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My Last Run

Posted: Today at 09:22

Ness - Cheers and yep, i'm not too far off where I want to be and I always struggle with keeping a high pace first thing.  Reasons to be optimistic I think.  How are you finding the training so far?

Jack - I think so mate, it feels that way.  I've started doing some core strength stuff in a more organised way too and i'm finding that's helping me feel stronger and more compact on the runs.  It must all help, right?  What's holding you back at the moment?

5 mile recovery session this morning, some drizzle but mild.

Sub 3

Posted: Today at 09:10

Crikey, so many responses, it's like being part of a support group for mentally tormented marathon runners! 

Bainspj, Padams, TippTop, Cheerful D, Thirsk Joolska and TR - Thanks all for your words of encouragement, it really does help a lot.

TippTop - yes, it's for London. My first.  I cannae wait!
Thirsk - It was a 6.30am start so yeah, those very early morning runs just don't seem to hit the pace highs for whatever reason.  I'm sure there's some kind of sound biological explanation for it...
TR - It was 6.48 average and felt like near maximum effort but it's behind me now.  onwards and up
Bainspj - Best of luck with the injury recovery

ES - Enjoy the "rest"  I did my rest week last week.  I've added an extra week into the plan which I will fill by repeating one week from meso 2.  I also chop and change some of the MP runs depending on how i'm feeling and the weather so it's probably confusing you as to where I am on it.  I make sure I do all the runs (barring injury), just not always in the order i'm told to!

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Posted: Yesterday at 11:03

Joolska - Yep, of course you're right and I have struggled to hit MP in training in previous marathon training exploits.  The only difference for me this time is that i've found a towpath and all the previous efforts were on hilly-ish routes.  I think I expected to be shy of the 6.40 but maybe not but quite so much (8 secs average in the end).

Many congratulations for you on your XC effort, that's a brilliant result!

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Posted: Yesterday at 10:37

DanA -

SB - Bummer to have to can the planned MP run, but good effort getting out there and getting the miles done in dicey conditions.


Thanks Dan.  I finally got it done today, albeit squeezed into a 15 miler rather than 18 but got the 10 done.

Not really sure what to make of it really.  I went for 6.40 pace, my times at other distances suggest this should be achievable.  I really put my all into it but simply could not sustain it and faded to a miserable 6.48 in the end.  I was even hanging on a bit at that effort too.

What I should read into this, at this stage, I just don't know.  The only crumb of comfort I can take is that I don't run well first thing and am usually 10-20 seconds quicker if I wait a few hours before going out (I have no physiological explanation for this phenomenon).  I have a 12MP session in 3 weeks so might do that one in the afternoon to see how I get on.

Electric Sheep - Is it rest week for you?  I am now in that dreaded second mesocycle and i've also decided to double up on one of those weeks, just to make it even more of a killer.  As much as it's hard, the masochist in it enjoys the rigour and pushing my body to the point it rebels.  No thrill in living in comfort eh?  Sounds like your 10m MP effort went better than mine, well done sir, must be a nice confidence booster.

My Last Run

Posted: Yesterday at 09:34

Milestones are a go-go for both Swits and Matt - well done chaps.

This morning, I went out to punish myself (i'm not sure for what mind).  I had to postpone my 10 miles of marathon paced effort from just over a week ago so I did it this morning.  I was due to do a 15 miler so did the 10 MP miles in the middle of that.  My word it was hard and as it turned out, too hard.  I tested myself at 6.40 pace and ultimately, failed the test.  Ended up with 6.48 pace which is fine but I would have liked to have maintained the target.  I have another bash in 3 weeks time with a 12 mile MP section so will hopefully be nearer then.

Have a grand week people.

My Last Run

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 14:55

Don't keep us in suspenders for too long Swits

Birks - Have fun


15 miler today, 11 of them with a new pal i've made from the club.  Very nice to run with someone for a change and we chatted about football, films and of course running.

My Last Run

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 10:54

Swits - I have my curiosity spiked.  I'm going for a big round number of days but genuinely have no idea.

Gloves?  I've been wearing gloves since bloody October.  Started with one pair, then two pairs and now two pairs with the outer pair being a "normal" pair of thermal gloves, not even running gloves.

A - It's been very cold

B - I'm soft as owt.

Been neglecting my updates.  10 wed, 12 Thurs and a needed 5 recovery today.  The ice has certainly not gone, that's around a week it's been here now.  The snowfields are keeping it cold around here but we did at least go above freezing yesterday and thus had a partial thaw.  That re-froze overnight though so winter still dominates where and how I run sadly.

My Last Run

Posted: 20/01/2015 at 19:55

8 miles.  The snow has now frozen into sheet ice so stuck to the roads where possible.  Not been above freezing for 3 days now according to my garden thermometer.  Brrrr.

Managed 9 of the 10 100m strides I was scheduled to do, I just ran out of ice free road in the end.

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Posted: 19/01/2015 at 10:01

Electric Sheep - Agreed, it's tough going at times but i'm finding it generally ok at the moment.  I felt it most last year when doing the second mesocycle with the hard LT runs, long midweekers and then the monster weekend runs all packed in.  My body did begin to rebel at that point but I find the plan just takes it far enough before it gives you a break.

I have built an extra week into my schedule for possible injury setbacks so will be repeating a week at some point, with a 20+miler.

My MP run was postponed at the weekend.  We had hail and snow most of Saturday, which froze and then made it impossible to try and do a marathon paced effort as the ground was both icy, a couple of inches in snow and very uneven.  I did the prescribed 18 though but it was cold and tough to keep any kind of form.  Good fun though.

My Last Run

Posted: 19/01/2015 at 08:23

Birks - Morning and it was crunchy business here this morning too.

Ness - Sorry to hear about your french troubles, sounds like a bit of a mare.  Hope you had a good time all the same.

5 mile recovery this morning in absolutely baltic temperatures.  One day, i'll look back at my Garmin stats for this run and wonder why there was such a dramatic rise in my heart rate at one point.  About 2 miles in, a substantial, above waist height dog/donkey turns on it's heels and starts pegging it straight at me, teeth baring and with the noise that every dog owner knows as "he means this".  A combination of his owner shouting him back and me generally flapping at him like a man with his hair on fire and yelling "NO!" in my most manly of tones, seemed to convince him that he can wait a while longer for breakfast.

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