, but in fairness we quote pbs for a distance overall, not necessarily a race, so as long as it's accurate it doesn't matter.

12 today, 6.50 pace. Nice weather, get the feeling i'm in good shape once this inflammation goes. Always the chance that running through is slowing the recovery of it down, but when i can do sessions, sub 17 5k and 6.50 pace 12milers without any real ill effects it'd feel hard to rest completely.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 15:21

Dachs - I believe they changed the route of the Bupa 10k a bit. No idea what difference it'd have made. Reading for example I don't think it made it faster, as it seemed to make the first hill steeper, and the lack of crowd in the first mile was odd too.

Bus - yes deffo, we'll have to have a road trip there one day. Ideally when i'm not a bit inhibited by the ribs! Can't pretend i'm that bad, with only a 2nd sub 17 5k in 30 5ks now (not including Wycombe/Black park parkruns!) but deffo took the top edge off.

Noticed an intriguing 3x1mile relay which could be fun. But I do appreciate it's an hour drive there as it is, so 5k is probably the minimum you'd want to do!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 11:04

And so it proved... 7th place medal, which is odd, but I lapped it up, and definitely sub 17, though i didn’t hear the exact in the unlikeliness of the medal.

Had to check the results today, for a confirmed 16.59 (weasels always find an extra second don’t they) delighted with that in the circumstances, and promises better for fully fit days. Knew i wasn’t far off fitness wise, so while not the 16.53 of 2 years ago, will take this for sure.

Nice little race, good flat course, very generous with the prizes, and I obviously got away with it being a bank holiday and smaller turn out. Incredibly generous on the women’s prizes though. When there were perhaps 2/3 men there, to still have the same ratio of prizes for women’s places is amazing. Interesting to see V50 is the cut off not V40 though. A sign that we don’t drop off as much as 40 as we think? Let’s hope so!!


Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 11:02

Battersea Park 5k. I'd seen Dach's report, i'd checked the standard, so I thought, I'd get myself down there.

Was cursing a bit that I'd found a fast good standard 5k at the same time I'm trying to get rid of this rib muscles inflammation, but thought I'd give it a go, and could dress it up as a "good training session", or "race practice" if needed.

After a weekend of two trips to Wembley, (one massively heartbreaking) and a morning jog yesterday not exactly feeling gorgeous, I set off on the hour drive thinking, is this a good idea, this is definitely not a good idea, what in blazes am I doing, for a 7pm race start.

Got there, had a long walk to find registration, and was trying to ignore I was breathing a bit heavier than I'd like just walking. Also felt blimming windy, and undulating. So basically full on pre race panic!

Had seen that the last race had about 20 people sub 17, so suspected I wouldn’t be anywhere near the top end, so just thought, i’ll run as it comes.
I’ve only done 2 5ks in the last 18months, with them both being the Wycombe parkrun where I cruised to 2nds, so a decent race over the distance felt pretty rare. So different to the days I used to do 5 over 6weeks or so.

Set off, and used 3.24 per km as a light benchmark, knowing that’s 17 dead fare.
Through first km in 3.18, so a good start, a little ahead of “target”, but not madly so. Route felt quite nice and flat, unlike the bits I’d walked round earlier, and the wind had largely disappeared too.

Second km is always key. You need that on track, to give confidence you haven’t got too excited in km1. 3.25 sounded good to me, this was going alright.
2 lap course, so past the start/finish areas, and could I keep this going for half way and 3k? Was delighted to see a 3.25 again, consistent, and from this point knew something good could be on the agenda. Didn’t want to get too excited, as targets can disappear instantly in a 5k. However, I knew that i had a few seconds for a possible sub 17.

K4 is often the hardest km, the effort versus split always seem not to make sense. But if you can get to 4k sort of on track, you give yourself a chance of a last km rampage. 3.28 split. Didn’t try and do any maths, but put effort into working at the right intensity.

Definitely helped having a little gang around at different stages to work off, overtook a few near the end, and was screaming in my head, where is that finish.

Came up to sight of the clock, it’s in the mid 1650s..... 1654, 1655...time seems to last forever, and finally lunge for the line and over...

16.58 on my watch, but will they find extra to add?

Wandered about a bit, trying to engage a few randoms in conversation, including a guy who pre race was sporting what can only be described as a “manic grin”. Not sure if he was a little bit mad, or just nervous. Some Serpentine woman looked about as keen to chat as she was to share a lift with someone with severe Bauchschmerzen.

But anyway, i thought i’d hang about until the prize giving, just so i could hear what time 7th did, to roughly benchmark against.
Typically they started with vet women, then women, then vet women, while i was looking at my watch remembering an hour drive home to come...

When I heard one of the V50 prizes was 18.01, and I didn’t recognise him as beating me, I started thinking, i might just sneak a medal here.


Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 11:01

let's see if we can beat the thread record for length of a 5k report!

And I'll hide the time in amongst it, so people can't just scan it. Savour every word!

on we go.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 11:00

sorry...too many people asking me work stuff in between


I'm trying to write my report people!!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 10:17

good pb Simon, especially with your years in the game and current level!

The amount of races I've done where I seem to be nearly the only one even bothering to cool down or stretch after is, well, seemingly all of them! The closest I've seen to protein loading has been watching someone oaf down a burger!

But anyway, i had a little race last night....

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 22/05/2015 at 10:23

good luck Dachs. And SG policy is not to reveal any races until after the event i'm afraid.

Good sessions all.

35min MP-HMP tempo today. Think because i'd done some 72 sec laps Fri, i went in thinking 89 and 86s would be a doss over 35mins.

Wasn't. And had a real feel of the rib inflammation thing again, just when I thought it was easing off. Odd, as last run was Wed at 7am. Guess it's a classic thing with muscles, even inflamed ones that they often respond better to keeping warm and active rather than rested.

We press on.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 10:05

I'd steer clear of McMillan to be honest. McMillan would have me doing "easy" paced runs in the mid 6s! 

My training is zone based, but yours isn't, so I'd probably just go along and just aim to run 400 pretty hard, and then do the 200s "very" hard. (relative to what you can produce after the pretty hard 400 )

Today was a good confidence booster. I'd feel much more comfortable attempting 800s at 3k pace after that, as i'd actually be able to down the pace by 3 secs on the first 400. Having said that, i'd still need a big recovery i think, 3mins is good.

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