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Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 20:20

I have spent the last week reflecting on the last 4 months of my life. Whilst I have been asked a lot, what would I pinpoint as to the key in the achievement, I wanted to do this whole brilliant experience justice by reflecting on what went well, what was key to the PB and also what areas I need to do better if I am to continue improving. 

There is no doubt, belief and a positive mental attitude are key and in the end are key to what you can achieve. If you limit yourself, you will limit your success and achievement. Of course your goals and dreams have to be realistic, flying to the moon unaided is improbable, but if you do not believe, you are less likely to achieve. 

I was surrounded by people throughout the last 4 months who believed I could do and instilled in me a belief I could do it, to the extent, it was just a walk (or run) in the park.  

So today's tip. If there is anyone who quashes your belief, drive, hunger, dreams, avoid them. You can do whatever you want to do, if you plan well, eat well, sleep well, train well and ultimately believe. 

So I updated my goals again today on the back of everything. Not massively different to post marathon but This year I want to:

Run sub 40min 10K

Run sub 18.30 5K

Run sub 90min HM

Run GFA marathon (3.14)  

Ride 100 in under 5hrs 30.

Run an Ultra (booked Dec) 

Write my own blog (as i think this thread might have a limited shelf life.  SupermanRuns is coming!) 

So I have booked Kingston Marathon in Oct 11 for my GFA attempt. Realistically, this is another massive jump in PB territory but its been done before by Malcs and if my shorter distance PB's come down then I think I will be in for a chance. 


But thats enough about me.  What is everyone else's post spring marathon targets and plan's??? 

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 20:05

Peter Chapman Many thanks for your kind words. And  a massive congrats on your GFA, awesome achievement and I am made up for you.

A lot of people have suspected i can go faster, it is all about the training, positive mental attitude, nutrition and execution of race strategy. The latter is key for me when I go quicker. Care is still needed for me not to go off too fast. 

Freemers I love your VLM race report, I feel I lived it with you. A superb achievement  and i love the fact that getting under 3.14 was important when you got there. Well done. And richly deserved following the brilliant training you put in. And for Abingdon, what happens if you are still in great shape, no further PB attempt? Maybe a different strategy for PB'ing? 

Buxton Running Bunny What a race report!! You have absolutely smashed your training, and like Freemers and all the others who have PB'd, deserve it for the way you have approached this whole spring marathon training campaign. You have captured the last few miles of marathon pain spectacularly well in my opinion, in the report, and also the feeling of crossing the line and the sense of achievement the marathon PB goal is. So very pleased for you, well done!! 

Isabel Couldnt see if anyone had answered your VLM ballot question, it is open to May 8th. No limit to amount of applicants this time. A lot fairer in my opinion. 

Mr Puffy Great parkrun result. Whats next for you? 

Christian Well done on your parkrun PB. I take no blame for the belief in Positive Mental Attitude or the ability to run new PB's in the week after marathons  

Fairyclogs Whoop whoop whoop, brilliant performance. Even better performance considering your last months achievements. For someone who is planning on  stepping up to Ultra's this is an excellent insight into it. Very well done! 

Effillo Sorry I have missed you on the build up to the MK Marathon. Given your build up and training, littered with injuries, you have done brilliantly well. Any weakness in our body will be exposed in the marathon and you have done very well to delivered a time like that considering. Well done on maintaining a positive outlook considering and I hope the plan for 10K pays off. A base of speedwork like this will see a great foundation for further marathon attempts. 

The Running Andy Very well done on your MK time. It is unexpectedly twisty and has some interesting inclines!! Those last 6 miles are quite tough arent they? Look at those last couple of miles and see how well you did to return to form. Lock those positive thoughts up for next time. It will help you. And if you look at things that went well on the training, remember those for next time. And look at the things which you would prefer to do better, and you will. Next time will be your time I am sure. 

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 27/04/2015 at 20:17

ktkt It was lovely seeing you and very well done on your PB, you must be so chuffed, very pleased for you. And also belated happy birthday for yesterday, you should have said! Well done. 

