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HADD Training Method

Posted: Today at 11:00

Interesting debate about racing to pace or HR, I followed P&D for my marathon this spring, and even though I wasn't Hadding, I kept my easy runs around the 70-75% rate, what I did notice throughout the training block that my HR would drift quite considerably after 2hrs, however during the marathon itself it stayed fairly flat for the duration (3:50) @ 87%, the pace did drop in the last 6 miles, I might have been a little aggressive with my pacing from the start, but aerobically I felt fine it was the legs wouldn't play ball.

I'm a little puzzled I would have expected it to drift just like it does during a training run, could it be I'm not as conditioned in the lower HR zone?

see print on connect link


P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 19:28

My brief marathon history.

Started running Feb 2012 over weight(17st+) and unfit did C25K
Lochaber Apr 2013 - 4:28
Baxters Sep 2013 - 4:02
Lochaber Apr 2014 - 3:50

LFR, I've got the same niggle a sharp pain on bacl of heel towards the outside it sore when I start running but eases off within a mile, I've been rolling and icing and I can hear and feel a popping sensation ???

DT, loved the report

Dr Dan, it took me a while but I finished your one too it was a good read , I didn't realise you raced to HR as well, 

Lit, very enjoyable read thanks for sharing


The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: Yesterday at 19:06

OH, a full week of activities, looks like a fun week

Mathschick, enjoy your holiday

HM, fingers crossed the car journey doesn't aggravate your hip


I've got a niggle around the heel of my left foot, I've been icing and rolling the foot which from time to time makes a cracking noise, it doesn't really bother me too much when I get into a run but it does gripe a little in the first mile.

Any thoughts???

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: Yesterday at 13:01

MG, some more good training those legs will be like bits of steel

OH, I hope the weather was good for the Kayaking session

Tek, our first game is only a fortnight away, the league start on the 4th of May, a good MP session today


A bit over 6 miles last night with JS took them up a couple of inclines hopefully they don't hate me too much

I went to Body pump this morning as I'm off work, I ran too and from for a little over 4 miles in total.

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 17:19

I seen that last week OH, I will probably do the HM again as it will be a few week prior to Loch Ness

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 16:15

MG, well done with the tempo

HM, which race have you entered?

SM, impressive intervals so soon after lochaber nice photo 

Kaz, Loch Ness will be a short run after those ultras

Tek, another good run with the club

OH, a tough week coming up in May

Matsmum, I'm planning to do loch ness again this year and will sign up at the end of the month


first nets of the season, batting was a bit crap but I bowled ok, JS tonight I've got the 6 mile group so there will no need for adding a mile or two before the off



RW Forum 5 - Sub 4

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 15:58

Emmy, it has been fun to be part of this thread and it's be great to receive advice from someone who has lots of marathon experience, 

Lee, your HR print tells the story for the pace you were running it should have been a lot lower, I hope your not too disappointed and you're recovering well and enjoy your trip to NYC

cleanshoes, healing vibes from me, just go with low impact x-training for now, and with  any luck you'll be back pounding the streets in no time

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 13:55

Shazmo, a great report, please don't feel bad about not getting your time, you didn't have the best preparation for the race in the first place

Westy, another great report, and a well judge pacing strategy, awesome running 

I was also sorry to hear about the death at VLM, personally I was at greater risk of having a heart attack with my life style and being over 17.5 stones in weight than I do now, but I should go and get the BP checked it has been a while.

RW Forum 5 - Sub 3.30

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 13:13

Loved the race report, congratulations on a well executed race and a negative split 

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 15:55

Ten, Fergster ,I've given myself five years to achieve GFA, I'm one year in  it will be a lot of hard work but I think it is achievable 

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