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Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 02/05/2015 at 12:02
Jokey, what meadower said re half 2 weeks before. If you go flat out it would be unlikely that you execute your best marathon as you would still have fatigue in your legs. Two weeks out I'd do no more than 10 of the 13.1 at marathon pace (probably less). With the first 3 easing gradually up to the desired pace. I'd find it hard not to "race" the half but if you have discipline you could make the session progressive. Do 4 miles easy, 4 miles steady and the final 5 at marathon pace. That'd be a sensible and beneficial workout 2 weeks out. My personal opinion is you need a half 4 or 5 weeks out to have a real crack at both.

Sub 3

Posted: 01/05/2015 at 19:55
Nice One Lev. An epic run deserved an epic writeup.

Wardi nice meeting you on Sunday fella.

Ryan. Cheers for your encouraging words over the last 18 months as I closed in on the Sub3. When you yelled at me at Abingdon that really gave me a lift to finish strong and produce a result I was really happy with. Sitting London out must have been horrible after all your efforts but you used your loaf getting yourself properly rested and recovered. You'll do great in October.

Sub 3

Posted: 01/05/2015 at 17:28

Respec' Due to the B&W ladies on the team win. Worth mentioning that the London Heathside Ladies, fresh from their smash & grab win on the final day in the Met league, took Third place at VMLM the other day behind Jools's lot and some other fast lot.

Anyhoo, I've not been running yet but plan a few miles tomorrow. My legs gave me evils after doing the double bubble. Actually my commutes involve a fair amount of walking (if I don't run them) so I've been grabbing lifts here and there. Want to get back on that.

Hackney Half Marathon next Sunday anyone?  It was boiling last year, I was caked in salt by the end and tipping water on my head every couple of minutes throughout the race. Marigold and Marders came in 4th and 5th in a bloody fast time (for that heat)

Boston Marathon 2015

Posted: 01/05/2015 at 12:42

Well done AA on doing a decent double. It was too much really trying to recover from Boston. We were never going to be all that fresh. Unlucky for the quad injury SM but congrats on the Boston PB - progress is progress, London doesn't count. I'm glad we managed to meet up, don't be a stranger.

I'm already signed up for Paris next spring on April 3rd 2016.

I'm also in for Amsterdam this Autumn. If anyone joining us get in touch. It's loads of us from the Paris thread doing the Dam so catch us in there. We haven't started a separate thread yet but I guess we will when we get clear of the spring marathons. The Paris thread is very busy and has been going for many years

Paris is earlier next year but that works for me - London is 3 weeks after and i'll hopefully have a gfa place, so hoping 3 weeks apart is far more manageable.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 01/05/2015 at 00:56
Meadower. Ditto what the TD/HIAHS said about that 5k speed - Tasty!. You some great fitness in there. If you heart lies in the longer distances, the right training will get you there I'm sure. Are you joining us in the Dam? A good block of training could see you take a decent chunk out of your PB and then we all get to go on the sauce after as a bonus

Orbs the Vid is class, we'll be back on there next year old bean!

List Fairy: please put me down for the Cityrace Corporate 5k on 9th July. It's organised by the London Marathon. I'm not really into 5k running, but I'd like to try the course out once. I did the Boston 5k two days before the marathon so I didn't race it at all (which was quite weird having race conditions and not going all in).

My priority this year is Amsterdam. Recovery from the marathon double continues. I will probably take in a few miles on Saturday and a couple of short runs next week. After that I have races in May and June. Training will start proper in July

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 29/04/2015 at 23:19
Jellybum _:you can use my stadium passes for the Olympic 10k. I'll probably come down on me tod

Sub 3

Posted: 28/04/2015 at 09:41

Rockhopper Pengiun. Congratulations.  As someone who just cracked sub3. It's just a number. You've got the monkey off your back. In one sense, if you never run another marathon you've done it. But in reality, the target is forever moving. You'll expect yourself to improve and you most likely will many times if you continue to do training campaigns and stay injury free. I am totally shattered and have reached the end of a chapter. The Boston chapter - to run my sub3 there was perfect. London was just a celebration with my mates - (and a bloody tough run)

Now I have to pick myself up. I have a marathon in 6 months and the immediate focus will be rest and recovery, and then followed by good quality marathon training as that is where my heart lies. There will be some shorter distance races over the summer to keep things ticking over.  I'll continue to learn from the coach at Heathside and the clever experienced folk on here and try to improve. Hopefully the numbers will take care of themselves.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 28/04/2015 at 09:28
E mmy wrote (see)

Morning all!

What a weekend! I just wanted to say thank you to so many people from this thread that turned up to my 100th Marathon. It was a great weekend!

Welcome Sunnysider Phil

KeyserSuze - That's an epic effort! Well done!

Sorry I couldn't be there Embo x

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 28/04/2015 at 08:07
Yes Phil. Travelling back from Boston I couldn't sleep on the plane as my legs were hurting and I was uncomfortable. So basically I got up at 3.30am on the Monday , ran a marathon at 10 am and then on Tuesday night went to bed back home in the UK!

Andy - what Phil said about the 3 weeks apart. Paris will be my A race, nicely tapered and give it a real go. Saying that I will try my best to give London a real go but really there is a reason why really good marathon runners do only one or two a year max, so I wouldn't be too downbeat if I didn't run as fast or faster in London as long as I had a successful Paris. You never know, you might do a "heroine in a half shell" and pull it out the bag! It'll be a glorious double no matter what the finish time that's for sure.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 28/04/2015 at 00:51
Yes Phil you have plenty to keep you busy on there mate. I just did the Boston London double and it was tough. 6 days apart doing two marathons at hell for leather is not possible (for me anyway). I managed a 3.05 yesterday after the 2.58 last Monday. It was a brave run, out in 1.31 back in 1.34, fatigue got the better of me. I struggled a bit mentally but no regrets as the atmosphere was superb. Went on the beers and was still having a few drinks later on with Jellybum.

If you do Paris on 3rd April you will have two weeks to recover which is just about manageable but perhaps still tough. I'm doing Paris and London so I'll have a 3 week gap.

Having a rest now, but want to say thanks for the great support yesterday from my friends on here (Jellybum, Nells, Running Rodent, Scott The Walker, Yermaj, Stuchbury, UsigeJo, keyzeSuze, Helterskelter and of course the legend Radar Sal who jumped on course and ran along with me and then smacked my arse) and great running from the likes of Orapid, Pottermoss, LloydR, Heroine and my other running pals and club mates. Was just a great day.
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