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Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 09/12/2014 at 10:23
Dirty Leeds Bah Humbug wrote (see)

I think there's some  things to watch for when inferring marathon/other race times from shorter races.

First up, you want the distance you're predicting from to be as close as possible to the target one as a 5k is very very different from a marathon in terms of what's required - realistically that probably means a half.  Similarly it assumes specific quality training for the marathon.  Lastly, any predictor assumes equal aptitude for different distances yet we're all genetically and psychologically better disposed to - one of us might be able to blast a fantastic mile time but it doesn't mean they'd be equally good at an ultra or vice versa.




I love it when you talk posh

Sub 3

Posted: 09/12/2014 at 09:45

Just did 9 miles of that kind of run wot Jools said. 7:52 at an H.R of 117bpm. No real opportunity to take it any quicker due to slippery pavements, slippery roads, slippery park paths .... with this low HR what does this mean?? just one of those days.

Running Eye, she speaks sense. Jools produces fantastic results on the day, and not knackering oneself in training is the other very important point. I know plenty (including myself) who thought they did everything right, loads of tempo runs, long runs, leathering it, fantastic new half and 10k pbs in the build up, and after months of training I was past my peak and not able to produce my best at the marathon. In the last campaign I followed the little lady's advice method with higher mileage, but not so much leathering, more steady running. I got my marathon PB. This time I'm trying the same but with added 8 x London Heathside track sessions! Hoping this gives me the extra 2-3 minutes I need to squeeze myself under the sub3.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 08/12/2014 at 16:12
TinkerBEL wrote (see)

Oh that made me giggle HoRapidRun. Thank you!

Interesting advice Jimbob. That kind of strategy is way out of my league!

No running here today. Very gloomy outside and I still feel sick. I'm quite tired of feeling sick! 

From my own personal experience, I was overtaking a lot in the Blue pen back in 2013 and got boxed in loads of times. Jostling disrupts the rhythm and I'm not a fan. On a plus - it keeps you on your toes and gives you confidence that you are overtaking people, although can be dangerous especially when you start to get fatigued and your awareness goes.

I think anyone with a fresh 1.35-ish half pb and plenty good long runs/training in the bank could consider a 3:29:XX  and run from the back of the yellow - it's not unrealistic and you might have a stormer. One point to add to that, if it's your first marathon, you should be a little more conservative (not in a political way) in estimating the target expectations and just enjoy the ride.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 08/12/2014 at 15:10
E mmy wrote (see)

Hi all,

Can someone remind me of the colour pens? Isnt blue for 3.30?


Running Rodent wrote (see)
It's for 3:30-3:45.

Exactly RR - like with the peeps chasing sub4 - run from the back of the Purple, and if chasing a sub3.45, run from back of the blue.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 08/12/2014 at 14:30

and remember ladies, if you are looking for love in Paris, you never know, you might meet your soul mate and end up tying the knot

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 08/12/2014 at 14:12

Have a Blue Pen Selfie ..... bet you there's plenty who want to go into to blue by the time April comes round.

Hatter, you're sub 3.45 already so wouldn't hurt you to start a bit up. If the front of Purple is already sub 3.45 - back of the blue may be slow for you. You'll know where to go when you blast out a fast half in March. That'll give you a realistic target and then if it's 3.30-3.35 then I would suggest starting quite far up the blue.

Anyone realistically looking to go sub 3.30 should think about starting back of yellow. That way you avoid all the pacers. Just make sure you use the garmin to help yourselves settle at the right pace in the early phase. The yellow pen will feel quicker, and the first few K in Paris are lightening quick. you need to take those first few conservatively, or suffer you will in the second half of the race.

Sub 3

Posted: 07/12/2014 at 22:54

Nice half ES. 

Was as out with a smaller 9am Heathside group this morning. everyone else was at Perivale. A nice 19 mile, 7:28 / 142bpm , considering the efforts in places, some variations in pace, big hills, tourists, traffic lights - it was a good workout to tick off the plan. 55 for the week. 

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 07/12/2014 at 22:43

Holly in a half shell, you should be bumping up to blue pen and not at the back either. Kali Ma demands it. The 3:30 paces in the blue pen were mobbo in 2013, I got stuck behind one for about 20 mins At around 28k. I reckon get well in front of both of them - 2 in each wave, 2 waves per pen colour, left wave / right wave, they go one at a time, hopefully your wave goes first otherwise you'll have 2 pacers ahead, and if you're pacing quicker than sub 330 then you'll have to pass them at some point.

I had a nice 19 mile with the club today, mileage is just over 55m for the week. Planning to tone it down a bit next week. 



Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 03/12/2014 at 19:38

Orapid, you succumbed to the VLM chiridee place then ?

Sub 3

Posted: 03/12/2014 at 17:19

BainsJP - ha ha 1.30 for 800! I meant 1.30 per lap (so 3 mins) whoops well spotted. with 1 min breather in between x 6 actually, followed by 5 x 300s - at 55-60 ish .... pretty tough for me. The 800s were fine at 3 mins - hit them all, but with the 1 minute gap it was tough to stop and then start again, my first lap was always 90-91-92 etc and the second was more like 85-86-87 and I was always closing down the same people.from about 500-600 metres in. The 300s were pretty grim as well but I don't like hell for leather. 16 miles total yesterday across various workouts. Legs feel like lead today - plodded out a slow 5 mile this morning that had a 7.20 last mile when the legs finally loosened up.

TR - yes RS78 was Heathside I believe but moved away so may have switched club, but he still looks out for us and says hi on the facebook page from time to time!

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