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Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 17/03/2016 at 14:52

Radford70 ..... I think there will be an email close to the day. For now, log into ASO, download a PDF of your convocation and print a copy to put with your med cert.

Everything else you need to know will be on this thread.

Another tip for everyone .... anyone intending to go to the expo late on the Saturday .... it closes earlier than Thurs and Fri .... I think about 7 ... and it gets more chocker as the day goes on, so get it done early so you can relax in the arvo. If you have a late train into Paris .... head straight to the expo from gare du nord, do not pass go, do not collect 200 francs ....

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 17/03/2016 at 13:11

..... perfect place for Radar Sal and her bunch of merry minions to express themselves

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 17/03/2016 at 13:10
Orbutt wrote (see)

I was just looking at the 2016 route map and I noticed that they have 4 'Fan Zones' marked at 36.5, 37.5, 38.5 & 39.5 km - aka The Woods Of Death.

I have no idea what these are but they sound interesting. Any ideas?

looks like they are trying to shake off the "woods of death" tag and create a new improved "woods of fun" reputation

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 17/03/2016 at 11:53
MoominRun wrote (see)

Imodium conversation?!

don't do it .... it always sounds like a really bad idea. People in the medical profession will not recommend it. Just get your toilet "routine" sorted for race day and get up nice and early to give enough time for the coffee and bananas to do their job.

Heroine .... one day (if it's meant to happen) and I can still run a BQ in my 50s

Dannir - I agree about taper. Also, if you train hard - lots of tempo running and lots of distance, your muscles need to recover otherwise you will not be fresh on race day. I've kind of tapered already for Tokyo and then started up again, focused more on tempo and will definitely need another (mini) taper. Probably about 30%-40% cutback on volume next week ..... and sweet FA the week after bar two short hard runs early in the week (race week)

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 17/03/2016 at 11:32
Heroine in a half-shell wrote (see)

RR - do you have a Boston top from when you ran it, I've never seen you in one! My husband had a little daydream the other day about how if he got a BQ then we could both go and get tops and then he'd make me come to the supermarket with him both wearing them, meet down each isle and talk loudly about how we've run Boston!

did someone mention Boston? ......


New York 2016

Posted: 16/03/2016 at 09:56

Bedders! You'll have to meet us for drinks and burgers etc

Congratulations on pending wedding. I've heard it is a very well supported course .... very loud and very crowded. Might be worth punting for one of those 75 dollar grandstand tickets. The Missis could plan it so she sees you come over the bridge at half way and then ducks onto the subway, gets up to Central Park for the finish. Or she could have a lie in, go and get a big New York brekkie and make her way to the grandstand finish to see you cross the line.

As for the transport I have no idea, I think there is a bus from mid-town. Personally I'm staying down by the ferry port and getting over to Staten Island that way. I think it might be worth having a word with some other people who have done it and give you an idea of timing. Either way it's going to be a very early start (like it was for us in Boston)

btw I just knocked Tokyo off my World Marathon Majors list a couple of weeks back!

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 16/03/2016 at 09:42

Keep your eyes on the prize everyone. Al the hard work is done. Time to save that absolute bestist effort for April 3rd.

My mini taper starts around middle of next week. Short commute today .... managed to keep it fairly steady tempo'ish.

Training scene below that may inspire some of you:

TOKYO MARATHON 2016 - 26/02/2016

Posted: 15/03/2016 at 10:42

Snake-hips. I arrived Friday morning, went straight to expo for bib, did touristy stuff Friday and Saturday, didn't sleep very much the whole time, drank a lot of coffee, chatted to a lot of runners who were getting their 6th Major on (was my 4th), had a cracking run - 3.04.12 (out1.30.12/in1.34.00) ... faded a bit towards the end. Brilliant course - fast and well supported. Weather was perfect the whole weekend, got a bit burnt in the race and ended up soaking myself in water along the way to keep cool, which led to bleeding nipples!, the Japanese were lovely, Tokyo was a brilliant amazing city to visit - wish I had more time there. Flew home to London Monday Lunchtime .... week off the running and back in training for Paris (less than 3 weeks away now)

Tokyo Ballot ... I don't know if its easy to get in. There's about 8% success rate, but I've "heard" more international runners get in .... although that is not printed anywhere's just the word on the street (web chatter) - it opens in August I believe.

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 14/03/2016 at 14:00
born2run4 wrote (see)

I emailed them and they said I can send in the medical certificate and they will stamp 4 copies of it for £20.

I'm a bit dubious about buying a stamp off ebay as not sure what info I would need to put in the stamp and for it to be realistic. Doing it through that site it would all be taken care of.

Such a dilemma or do I pay £45 to my GP and rest assured its been done properly!

The funny thing is I bet they don't even check the certificate when you go to register.

They do check when you go to collect bib, and they turn people away who don't have their paperwork in order .... in the two years i have done (2013 & 2014) they check name, date, Doctor's signature and stamp.

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 14/03/2016 at 10:56

Yep .... i'll bring the packing list out soon enough ..... need to add blister plasters to it

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