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10 peaks brecon beacons 2014

Posted: 15/07/2014 at 01:47

roy silver - you doing the long course?  I'll be running it again this year.  I remember last year's outing being a very arduous event, but most of it was in wonderful sunny conditions. It got bad after dark - setting off from the Storey Arms at 2230 in appalling conditions to do Corn Du, Pen y Fan, Cribyn, Fan y Big and Waun Rydd finally arriving at the finish about 0300 was one of the edgiest things I've ever done.

Superb event, this year starting at 0500 instead of 0400.

I can probably fill you in with any details.  I recommend doing recces if you can. Although the map is useful there are often no paths, or the paths are hard to find, and you need to be good at nav.

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 15/07/2014 at 01:32

Hi.  I'm still around, although not really running at the moment.  Usually every year work dictates that I have to have a lull period from running from about the third week of May until sometime in July.  This year has been frantic and the workload looks to continue almost to the end of this month. I've been going out with the dog on a few hilly runs but no proper training as such.

Got 8 marathons to fit in between now and SNOD and another one looks like being a casualty.  Eldest son has entered Race the Train and challenged me to come along and run with him and his mates.  Didn't take long to decide to accept but it makes it tricky doing a planned marathon next day especially since he also wants me to climb Tryfan with him that day by 'a difficult route'. Since he's quite a decent rock climber I'm not sure what he has in mind.

He's off to the States to live later this year and since this could be the last chance for a long while to do anything like this with him I'm off to Tywyn on 16 Aug.

Good to see some new faces on the thread (as well as the old ones!)


Posted: 23/05/2014 at 00:29

That is unusual.  One of the causes of rhabdo is extreme exertion but what you're describing wasn't that (unless that evening run was epic).  There must be some underlying cause.  

Hope you get to the bottom of it!


Posted: 22/05/2014 at 00:42

SideBurn - it's a kind of extreme muscle fatigue from excessive use which seems to affect some people in long ultras.  Creatine-Kinase (CK) levels (essentially a measure of dead muscle tissue in the blood) probably get raised in most people who run marathons and longer with no obvious ill-effects.

In serious cases muscle damage is so severe the pain becomes extreme, rather like deep-seated cramp which cannot be relieved by either massage or stretching  out.  You also start losing motor control in the affected limb(s) until you become completely immobile. These are the obvious symptoms.  If you notice your wee colour and it is like black tea or coke that's another clear indication you need to get to A&E urgently and go on a drip.

Good, well-prepared runners can get it.  Novices can get it.  A lot depends on how conditioned you are and (I think) how tired you are before you start running. Not sure how to prevent it. I'd like to know myself.  I like to think I am in the well-prepared category but this has caught me out. I've decided no more 100-milers for me and will stick to a maximum of about 50 miles over which distance I have had no symptoms.

Keep posting, BenItsMeee.


Posted: 22/05/2014 at 00:20

Hi again BenltsMeee.

I would believe the pain.  Sounds like you tried to carry on way beyond the point a normal person would stop!  I did the same for 20 miles until 2 miles from finishing an 85-mile race I had to stop.  I had no option - the right leg had become as if paralysed.  I got to the point where I was using my hands to lift under my hamstrings and manually moving the leg for 10 steps at a time and then having a 5-minute break, before doing another 10 'steps'.  Eventually even this became too painful and I had to call to be rescued.

Yes, the liver can start to struggle and the heart as well.  You had a bad bout of it.

It's not blood in your urine, but an enzyme myoglobin which can crystallize in the tubes in the kidneys and cause renal failure.  You need to check there is no myoglobin left in your urine and that your CK level has come back down to a more normal level.  The normal upper limit for an adult male is 170-190.

Compartment syndrome comes on rapidly so I think you're OK there.  The muscles become extremely swollen and tight and the only solution is to slit the muscle sheaf longitudinally to relieve the pressure.  The wound is left open.

Take it easy!

What race were you doing?


Salt and Electrolyte balance during marathon?

Posted: 21/05/2014 at 23:51

cougie - done 91 so far which is far fewer than some. I recommend SIS gels. One  is plenty - I use the ones with added caffeine. I carry a Go-bar for emergencies and would probably only eat half of it.

You've got to remember these products make you nauseous taken in excess.

CB69 - I would say that's spot on.  Rely on the race organisation to supply all your water.  It's normally every three miles - take some every time.


Posted: 21/05/2014 at 14:09

26000??  That isn't a misprint, is it?  2600 would be high but not critical - 26000 is through the ceiling. In fact that could have been fatal.

You need a whole range of blood tests for kidney function.  Have you been having them since you came out of hospital? 

Were you completely immobile by the end? Was there talk about having or getting compartment syndrome? 

I wouldn't do any exercise using your affected muscles at all until your blood tests are completely normal. 

How is your weight?  Are you back to pre-race levels?  You must have been on a drip for a very long time and it is very easy to over-hydrate and have a lot of fluid to get rid of.  The strain on your kidneys through all this is extreme and your electrolytes will be all over the place.

I have just got over my case of rhabdo -  my second in less than two years - each time with CK of about 2300.  My output was not being measured in hospital and I found when I came home I had put on 11kg since pre-race two days before, which took four days to come off.

This time it was on the Thames Path 100, the other was during the Ridgeway 85.  On account of this serious condition that I now seem susceptible to I am having to re-think my running and will now only do ultras up to about 50 miles.

It is a sad fact that once you have had it once the chance of having it again is more likely.

As others have said this is very serious.  You would earn even less if you had to be on kidney dialysis machines, so I'd do something about it immediately.



Salt and Electrolyte balance during marathon?

Posted: 21/05/2014 at 13:44

For a marathon I only use one gel and mile 16 is about where I have it.  If I'm really starving I'll have a Go-bar mile 20+.  Will also drink about 800ml own energy drink.

Salt and Electrolyte balance during marathon?

Posted: 21/05/2014 at 01:12

You're a bit short of time now but you could try to get hold of a belt that can take one or more bottles of your home-made drink, or at least have a handheld bottle.  Or you can buy electrolyte tablets to put in the water, such as Nuun.

You're best off trying to stick to what you're used to and not experimenting with anything new during the race.

Good luck.  Drink plenty of water if it's hot.

Big Toe Problem!

Posted: 21/05/2014 at 01:02

Quite a few remedies: choose a brand with stronger material at that point, not just mesh; go up another half a size; cut your toenail as short as possible.

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