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Are you inspired by Alex Vero's ambitions, or slightly insulted?

Posted: 16/04/2007 at 08:06
No problem, UltraSpud. As Bryn suggested, I wasn’t trying to devalue meaningful genetic studies.

Like Pug, I get annoyed with the current vogue for blaming genetics for all our short-comings, as if it absolves our responsibility for working to our best abilities with the hand that we have been dealt.

Correct me if I’m missing the point, but my understanding is that genetic traits are set at the moment of conception. I suspect that as embryos, the majority of us had the potential to become Olympic finalists in some event or other. After 40 years of ‘bad living’, the fact that I am not an Olympic athlete is down to my lack of appropriate circumstances, desire and application – not genetics.

Themoabird – your earlier assertions about rugby players / rowers misses the point. They don’t have a ‘rugby gene’ that prevents them from being runners. They have spent years adapting their bodies to be great at playing rugby – to the detriment of their future running potential.

Are you inspired by Alex Vero's ambitions, or slightly insulted?

Posted: 15/04/2007 at 23:21
“people have different potentials depending upon abilities that are at least partly inscribed in genes”

Sounds like pseudo-science to me

Are you inspired by Alex Vero's ambitions, or slightly insulted?

Posted: 15/04/2007 at 23:07
"The arrogance and condescension of asserting that if people don't achieve the times that they want it is because of "limited ambition" or "not wanting it enough" or "not working hard enough" is stunning."

I apply the same standards to myself.

I don't spend months of the year at altitude
I don't have regular massage therapy
I don't stretch enough
I don't do any weight-training
I let my family commitments interrupt my training
I spend too long at work

Even when I was committed to this running lark, I wasn't consistent.

All of us make choices. Let's just be honest about it, nobody on this forum has come anywhere close to their "genetic limits". None of us truly "wants it" enough.

Are you inspired by Alex Vero's ambitions, or slightly insulted?

Posted: 15/04/2007 at 22:23
{quick random post}

My initial thoughts about Alex were the same as most of the old-timers – “what an arrogant upstart” (or something along those lines ;-). However, from the comments of people who know Alex, he seems like a decent guy. I think he was very naive to get his publicity machine running before really appreciating the task he had set himself (I still don’t think he really understands).

To put it into stark terms, who do you think he will knock out of the Olympic team – Jon Brown, Dan Robinson or Pete Riley? Or how is he going to make the team when there are probably about 1,000 blokes training better than him right now?

That said, I know how it feels to have an injury wipe out months of hard work and sacrifice. I wish him well for the future and hope he bounces back.

Oh...and just to upset those who like to justify their limited ambition by genetic pseudo-science...He probably can run 2:15 – but not next year.....and not without a lot more hard work.

Thursday 01st March 2007

Posted: 01/03/2007 at 12:45
Afternoon all,

Belated birthday wishes for Hilly & Rundown.

Appropriate thread title for me, as I’m signing off for a while. The combined effect of the acquisition at work & one of my key staff members leaving is putting me under even more time pressure for the next couple of months.

Being an ‘all or nothing’ guy, I don’t like to post on here when I don’t have the time to stay up-to date with what everyone else is doing. It is better that I spend any free time actually running, rather than reading about other people doing it…..

I’ll be back once things calm down a bit.

Good luck to everyone over the next couple of months. I hope the injury bench is covered in dust when I return

Have many good ones….

Monday 26 February

Posted: 26/02/2007 at 22:08
Evening everyone,

Some great racing at the weekend by the looks of things. Rundown & AF both looking good for the FLM.

Best news has to be David F’s opening post though. Please be patient on your comeback.
We don’t want you to “go ahead and wreck your health” ;-)

DD – well done for trying something new. Hard way to do your first triple – 10 miles for your third run was never going to be easy.

Very busy day, so no run. Oh well, try again tomorrow

‘night all

Friday 23rd February 2007

Posted: 23/02/2007 at 07:46
Morning all,

Nrg-B – sounds like you enjoyed your first club run. Plenty more of those to come I hope.

Stuart G – I remember when injuries only took a day to heal. May you stay young forever…

Trini – congratulations. About 18 months since I stopped drinking (can’t see the point of counting the days). ‘All or nothing’ guys of the world unite! ;-)

NZC – you summed up my approach to training perfectly. Great when things are going well, but pretty abysmal otherwise (e.g. the last 3 years).

No time to post yesterday, but got out for a couple of 9s and a 6 miler.

What: nothing
Why: rest / recovery day

Good luck to the weekend racers

Have a good one

Wednesday 21st February

Posted: 21/02/2007 at 21:11
Evening everyone,

FL – sorry to hear about the loss. Don’t beat yourself up about your mixed emotions, though.

SiT – sounds like a sensible approach. Hopefully a slow steady build-up will finally put all your injury woes behind you.

StuT – job situation looks fine at the moment, thanks. Just too bl**dy busy.

WP / Scoobs – sorry to hear about your ongoing injury problems. You both sound like you’ve got your heads straight on how to progress now. That’s the first part of the battle.

Well done to all the weekend racers...especially the ultra peeps

What: 6 miles am, 6 at lunchtime & 9 tonight – all very slow jogging
Why: strengthening lower legs
Last hard: ???
Last rest: AF minus 301 :-)

Have a good one

Thursday 15th Feb 2007

Posted: 15/02/2007 at 21:46
Evening everyone,

BR – hope you both manage to get into the race.
Elite status doesn’t always count for much.....Ingrid Kristiansen was refused entry into the Woking 10 a few years ago because entries had closed (she had the marathon world record at the time).

What: 6 at lunchtime, 9 this evening
Why: had a bit of time

Have a good one

Wednesday 7th February 2007

Posted: 07/02/2007 at 21:27
Evening everyone,

Another quick post from me....

Been really busy yet again. The company I work for announced last week that we are in the process of being taken-over. Overall, it is probably good news, but a b*gger work-wise in the short term.

Very intermittent training...got out for 6 miles today, previous run was a 10 on Sunday.

No chance of staying up-to-date with the thread at the moment, but will try to post when I can.

Have a good one
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