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Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 09:35
Nells wrote (see)

This one Jimbob...? Hopefully I'll be there again this year, seeing as they keep refusing to let me actually run the damn race.

I think I was wearing about 20 tops that morning - ran 7 miles there then stood around in the cold for an hour and a half. I swear it's less work to run it!

ahh that was a lovely day. We had a cracking run OO. Spurred on by Nells' lovely smile. Later that day I was elated with my run and drank my own body weight in ale. (Nells please email that photo to me if you can)

Managed 7 miles progressing up through the gears this morning on the commute run which is kind of good for my current fitness. Plus the weather is a cracker at the mo.

Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 00:10
Pancake ..... you're right where you need to be. Good luck with the training. ... its a brilliant race and you'll have fun. Loads of advice will come your way in the coming weeks. At this stage I think you need to be used to going out regularly. You can start upping the ante in February. It seems like you have some experience so you should be fine. Like you say, build up the endurance. Those long time on feet runs do the job ... but good to have varied training with some fast runs and some slow runs and other workouts. ... gym, swim etc. Try to peak mileage wise about 4 weeks before the race and then cut it back gradually.

Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 16/01/2017 at 22:10
OO54! Didn't you used to be OO53? .... that little turn at Brass Monkey must have got you an age group prize surely you beast man you? Yes see you down VLM gfa start .... hopefully Nells will be there again? Let me see If I can dig up the photo ... or do you have it Nells?

Oh go on then Nells put me down for Chicago (BABY!)

Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 15/01/2017 at 17:38
In the hat for NYC this year Nodster?

Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 15/01/2017 at 17:37
Aye Eggy that was a quality relaxed run mate. When I came off the last lot of pebbles my legs had nothing more to give. Felt like I was going backwards towards the end along the coast. You and Meadower coasted past like you didn't have a care in the world. Kudos

Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 14/01/2017 at 19:19

Welcome the Newbies and greetings to all.

My recent inactivity due to injury coupled with Xmas excessive drinking and eating for most of December has taken it's toll on my fitness.

I managed to "get round" the flat yet surprisingly difficult Portsmouth Marathon in Dec (more off road than I expected) to celebrate Nodster's 20th Marathon of last year. There was a massive crew of us down there, loads of people from this thread taking part and supporting. We had a big party in the evening, was a great weekend.

The January detox / purge of evil foods has begun reasonably and I'm feeling a little better about myself than I was a couple of weeks ago. I'm still not able to run the sort of high mileage that I have managed over the last 3 or 4 years. I'm building up slowly again (it feels like almost from scratch) .... this week managed 5 short runs, hoping to increase gradually so I can try to run at least a couple of 20 mile runs in Feb/Mar time. Leg Muscles and groin area are still tender so concentrating on a good warm up and warm down, and easing gradually back into it. I went for years feeling unstoppable and when it catches up with you it hits you hard.

Ben Peachy - there was a big crew of us (from this thread) over for Amsters 2015 also. we hit the beers hard afterwards. It was fun ... I had a fun race myself that day and was bombing it for the last few miles (those kind of marathons rarely happen for me but I see other people having those sorts of days sometimes) - probably as I was a little conservative on my pacing strategy in the first half. I really recommend the Dam as a great Autumn marathon, cheap, easy to get to (for abroad) and a really fast course.

Eggy, where you cramped up at the exit from Vondel Park .... bummer man, that is so close to the end, you're well passed 40k at that point I think.

Paris is a great marathon, a great alternative to London ... there's about 5000 people from the UK over there for it as it's so easy to get to. I won't be there this year but my colleagues on this thread organise all sorts of meet ups. We have a new post race evening drinking establishment that does good pub food. Anyone needing beer straight after finishing, google "Beer Station Arc De Triomphe" .... its a moment's walk as you exit the finish area on Avenue Foch. The beer is great, the food is meh'K .... i'd go for chips and mayo and maybe a croque monsieur, and save your big burger or steak for the evening venue.

The exchange rate on the pound is obviously dreadful and Paris is really expensive, so put the 2 together and what ever you think you need for the weekend, take an extra 100 quid.


Chicago Marathon 2017

Posted: 02/01/2017 at 12:59

..... managed 5 today ... damn it's hard to get going at the moment! it doesn't help that I have been "on the crimbo food trail" for the past few weeks and the jeans are quite snug at the moment.

Chicago Marathon 2017

Posted: 01/01/2017 at 19:21
Hi Nicole. ... Thanks for the empathy. Good luck getting prepped for Rotterdam. I've London to get ready for but it will not be my A race this year .... i'm planning less mileage in the early part of this year. I feel like my body can't take all the training at the moment so hoping to just get round London feeling not too smashed up. I'm hoping this approach will help me to feel more up for training later in the year and have a good go in Chicago. There'll be a decent sized crew of us doing Chicago so we will arrange meet up places to drink and eat pre and post race. I see you are racking up Majors Nicole and must be homing in on the 6Star. Our paths have crossed a few times on other threads. How's that going?

We'll sort out meet up venues later in the year. I'm running Reading Half, VLM and Vitality London 10,000 (formerly Bupa London 10,000) this Spring ..... If anyone wants to connect with me at these races, message me through At the Vitality race we have a bit of a meet up with quite a few of my pals from the Paris Thread and we have a post race picnic / beer up in Green Park.

Happy new year all. I woke up this morning to go for a 10 miler .... tried the calf on the roller and it felt dicky so blew it out and went back to bed.

Chicago Marathon 2017

Posted: 28/12/2016 at 16:38
Flight also booked for me .... BA.COM. .. got some money off with some Avios points so it came in around 550 direct on the BA planes there and back (not AA which seems to run most of the flights)

Like you guys credit card taken a beating recently so holding off on accommodation till early next year.

Managed a couple of slow runs over Xmas so far to take the annual mileage past 2100, but despite all those miles in the legs I am suprisingly unfit and a little out of shape.

Was hoping 2017 might be an "Olympic year" for me but feel a long way away from attacking PBs in the spring. I'd be happy just to complete the races I've signed up for ... or even just make the start line. Who knows, see if I can shift some Xmas lard in January .... maybe there is still hope. Happy New year All x x x

Chicago Marathon 2017

Posted: 29/11/2016 at 09:15

Finally accepted this morning after their long delay. Hooray! 

Disappointingly the c.£400 flights are nowhere to be seen. I had them on my screen on the 16th but didn't want to book until I had confirmed acceptance.

Hopefully they will pop up again?  ball ache .... the delay in processing applications could prove quite costly

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