About me:PB: 5k - 21:23, 10k - 44:18, HM - 1:40:35, FM - 3:28:51.I'm the winner of Woodhouse Moor Leeds parkrun female points in 2013, 2014 and 2015. At the Berlin Marathon 2013, I ran alongside the world record breaker(by alongside, I mean a few miles behind...), and I'm the fastest female Malaysian at Berlin marathon, fastest Malaysian at London Marathon 2016. I won the Women's Open at the Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock To Rock Run 2014, and East Hull 20 for my catergory!I've ran for a few charities, mostly for Alzheimer's Society, and have raised £3145 over the years for them. My young mum has the dreaded disease, not just about forgetting things, but fully dependent on a carer for her every need - my very brave Dad - the ultimate definition of love and til death do us part!I am happiest when I am running, or surrounded by runners, talking about running, learning about running, getting people into runnng. I got selected to go to #asics262 bootcamp 2013 :) But wasn't speedy enough to get into Paris Marathon :( You can follow me
I am a:
serious competitive athlete
I have been running for:
Over 10 years
I run this many times a week:
4-6 times
My weekly mileage is about:
31 - 50 miles
Running club / race organisation:
I do these types of running:
road / pavement
My most important reason for running is:
to be competitive in races
I am a:
I have been participating in triathlons for:
I train this much per week:
Triathlon club / event organisation:
My most important reason for doing triathlons is:
My favourite event is:
My next favourite event is:
My third favourite event is:
I take part in events:
1-11 times a year
I also do these sports:
Road cycling