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My Last Run

Posted: 26/04/2016 at 09:13

Just catching up here.  First off, massive congrats to all those who finished spring marathons over the last couple of weeks.

I'm glad the ladies enjoyed Manchester but tales of shambolic organisation hardly come as a surprise.  Sadly, given that it's on my doorstep, I won't run this race again.  Having now found out that I didn't actually complete a marathon in 2013 and 2014, i'll never be able to forgive them for making such a ridiculous and fundamental error.  I feel desperately sorry for anyone who had trained for and run that as their only marathon, only to have it taken away from them.  Scandalous really.

Ness - big PB!  Brilliant stuff.  Not quite like London though eh?  Those long, bleak stretches through Carrington in the latter stages are a real test of your metal aren't they?   The sub 4 must surely be within grasp now? Glad you enjoyed it though and glad that they got the bloody distance right for this one

Cal - Brilliant effort and huge congrats on finishing your first marathon.  Maybe not your last?  It sounds like you had a properly tiring day though!

Dan - 14 marathon in 14 months?  You're an absolute nutter, in the nicest possible sense.  This habit must cost you a fortune!  Well done on the PB, great effort.

As for me, my London experience nearly didn't happen.  After being injury free all winter, I pulled a muscle in my back on Wednesday and that stopped me doing any more taper runs.  Even on the morning of the race, I didn't think I would be able to complete it.  I somehow did though and with very little bother by my back (it was my left calf that seized up at mile 18 instead!!).  I was hoping to do a sub 2.55 to get in to New York but did 2.55.30, a 7 second PB, ha ha.  A great weekend in London all the same (although bloody freezing this year) and I think I managed to talk myself into doing it all over again next year.  I love marathon weekend in the capital

Great running all.

My Last Run

Posted: 21/03/2016 at 11:55

Cal - Apologies, it wasn't meant to seem like a boast.  There are and always will be, many folk quicker than I.  As you say, it is all relative.  It's just that I did 36.58 over a year ago, brought my half down this year and the course was flat and the weather perfect. Felt in good fettle for a PB, so to struggle and end up nearly a minute away was an unexpected let down.  If it's any consolation, the winner won it is 28.50 something or other.....holy crap!!!

Ness - Well done and kudos to you for again making it to taper unscathed.  God I wish I was there now!  I have a week and 6 days left, i'm exhausted (partially work's fault tbh).  I almost never fall asleep on the sofa but did so twice this weekend.  The Mrs is actually a little concerned, bless her.

JT - hello!  Still churning out those big ones then?

Swits - You just can't help yourself  Good to hear from you.

My Monday started with a 6am 17 miler.  I fly out to Spain for Easter on Wednesday so trying to pack the longer runs in before I go.  "Warm weather training" as they call it, will be a welcome thing.

My Last Run

Posted: 16/03/2016 at 19:53

Great racing ladies.  Pleasing to see a village life theme taking place with charming chatter about country lanes, dogs and cottages.  Ahhhhh

Hope everyone is holding up, especially the marathoners.  An ITB tweak is the most concerning thing to have happened to me so far, but it passed without too much fuss.  I did a 37.49 10k recently, nearly a minute over my PB so not massively impressed about that.  Hopefully just an off day.  Two and a half weeks until taper, it's come around swiftly.

My Last Run

Posted: 01/03/2016 at 10:51

Too much w*rk!  Not been getting on here much at all but looks like the usual array of strong training.  Hope everyone is fighting fit.

Had a small scare last week.  My left outer thigh muscle really tightened up in the last mile of a hilly 15 and then was quite sore the next day.  I canned a planned 23 on Saturday and did a gentle 7 on Sunday.  Managed another 6 yesterday and it feels much improved today.  I've had to sacrifice a little of the plan in order than i don't make something small into something big.  I'll continue to monitor it until the weekend and then hopefully do the 23 on Saturday if it's subsided.

The marathon, I can now say, is next month.  That makes me a happy as the general fatigue and tiredness begins to tighten it's grip.  I'm thoroughly enjoying the light mornings now and all we need is for the temperature to rise by a few degrees and it'll be just right

My Last Run

Posted: 01/02/2016 at 12:46

Belated thanks to the comments about my half a while back, been so busy i've been slacking on my last run updating shenanigans.

Looks like a mixed bag of good running and frustration going around.  Cal - it can go like that sometimes.  I had been experiencing that for a while and then seemed to start to gain real consistency over the last week or so.  Only I go and get up today after just a nice recovery run yesterday and find my pace utterly deserted me again.  It's quite, quite strange and i've never experienced these peculiar fluctuations before.  Anyway, we'll get through this!

15 on Sat, 5 yesterday and then 11 with 5 at HM (pah!!) pace today.  The fast bits had me working very hard for awful splits, deflating experience.  Mild and blustery out.

Ness - Good miles, are you feeling the training's going well this winter?

JT - Your last but one run was a head scratcher.Lack of hydration maybe?  Only had something similar once but I think I had a bug.

