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The Middle Ground

Posted: 17/08/2014 at 14:28

Afternoon guys - 37:17 & 4th at Forfar 10k for me today. Went a long way to slaying the demons of my bogey course today. Relaxed & feeling good through 5k in 17:50 then had some really strong headwinds in the second half (pushed like crazy @ 7k and ran 4:00 for that k!). 

One of my training partners was 3rd and was 1:50 down on a 10k he ran on Friday. I am left thinking of what could have been... still a good day out.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 13/08/2014 at 20:32

Evening all!

Mr V - looks a good result from Darlington, as you say a big improvement on last year so good progress seen.

Josh, welcome back, I think to begin with it may be best to run to time (10 hrs/wk is a really solid figure to aim for to begin with, over a time period TR suggests of 6 months or so) primarily until you are sure you can handle volume.

DT that is a great threshold improvement. Very impressive.

So Thursday - what an evening. For my race I had a vague goal to really attack lap 3 which is where I have lost the most time before.

Settled through lap 1 in 9th place in 71.0. Moved up another place and hit 700m still feeling great then really tried to blast the third lap.

800m in 2:23 and passed 3 guys right on the outside straight after. Was closing up on 4th quickly too and passed him with 500m to go and still feeling good. Third lap in 71.4 which was bang on what I wanted. Kicked past 3rd with 350m to go and maintained it to finish in a pb.

Felt good and had a little left at the end. Happy to have run that time off of base work!

Mum... well what can I say. UK record in the V55 category in the mile. 13s faster than 2nd. And her usual understated self at the end as well

Then Haddington Half on Saturday. Unfortunately I suffered from Thursday and the course was not indicative of a pb, along with some pretty strong winds!

Ran 82:29 which on its own is 5 mins off my pb, but I did A. Run a 30s negative split, B. Passed 8 people in the last 5k, C. Ran the final 5M 80s faster than the guys I had been trailing for the first 8M, and D. Beat a 76:xx HM'er, a 35:3x 10k runner and finished 21st in the East District Champs.

Legs did not want to play ball and I was having to grit my teeth from 4M in. Was dropped around 5M by two guys who I could not reel back in until 10M, when I put in a long surge on a gentle downhill and found my legs finally waking up. 

Couldn't get the HR up into usual HM territory until the final few miles. Overall a bit disappointed to have traveled to Edinburgh for the race, but going off others around me probably worth a high 78:xx so not that bad really.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 07/08/2014 at 21:19

Evening - quick one from me right now.

Celebrating having a UK record holder in the family tonight - mum ran 5:40.07 to break the UK V55 mile record by just over 13 sec. Even 85s laps throughout.

I ran 4:27.46 to finish 3rd in the 1500. Pb by just over 4 sec. 2:23 at 800m and kicked really hard on lap 3 (which has always been where I lose time). Gained 5 places and finished with a sub-52 last 300 (sub 4:30/m). Had a little left in the tank at the end but ran the race well.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 03/08/2014 at 20:20

Evening all - Glasgow wasn't half bad eh? Had a blast over the 4 days I was there, saw the man himself Rudisha, CS got a selfie with Libby Clegg and it was amazing to see Laura Muir & Eilish McColgan competing as well (I remember these two duking it out at university matches not so long ago!). 

DT, LT sessions looking awfully not-fun (i.e. beneficial)!

Not been to Glasgow airport I'm afraid, wrong side of the country for me. You're right on the M8 so I imagine the public transport service to and from is good. 

Dan I saw you & BR running on fb, how are the Brillys doing these days? They haven't been around in a while.

Finished off last week just a touch under 80M, did what running I could while staying in Livingstone & hit 70M for this week (that included taking Tuesday off as we didn't get back in until 2am Tuesday morning from Hampden and were back out again 7am that morning).

Did 10k @ 5:59/m on Thursday which was harder than it probably should have been (around HMP effort), then today's long run was a pretty progressive 16M, had a good 5-6M section where I sat around 6:30/m with HR around 155bpm (83% MHR) & a few miles in the low 6:1x range without feeling strained towards the end.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 26/07/2014 at 12:43

I have a 1500m August 7th, pb is 4:31 but really not sure what to expect from it. Then Haddington HM 2 days later which is East District champs.

17:18 today which is a course pb. Pretty fast start but crept up from 8th(ish) in the early stages to 3rd by end of the first mile. Shadowed 2nd until about 4k coming up the second ramp then picked it up for the final mile.

