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Monday 30th June 2014

Posted: 30/06/2014 at 22:05

Evening all,

Golly, never a dull day here.

Wabo, I'm glad you're ok.  Go steady for a few days, and avoid getting a second knock on the head.  Apparently that's definitely something to avoid.

LMH.  Really sorry to hear. Looking forward, you do seem to be breaking new ground in training strategies, if tri training has produced your fastest mile.  Worth a bit of thought and experimentation that one.

Chickadee - sounds good - what are you training for?

emzap - sorry things are still problematic.

Got back to the UK last week after eventful travels.  Started out with a nephew's wedding in the US - no problem, went on to travels with Tinebeest in China, got recalled to Boston, US, where my Ma had taken a turn for the worse, now ok, back at home with nursing help.  Not conducive to sensible training, but beginning to make headway again.  Got going last week with some routine 4mile runs.  Today managed 8 miles.  The good bit was that it didn't leave me wiped out.  The travelling was never going to make for good training, but I think I'm content that I can do 8 miles no problem.  Persevere.

go well all

Wednesday 4th June 2014

Posted: 04/06/2014 at 22:38

Congrats Dr. Dibs!

Indeed Alehouse, hold your course.  Stretching - yes, dangerous stuff, particularly when the stretch is achieved through a conspiracy of gravity and mass.  I have found it easy, particularly in calf stretches, to overdo it.  Better luck avoiding trouble when stretching by lying on my back with a stretchy band on the ball of my foot, stretching calves, hams and all other interconnected bits.  

LMH - not a few of us run to keep ahead of black dogs.  Good to be able to distinguish between black dogs and something physiological with a simple remedy.  Otherwise you find yourself running in the wrong direction.

btw, I have signed myself up to come into possession of a black dog, in this case a large affection labrador assistance dog named Nelson, who is very good at taking socks off and assessing whether the toes need cleaning, and attending to that duty if required.  He is presently looking after a pal of mine, and after discussions and obtaining his approval of the plan, I have agreed to be his retirement home when the day comes.

Postie - is that routine sort of mileage you're up to these days, or have you a race in prospect?

Me? Didn't get the run in, went over to see sis-in-law instead, did some minor adjustments to her cello.  Then a whole lot of errands. Will try to do the stairs tomorrow.  I think I have found a way of making them harder.  Do some of the two-at-a-time flights s-l-o-w-l-y. 

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Posted: 03/06/2014 at 16:02

Afternoon all,

Happy birthday Dibs.  No no emzap, on the hill, on, not over the hill! I couldn't begin to do your job, hardly bears thinking about.  Good on you.

emzap, a friend has a useful saying: guilt is for teenagers. Forget it. You've got a full-time 12 hour shift job on your hands: reorganising all the little grey bits in your head and getting them to calm down and behave.

AF: leggings? Must say I abandon the leggings only when it gets really hot, not so much as to defeat the nettles but to avoid frightening the horses.  Useful though.  I have heard tell that nettle stings are good for arthritis.  Think positive?

Congrats mava on bouncing back quickly.  Shows the training must have been goood.

Chickadee - nice double digiter.

Don, LMH, glad to hear both of you are recovering.

Me? The Stairs.  Ma's flat is in a building with twelve floors plus basement plus lift shaft.  That makes 14 flights. 6 reps, half of them two at a time, either alternating by flight, by half flight, or by complete ascent.  Dead chuffed with that.  I have done worse on those stairs.  I have never done better. Even better, I stopped because I had done what I set out to do, and a tiny bit more. 

The tiny bit more is that on the penultimate ascent I had company: one of my mothers fellow residents in the sheltered living facility was laboriously tackling the stairs, up and down, a single flight, with the assistance of a physiotherapist.  We cheered each other on, and I did the final flight all the way to the top, two at a time, rather than stopping at Ma's floor (8th).  

Ma is looking much better this morning.

Training aims for the coming month: Work hard on the stairs, develop fueling/madopar strategy to avoid seizing up.  This typically sets in after an hour, hour and a half of running.  It's sort of like a whole body cramp, coincides with changes and judder in HR - 10 bpm raise + fluctuations ±3bpm over 5-10 second period not correlated with any change in speed/ascent, while we are all on the subject of interesting HR matters.  Thought of asking doc about but hey, what can they say?  "From our extensive research on pensioners with pd undertaking mountain marathons we can advise you that others in your situation have a 19% increased risk of..."

