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Posted: Today at 00:43
Sounds fab Camlo, Nat and I were in tears of laughter tonight remembering when Camryn called the pouffe a willie. Kids r fabulous

We went to George square in Glasgow tonight & went on big wheel, was lovely. Our schools R still in Mon & Tues next wk tho, bummer, and I am working both days. So want to wind dwn for Xmas.

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Posted: Yesterday at 21:41
Ooh Gremlins

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Posted: 18/12/2014 at 20:38
Yaktrax R great, my running buddy bought me some yrs ago but they were ones without the velcro strap across top and I lost one. Searched everywhere for it. The supermarket versions R rubbish in comparison. Def worth spending xtra on Yaktrax.

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Posted: 18/12/2014 at 13:26
Nope not me, I am 5' 7". CM is much taller. I always thought of u (Lotte) as titchy like CC funnily, never pictured u as tall.

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Posted: 17/12/2014 at 00:06
Nuro- if anything the health scare will put everything else in perspective, hopefully it will turn out to b something easily treated and will have bn a welcome distraction. Fingers crossed and thinking of u lots.

Caro- I hope ur Sis & her hubby manage to work things out, they obviously care deeply for each other to stay in touch like they have and would b such a shame if they couldn't make it work.

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Posted: 12/12/2014 at 19:11
Weather not great here too, crunchy ice all over the paths and freezing cold wind that cuts right through u. Of course as soon as u leave my local area there is no snow, which is pretty typical, we seem to have our own separate weather zone.

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Posted: 12/12/2014 at 12:27
Tummy bug bn doing the rounds here, I was ill Wed and just laid in bed between taking kids to school at 9 and picking them up t 3 with occasional trip to loo to bring up stomach lining. Fortunately had stopped vomming and managed to keep dwn a banana and chai tea at 2:30. Enough to get me to school and take 2 kids ( mine and one minded) to swim lessons. Then went straight back to bed when minded child got collected at 6. Did manage a banana toastie late evening and felt way better by the next morning. But anytime I do anything I feel nauseous even still. And my poor eldest came dwn with it yesterday afternoon, on way back from exam and she had to go sit her psychology exam this morning. She was white as a sheet poor love. Fortunately hubby on hol this wk so he was able to run her there and pick her up so she wasn't struggling on public transport and spreading her germs. She's away back to bed now. Hoping C doesn't come dwn with it and N is feeling better tomorrow as we were planning on going into Glasgow for the day tomorrow, annual trip round the shops, coffee & cake and see the lights. Don't have another day before Christmas that we'll b able to, so if can't get in tomorrow it'll have to b between Christmas & new yr.

Just a thought but wondered if fleecy pj's would b better when having night sweats, just bcos they absorb so much liquid, that why u use fleece as a liner in washable nappies. Does seem silly to wear warmer clothing when sweating but it might b more comfortable.

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Posted: 07/12/2014 at 23:25
Lol PG I am great at giving advice on paper and thinking things through from various perspectives but bloody useless at talking. As my husband would no doubt back me up on. The last time we had a rough patch when hubby was out of work a couple of yrs ago and feeling sorry for himself, he mentioned divorce as I 'obviously didn't love him anymore' seriously u would think he'd know me by now 20 yrs we've bn together. Did I say 'don't b silly darling of course I love u' no I screamed 'you b*st*rd how dare u f*ck*ng threaten to walk out and destroy our children's lives u selfish b*st*rd'. It worked mind u he walked the streets for a couple of hrs, in the middle of the night, and came home with his tail between his legs and apologised for being a t*ss*r and all has bn fine since. But not sure that's kind of thing Relate counsellors would advise lol.

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Posted: 07/12/2014 at 10:29
I never found trusting Mr Tangy hard as I seen what the guilt had done to him, I felt pretty sure he wouldn't put himself throo that again. Sounds like ur husband is the same, u know that his morals didn't allow him to take this to a full blown affair so I don't see why that would change in the future. The last thing u want is to become paranoid and distrustful. Bn there done that too, I was very jealous distrustful person in relationships before I met Mr Tangy and had kids. Having kids seemed to cure me strangely enough as they were more important and somehow it didn't matter quite so much. But paranoia will destroy a relationship so u have to make a choice to trust everytime u feel the need to check up on them & snoop or it becomes all encompassing.

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Posted: 07/12/2014 at 10:08
Think half the problem is they probably know at the time they r being unreasonable in asking for more attention/appreciation as they can see u r overwhelmed with baby, so they bottle it up and don't talk. Then they behave in a inappropriate way, getting attention elsewhere and then they have guilt that makes them moody and distant. Cos really he just wants the same as u, for u and him to b happy together, it's easier all round and nobody gets hurt that way.

Mr Tangy went throo similar thing when our eldest was younger, fortunately didn't meet anyone as such, but had a drunken snog in a pub after he had bn out to watch his football team win some cup. Was a bad tempered grumpy shite for a wk & a bit and then broke dwn and told me as the guilt was eating him up. Initially I was very upset and spent about 24 hrs crying and soul searching then I phoned my Mum and asked her to take N for the wkend and we went off camping in glencoe. Going for walks, out for dinner, tent got soaked in torrential rain and ended up in a b&b, but we spent time together and had fun and reconnected. And altho we have had rocky patches since it has never got to the point of straying. It all comes dwn to communication. What men should do is ask what they can do to make ur life easier and show u some love and appreciation and then u will actually have some energy and time to do the same back. Instead they back off and leave u to it and resentment builds on both sides. Equally women R not very good at asking for help and delegating and so pile it all on themselves and husband feels excluded and useless. We could all do with a counsellor sitting in the corner of the living room teaching us how to do relationships lol.
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