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Excited new runner

Posted: 02/01/2012 at 20:49
Errr, ummm, happy new year! Just wanted to pop & apologise for my second disappearance....

I haven't read the last few (hundred) pages yet, but I will do, I just wanted to do this before I chickened out again. Basically, after I last posted, my knee injury got much worse. I therefore haven't run for over a month & I was feeling really sorry for myself for a while (I still am I think).

I've put on 5lb (far too much December merriment!) & I start at my friend's gym on Wed, which will hopefully pick up my spirits I also have a physio appt on Jan 18th so I will find out then if the MK Half is going to be doable. I've missed running soooooo much.

Anyway, I've thought about you all loads, I really hope it's going much better for you all than me! And I promise I'll pop back for a proper catch up after the physio.


Excited new runner

Posted: 22/11/2011 at 10:18

Hi Bobby & welcome!  I totally agree, I was just doing 5k once a week with little motivation to go out any more than that - and then came the Great South Run!  I went from that 5k once a week to 20+k over 3 sessions a week.  Maybe that's what you need to do Mal, if you haven't already?  I'm finding some of my runs hard too, hence needing a GPS watch, my min/mile is so erratic as I said earlier.  Have you been tracking your pace?

 Boo - Well done!!  That's a fantastic loss, and I love running for the same reasons.  I've only lost a few lb, I'm now bang on 10st, but my body shape has changed, my legs are slimmer, more defined, and that mummy-tummy seems to be slowly disappearing too - get in!  I would LOVE to get down to my wedding weight of 9st 7 though, I felt fantastic then, but hey, I'm happy and healthier so I'm in no rush.

Silver - cheers for the trainer info, I shall pass it on to the hubby!

 Just a quickie from me as my 3 yr old is demanding to play on the CBeebies website, lol!

Excited new runner

Posted: 21/11/2011 at 11:07

Morning all!

OK, so after I posted yesterday morning, I went out for a quick short one, just 2.5 miles, but I found it way more tough than I should have, and I know it's because my pace was all over the show.  I set my iPhone app to tell me my pace in my ear every 1 minute, and one minute it was 9.48 min/mile, then next it might be 6.45 m/m, then 8.30 m/m, then 7.00 *sigh*.  I really neeeeeed a Forerunner!

 My husband is currently looking for proper shoes, he's a slight over-pronator so is looking at stability/support shoes - what do you guys have Stripes & Silver?  Took me long enough to find mine, which I love and have been fantastic (Asics Gel 1160) - wonder if they do them in men's, hmmm.

Silver - Look at you go!  53 mins is a great time, and to think only a month or two ago you were concerned you weren't going to get past 5-6k, now look   Definitely sign up for a half, I think you'd be great!  Haha, I don't think I'd have the balls to give a present away without opening it, plus the suspense would near kill me (not that I'm nosy or anything.... ).

 Mal - Thanks, it went really well!  I just made a nice easy dish that could bubble away most of the day, nothing too fussy y'know.  But yes, it was very lovely, and everyone had a great time   Glad you're on the mend, when do you think you'll get out for a run next?  Where in the country are you?  Oh, and I used a program called Irfanview to resize a pic of Santorini that I already had on my hard drive (it's where I got married last year).

Stripes - really sorry to hear the race didn't go as well as you would have liked, but as you say, you made some mistakes and can learn from them.  Having said all that, you finished it, and in a great time too, so don't be too hard on yourself!

Boo - sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!  I absolutely love Brum, for all the reasons you said, and definitely prefer it to London too.  Hope the LSR goes well tomorrow!

 Zumba for me tonight, so I'll not be running til Wed, boo.

Excited new runner

Posted: 20/11/2011 at 09:11

Morning all!

 Re the point about PB, I've never really thought about it like that before, I just assumed a PB was exactly that  ah well, I guess it dosn't really matter as long as I keep improving, lol!

 Boo - I am LOVING dubstep too, it makes up a good proportion of my running tracks, I'm a sucker for a a huge bass drop!

 My runs have been a bit pants this week, or should I say my non-runs...  I was meant to go for my club run Thurs eve, but the husband had to go take a judo class while the sensei was away (my eldest daughter (6.5) went with him for her first ever session, and absolutely loved it!). 

 Then Fri eve I was at a friend's drinking wine & eating chinese, very late night, shattered yesterday, and last night the husband did a naughty and brought home an indian (I think he felt left out from Fri!) followed by more wine (damn you cabernet shiraz!).  I feel pretty good this morning though, so I'm considering going out shortly, as we have a friend emigrating to NZ next week (as you do), and I'm cooking dinner for 11 this afternoon  which I am certain will involve more wine   Today's menu will be coq au vin , hahaha, more wine, what a surprise!!!  Absoutely LUSH recipe, I've made it so many times lately!  Serving with creamed potatoes & slow braised red cabbage, can't wait!

 Seriously though, as we get closer to the half mara, I'm considering giving up the booze altogether, I don't drink all week anyway, and I don't want it to hamper my LSRs as I get closer to 10 & 12 miles....

 Mal & Sabbie - sounds like you've both been through the wringer of late  really hope things start looking up for you both xx

 Haha Mal, that made me laugh, totally the sort of thing I'd do!!