3:27/3:34/3:30/3:31/3:13 (8:47/8:31 splits). Winner ran 16:34 and I was tempted to go with him... not sure what would have happened though! Happy with that. 

The Middle Ground

Posted: 25/07/2014 at 17:02

Afternoon all - bit of an absence recently, bit of a difficult period at work. Am on holiday now however

DT - 3*15 mins is really brutual so I am not surprised you were finding it tough. I would use that as a peaking workout and probably only once!

TR - these 800m guys eh, get them on a good hard long run and see them wilt!

Ratzer - what's new?

Dan - bike straight into run sounds good, do you think biking warms you up adequately? Can it help in some instances you think (i.e. decent bike before run)?

For me last week was a pb of 79.2M with 16 on Sunday. 10M @ 6:28/m on Thursday was the other highlight.

So far this week I managed to drag myself out of bed @ 5:40am Tuesday morning for an 11M progression run:

1) 1m - 8:59(8:59/m) 121/130bpm 107cal
2) 1m - 8:34(8:34/m) 125/128bpm 102cal
3) 1m - 7:09(7:09/m) 137/144bpm 98cal
4) 1m - 6:29(6:29/m) 147/150bpm 95cal
5) 1m - 6:03(6:03/m) 156/159bpm 92cal
6) 1m - 5:53(5:53/m) 161/164bpm 92cal
7) 1m - 5:56(5:56/m) 165/169bpm 96cal
8) 1m - 5:51(5:51/m) 168/170bpm 96cal
9) 1m - 5:53(5:53/m) 167/170bpm 96cal
10) 1m - 5:40(5:40/m) 169/170bpm 92cal
11) 1m - 7:16(7:16/m) 143/168bpm 66cal
12) 0.12m - 1:00(8:10/m) 143/149bpm 8cal

So middle 7M @ 5:58/m avg which is faster than I ran at my last 10k (Bob, re: GC comment 10k pb pace is 5:43/m)! Effort strong but manageable towards the end.

Then 16M today out at parent's house - set off early to try and beat the heat but thermometer when I got home was over 30c. 16M @ 8:18/m - cardiac drift was something else. parkrun tomorrow then off to the Games

I have tickets for Sevens Sunday evening, Badminton Monday afternoon, Athletics Monday evening & both Tuesday sessions. if anyone else is around!

The Middle Ground

Posted: 16/07/2014 at 10:35

DT, as you said yourself - being disappoined with a 15s course pb shoes how far you have come! I think this little racing block will o you well, just give yourself some time to absorb the training now.

TR, well run, hangovers just mean you suitable hydrated and fueled the night before 

Overall happy with Saturday - mile splits show the course profile as it was a pretty even effort type of affair - 5:20/6:30/6:09/37! Was basically a solo run from about 2k in once I had passed the fast starters. Then headed off to the Diamond League and got to see Rudisha et al - a great afternoon.

Ended up with 41M last week so a decent volume while still recovering. So naturally felt horrendous doing hills Monday morning.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 12/07/2014 at 11:50
Heh, no marathon planned I promise!

Brief post as am on phone. 18.36 today at Camperdown for 2nd and course pb by 23s. Good to blow the cobwebs away.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 10/07/2014 at 20:10

Nicely done 10k DT, hope Sunday goes well! By then you will be into the 10k groove for sure.

10k HR for me is about 175-180, I have actually only done 2 10ks with a HRM on but based off a HM HR of ~173 it would make sense.

TR, you are doing some good sessions right now. Do you think the marathon fitness is coming through? Your strength is looking good.

Very jealous of all you at TDF. A guy I worked with was down ans I was amazed at the speed as the peloton went past. It really does put us mere mortals in our place!

Mr V - that's an interesting club session, may suggest that at some point.

Ended up with 78M last week with 16 on Sunday - overall coped well with 70/75/71/78 mile weeks so am having a recovery week now... naturally I feel exhausted, every run is a grind and HR is through the roof. 

I have Diamond League tickets for Saturday PM, so am doing Camperdown parkrun (Dundee) on the way down in the morning. It's a very tough course so ideal for a hard run with no time pressure.

In other nice - exciting time for the household as August 7th Aberdeen AAC are putting on a Master's mile event. Mum has run 5:16 for 1500m this year (5:39 mile) and the V55 UK Record is 5:53.7 so there is a good chance of the record falling to her.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 10/07/2014 at 20:02
The Bus wrote (see)

Go on lurkers, show yourselves

Ok ok, I'll come out of hiding...

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