Ruffles You did brilliantly considering, hope the legs arent too bad and thanks again for the lovely hug and piccie. 

Slowkoala , Christian, Angela, Fairyclogs I am loving the reports. It is great seeing and hearing about the run through other peoples eyes. 

Sean When are going sub 3.15 buddy? 

And now I am going to have a glass of wine. 


Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 27/04/2015 at 20:10

I then headed off to get my bag and to try and find Sub 4.30 Andrea who was working on the baggage lorry just next to mine and it was great to have a catch up and see her. Then I headed off to the repatriation area to meet the family and find out how my bro and friend had got on. Bro did well but sadly the other side of marathon running reared its head. The concern about my friend who had not come in some 45 mins after we expected her too. Internet was not working and a few frantic calls home to find out what her splits had been and we found out something had gone wrong at mile 15. Not long after she hobbled up to us, clearly very injured, having suffered from what is believed to be a stress fracture forcing her to slow to a shuffle. This shows the marathon has to be respected, disaster can strike at any time. From being on for a sub 3.45, she hobbled in around 4hrs 35 and in pain.

And so ended the superhero marathon. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. Yes it was tough, it was hot, I was drenched at the end, literally drenched. The suit was so heavy it took an age to get off. But I got so much from it. I saw what else the marathon can also be about. By wearing the suit I was able to see how much the crowd get from fancy dress runners as well. And I am sure it raised more money for my charity. What a day. So different to Paris but so memorable in a totally different way. 

And 3.55 in a supersuit. Why two years ago I hadn't even broken sub 4 hrs running normally. Maybe next year I'll go for sub 3.30 in it. Or is that a step too far? One thing I do know is today, I have some of the best running memories from this year I will ever have, and the blues. On to new challenges. Sub 3.15. Who wants to join me in a sub 3.15 thread. Maybe Malcs Freemers and Slowkoala will help??

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 27/04/2015 at 20:10

I looked around for Minni at this point hoping to see her smiling cheering face but I missed her heading to the Isle of Dogs. Still the crowd were roaring on Superman, I have to say, fancy dress is the way forward to be lifted around this magnificent marathon. Towards mile 15 I think, Christian came up behind me and we ran together for a while. You could see he was doing well had some doubts creeping in. Nothing like a friendly chat to take your mind off them and I have to say he positively strode away from me which was brilliant to see. I had a quick race with batman and robin up the narrow, was quite pleased to leave them behind before superwoman caught me up. A pleasant mile ensured with the crowd loving us before she showed me how it was done and sped off.

Around mile 17 I could feel the suit was now filling with water, without being too graphic the sweat had nowhere to go so was forming a puddle within the cardboard frontage. A few comical moments emptying it brought on some very strange looks from the crowd. If I am honest the last 8 miles were tough, more due to the weight of the suit and my back was starting to tire as the cape was very heavy pulling me. I saw my sister in law and partner again at mile 20, they are now fast becoming marathon cheering legends having been out in Paris. I had a walk to get some water on board around mile 21/22, the failure to drink more before was starting to get me and I saw Minni cheering me loudly which was a massive massive boost.

Over the next few miles I saw some twitter friends who stopped to say hello and just past the tower of london Craig from bootcamp sprang out from the crowd for a high 5. From this point to the finish, the crowd wanted interaction and it was mix of high 5's ridiculous pretend flying but it made the last 3 miles go in a flash. As I turned into Westminster, the noise was immense, everyone cheering and waving and I did feel like i was flying. Down birdcage walk and in the distance I could see my mum again, so I stopped again for cuddle number 2, who doesn't love a cuddle with their mum?