Excited new runner

Posted: 16/11/2011 at 20:03
Sorry Silver, couldn't resist!

Well I did my 5k, 5.3 to be precise, & it equated to a 5k in 29m 9s, a PB for me! (5m50s/km or 9m23s/mile) I didn't enjoy it like I normally do though, found it pretty tough & I know it's cos I was running alone & in the dark :-/ Ah well, it's done & I'm pleased with the PB!

Anyone else out tonight?

Excited new runner

Posted: 16/11/2011 at 19:55


Excited new runner

Posted: 16/11/2011 at 12:33
I wish I did get time alone Silver, unforch my littlest one is 4 next week & she's only at pre-school, so I only get a Mon morning respite at the mo as all her other sessions are at the end of the week. But as of Jan, she goes Tue morning too, helloooo speed work

Haha, I may well attempt a mwahahaaaaa at the yoofs next time they ambush us!

Good to know the Karrimor stuff is recommended, it's definitely more my price bracket!

Have you really been actually Tangoed? How many oranges did you eat??

Excited new runner

Posted: 16/11/2011 at 11:09
Stripes - 500th post on the thread! I can see now how other threads get so big so quickly! I'd be inclined to give Thurs a miss, but then I have had great results after a few days off.

Excited new runner

Posted: 16/11/2011 at 10:26
Hehe, I love this thread, v amusing! Meant to say Booey, I did chuckle heartily St the thread mentioned a few days back, started by Ghostrider, funny as!!

I really need to sort out my running gear, I have no hi-vis anything yet, tending to wear my white running jacket but I get hot really quickly so I don't feel I need it yet. I think I'll look around for a hi-vis gilet for now.... *trundles off to Google*

Turns out I won't be club running this week as the husband has volunteered to run the kids judo sessions in the absence of the boss this week - I mean really!! How very dare he interfere with my training!! So I'm gonna attempt a 5ish-k run this eve, then it'll be LSR on Sun.

Silver - well done on the run, sounds like a really good one!! We get that too, yoofs think it's the height of hilarity to run akongside us. The last lot did quite well actually LMAO, but still nowhere near the 6 miles we did, mwahahaaaaa!! I waited a couple of weeks for my first RW issue too, now I'm wishing the next one would hurry up.

Booey - well done on your run too, sounds like we were on fire last night!! Loving the sound of the kit, v envious - I need to order some new kit! And you're right, I think a lot of us are feeling pretty good right now, which is great but it's also great to support each other through the rough patches.

Stripes - loling at the bingo ladies! How were the tights?

Sabbie - one of those weeks by the sound of it?! Did you never really wear your jacket? I wonder if I would as I heat up really quickly. I might get a cheap one to start with, Karrimor or something & see how it goes before splashing out.

Right, almost time to start my working week, I'll check in tonight after my 5k, catch you all laters!

Excited new runner

Posted: 15/11/2011 at 10:22
Morning chaps!

Stripes - It's the Milton Keynes Half, March 4th. Although it's 2 hours from where we live, it's where I grew up, and where all my family live so we are up there around once a month. Very flat route too

I have entered the husband too, so that'll be good to spur each other on. He hasn't run as much as I have, but he's been a black belt in judo for 16 yrs so he's pretty fit and strong, which I think will stand him in good stead. I am raring to get on with the training now too!

The 305 looks really good, and is £102 on Amazon at the mo. Unfortunately we don't have a spare hundred quid at present as we're off to Oz at the end of March to visit my SIL so are saving hard for that. I have my birthday in Jan, so maybe I can wangle a combined b'day/Xmas present *scratches chin* and to be fair, the husband will use it on his runs too, as we never get to run together. Watch this space!

Booey - Ah yes of course, I remember you mentioning that program earlier. Have you started any speedwork yet? I think that's what I'm most looking forward to, but also most apprehensive about! I am dying to see my times improve though, so that's a good thing I guess.

I reckon you could definitely get a 2.20 in *nods*, I think we're fairly similar, in fact you're probably a bit quicker than me, and I reckon I could now sustain an 11 min mile over the course (with training obv) which would be 2h 25, so with extra training & speedwork, I would be made up to get anything under that, but under 2.10 would be fantastic. Hard to believe some people run full marathons in that time

Silver - Sorry to hear you're feeling a tad rough today, and I know you won't like it, but you know you should really rest if you're not well. Maybe see how you go over the day, you don't have to make your decision on the club run now, but if you aren't up to it, get a nice early night in, plenty of rest and you'll be ready to run before you know it. Oh, and apparently having mentholated sweets before a run can really help open up the airways, even if you haven't got a cold, so maybe try that if you do feel up to it. A full pack of Lockets should do it

The knees are pretty good at the mo actually, and I haven't had any physio yet (gotta love NHS waiting lists!), so since the week before and for the 2 weeks since the GSR, I have only done my LSR. Back on it this week though, I'll be out tomorrow eve and club run Thurs, so I guess that will show me how they really are!!

I know what you mean about seeming like everyone is pushing the boundaries, but I really only did that by starting the club run, and by running with a friend. She really helped me push my distances, and my non-stop running times. I also had the GSR, so I kind of HAD to do it! Maybe you need something like that in your diary to spur you on?

Mal - Hehe, same here I reckon with my 2 little ladies! How old are your kids?
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