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The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 16:59

OH well done for getting the 9m in

Sundown nice 18m LSR

Tricia wow that was a difficult run! Well done on the 4.5 hours on your feet

NP cracking Parkrun! Sub 17 !!  Great 20.5m this morning too, and well done on the month's stats.

Stuart well done on that 20 with a backpack - certainly sounds like progress..  If you're racing the Half, then it sounds like a mini taper week with plenty of strides...

MG nice 5 miler, and congrats on a great month

HM thanks


Big night out last night and I failed to get up early enough for the club race. Treddie punishment was 4m at planned HM pace (6'49") - went really well, HR and breathing under control.

Stats for Feb were 230m at av. 8:37mm

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 12:32

Stewart good new about your son.  Well done on the 7 miler and the gym classes

NP nice block of training, hope the parkrun went well

HM thanks

Tricia nice treddie intervals session - good luck on that WHW recce run today

MG another cracking long run - well done

Stuart well done for out running your brother - hope the 20 goes to plan, and well done on hitting 200 for February

NN ouch big track session followed by an 18 miler - respect. LOL at the yaktrax, enjoy the trip


5.2m with the club this morning on a hilly route - legs a bit battered from Friday's 20.  Club race tomorrow.

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 15:08

Joe well done on knocking out another mara

OH well done on the 12 - indeed a good number for midweek

Stuart good hill session, well done

MG nice progressive 12m - enjoy the rest today

Gaz well done on that hilly running and good luck for Sunday's long run

NN well done on the rainy 9 last night, good training today and good luck for the track session tonight

Sundown well done on the 10.5m and intervals - hope the LSR goes well


Second 20 miler done - mostly low 9's with the last 2 miles sub8 to drag the average down to 8:56mm. 

Nothing on the race list but I presume Joe has a mara planned, for which good luck

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 26/02/2015 at 12:50

NP well done on the lengths and nice 13.5m steady too - impressed with the weight loss !

Stuart nice easy 5

HM thanks

NN nice double easy runs - are you off spotting the Northern Lights next week?

Stewart well done on the easy 6, good news on that Achilles

MG much nicer weather for that 9m last night!

Gaz well done on the hilly 8.2m

Mace wow that was a big 7 days!  Well done mate


8m with the club through the woods this morning - just got back before the rain hit!

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 25/02/2015 at 18:00

Stuart well done on the intervals session - sounded like a tough assignment, with plenty of miles on top too.

NP well done on getting the second run done - in better weather too

HM thanks

MG nice steady lunchtime running 

Joe well done on the recovery runs

Stewart hope the rest day has helped - 9 pins! Ouch

NN that's a great midweek MLR - nice going

GazM well done for getting some runs in while away - nice 6 miler today


1m w/up then 9m at maraHR - came out as 7:45mm, so 2 seconds worse than last week, but I'm happy enough as I really wasn't feeling great. Got it done

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 24/02/2015 at 16:08

Stuart ! 

OH well done on the windy 10m and evening 5k yesterday

MG nice hard tempo into the wind

HM thanks

Stewart well done on the easy 5 and good luck with the fizz

NN well done on the spinning, hope the 13 goes ok today

Dank-art welcome

Joe how are your legs today?

NP good swim session and core work, well done on the hilly tempo - glad I'm not running in your weather!.  Good luck tonight on the double


Flying today!  Strapped on the new Hokas for the first time and bounced along for 5.5m feeling great!  Ran it as a "steady" (78%maxHR) and was really happy with the pace. 10m at MP tomorrow, fingers crossed for some big bounce forward...

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 23/02/2015 at 11:02

Stewart good runs to and from the gym. hope the Achilles is easier this morning

Tricia well done on that cold 17 - made me shiver just reading it !

HM hope you get the car sorted

NN fantastic long run, well done and nice total for the week

NP great Parkrun CPB.  Sounded like a great weekend, well done on the 17m and for breaking 70m for the week

Stuart two pokes from NN in one post ! You better get that 20 done mate!

Joe you sold yourself short - amazing 6 hours running, and multiple PBs.  Fantastic pace too

Sub80 hope you stay well this year


3m recovery joglet this morning, all fine here

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 13:18

OH well done on the sea swim and the 8.5m run - you're still in shorts?

Stewart well done on the gym classes - good news on the Achilles

NN good track session, and nice easy 6 yesterday.  Good luck on the long run today.  Respect for your V55 club-mate but such low mileage wouldn't work for me...

HM how's the aqua jogging going?

MG nice easy, well done on the week's total


7m Club race this morning - none of the blokes turned up, so I just ran it at MaraHR.  I went off too fast and had to slow down as HR drifted badly on the uphill way back.  Averaged 7:43mm, will need to run the next one slightly more slowly.

60.8m for the week, av. pace 8:41mm, av. HR 73%max.

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 21/02/2015 at 12:19

Stuart well done for getting the 10 done, nice swim and run yesterday and that's a brilliant Parkrun time this morning

NP good swim and nice trail run with Buddy.  Hope the family Parkrun was fun!

HM thanks

Joe that's awesome! Good luck, hope it's not too wet and windy tomorrow

MG that's a cracking 20 - well done


Just a 5.25m slog through the woods with the Club this morning, legs surprisingly ok after yesterday's 20.

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 20/02/2015 at 15:25

No races on the list, so I stalked Joe's Fetch profile...

22 Feb 15 The Hugin Challenge     Joe Hawk

Good luck Joe - "just" a marathon, or are you doing the full 6 hours?

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