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Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 21:08

have had the odd purchase from all of those, and also a weird co called "for runners by runners" (or something). They seem to refuse to reply to any correspondance, so you're always glad their stuff turns up.

Run and Become, round the corner from New Scotland Yard forever made me a little wary about in store experts who "watch you run" for their "analysis".

As the most experienced woman, judged from a 50metre run down the street, that  my size 12s were like "flippers" and I actually needed 11 1/2. Not to mention her also kitting me out in a pair a guy with proper gait analysis technology 2months later said would probably have caused knee he put me back in the 12s I'd always worn!

I'm gutted I didn't stock up on the old Adios Adizero 2s. Love that shoe, and as I'm coming to the end of my last pair of them, still putting off the decision of what to do. Think I found one site only that had a pair at £75, In the marvellous gold too, but am too tight to go for them

Will have to work out what Adidas shoe is the equivalent

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 19:49

they never seem to have the couple of shoes I take unfortunately for the best price


2x4 today. Cold is almost out, but legs and stomach feel as if they've done an 100mile week, not 20miles in 2 weeks!

Roll on competing with Pete at a parkrun somewhere hopefully soonish! To at least pretend to be a racer, rather than just some guy hosting a thread to facilitate racers!

The best of the forum

Posted: Today at 19:00
Dave The Iron Ex- Spartan wrote (see)

D2D's YouTube channel is always good way to brighten up a dull afternoon 

There was a video that went along the lines of "how to be as successful a runner as me" with a backdrop of tonnes of medals. Cringe worthy.

Dan A wrote (see)

I met Samir a couple of years back.  We'd all persuaded him to test himself at a local parkrun (which happened to be my local parkrun in Gunnersbury).  He was pretty quick and finished in about 16:40 - definitely had some talent.  I invited him along for my 7 mile run after and got chatting to him; he was nice enough, but genuinely believed that with funding he would be good enough for Olympic standard.  Just couldn't accept that the level of talent and dedication required was on a different planet.

Last time I saw him, was when I was working at the Royal Parks half.  Leading out the first wave of runners was none other than Samir, wearing a false/forged race number.  Yep, you've guessed it, it 1 !!!! 

According to the race director in the lead car, he was still in the joint lead up to about 10k, then mysteriously disappeared.  He never came past the finish line, and has rarely been seen in the running world since.  A quick look at his Po10 page is like the Marie Celeste.  Though he did come 375th at the National Cross last year.  Might not be enough for the Rio selectors.

Won't beat his legendary Reading half marathon run out. Leading the race for half a mile or so! Only against sub 1hr 05 type quality like Scott Overall!

The video is insane, him leading, and then this pack of quality runners thinking "what the fudge is happening here".

Inevitable meltdown occurred, and I remember catching him at about 4miles, having a nice little chat, and then a couple of others I knew reported similar further on. Before he rolled in 1hr 30 or so.

I think he even had some niggly injury beforehand too, just to make it even more mad.

He's got a lot of quality and potential though. I'd like to see him get luck with injury, train properly, and he could probably go sub 16 for 5k.

Ok, nowhere near Olympic standard, but excellent for local fare.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 18:53

sounds you've been put off by an unfortunate rare experience then.

Not so much with the Sweatshop size companies, but I do wonder how individual running stores stay open. After the initial fitting etc which is best to at least try a shoe out in store, you'll never get the price in a shop anywhere near as low as online.

How do these places stay in business? Is the walk in/physically buy market that high? Or are they making huge wedges off every pair so don't need to sell too much?

I was once offered a "regular" deal for a £100 shoe, to get them for £80. But then roll on some time, and the standard price online seemed to be about £60, and get in at the right time, as low as £41, or in this recent best ever deal, £70 for 2 pairs!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 16:01

I don't know old son. Your logic often has me baffled.

Such as moaning about Sweatshop's staff, when there's no need to actually go there at all, being a big online presence themselves.

I tend to find Sweatshop the cheapest overall too, but appreciate that's all down to what you're buying.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 13:05

Iron, ah yes, got away with it not being too windy there, but was pretty hot instead!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 13:04

Pete,  basically, off lower mileage, your zones will be "softer", than someone with years of high mileage. For instance, I'd really have to go some to get my zones faster, whereas I think you could develop a notch or 2 up just from more miles (how can you hope to come close to maximising for a HM for example off 30mile weeking?)

Also what sounds like equivalent workouts, ie 6m HMP clearly aren't always. Take that guy at my work I mentioned as an extreme example. He could do 13.1miles at his HMP as it's barely different to his easy!

It'd be interesting (by running talk standards!) to have a proper look into such things with a scale of participants.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 12:36

Yeah that Mike Ashley eh, puts you off Sweatshop for sure.

I wonder who Sports Direct's owner is....

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 09:08

yeah sorry Andrew, I expect you buy your trainers from ethically sourced companies,perhaps that come with a video of the shaman who hand knits them. 

The what Iron? Nah, it was simply me just smashing "discount code sweatshop" into google on the pure off chance!

Pete, i can only think your zones aren't as hard set as some of ours. Not quite like my pal at work who does his long runs at the same pace as his half marathons(!) but a little like that 

I think you could blow the back doors off some of your pace zones. Remind me of your usual mileage, was it quite low if i vaguely remember correctly and biking supplemented?

ps Dorney Lake, that'd be a great course to do a 5k on in a quality field. ie not one of those dodgy high price, dodgy company, pony standard ones!

I did Dorney 10k once, and it was fairly decent standard, but not as high as it could have been. Think i got a pb out of it though, as it's a lovely surface in the main and obviously super flat.
Shame in a way the Dashers seemed to change it to some MT job? Hardly like for like,

The best of the forum

Posted: Yesterday at 20:58

met em both there yes!

although I dopily only realised it was the big man DF afterwards!

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