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Vegan Vegetarian Running for weight loss

Posted: Today at 02:00

That'll do for now.  Don't want to be accused of proselytising, or anything ...

Vegan Vegetarian Running for weight loss

Posted: Today at 01:57

I used to be in the Vegetarian Cycling and Athletic Club and in its early days its cyclists were often criticised when entering events because it was felt their diet gave them an unfair advantage.

It is easy to replace high satiety protein with too many processed carbs as PP2 was finding.  You shouldn't eliminate them but choose wholegrain or less processed ones and ones that release sugar slowly such as oats. Some of Scott Durek's ingredients are expensive and hard to source but things like avocado and nut butters are easy enough to get hold of.

PP2 - good luck with your ideas.  I'm sure you'll find the benefits.  It's a matter of taking more care daily and almost meal by meal about the balance of nutrients you're  taking in. Add protein whenever you can.  For vegans something to be very careful about is getting enough omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B12.  Long chain omega 3s are completely absent in a plant based diet although slightly inferior short chain ones can be found in oils such as hemp or flaxseed.  B12 is also not present, although it might be in some seaweeds, but who wants to eat seaweed? Brewer's yeast contains a lot of it so if you don't like it at the moment, you're going to have to get to like Marmite!

Vegan Vegetarian Running for weight loss

Posted: Today at 01:37

Such a shame when someone posts a genuine query who then gets pounced on by people who don't really know what they're talking about or think it amusing to be insulting.

This seems to be happening a lot lately, often by the same group of folks.

Assuming this thread is still just about hanging on to life, I can report I'm a vegetarian and for the last 16 years mostly vegan.  I have found it very beneficial to give up bovine milk protein but still eat hard cheese the making of which seems to break down casein to a large extent, and goat's milk products.

It's also hard to avoid compromising the diet when eating out.  When presented with a menu that only has the dreaded vegetarian lasagne on it, it's then a tad difficult to ask if they do a non-dairy vegetarian lasagne ...

Scott Jurek's case is very interesting.  His performances showed huge improvement when he started a vegan diet, or as he calls it 'plant based'.  The meals provided during the recent Dragon's Back ultra were all vegetarian because the RD considered this food the most suitable for extreme endurance events.  the rations on Ranulph Fiennes and Mike Stroud's unsupported crossing of Antarctica were vegetarian for the same reason.

wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: Yesterday at 23:57

SP13 - interesting - that's quite a long way for a first one.  I wouldn't do too many very long runs in the build up. I'd make your last one no more than 30-32 miles three weeks before and taper drastically.  Hope it leads you to entering some ultra events. You cannot beat the camaraderie at these and of course being able to have an ultra on your race cv.

What race is that, 00D?

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 23:48

Hi Chimney!  Sounds like stuff has got in the way of your 2015 ambitions, but never mind.  You sound as enthusiastic as ever and I'm looking forward to meeting you again at SNOD.

brer - right, so sounds like 42 has been your furthest to date. 60 isn't so much more when you're bimbling.  It's only after 60-65ish when unplanned things start happening, so you should be fine.  One thing I'd say about H60.  Have a good look at the route, especially through Scarborough, which you will be going through in the dark.  Just about everybody gets lost in Scarborough - read the blogs!! (Except Fellrunner - he didn't.)  H60 is on my bucket list, but then so are a lot of races ... There's more good ones appearing all the time.

Hobie - your first marathon or first SNOD? I would suggest running your long slow runs much slower than marathon pace until the last few miles when you should pick up the pace, up to marathon pace if possible.  This will train your muscles to work hard when you're tired and prepare yourself for the hill at Waunfawr.

Achilles tendon pain

Posted: Yesterday at 23:32

I'm familiar with this trouble.  In fact I've got it in both ankles at the moment.  

You should ease off the intensity of your training, in particular avoid speedwork and especially downhills.

Is the area around the achilles tendon spongy?  if so I'm afraid getting back to normal is going to be a long haul.  If you know a sports injury therapist I would recommend deep tissue massage.  Otherwise it is a matter of regular icing, especially after exercise, and for the rest of the time keeping the area warm.  Do frequent stretches (when warm) which would include standard calf stretches leaning against a wall and heel dips off a step.

A short term solution, especially if you have a race coming up, is to put heel inserts in your shoes to raise the heel a bit and prevent the tendon getting aggravated in the same place by the back of the shoe.  Something I find very helpful, but it's drastic, is to cut down the v-notch at the back of the shoe further with a knife.  This takes a lot of pressure off the achilles but probably shortens shoe life!

I wish I knew what the cause of this common runner's injury was, but I don't.  The main suspect, I think, is the back of the shoe aggravating the tendon especially on steep/offroad descents.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 10:14

Remind me what ultras you've done again, brer?  For someone marathon fit all year round I wouldn't have thought September would pose a problem.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 28/07/2015 at 17:10

legend777 - I'll be running Vale Coastal ultra.  More or less on my doorstep and I didn't know about it.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 26/07/2015 at 22:56

It's not a busy place - were you hoping for a bit of clubbing?!

Possbile Exercise-Induced Asthma

Posted: 25/07/2015 at 18:05

Another thread ruined by hot heads.

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