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The Middle Ground

Posted: 15/11/2014 at 14:03

Mild? Ok, probably best looking towards the Saucony Guide, Brooks Ravenna, Mizuno Wave Inspire. I was thinking of the J-33 more for the shorter stuff, if you're wanting a mileage shoe then I would agree it is too racey.

Brooks are in the middle of changing the Adrenaline (the 13 was very stable, the 14 significantly less stable, and the 15 appears to be midway between the two) so I would probably recommend staying away from it. The gel in Brooks brand is excellent however.

Yeah too much stability will not help - supination (lack of movement in the foot) is just as bad. Best way to look at it I think is that you want a natural amount of movement in the foot, you do not want to totally eliminate pronation.

The analogy I often use is that pronation is like sugar, it's ok to have some but not too much.

In other news, 18:48 & 1st at Hazlehead parkrun this morning. Not sure who stole my running legs as it was utterly grim, and I threw up last night's alcohol at the end. Being realistic about Abbey Dash tomorrow, it is not going to be a spectacular time so I am just going to enjoy myself.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 13/11/2014 at 21:54
Cheers guys - may have a date booked tomorrow!

DT, the Saucony Omni works very similarly to the 2000 from experience. If you fancy a lighter shoe, the Asics Super-J 33 is surprisingly supportive although it does not look like it. Works with the sub-talor joint so does not look anything like a traditional stability shoe. Could maybe look at the Boost Sequence 7 too.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 08/11/2014 at 09:49

Mr V, no real plan yet, just something I am pondering. Something like starting off base with 13M in 1:45 or similar easy pace, then over training periods increasing the pace until it's done in 1:35 or slightly quicker. For easy runs it would be more a case of picking it up in the last few miles, as long as it did not compromise other sessions.

It's something a few coaches subscribe to, in order to help stamina from races as short at 1500m - Joe Rubio & Reneto Canova both use it (Canova more for marathoners but I think the principles can still be pertinent for shorter distances).
Dan, was it my imagination or did you say after London no more marathons

I am down in Nice right now, CS is running Nice-Cannes marathon on Sunday so have been running up and down the Riveria. All very nice and at 20 degrees very welcome in November!

Speaking of CS, a few of you have seen but for those I am not FB friends with, or are not on Fetch, we got engaged on Monday

The Middle Ground

Posted: 06/11/2014 at 16:52

Afternoon all - have disappeared recently as Amsterdam really went south & decided I needed a break for a while.

Something was clearly not right on the day as my usual HM heart rate is 170bpm, yet after a few K I was struggling to get below 180bpm and hit 187bpm after 10k. Following on from that I felt dreadful & ran the last few miles almost a minute per mile slower than the first few.

FWIW I ran 1:23:06 - which is hardly a time to be sniffed at, but was more than 6 minutes off what I was hoping. The full sob story is on Garmin Connect.

Since then I've really taken it easy & tried to get some motivation back - didn't run for 4 days & ran twice in about a week and a half. On holiday in France right now and am starting to get some consistency back, but have left the Garmin at home since Amsterdam which is just allowing me to run without any constraints.

Doing Abbey Dash next weekend but I suspect it will not be anything spectacular. Honestly I am looking forward to enjoying it without any pressure & seeing a few of the thread members (TR & Mr V are doing it I believe?). Once that's done I'm going to have a bit of time focusing on building to a handful of indoor races (despite Amsterdam not going well the mileage will not have hurt me at all) then going towards summer 2015 & seeing if I can crack a good 1500/3000.

I am noticing from read backs we are getting into that stage of the year now where everyone hunkers down to put the miles in over the winter period. Given I am now starting to look towards longer distances to compete at (relatively, as I am a bit tired of the 800m now) stamina-building and strength are key components of this period.

The thread has had lengthy discussions in the past about easy run pace, and long runs and now pace fits into these. A number of the thread have subscribed to the "MP + 25%" philosophy of easy run pace (myself included) to promote endurance benefits and also ensure as much mileage as possible can be done without burning out.

As I get more and more interested in the Canova philosophy of doing faster-paced mileage at certain periods, my question is if anyone has experimented with faster easy runs (be that all or some of them) and if they have have any comments on it at all. My feeling is that - if done correctly - it can produce excellent stamina-based benefits for all distances.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 27/09/2014 at 15:22

Afternoon everyone... has been a while!?

I've taken on some more responsibilities within the company I work for, which has meant I've got less free time than I used to - still running well but meant the forum was the first thing to go!

Been spying some good results, Bob with a really good 800 a little while ago after a mile race (correct me if I'm wrong), some good fast-twichers there I think. Get yourself down to a 400! My skim read of the thread occasionally picked out TR's new 10k pb - well done! - Mr V grinding out a really positive GNR result despite feeling below-par and DT getting some strong training in despite a few niggles.

For me, while running has been good we had a real tragedy 2 weeks ago, when a clubmate (Neil Jaffrey) was knocked off his bike & killed on a Sunday morning. The whole running community up here has really banded together after this and supported each other. I think all the clubs have become a lot closer. I knew Neil reasonably well, had some great races against him over the Proms 3k series and he popped into my place of work a fair bit as well. So his passing was quite upsetting on a personal level.

The weekend after I ran Stirling 10k, with the legs feeling like hell after a 1:20:09 Half the week before (Scottish Half Marathon which was a good 4-500m long despite what the organisers said to the contrary). I ended up running 35:28 which is just 2 sec slower than my PB, and one of my best races of the year. Following on from a spite of PBs the day before at Crathes half and at Stirling I think the spirit of Neil was with us that weekend.

