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Posted: 18/04/2014 at 21:43

As short and concise as ever Lev  But seriously bloody well done and there's so much more to come.

bufo - I did that last year and the results told me I should be a sprinter, I hope you get better news.

Dids - sounds fun, are the aid stations kebab vans?

my VLM recovery has gone well, 26.4 miles 5400ft of ascent, not a single bit of Tarmac but I kick a stone and broke a nail, currently numbing the pain with a few pints of Tribute,.

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Posted: 15/04/2014 at 17:01

I'm not going to regurgitate all the above, Dachs has done enough writing for all of us. 

 Thoroughly enjoyed catching up with most people before and afterwards, hugely impressed with so many results and I'm not sure it’s fair to single any out.  Sorry to those who didn't get what they wanted, it’s a brutal event, especially when it’s not going well.

My race was a relaxed affair although I had to work a little harder than I had hoped but my legs seem to be back to normal so it can’t have been too hard, I suppose the off road 30miler planned for Friday will be the real judge!!  

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Posted: 14/04/2014 at 06:35
Yep I never sleep well after a marathon especially after 8 pints and some wine. An even split 2.36.xx stopped at 24.5 to give the kids a kiss and cuddle which had a terrible impact on my legs as they were feeling great upto the point. Legs feel pretty good this morning think I'll be back training tomorrow. Completely inspired by so many.

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Posted: 11/04/2014 at 12:45

MarkyN - Most serious club runners balls it up more than most. I'm not sure anything can be derived from analysing the data when there are so many variables.  I struggle with the concept that "95% of people slow down therefore they should run faster over the first half", in essence creating "time in the bank" surely they'll just slow down more and as the slow down will occur earlier the progressive nature of a typical fade will mean more and more time is lost.  I don't know anyone who has a positive experience of "time in the bank"

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Posted: 11/04/2014 at 11:27

Now you're talking Bedders.

Dachs - It's this Red Lion

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Posted: 11/04/2014 at 11:24

Lev - Don't read that article!!!!  

I'm a huge advocate of the even paced/slight neg split marathon and I can't really see this blokes argument, "95% of people slow down in the second half, ergo they should run the first half quicker to counteract it." or am I completely missing the point?  In my experience the people who go off too fast get progressively slower mile on mile, the longer you can delay that slow down (or avoid) the better.

Last year I went through half way in 73.40 ran 75.09 second half, over took 21 people and got overtaken by 1 person(the sod),  should those people have gone off quicker? OR should I have gone quicker but slowed down more?

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Posted: 10/04/2014 at 12:52

I make these flapjacks, no butter or sugar

LD - That's good news.

HR - Thanks, I'm looking forward to it.

Lev - I'll only disapprove if the second half is slower  

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Posted: 10/04/2014 at 08:46

LD - Thanks for the link, looks like one hell of a pub crawl.

TR - Another vote for the slippers.

HR - If it's still going i'll take the pint off your hands.



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Posted: 09/04/2014 at 12:41

Mo ignored my tap on the shoulder and encouraging "all best Mo" at last years start line, so I hope to cruise past him on the Embankment during his death march whilst I'm doing the Mobot (god I hate that thing) to my adoring fans, all 4 of them.


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Posted: 08/04/2014 at 18:48

Lev -don't get injured now, I been practising my motivational speeches for those last few miles.

steve6 - great stuff at brighton.

bufo - sounds amazing

PP - hash cakes should help with carbo loading.

CC2 - that's a great picture.

13 miles at 6m/m on Sunday followed up with 10 hill reps today.


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