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My Last Run

Posted: Today at 20:48

Jesus H Christ JT, that's a ridiculous run.  How do we get you to race, I think you might be really quite good at it....

You'll nail 1.30 DD, no question at all.

My Last Run

Posted: Today at 16:52

DD!  You're alive.  Really well done mate, I know you were shooting for a greater target than that but in that kind of weather, I think you should be very happy with a PB and a fine placing.  It sounds bloody hard going.  I've done a few 10ks in similar heat and felt terrible on every one, lord knows how you set about running a Marathon in it.  Enjoy this period, I love post-marathon relaxtion, no better feeling.  Cheers!

6 ga today.  London Marathon confirmation plopped through this aft, happy SB

My Last Run

Posted: Yesterday at 17:39

Lots of quality stuff going on.  JH87, superb effort there, well done to you.  Big chunk off your PB.  Next stop, sub 1.30.

Where the funk is DD?  I'm itching to know how he got on, hope all's ok with him post race.

7 today with 5 at LT.

My Last Run

Posted: 26/09/2014 at 15:50

That's some incredible weight loss eh Ness, in fact it's more than an entire me.  Sombering stuff.  Yep, bit of protein, can't bit a free in-run meal

DD - If I don't get the chance to post tomorrow, i'll wish you all the very best mate.  You've honestly done yourself proud with your training and fingers crossed for a smooth race and a shiny new PB.  Please let us have a bit of a race report after, I really want to know how you get on, on the day.  Good luck!

Birks - Autumn is certainly in the air but the days are still lovely and mild

7 today with 6x600m reps, sweat inducing fare.

Curry and a few pints await.  Have a great weekend.

My Last Run

Posted: 25/09/2014 at 21:45

Welcome new peeps.

JT - That's one helluva swift training run to say the least.

Carter - Probably not enough beer

DD - Nervous yet?

9 miles, swallowed a fly.  Isn't about time they all died or something?

My Last Run

Posted: 22/09/2014 at 10:51

Morning.  That sounds like an eventful old run JT.  Not every day you get to fondle animals, electrocute yourself and get slashed to pieces.  I've somehow made that sound a little sordid, apologies....

10 miles this morning, very autominal feeling morning for what is my first official autumn run (depending on which version of autumn you adhere to).

Slower than I was expecting but my HRM has gone kaput so i'm having to rely on my senses instead of technology.  If you knew about my senses, you'd know how much of foolhardy enterprise that is.

My Last Run

Posted: 20/09/2014 at 21:07

Nessie - That's a promising and swift return to normality.  Fingers crossed you don't spring a leak.

Birkly - The right result

Carter - Yep, Forest look strong now. really strong.  Not wishing to be too bullish about it yet but I think we may surprise a few folk this season, we have an interesting squad right now.  New coach soon so a lot will be down to what he can do with it.  I have expectations, for the first time in a while and today was a demolition job.

7 miler this morning.

I'm....erm....drinking beer

My Last Run

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 08:36
JackHarris87 wrote (see)
DD, I'm sure you'll smash that PB with all those miles under your belt.

SB, nice one, what's your current PB?

Hill repeats with the club last night, first time I've done that session with them. Tough as you like! 6.6 miles total, a slow mile each way to the dreaded hill. 7:35 average. Quads feel a bit mashed today.

Ouch, sounds like a quality session though.

PB is symmetrically well ordered 38.38 currently so am obviously hoping for something starting with a 37 at some point.  I'm not actually that big of a fan of 10ks but they are so much more prevalent than the other distances I end up doing them anyway.

9 today.  Woke with it being night like dark and set out in very dim light indeed.  Can't help but find it all a little glum, I guess that's it now until March?

Yes or no?  Huge day for the UK, huge day for Scotland.  Personally, my fingers are crossed that we wake up to a union intact tomorrow morning.

Have a good day all.

My Last Run

Posted: 17/09/2014 at 09:38

DD - you look set to smash your PB to bits then, all that training will surely pay off.

Carter - Good to see you're back at it and you have a team to be optimistic about this year too....

7 today with 5 at LT.  I'm finding pace from somewhere, it's really crept up on me.  I recorded a record split on my LT section and all my splits were up on any other point in time.  Think I might be ready to have another tilt at my 10k PB.

My Last Run

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 09:28

Morning.  Yes birks, it was my first run since last winter where there was a touch of darkness first thing.  Not the way you want to start a Monday....

8 today, 1 with the pooch.

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