Week after ran 17:57 for the new Hazlehead parkrun, solo for 2nd on a route which is roughly 45s slower than a flat course. HR just slightly above 10k HR which was a good sign (felt difficult solo though!). Overall last few weeks have averaged 65-70mpw with a big focus on pushing LT from above and below. 

5.5M on Tuesday @ HM intensity (~170bpm), which felt sustainable so I suspect I am starting to peak now (pace was ~ 77:00 pace). Still pumping the miles in so hopefully with a taper things will come together. Not really hopefuly of that sub-75 now unless the taper really pulls things together, but sub-77 is a realistic possibility.

Running Paris-Versailles tomorrow which is about 16k (it's more about the route rather than the distance if you follow). Very net uphill! Will be happy running sub-6:00/m.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 17/08/2014 at 14:28

Afternoon guys - 37:17 & 4th at Forfar 10k for me today. Went a long way to slaying the demons of my bogey course today. Relaxed & feeling good through 5k in 17:50 then had some really strong headwinds in the second half (pushed like crazy @ 7k and ran 4:00 for that k!). 

One of my training partners was 3rd and was 1:50 down on a 10k he ran on Friday. I am left thinking of what could have been... still a good day out.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 13/08/2014 at 20:32

Evening all!

Mr V - looks a good result from Darlington, as you say a big improvement on last year so good progress seen.

Josh, welcome back, I think to begin with it may be best to run to time (10 hrs/wk is a really solid figure to aim for to begin with, over a time period TR suggests of 6 months or so) primarily until you are sure you can handle volume.

DT that is a great threshold improvement. Very impressive.

So Thursday - what an evening. For my race I had a vague goal to really attack lap 3 which is where I have lost the most time before.

Settled through lap 1 in 9th place in 71.0. Moved up another place and hit 700m still feeling great then really tried to blast the third lap.

800m in 2:23 and passed 3 guys right on the outside straight after. Was closing up on 4th quickly too and passed him with 500m to go and still feeling good. Third lap in 71.4 which was bang on what I wanted. Kicked past 3rd with 350m to go and maintained it to finish in a pb.

Felt good and had a little left at the end. Happy to have run that time off of base work!

Mum... well what can I say. UK record in the V55 category in the mile. 13s faster than 2nd. And her usual understated self at the end as well

Then Haddington Half on Saturday. Unfortunately I suffered from Thursday and the course was not indicative of a pb, along with some pretty strong winds!

Ran 82:29 which on its own is 5 mins off my pb, but I did A. Run a 30s negative split, B. Passed 8 people in the last 5k, C. Ran the final 5M 80s faster than the guys I had been trailing for the first 8M, and D. Beat a 76:xx HM'er, a 35:3x 10k runner and finished 21st in the East District Champs.

Legs did not want to play ball and I was having to grit my teeth from 4M in. Was dropped around 5M by two guys who I could not reel back in until 10M, when I put in a long surge on a gentle downhill and found my legs finally waking up. 

Couldn't get the HR up into usual HM territory until the final few miles. Overall a bit disappointed to have traveled to Edinburgh for the race, but going off others around me probably worth a high 78:xx so not that bad really.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 07/08/2014 at 21:19

Evening - quick one from me right now.

Celebrating having a UK record holder in the family tonight - mum ran 5:40.07 to break the UK V55 mile record by just over 13 sec. Even 85s laps throughout.

I ran 4:27.46 to finish 3rd in the 1500. Pb by just over 4 sec. 2:23 at 800m and kicked really hard on lap 3 (which has always been where I lose time). Gained 5 places and finished with a sub-52 last 300 (sub 4:30/m). Had a little left in the tank at the end but ran the race well.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 03/08/2014 at 20:20

Evening all - Glasgow wasn't half bad eh? Had a blast over the 4 days I was there, saw the man himself Rudisha, CS got a selfie with Libby Clegg and it was amazing to see Laura Muir & Eilish McColgan competing as well (I remember these two duking it out at university matches not so long ago!). 

DT, LT sessions looking awfully not-fun (i.e. beneficial)!

Not been to Glasgow airport I'm afraid, wrong side of the country for me. You're right on the M8 so I imagine the public transport service to and from is good. 

Dan I saw you & BR running on fb, how are the Brillys doing these days? They haven't been around in a while.

Finished off last week just a touch under 80M, did what running I could while staying in Livingstone & hit 70M for this week (that included taking Tuesday off as we didn't get back in until 2am Tuesday morning from Hampden and were back out again 7am that morning).

Did 10k @ 5:59/m on Thursday which was harder than it probably should have been (around HMP effort), then today's long run was a pretty progressive 16M, had a good 5-6M section where I sat around 6:30/m with HR around 155bpm (83% MHR) & a few miles in the low 6:1x range without feeling strained towards the end.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 26/07/2014 at 12:43

I have a 1500m August 7th, pb is 4:31 but really not sure what to expect from it. Then Haddington HM 2 days later which is East District champs.

17:18 today which is a course pb. Pretty fast start but crept up from 8th(ish) in the early stages to 3rd by end of the first mile. Shadowed 2nd until about 4k coming up the second ramp then picked it up for the final mile.

3:27/3:34/3:30/3:31/3:13 (8:47/8:31 splits). Winner ran 16:34 and I was tempted to go with him... not sure what would have happened though! Happy with that. 

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