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The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 14:39

Tek, a good finish to the week, and it wouldn't do being late for the in-laws!


An 11 mile MLR today conditions were similar to yesterday maybe not quite as windy, looking out of the window now and it]s snowing, so I dodged that bullet.  32 miles for the week, not bad considering an extra rest day,  

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 11:15

Gaz, the extended rest will do you some good, well done with the hilly trail run, 

NP, awesome run in horrible conditions, loved the report and being within 20 seconds of last year time is good going.  Is that your last race of the year


Just about to get ready to go for my run, it is manky out!

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 28/11/2015 at 18:22

OH, you probably didn't feel anything else either!

SM, no point risking a potential injury, sounds like you got in a decent run in the end, good luck tomorrow and I suspect you will break 2000 miles for the year.

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 28/11/2015 at 14:26

OH, bloody cold out here too, well done getting 10 in.

MG, nice MLR, a cracking pace given the conditions

Tek, good for the legs those muddy runs, 


5 easy miles, Achilles was fine no pain but everything still feels a bit tight, I will get on the roller later. conditions here were awful, cold sleety rain and a brisk wind, I suspect we will need to get used to running in such conditions, 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 28/11/2015 at 11:17

SM, it is rubbish out today and I wouldn't fancy hanging around either.

Tek, some speedy reps on the treadie and 5:50 is rapid

NP, I feel your pain! but it is good in a way, enjoy the race today hopefully the weather isn't too bad

OH, nice run yesterday in not so nice weather!

NN, good luck tomorrow


Massage went well yesterday, a few tight sore points have been worked on, I'll look to get out shortly for a test run   

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 26/11/2015 at 23:51

SM, your are right about the plan just an extra MLR and a couple of extra miles on the LR and LT runs, I guess I just don't feel confident going from 35 to 55 miles a week, I'll probably look to start in the 40s and build from there.  well done with the tempo, run 6:30's are not slow!

Tek, nice doubling and easy run with strides today

OH, good to hear the back is behaving, did you loose the group?


No running today, got myself booked in for a sport massage tomorrow, hopefully that will help iron out a few of those tight spots.


The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 25/11/2015 at 22:19


MG, Nice session tonight and quick with very little time to recover, bet they hurt! 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 25/11/2015 at 22:17

SM, there are some big sessions in that plan and it is one I hoped to do also but I don't think I have enough of a base to do it without being on the edge, so I'm going to defer the 70 plan and do the up to 55 mile one, in contrast, if things go well, I may add another run on one of the two rest days.

If I recall P&D recommend starting 20% slower than MP building to 10% for LRs and MLRs, nice run today good pace too

NP, I think the Achilles niggle is calf related, I've been on the roller this evening and there are some tight achy bits, good luck with the massage, I'm sure you be fitting fit for your race this weekend.


The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 25/11/2015 at 14:59

A 3 mile recovery run this morning it was meant to be 6 but cut it short as the Achilles was a little achy.

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 24/11/2015 at 21:08

SM, I take it you'll be following the 55 - 70 P&D plan, that 7 mile LT run is a monster, I think in the past when I've done it it turned out to be around HMP, well done with the gym and quick reps with the club.

Tek, Nice reps today enjoy the beer and footie

Gaz, if your doing that time at the end of a marathon I think you'll manage to smash that time once you have recovered from the marathon, 


5 miles with JS this evening with some efforts up a couple of inclines, I felt a little lethargic on the way in, the legs felt a bit lead like, feeling better now I'm home. and have had some food.

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