My Last Run

Posted: 18/01/2016 at 15:40

Good to see familiar faces and some less familiar silhouettes popping up.  Glad injuries are subsiding and running is generally looking, at the very least, ok for most.

JT - Probably just some bloke's Downton Abbey collection disguised to hide his shame from the Mrs.

Fascinating half for me yesterday in the Helsby Four Villages. 1800 people were stupid enough to be arsing around in the freezing cold instead of at home gorging on sausage butties.  Anyway, it was a race that made me reevaluate how I race.

Given my weird wibbly wobbly form of late, I opted to run at PB pace and assess as I go along, entirely unsure which version of me is in the running shoes today.  It started well, albeit so cold that my feet were numb and it felt as if my legs were running on someone elses feet.  Anyway, there were some gentle down slopes which made for a gain of some 30 seconds on my PB pace by mile 4 and some thoughts doing the rounds in my head about taking minutes off it, maybe.  By mile 9, things looked very different.  There were some sneakily deceptive rises in the middle section and these, coupled with a stiff breeze in the face made for an baffling drop of pace in the middle miles.  I watched the 30 seconds i'd gained drop like a stone.  Soon it was parity and I was wondering what the hell was going on.  By mile 9, i'd turned away from the wind, found a flat section and has stabilized pace. I was maintaining PB pace once again, albeit 20 seconds in deficit by now.  I was in no mans land, not sure what to do.  Mile 10 made my mind up.  Some more obvious hills now and I lost another stack of time that put me 49 seconds behind PB pace and only 3 miles left to get it back.  In short, no chance.  I gave up on chasing the PB and just went for respectability, whatever the hell that meant.  Ok, I went for just trying not to fall over between now and then end.  Mile 11 took me down again and I clawed 11 seconds back but it meant I would still have to run at 20 seconds a mile faster than PB pace, just to reach parity.  Nah, still no chance, that's just too much to ask.  I opted to plan out next weeks dinners instead.  It was on Wednesday's chicken curry that an unexpected turn of events happened.  I suddenly appeared at the top of a hill that must have been half a mile at least of glorious downward beauty.  I started pumping anything that would pump and fair flew down this thing.  The mile marker was just after the corner at the bottom and my Garmin spat a 5 minute 40 mile out at me.  I metaphorically rubbed my eyes. Ridiculous.  I had clawed 40 seconds back on that one mile and the PB shot was absolutely back on.  The last full mile and a bit was all head down, grimace, mildly erotic sounding grunts (to continue a theme) and hope over expectation.  There was yet more downward stuff to help me at this point and I somehow found another 24 seconds in that and ended on 1.22.42, a 26 second PB!  Encouraging as well as with 200m of elevation in total, it was certainly not a flat half and there's time to come off that.

I have always previously know when the PB has slid away during a race, this is the first time a race has proven me wrong.  It has made me now realise that I have to think about things differently, especially if I don't know the course.

With warm ups and downs, I got through 17 miles yesterday and then got up and did 12 very slow ones today.  I'm tired now and eating a lot.  Sorry about the length, I got to typing and forgot that I should stop at some point.....

My Last Run

Posted: 15/01/2016 at 15:32

Going from strength to strength Matt.

Another hilly run for me, 14 miles with 1200ft of climb.  Rest tomorrow and then a half on Sunday.  Forecast to snow as things stand which would be, you know, shit.

My Last Run

Posted: 09/01/2016 at 19:39

Yes, absolute filth from Ness.  Typical for for teachers in my experience

Some decent jaunts from you JT and no doubt things will settle down but there's always that part of me wondering if there is something else afoot.

Last few days were 13 with 1200ft of up, 5 recovery and 15 today with 1100ft of elevation.  Legs are tired after the hilly stuff so thankfully, 5 of the slow stuff tomorrow to polish off a week which will end with 58 miles.  Third week of training nearly done already.


My Last Run

Posted: 05/01/2016 at 11:35

4lbs is nowt really Ness, a couple of LSRs will shave that off

I'm in the weirdest spell of running I think i've ever been in.  Sunday was encouraging, yesterday was a rest day for my tired pins and today should have been a good one after the rest.  9 miles with 4 at LT.  What a mess of a run, possibly my worst for 6 months.  I was working so hard but was 40-50 seconds per mile down at LT threshold than I was at mara pace on Sunday.  Simply odd, never experienced fluctuations like that before.  It's been like this for a while now, decent runs followed by terrible runs.  Can't quite makes sense of it.

Have a half marathon race is a week and half so that will, at least, give me some idea as to where i'm at with this running lark.

My Last Run

Posted: 03/01/2016 at 13:12

Nice work Ness, you'll need to be building back up soon eh?

JT - Breaking 2000 miles in a year is an impressive effort.  Have yourself a biscuit to celebrate.

Hardest run in some time.  16 miles with 8 at mara pace.  Went with a pace that would take around 5 minutes off my PB.  It was really tough and in the end, I managed 4 seconds slower than that overall.  Quite happy though.  It was early in the morning, i'm only getting going with the training, haven't been in great shape speed wise and I have around half a stone of mince pie and ham to shift off of my arse.  It bodes reasonably well.....I think.

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