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London Marathon Cheat?

Posted: Today at 16:01

this blogger called him out a while back,  but obviously got a bit too much abuse, so removed names/photos/number


there area couple of others he points out are just as dodgy tho.... 50min for the second half for one chap!

good for age

Posted: Today at 15:19

That guy must be cursing that he only cut out 18-20k. If he'd cut out 22k he might have got sub 3hr 05 and qualified.

London Marathon Cheat?

Posted: Today at 15:16
Grendel3 wrote (see)

SG - why abuse?  a race is a race and you can only beat who turns up.   

Low key 5k, when there was a 10k on at the same time.

ended up winning by a couple of mins, which didn't go down well amongst others.. should have just done the 10k and come 4th or 5th out of the 300 or so. But I was in a spell of 5ks and fancied another.

even if due to some super lazy organisers, it was actually 1/4mile long over 5k, as they had the same last 2k finish in both 5k and the 10k!

London Marathon Cheat?

Posted: Today at 13:40

I remember taking a stack of abuse for winning a low key 5k once.

Imagine how much abuse is richly deserved for what he's done. Shikes. Pathetic.


London Marathon Cheat?

Posted: Today at 13:04

cracking thread! Just catching up on this late

Some cheeky dastard seems to have set up a hoax page for him!

On one of the photos there's a caption of

"When running in races I like to sprint near the finish for a good photo. I am able to do this because often I have skipped part of the race course."

The idea of him bragging about a 3.08, having missed out what looks like 18-20k of the course is hilarious.

As is him signing on here with a hoax login to defend himself.!

Team GB

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 20:53

Interesting reading on Steve's power of 10.

Doing a 2.35 marathon and 32min 10k seemingly in your first year of running is mental.

But the stand out for me, is that he's actually come 2nd and 3rd at parkruns running 15.40s and sub 16s!!

Tasty standard at Poole then!

Overdone it?

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 20:48

sorry to hear Skinny, patience is the hardest word! You'll be spoiling to reclaim your position as Table Mack I can tell!


Overdone it?

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 16:22

yeah maybe i'd find it's a right barrel of laughs, and have a cigar on eh?

Overdone it?

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 14:47

Love it DT. I like the glorious irony in you telling people off for going too fast, yet ending up 8mins off your target time too

Respect for your efforts though. Despite Lit's attempts to prove otherwise on Sunday, marathons are NOT easy!

Overdone it?

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 14:14

It isn't too far away Skinny.

Like football clubs, road running clubs our way seem to have a cyclical nature, and Datchet seem to have the highest concentration in faster runners at the moment. For years i can only remember them really having one fastie...He's still around, and is one of those infuriating types who will claim he hasn't run in 4months, is semi disabled, and will still beat you at a canter

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