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2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 15:36

Cal, to be only 13 seconds outside your pb is awesome given you are not feeling as fit as you were a few months ago, it all bodes well for another good year with all your race times going in the right direction.well done with the long run today especially after a hard 10k race.

Tricia, welcome back sounds like you have had a good break away on the slopes

SM, hope you're feeling better soon and I am sure you'll manage to get the required training done in time for your ultra. how's the injury?

Fiona, another good week I hope the calf is ok and the test run was uneventful

NP, you're a machine, well done with the 70 mile week and fast parkrun,

Tek, a few miles is better than nowt!

S17, congratulations on another 1st place at parkrun and good to see the mileage rising.


I have only manage 2 runs this week 3 and 5 miles respectively, I don't think I have recovered from the bug as the HR was very high although it did feel easy, hopefully I'll manage to get a few more miles in next week. 

2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 16/01/2017 at 16:15

Some great training going on.

S17, well done with the mix of training and good luck at parkrun this weekend

OH, shame about the xc, hope you're feeling better

tek, good mileage again building nicely, 

NP 4th place is a great result sounds like you're getting back on form, just in time for London.

Fiona, I hope you are feeling better now, and you have managed to get some quality miles don on the trails and on the bike

Tricia, it sounds really cold over there well done getting out for a ski and getting on the treadie when you can

Hazel, good to hear the fall didn't do any damage

SM, well done with the tempo effort at the xc, I bet it was still a hard run though, good luck with the LR today


Sorry been AWOL, not much to report I was getting a bit greedy upping the frequency and running 4 days on the trot with two quicker session didn't agree with the Achilles, I decided after Tuesday's run with JS to rest up for a few days as it was a bit achy, it is feeling a lot better now so I should be able to get back on it once I have recovered from a bit of man flu.

I've got a sports massage this evening so I'll probably start backup tomorrow.

2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 08/01/2017 at 16:29

Cal, I'm not the only male in the class but we are outnumbered!, a cracking long run today and a real confidence booster.

Tek well done with the 5 plus strides

NP, looks like you're back on form a great run at parkrun followed up with a strong long run today, sorry to hear you have a pain in your neck hope it is nothing to worry about.


8 miles today, I think I need to build up these longer runs slowly the legs were starting to feel fatigued after a hour of running,

31 miles for the week, a decent start to the new year. 

2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 07/01/2017 at 12:36

Cal, well done with parkrun as you said a decent workout before your 10k race enjoy your log run tomorrow

S17, another great time at parkrun today, 

Fiona, yes it was with the Tri club, sounds like a very busy training day well done with the slippery hill reps and gym work

SM, The Achilles was a bit niggly yesterday but has settled down today, four days on the trot and two sessions probably wasn't wise, good luck with the 5k race in Edinburgh I am sure you'll do yourself proud

NP, you are piling on the miles well done with the double run and swimming, the rest day was most welcomed

Tek, well done with the easy 5 plus strides.


A swim and body balance last night, first few 100m reps were tough, but settled into a rhythm for a solid 800m set, BB helped stretch out those tight bits, not sure what I'll do today as it is my Daughters' birthday so it will be either an easy run or I'll have a spin on the turbo.


2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 05/01/2017 at 21:09

Cal, 5 hours battery life is not so good, although the silver lining is your are getting faster and will be a lot closer to 4 hours next time out

S17, well done with the treadie running, is there a reason why you don't train out on the road/trails

Fiona, nice LT intervals, it is all about the effort pace doesn't matter especially on hills and out on the trails

SM, I hope the gym session went well, congrats to your club mate very impressive times, I saw a clip on sky sports about Laura Muir's race she was flying

Tek, well done with the  5 miles plus strides


A swim to loosen me up this afternoon as I decided to do the club session after all, 6 x 1k(approx) reps 3 clockwise 3 anti-clockwise, pretty tough session I recon I'm about 30 secs a mile slower than last year, so lots to work on!

Rest day tomorrow, I'll probably go for a swim before body balance.

2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 05/01/2017 at 12:16

Cal, trust me 20 minutes was more than enough! well done with the two 6 mile runs, I would have thought your Garmin would get you to the end of a marathon, what is the expected battery life?

Dr Dan, Happy New Year, I think it is ok to over indulge at Christmas, after all we will all be training hard over the next few months getting ready for various races, good luck with the plan.

Hazel, Welcome back and good luck in the Alps

NP, looks like a great race an very scenic, well done with the 11 mile trail run and swim

Tek, shame you missed out on the club run, well done with the recovery 4

SM, solo tempos are tough and I have just found out the tri club session is on this evening, I'll see how I feel later, but I probably miss out this week, well done with the 8 mile run and enjoy the rest day, you have earn't it.


7 mile run last night, the legs did feel a bit jaded after the LT run the night before, I am sure a swim later will sort them out

2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 22:44

Tek, nice bit of multi-tasking getting in some groceries whilst out for a run, sounds like a sensible plan,  

S17, well done with the treadie double run today

Ollie, great stuff keeping the streak going

Fiona, a good turbo session with club and well done with the run and mt biking.

NP, I agree with others that sounded like a treacherous course because of all the ice, well done with the age place 2nd a great start to the year .  well done with the double run on tired legs

OH well done getting out there today, tough in the wind

SM a good 10 miles bank today, great news about the weight though you'll shift 8Ibs in no time


I felt like doing something a little faster today, so I decided on a 20 min LT run, 2  laps around the Uni campus as a warm up then the 20 minute session, boy it was tough and slow but it is all about the effort and there was plenty of that!

2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 02/01/2017 at 17:18

Tek, a good week and a good start to this one, 

Cal, well done with the parkrun double and the 12 mile run, 

Tricia, looks like a busy running year ahead, and a tough long run in the hills, well done

SM, fingers crossed for an injury free thread this year, you are building well and being over 40 miles a week is a good base to build on for your marathon campaign ahead, good luck with the long run today

NP, looking forward to the first race report of the year

S17, 19 wins at parkrun is very impressive, and a great time on Saturday

OH, you'll be training like a pro from April

Fiona, I am sure 2017 will be a good year for us all


CBA yesterday and only 4 miles today to kickstart 2017, it took a while to get the legs moving.

2016 for me was one to forget, no PBs and being injured for 6 months in hindsight I shouldn't have run at Manchester as I was carrying an injury.

2017 goals

I deferred Manchester as there was no way I would be ready in time, I signed up for Stirling in November, realistically I think it might be a little too soon given my current state of fitness, my plan is to build a decent base over the next 10 weeks and then see where I am at.

Currently I haven't signed up for any other events but I would like to give Loch Ness Marathon another go in the Autumn, and a crack at a HM PB in the Autumn.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 19:53

OH, Well done consistent running through the year, will you be doing the other events again next year?

SM, nice bit of cross training, the silver lining is the lack of hangover today

FM, a deserved rest day after the ftp session and well done with the progressive run, 

NP, another good double day, good luck with the first race of 2017


An easy 5,which didn't feel easy running into the wind and the hill reps still in the legs, I am not sure if I'll run tomorrow but will do 8 - 10 miles on Sunday.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 29/12/2016 at 19:22

SM, a quality long run today, with a few rises, well done with the highest mileage total for the year, I am going in the other direction, hopefully a better 2017 will be on the cards.

NP, well done with the double day and the swim and 11 mile run yesterday,

Cal, I hate that sluggish feeling after a break, you'll be fine after a few more runs.

 Fiona, well done with the ftp test, it is hard enough on rested legs.


Rest day yesterday and some hill work today with a few miles either side for warm up and cool down, I have forgotten how tough hill repeats can be #unfit.

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