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Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 10:20

ps CC, still sounds a decent runout. Can't imagine a 5k on a track is too easy to start with, all those laps! But it should be a chunk faster than any road/parkrun at least. If you go and do a parkrun shortly and hit the same time, that should guarantee there's a chunk to come off!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 10:01

you were using the P&D marathon plan though weren't you AG? So not like you were pishing in the wind. It's the fusing with your other sports that confuses it all, would you consider going just running for a period? Or do you love the other stuff too much?

Back in Marlow days, a chap gave me a set of workouts, that I must admit meant jack to me, and I did nothing with it. Looking at them now in a bit more detail, it looks some decent stuff.

Basically there are 3 workouts each at 5k, 3k, 1500m, 800m intensity as follows

5k  (82sec laps)

  1. 8x600+2x400+2x200m    (90,60,30sec)
  2. 6x800+2x400+2x200m   (2mins, 60sec, 30sec)
  3. 5x1k+2x400+2x200m    (2min, 60secs, 30sec)

3k (78sec laps)

  1. 12x400m      (1min)
  2. 8x600m        (90sec/2min)
  3. 6x800m        (90sec/2min)

1500m (74sec laps)

  1. 16x200m   (1min)
  2. 8x400m    (2min)
  3. 6x600m    (2min)

800m  (70sec laps)

  1. 10x200m  (90sec)
  2. 6x300m   (2-3min)
  3. 5x400m   (2-3min)

What do people think of that little set? They're ordered on the sheet 1-12, so you start with number 1of 5k/3k/1500/800, and then number 2of each etc.

Might have to look at the lap timings...or they might work well already, i'm not sure. Certainly for say 16x200 off 60s, im used to doing 12x200 off 90secs, so "slowing" to 37s might make sense...

By the time we're into the small reps, we're looking at 2-3min recoveries, so clearly very intense.

Could be worth while doing a proper full 6 weeks on this sort of training. Thoughts?

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 22:28

Always Dean? Or at key times?

Ric, I get it
I have some fun with a colleague at work by keeping an exceptionally deadpan tone and expressionless face, and she really struggles to work out what is serious and what is a wind up

Sub 1:30 Half Marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 22:00
literatin wrote (see)

I would be concerned that it is only two weeks after London and you are planning to do two interval sessions, a fartlek and a tempo run all in the same week. I'd need a lot more recovery time than that in order to run a good half marathon seven weeks after a marathon.

What young Lit is very politely saying is that looks a mad week's training.
4 hard sessions and a long run 2 weeks after a marathon? You should still be in pure recovery mode.

How long have you been running, and what has your training looked like the last 6months, both for the marathon and before hand.
Have you been doing similar style training before? Or are you equating more quality sessions packed in as a sure fire way of getting faster?

You may even find if it's the former that easing back might make you quicker. You may simply have been obliterating yourself and reducing your outputs without realising.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 21:02

It's interesting, reading around the net, there seem to be as many entries for either one. 10 or 12 x400m, 5 or 6 x800. Although the 12 at least has the difference of more luxurious rests than the straight 60secs 10x400.

I think though on reflection, and checking back through past records, that the mantra we worked to, is "don't do MORE distance than the race distance in reps", rather than "do less". so I was a bit clumsy wording/misremembering a bit.

In terms of 5k pace, although I have done a couple of 5x800s, there are also a couple of 6x800s at 5k. I can only guess the former is an earlier part of a cycle, or less recovery on the 5x, than the 6x.

There was one "rule breaking" 7x800 at 5k once, mixtures of other paces, and the ferocious 5x800k at 3k pace, which was just about doable off 2.30-3min recoveries, but not off 90secs.

I'm still to some extent feeling back into "proper" sessions after this frustrating 7 or so month period of good mileage but not the real stuff, so I suppose being on the road, a 5x800 (well, half mile) off 90secs was alright. To word it differently, I need to get my head around fancying working so hard again, hence starting with the lovely 200s, and then 400s as you can generally rifle those off whatever state you're in.

Heck, I rifled some 400s off a few weeks after the collapse, even though the min recoveries were the biggest wheeze fest you could imagine.
But, the idea of doing something like say, 5x1mile at 10k pace would fill me with dread!

Perhaps on the smoother, safer regular track, would either go for 60sec recoveries on a 5, or do a 6th rep.

From that fly through the 5+ years of training from the Moz, I can only again marvel at how fresh he kept it every week.
Over such a long period, I think only the 6 to 6.5m MP sessions were frequently repeated. Everything else, evolved, and he was still surprising me with new sessions near the time I had to just drop out!


Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 20:29

Yep Bus, luckily I always think things through and didn't petulantly just cancel the whole thing immediately  Next week i'll have extras due to the steps I;ve taken. Sods law dictates we'll probably have 30

Go easy with your offroad stuff...I always picture you lying to yourself that you're running "easy", ignoring the fact that your 7.30 pace is up a mountain.
Hope Marlow goes well. Doesn't seem a full year ago that the mighty MTSG were stitched up and conned out of our rightful high stakes trophy

Calling all Sub 36min 10k runners

Posted: Yesterday at 19:39
Stephen E Forde wrote (see)

Yep you have to run more.

I will explain using apples

If you want to buy 10 apples at 30p an apple but only have £2.70 you have two options.

You can firstly earn more money or find some cheaper apples.

Now it may be possible to find some cheaper apples at first, but what if you want and need to buy 15 apples and still only have £2.70 and don't want to earn more? Well you may find those 15 apples eventually but it will take much longer than finding 10, the quality may drop and you will have a limited variety to choose from.

Wouldn't it be better to just earn more money?

If you earn more you can buy 10 apples, 15 or even 20, keep the quality high, choose a wider variety and keep the effort low.

At the moment your trying to buy 10 apples at 30p each with £2.70.

You need more money, not a cheaper grocer.


what a curious analogy.

I'd probably stick with the more easy to follow ones of building a house, or making a cake

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 19:03

Ric, I cannot imagine you fat.

Although I can imagine you as a bastad from some of your late night digs

You'll be back. I'm as certain of that as I am that I'll be passionately ranting about something this time next week.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 15:41

Dachs, horrible trainers, nice "semi" racing effort.

Phil, better pace, but 2 reps less son? I'd probably do 5x800s anyway, for whatever reason, maybe simply as it's the equivalent of the 10x400 i do, and also vaguely along the lines of less total distance than the intensity aim of the session (ie 2.5miles (ish) at 5k pace, but stil must re-assure you post marathon.

Iron, i think i'm just seeking inspiration at the mo, seems a mundane dull point in time, footy season ending, and a spot of casual coaching felt a good idea. I don't necessarily want to get too involved while i still possibly have one last crack at some ferocious training and racing (the idea of me racing eh!)
Maybe the getting some randoms in and combining with work lot will work well next week. Or it could end up being a woefully ill advised mess.. time will tell.

If it all goes to pot, i'll just run off.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 14:33

True Phil, but when you see "9" fade to "4" 20mins before it's due you lose the heart to bother to be honest.

Got to be worth doing, i'm not desperate enough to just be outside wasting time otherwise. Another week like this and I'll probably just sack it off and file it in  th"nice ideas in theory" basket

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