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Posted: Today at 09:53
U don't need to lose weight CM. Women's sizing doesn't help with giving people idea they r fat. Cos really a 6/8 in a short person is the equivalent of a 10/12 in a mid height person and a 14/16 in a tall person. But everyone panics when they start getting into the 14/16 category. Yet women over 5' 7" really should b in that size category to b a healthy weight if they r medium framed.

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Posted: 29/08/2014 at 23:50
Did 8 Miles this morn and felt quite good. Wasn't limping when I got up this morn, 1st time in a long time. Footfall on both feet sounded similar on run today and altho have bit of soreness from massage it felt so much better. Didn't limp to school at 3 either. Such a relief. Masseuse reckons that quad tear from 2 yrs ago is root of all problems, quad is full of scar tissue,need to stretch it out and she is pummelling it all out too. Lots of ITB stretching too as they were just awful. Too many long days on feet on day trips with kids with lots of stop start slow walking which is just awful for muscles. And too many going over on ankle during dirty 30 and after it, ligament can cope as they are nice and stretchy but muscles are just freaking out and knotting up. So lots of work for me to get to pain free happy running, but I will get there cos I'm a stubborn b!tch

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Posted: 29/08/2014 at 21:21
Fab time Camlo, would love to do a sub 2hrs half. Hol sounds great, have thought about barge hol myself as live couple of miles from Forth & Clyde canal and often pass barges on it.

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Posted: 29/08/2014 at 11:33
* niggly ache not night ache ( sigh)

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Posted: 29/08/2014 at 11:29
8 Mile run done and only slight night ache in back of heel. Lots of stretching after and the rain stayed off, it's bucketing dwn now.

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Posted: 29/08/2014 at 11:25
* wouldn't worry too much ( jeezo)

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Posted: 29/08/2014 at 11:24
JG my Nat was the same, would get very frustrated and give up if she wasn't brilliant at something 1st time. Half the problem was that she was very good at most things without much effort so when it came to something that required a bit of effort it was a shock to her. But I would worry too much, I would explain to her that some things need lots of practice to get good at and not everything comes so easy. She turned out fine, grade A student going off to Uni to study neuroscience. She was always a perfectionist and that is not a bad thing to be.

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Posted: 28/08/2014 at 20:55
Sports massage done and my worst one ever, agony. Leg muscles and ITB were 'tragic' and 'like a bag of pickles' apparently. Surprised I'm not still picking towel fibres out my teeth. My arms r sore from gripping the table to hard. To go back in 2 wks too to finish the job. Foot pain has bn non-existent since tho. Feel like I ran a marathon today my body feels so tired. Hoping I can run in the morning.

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Posted: 28/08/2014 at 13:54
Aw that's lovely CM, what a nice thing to do.

I am just back from sports massage. I no longer have fabulous muscles and ITB I had in May. They r now tragic. Like a bag of pickles were therapists words, oh dear. She can't believe I am not more injured than I am. Was sheer agony, had to bite on a towel for most of it and she recommends I go back in 2 wks to do more work on ITB. Wants to include lower back and get all ITB and muscles feeling good again. The best part of my legs was the area that I had bn working on with tennis ball and I thought that would b worst bit. My 'good' leg was f*ck*ng agony. The quad muscle I injured a couple of yrs ago is full of scar tissue, I had problems with it cramping after coming dwn a lot of stairs at Linlithgow palace during hols. She reckons it's that that is the root of all my calf and foot issues on my right leg. So lots of stretching and get that quad right. Then hopefully I will b pain & injury free finally. I am taking painkillers before I go next time tho.

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Posted: 27/08/2014 at 23:42
Adbru- have u tried some sports massage for the calf? Having issues with calf 'knots' causing foot pain myself and sports massage has worked a treat. Cured my left leg problems in June and going for one tomorrow to iron out the right side, it's going to hurt but looking forward to some pain free running. I had torn quad muscle which has never been quite right since it happened couple of yrs ago and when had massage in June she popped something up where quad tear was, resulted in a houmungous bruise but have had hugely improved mobility in my hip since. So all good and would thoroughly recommend.
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