If I ask them, all they can say is no.  "Wass nicht verboten ist ist erlaubt".  I shall study ways of avoiding reaching that point of seizing up, and proceed with utmost caution. But proceed I will.  Btw, Tinebeest is my partner for the SLMM, and it sounds like her training is going well.  Good thing that.

go well all.

Monday 2nd June 2014

Posted: 02/06/2014 at 22:56

Evening all, and hello from sunny Boston.

Been a while since I stuck beak in.  Twas a wild week trying to put things in order for a month of travelling.  Not a lot of running got done, as work suddenly started being cooperative - rare enough event for me to make huge efforts to profit from what might be a temporary spirit of collaboration. 

So.  I come in to find emzap exploring for post boxes (yay!) mava scoring pb's (yay!) Donaldo in cardiac difficulties, LMH doing stunningly well even if she doesn't think so in spite of asthma mid swim, Alehouse and others struggling with a variety of dodgy working parts. Postie must be training for a summer mara?AF I am quite certain your walking is faster than my best pace these days. Staying in one piece is important.  Take care folks.  Many congrats to racers and explorers.

Down in NC for nephew's wedding, now up with Mum.  Did get a run in.  Five assents of Summit Ave, which takes about 6 minutes up and 5 minutes down, then a run to the rather excellent bakery... Entertaining moment when, running uphill I was cross to make but slow progress catching up what I thought was a young man walking up the hill ahead of me.  Overtaking him, I saw he was no young man but a very senior man.. However, on my way down I met him again, the ascent there was less steep and he gave a great grin of encouragement.  I do like some aspects of running here; there's a fair representation of lame ducks in trainers, and the lame ducks are much inclined to quack encouragement at other lame ducks.

Spent the afternoon taking my mother round the docs, possible pneumonia.  What a palaver.  Take someone in their nineties who is not feeling very well and march them from pillar to post getting this that and the other done.  It surely does not make them feel any better!  Anyhow, seems to be not obviously sinister, so much fuss about not a lot.

Go well all, get better those who need to.

Saturday 24th May 2014

Posted: 24/05/2014 at 18:22

Glad to hear you're home emzap, but sounds like you have a ways to go before you're running again.  Don't push it.  It just doesn't work.

RFJ, Donaldo, Pammie (first fvet45 yay!) handsome Park Runs.

Dustin - congrats to you and Mrs. D on 17!

Blisters, I understand that.  Congrats on the OW swim.  

Safe travels Dibs.

Me? Soggy weather so decided against the long walk planned with Mr. S.  Got out instead for about 5 miles, with flL (fully loaded Lucy, Lucy being the pack I run - training for the SLMM - dream on).  Really chuffed with that.  Went out without the Garmin, which I had begun to find depressing, ran how I felt, doggedly slow, but steady and controlled.  Waited longer after taking madopar before setting out.  Perhaps it was that, but it went a lot better than many recent runs.  Even had enough to let loose for the last quarter mile.  Ok, I shouldn't but, hey, life's too short not to do things like that.

Curious thing.  Everyone agrees that exercise is a wonderful thing in general and even more wonderful for pd peeps.  You'd think there would be some training advice, how to use madopar to best effect for running, but if it exists, I sure haven't found it, and believe me, I've looked.

Go well all.

Friday 23rd May 2014

Posted: 23/05/2014 at 18:59

Evening all,

Just stuck beak in to check that emzap is ok.  Guess that's true, for some value of ok. Be patient (not joking) ok?

I'm fine. As explained I fall over quite a lot, getting good at landing on squishy bits, so no harm done, no bruises to show even.  Had some hellish quad cramps last night though from the running - high up, could almost be confused with adductor cramp, although I didn't think my effort merited such retribution.  I know how to make adductor cramps release (double forward at the hips - counterintuitive, but it works). Would be very pleased to learn a similar trick to release these.  Very pleased.

Hope to get a run in tomorrow, but you never now.  For a certainty I will need to do some house cleaning .

Happy park running/racing all.

Thursday 22nd May 2014

Posted: 22/05/2014 at 21:52

golly emzap.  Glad you're still here.


Thursday 22nd May 2014

Posted: 22/05/2014 at 16:57

afternoon all,

chicka - sounds like a great trip!  Went by bus half way across the country (Seattle - Chicago) just before we got married.  Gave me a sense of size.

NZC, Donaldo, Alehouse and all, take care of the moving parts!  You know you need them.

Dibs Hope the exam turns out ok, what subject?

AF - I expect whatever it was got truly zapped.

Wabo - 26xx on a lumpy 5k sounds ok to me!