And then the final few hundred yards. The crowd were awesome, their support deafening and I turned next to Buckingham Palace, feeling as fresh as a daisy, jogging happily down the mall, stopping for a quick piccie near the finish before crossing the line. My first Superhero marathon finished in 3hrs 55. I had always said it wasnt about the time but I was so immensely proud to have run that quick in that suit, which by now was wringing wet and heavy as anything. And to cap off what had been a brilliant run, who should come up behind me but Ruffles. Finish line smiles were all around an obligatory finish line photo of us both! Randomly I was then asked to do an interview with BBC World Service which was quite enjoyable. I am not one for the media am I.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 27/04/2015 at 20:09

After a mile I heard a voice cry out, Superman, its Reiki and I turned round to see the wonderful smiling face of reikirabbit. She said i overtook her, I would suggest she was catching me with her sub4 ability!! We ran for a while and it certainly lifted my spirits seeing her. After half a mile or we then parted as I settled into my steady 8+ min mile pace.I was not prepared for just how many people would cheer for Superman. Every child I saw wanted to high 5 and for every child who failed to see me, there was a parent saying, look, its Superman. And it was not just the children, the adults were equally buoyant and cheered to see a friendly superhero running down the street.

After 3 or so miles I started to notice just how hot I was becoming. I had chosen to wear a longsleeve, very effective baselayer and cycling shorts under the suit, which I had failed to realise had now, how can I say it, breathability, wicking, I think the technical apparel description is. Schoolboy error 4. Consider how hot you might be. Around mile 5 another friendly voice said hello and ktkt introduced herself to me. I must admit, it is lovely meeting the forumites in person. We stayed in the same rhythm for about half a mile before ktkt wished me well and said my pace was a tad fast.

I have to say, I have run London 13 times and the crowds this year were louder than ever and it was definitely far far busier than ever. In fact it was quite claustrophobic in places. Normally around mile 8 or so through to 11, there are places where you have a few gaps by the side of the road, not this year!! And at mile 10, I saw it. In the distance. The swiss flag of Malcs. He didnt see me until I was grabbing his hand and saying hi. He was being mobbed by lots of Swiss fans!!! In amongst the brief hello, I missed him telling me it was Sense standing with him. Apologies again Sense.

At mile 11 I saw my mum who I stopped and grabbed a cuddle from. As I ran off, the lady next to her asked how she got a cuddle of Superman? Classic one liner from Mum in reply, "simple, be his mum!!' The crowds became more deafening as I approached tower bridge and as I went over it I loved seeing Denise Lewis shout "go superman' I was now starting to notice not just how hot I was but how drenched in sweat the suit was and how heavy it was becoming. I had happily ran 8+ min miles in the first half but I knew if I carried this pace on, I would really struggle due to the heat and weight of the suit so I slowed up.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 27/04/2015 at 20:08

Unsurprisingly my night sleep was, shall we say restless and I was up long before the alarm went off. With my mind on other things, I then forgot to switch the alarm off and I was mid teeth clean when I could hear it blaring out waking up my wife, who unsurprisingly was less than chuffed. I picked up my brother and friend and we headed off for the train station.

Excited chitter chatter and breakfast eating were the order of the train journey as we played spot the marathon runners and their red bags on the platforms as we sped through. Whilst the decision to wear my superman outfit was an easy one to make, and one I do not regret, the logistics of transporting it, was not as easy as you might think and was not the last schoolboy errors I would make in marathon running in fancy dress. It would not fit in the red bag and the only way to get it to the start undamaged was in a suit carrier. Who goes to the start of a marathon with a suit carrier??

Arriving at Charing Cross to get the train to Blackheath we saw some late night revellers crashed out in the corner of the station, waiting for their first train home. They looked at us with bewilderment as within minutes hundreds of people carrying red bags descended on what would normally be, a deserted train station where they recover from their London late nights before heading home. We left the revellers and headed to the platform for the train to Blackheath. We arrived at 7.50 and the rain was steadily falling. I headed to the famous bench and planned to wait for the gang. Sadly, like at Paris, the results of the carb loading meant I was caught short, badly short, as short as I am and I headed off to the red start in order I could be comfortably near a toilet until the start.

