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My Last Run

Posted: Yesterday at 20:08

Thanks, Nessie. Yes, a muggy start on Merseyside too but, nothing daunted, I traced the flattest sections of trail around the boating lake, being careful not to disturb the swans as they got breakfast ready.  The beach of the Marina ran out, so I tackled a steep bank of firmish sand before meeting shih-tzu walking cycling woman!  More sandy trails led to the grassy expanse and some necessary roadwork to get home.

Lakeland Terrier man didn't tell me I was late - as he usually does - but very kindly asked how my job situation was.  People are very often like that in these parts.  I've applied for a lower grade teacher education post doing the same as last year but with a juicy 20% discount for college.... 

My Last Run

Posted: 27/06/2016 at 09:35

3rd time proves your ten-mile credentials, Cal.  Very well raced. 

Great performance in your debut tri outing, Nessie - and plenty of goodies to wear & eat afterwards.  Another one soon?

8pm yesterday under a lowering sky saw me reuniting a dog with its owner, one of whose other hounds, a Westie - had swallowed crab fishing gear and triggered a £500 vet's bill.   As I ran the beach, the Mersey channel retreated under a veil of mist and the lazy rain got to work, plastering my t-shirt to my ample frame but serving as quite a tidy insulator.  Off came my glasses, as I had no more dry fabric to use to clear them but I made it home, 1 hr 24 min and my longest since last year's injury.

My Last Run

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 19:51

Yep, +1 to that!  That's when the training will deliver, Nessie. 

My Last Run

Posted: 23/06/2016 at 08:52

Oh, gosh!  For nearly 60 years, I've had music close to me: parents, grandparents, friends at school, one of whom managed the St Paul's Cathedral choir.  So little I dislike, so much still to discover, all regardless of age, fashion, trend or style.  Being around musical types helps and it was Brian & Ralph who remarked on the breadth & depth of what I could discuss.  Currently listening to: Warren Zevon; Holly Hurnden; Arca; Grateful Dead; Moody Blues; Dubliners; King Tubby; Scientist; Augustus Pablo.........

Nessie, that 24:xx will come - maybe focus on running & cut back on other sports a while.

4 miles, warm, bright sunshine, friendly dogs but a calf tweak, this time in the RH leg - steady does it! 

My Last Run

Posted: 22/06/2016 at 19:31

After an early 4-mile trail & beach outing, I had a super day at work punctuated by discussions about music with two pro musicians who also teach on our HE courses.  Brian plays bass for 'Clinic', an off beat rock band from Liverpool championed by the late John Peel.  Their 'USP' is performing in surgical masks & scrubs!  Ralph leads a loud, shouty indie combo, 'Death At Sea'.For some reason, both are impressed by my muso credentials and we talked about dub reggae and the day Brian upset a pint of Guiness over Michael Stipe!  Brian's going to teach at LIPA in September.

My Last Run

Posted: 19/06/2016 at 18:03

The Brownlees turn out for the Chevin Case, a 7-mile Boxing Day off roader attracting much fancy dress.  I remember Jonny signing race shirts 90 minutes after he'd finished.    Still quite awkward in interviews but that's part of the appeal.

Good how one run can balance out another, Cal - blue skies always help!

My Last Run

Posted: 18/06/2016 at 16:57

Run to the conditions, Hermes.

The Leeds Tri used the lake in beautiful Roundhay Park last Sunday and I admire the confidence of those who swim without a 'side' to grap onto!  So, well done, Nessie: your preparation is looking good.

A v good result on a notably hilly route, Q W233 - that sub-2 is now within reach.

Yesterday, 6.30am, humid even then but the air and the ground were all mine, save a few friendly dogs & owners to match.  4 miles grassy trail, beach & prom close to HQ.


My Last Run

Posted: 16/06/2016 at 09:06

Thanks for your comments, Hermes and Nessie.  The Further Ed & Skills sector seems to be in thrall to Ofsted and the various funding agencies.  Floating apprenticeships off is less easy where job opportunities are in short supply.

Consultation meeting today: I've put down some questions that I'd like answering.  More when it comes in.

Oh, yes: 4.2 sandy, hilly, beachy miles in bright sunshine and cooling breezes in Waterloo. 

My Last Run

Posted: 12/06/2016 at 17:12

Best approach, Cal.  My main issue: not ready to be pastured out yet.

My Last Run

Posted: 12/06/2016 at 09:55

Thanks, Hermes ^ 

All these reports have their own flavour: targets met or missed; terrain mastered or negotiated, miles or kilometres run, logged and recorded - and they top up my reservoir of persistence: Just Another Day is my mantra.

Through no fault of my own, I *may* soon have more time for running.  Cash strapped college, restructuring, posts 'disestablished' .... you get the picture.....

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