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Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 25/11/2014 at 01:17

Run Jono - I'd start off with some 50s.  They're manageable and usually always in daylight.  It's a good round distance and unlikely to cause damage.  Anybody who has done long distances will tell you that something funny happens about the mile 65 point - beyond that is the running equivalent to the 'death zone' where things start breaking down. Only very special people can keep running, or even keep going, for 100+ miles.

I'm still around but not doing much running.  Went out today in the forest near me with Archie - 5-hr run.

Came to one of my usual paths and found that someone had turned it into a mountain bike trail.  A sign said something to the effect that this new route was now open and anyone using it should take 'this extreme downhill course very cautiously until you are used to it.'

I don't remember needing caution in the past so I set off down it at a good pace.

Man!  What an experience!!   You're in this kind of chute thing - impossible to get out of, stop, or even slow down!  Occasional leaps into thin air, big swooping hairpins, rocks and tree roots.  I found myself yelling and laughing out loud involuntarily.

Don't know what Archie was thinking - he came a different way down.  Got more sense.

Got the bottom still laughing, breathless, and completely exhilarated out.

A great tonic.  Fortunately I didn't meet any bikes which might not have been so good.

Do achilles injuries ever actually heal?

Posted: 11/11/2014 at 01:38

Can take a long while to heal.  I had AT in one foot and it took 15 months before it cleared up to the extent that I have forgotten I had it.  Now completely healed with no hint of re-occurrence  - 2 1/2 years now. No lumps/bumps to see, either.

I got to this stage through careful management and excellent service from a sports injury therapist doing regular deep tissue massage.

You are not more prone to have it happen again (unless you repeat any mistakes that might have caused it in the first place).

I'd continue with heel drops and calf stretches as good preventive medicine, take care with shoe purchases to not choose models that aggravate the tendon (look for a low back). 

For your first runs take it very steady - no speedwork or downhills.  Find a flat, smooth surface and see how you get on.  If the pain is very acute or sharp you should stop but if only dull throbbing persevere - you will find it will ease off after a few miles. If it comes back later on in the run that's about the time to stop.

Build up obviously very slowly indeed.

Toe Holes in Running Shoes

Posted: 11/11/2014 at 01:23

Look at the shoes in the shop and choose ones with material where your big toe is instead of mesh.  You do have to keep your big toe nails (in fact all your nails) very short, mind.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 11/11/2014 at 01:19

Epic brer,  Well done for carrying on - you're made of stern stuff.

What would be a nice spring marathon to do?

Posted: 11/11/2014 at 01:16

+1 for Shakespeare

Also 'Great Welsh'  Llanelli.  Great low key atmosphere and interesting route along the bay.  They don't come much flatter.

Hoka Highland Fling 2015

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 02:32

I went straight on to Fort William on two of the times I did the Fling, alone, unsupported, and through the night ...





... but lived to tell the tale. 

Hoka Highland Fling 2015

Posted: 03/11/2014 at 01:57

Great choice.  I've done it four times, but last time was 2011.  Event may have changed a bit since.  There were getting too many entrants for my liking and too many staggered starts.  You never really knew who you were racing against.

Plenty of time on rough trails - the last 12 miles or so of this are quite brutal on your feet.  You can have drop bags taken to about miles 20, 27, 34 and 41.  I'd recommend the 34-mile one.  There'll be mandatory kit list but a 10L sack will be plenty big enough.  I've found I've needed to carry plenty of water.

I expect more recent finishers will chip in shortly.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 03/11/2014 at 01:36



Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 03/11/2014 at 01:34

Torquayrunner - you're right.  This doesn't seem to be an event you do just once.  It gets a hold on you (even to the extent to want to do it twice in one day ). Just about the best finish run in of any marathon I've done, although Shakespeare is good as well.

DD is another special event you'll find. I've done it four times and the post-race atmosphere there is second to none.  Everyone hangs around afterwards.  There's some serious hills, mind.  The one at mile 6, which is about the same as the tarmac bit of SNOD, the long haul out of Ashburton, and the final sting in the tail right near the finish.


Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 02/11/2014 at 21:19

UDS - don't go into debt on our behalf - I'll chip in with my deposit.  Please also add Mrs T Rex on to the list, as well as 4-legged friend (which was a joke).  After 8 years of escapades on my own in the land of SNOD she finally wants to see what I get up to.

Hope all these dogs are going to get on!  Mine's a Welsh border collie.  Very good natured but likes long, adventurous outings.

So, I'll plan the group walk then?  

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