When I arrived at the red start, the rain had stopped teaming down and was now spitting and after my toilet stop I headed into one of the tents which had been erected. I decided to put on the supersuit and get as ready as I could in order to join the toilet queue again so I could practice going to the toilet. Schoolboy error number 2. You pretty much have to take the suit off to go! I started to panic at this point and decided to drink less before the start in order to limit how many times I would need to go. Schoolboy error number 3. Who on earth would deliberately drink less than they needed to before a marathon.

It is amazing how many people speak to you when you are in fancy dress. I must have heard 'you arent allowed to fly round you know' about a thousand times during the day but such was the camaraderie of other runners it was just brilliant. As I dropped my bag on the lorry I bumped into Charles Henderson from bootcamp and the forum. Its very random when you bump into someone you know in amongst all those people but it was great to see a friendly smiling face. We had a nice catch up before I headed off to the start. I wanted to get onto the start line and savour the build up from within the famous Greenwich park gates.

The roar which greeted Paula's introduction over the loudspeaker was tumultuous, showed just how the crowd were going to be throughout the course. As the gun went off we shuffled forward and before too long had crossed the start line and started to run.


Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 27/04/2015 at 08:07

Morning all. Wow, where do I start???

Freemers *****SUB 3.14 Alert WOW!!!!********  Congtratulations with that time, no wonder you were grinning down the Mall, a tremendous achievement and I am really made up for you. Given how packed the roads were (on and off) running quickly was more of a challenge yesterday I felt. That is brilliant, hope you enjoyed the food and vino. 

Angela *****BOSTON QUALIFIER PB Smasher****  Brilliant achievement and the next road of your journey starts. Well done, shame not to have seen you but you were way too speedy!! Awesome, cant wait for the report. 

Slowkoala ******SUB 3.15 ALERT WOW!! ******  Yay brilliant, absolutely brilliant, well done, hope the tendon was okay for you. Very impressive, another report I cant wait to read. Made up for you with that time. 

Sean ****3.24 and got to meet Malcs*****  Great run Sean, shame I didnt get to see you at the bench, but you got to meet the future Swiss PM and the legend that is Malcs. Crowds were excellent, more than ever before I thought and they totally helped those tired legs. Well done again buddy. 

Buxton Running Bunny ****36 min PB - Sub 4hr*******That certainly is not too shabby, its bloody well deserved. No wonder you are over the moon. Cant wait to read all about it! Well done. 

Fairyclogs *****Speedster improves on Brighton Time***** Brilliant achievement FC, especially with Brighton in your legs. The run that is. Unless you still had sand in your shoes. Well done!!.

Reikirabbit *****Sub 4hrs with an injury - awesome ****** Well done you, and thank you so much for calling me back as I went past. It was great to see you. And well done on running through the pain barrier. What a time considering. Awesome. 

Christian *****17 min PB Alert****** Well done buddy, considering the injuries, a brilliant achievement. Great to see you out on the road and you did well to keep the pace up when you were tiring. Really made up for you. 

Puffsta *****SMASHES AN IMPROVEMENT IN TIME FOR CURRY AND BEER****** Gutted i didnt get to see you at the bench, I did wonder if you had got a special invite into the green start to meet your new running buddies? Well done on your time, great running. 

Sense Sorry I didnt say hi, it was only after I ran off did it twig what Malcs had said. Next time I will be more sociable. 

Malcs Legendary spectating buddy!   And I hear you are a cult hero in Switzerland now? 

So pleased for so many excellent performances by everyone yesterday, made up for you all. I ran what can only be described as a positive split, in what can only be described as a suit not made to breath but it was one hell of an enjoyable run. The streets of London were rocking, thanks to an awesome elite race and the queen herself, Paula. Well done all of you, hope the stairs are not too horrid today. 

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 25/04/2015 at 18:35
I'm contemplating an evening on the soda Sean!! I have no choice this evening, we're watching Grease. Again!! Luckily Olivia NJ is easy on the eye.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 25/04/2015 at 17:40
Brilliant Martin, absolutely brilliant!!
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