Me? Got out finally today, hoping to do about 6m, settled for 4.  Story of my life these days, but there are positives to take from it.  First, and most important, there was a stretch of good running in mile 3.  Getting started is always horrible, particularly horrid if it has been more than a day or so.  When things finally loosen up (they don't always these days) the feeling is incredibly brilliant. The temptation is then to let rip, metaphorically speaking.  14 minute miling folks!  Rash, and one pays for rash.

In some senses I think I give up easier than I did a couple of years ago, but then a lot of life at the moment is tough.  Really tough, and not just my health either. Family solidarity gets first priority, attempting to see the programmes I started into better hands than mine comes second, and running and my sanity seem to be chugging along doggedly hand in hand in third place at the moment.  There is an end of August deadline for work.  I hope there are no deadlines in the family.  We're ok; we're going to stay that way.

Entertaining occurrence: while running on the main road just after leaving home, one of the down-and-outs approached evidently intending to ask for money.  I took my eyes off the shifty pavement for a moment to look at him and tripped.  This is a frequent occurrence these days.  The technique is not to attempt to save one's self, but to turn a shoulder to meet the ground on a softish squishy bit.  Momentum carried me over onto my back in front of the astonished vagrant, who very courteously offered me a hand up and said "I won't even ask".  Guess it's been a while since a lady fell at his feet.

No harm done.  A water bottle carried for weight leaked though, drenching the papers I was taking to the accountant.  She knows me well, not even surprised to receive soggy documents.


Sunday 18th May

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 22:46

Evening all,

AF, mava! my word, it just gets better and better.

Dibs - excellent tri.  Really glad you enjoyed it.  I've only done one, but really enjoyed that one too.  Alas, piracy just wasn't compatible with life at the time, probably isn't now either.

-retirement - that's not quite complete - down to 20%, but January seemed a good time to have the party with the kids, as, having less responsibility for nagging them and snapping at their heels, I will inevitably not know the coming lot as well as I have got to know those who have been around awhile.  Still engaged in some very trying work attempting to put some of the programmes I started into the System.  Very frustrating, but well worth the trouble if I succeed, so, one tries.

Didn't in fact get a run today, did get an 8 mile walk in with Mr. S.  Really pleased though.  Running 8 miles on Friday felt horrid, no other word for it.  Today, just walking, legs felt good, the whole way.  It is a glimmer of hope that the combination of aggressive stair training to get some strength back in legs, together with continuing efforts to run the distance will result in improvement.  Undoubtedly legs hurt less now than they did three months ago, and far less than they did six months ago.  Maybe, if, on the day, I can keep effort down and take things steady, I might not only start at the SLMM but finish as well.

Dream on all.


Sunday 18th May

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 08:31

Morning all,

What a treat - I stick my beak in and by gum, many of you are still here, still doing great stuff.  Like keeping going.

And achieving stuff.  OH - Cape Wrath marathon bravo!  Pammie, RFJ, Park runs.  Go well Dibs3690! LMH doing tri stuff and aiming for Abo.  

Me? The short story: hip problem which was exacerbated by running stopped training following last years Saunders Lakeland MM, did manage to do a walking demi-tour of Mont Blanc in September.  Change of neuro quack consultant, new broom decided it didn't look like Parkinson's to her, thus sparking off a 6 week attempt to do without the meds, 6 weeks of trying the various meds in various combinations to see to what extent they were useful, and 4 months trying to get my head back after being told that it was "all in my mind", "a bit of stress".

Eventually succeeded in getting my head screwed on properly again (it took only 4 months; first time through it took that many years), started dealing with the consequences of 6 months of walking like a duck with two left feet.  GP very supportive; agreed that consultant's advice need not be followed, full access to previous chemical assistance.

So it's been catchup time.

Signed up to do SLMM with partner again.  Been slogging away since Feb trying to get back on top of it.  Stairs training is going fine, marginally better than last year.  Without the backpack can achieve a stunning pace of 12 min/mile.  With the pack it's a bit discouraging: 14 -15 minute miling.  That wouldn't be disaster if I could keep it up, but I haven't managed a decent run over 2 hours yet.  I seize up like lots wife, and that's with chemical assistance.  That's significantly worse than last year.

Not yet giving up hope of at least starting the SLMM.  Whether I get there or not, maintaining the fiction that I am a runner has been the mainstay of my survival as me.  

So I shall get out this morning and see how we go.  Reading your reports make my feet itch to get in trainers.

Btw - kids (our PhD students, that is) gave me a magnificent retirement present - variation on the theme of carriage clock - 

- a garmin!

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