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Boston Marathon 2015

Posted: 13/06/2015 at 15:14
Aleik I booked my flights around end of May last year for this year's Boston. I had a 9m23s BQ and I was slightly nervous but with that much breathing space I took the chance. I was after a particular BA flight time there and back.

4m38s will surely get you into the race, but booking up before you have the confirmation email will leave you biting your nails for the couple of weeks before you get the news. If you can afford to take the risk then go for it. Might be worth signing up for London with your GFA as a backup race. It's a 36 quid insurance policy. If you don't get into Boston then at least you have a good race to fall back on - you lose the 600 quid on the flight which is nasty, but I just lost 350 quid on Sunday to the dinorod guys as we've been using supposedly biodegradable toilet wipes for the last two years for the kids and it caused a major drainage issue. My point is you take a calculated risk and chances are it will be fine but it could back fire. If you do get in to Bosti then you could do the double, painful, crazy, but kind of cool. Or you can defer London or drop out half way.

If you do book the flight you should book some accommodation as well. You can get hostels near the finish with free cancellation on, worth having one of those locked in. I ended up going into a hotel with a pal and cancelled the hostel about a week before.

Sub 3

Posted: 12/06/2015 at 09:41

Morning All ..... not been on for a while, been a bit glum with some annoying tiddly injuries.

I've been stalking in from time to time to read about your exploits, 10k-tastic all round for the likes of Dachs, Lev, cracking PB ES. Nice 5 from TT and ouch Ticktock on that gruelling 26.2 training run - well done mate. DanA - sub3 strikes again at Cyclopark, did that race last year and it ate me alive for the last 5 laps as I bombed to a death marchy 1.32/1.47. It's a smooth surface but it undulates, because there are so many laps and I didn't really follow the racing line so did about a good half a K more. Also, Bufo, thats a quality 5000 track race.  CC82 congratulations on a great run and a GFA. You've got the eye of the tiger and the sub3 will come. Enjoy the ride, when you get there, it tastes even sweeter.

My niggles , is probably a bit of overuse, maybe getting the miles up too quickly after the Spring marathons. I'd had a good Bupa10K, then a normal week with a 13 mile trail training session at the end of it, in 1 hour 40. It wasn't hilly but it was many surfaces and my legs felt smashed after. Shin Splint pain. I couldn't train all week, then I did a few miles tester and could feel a nasty knot in the calf, backed right off and didn't even get out of bed for the Ickenham 5 last Sunday.

By Tuesday I was feeling a bit better (in the calf dept) so went to our Club Championships, with 7 miles easy done earlier that day. I ran the 5000 B race, which was most enjoyable. I had no expectations and targeted 19 mins. I ran with a pal who I train with and a couple more joined our little group which was nice to "share" the work. I definitely felt like I was the most relaxed out of everyone around me (despite them all having better 5k pbs) as I could tell by the breathing, and that gave me confidence to hold the pace and just squeeze it gently the last couple of laps. There was a guy ahead who is usually much quicker but he had try to go with the leaders and ended up dropped and in limbo, so I figured I wouldn't chase him and let him drop back to us. One of the girls in the group made a move and disappeared (to eventually finish 3rd) from sight, then another tried to, but didn't drop us and I was still "relaxed" - last two laps I got in front and squeezed the pace and the guy in limbo ahead was close 10-15 metres in the last 200 so I bombed up the home straight and took him a couple of metres from the line (to take 4th) with people shouting on the side - good fun, got a first official sub19 - 18.53.0 probably more in line with my 38.17 10k. I was very relaxed at the 10k and the 5000, perhaps I need to be a bit bolder and run a slightly harder pace. It seems i like to have a bit of breathing space, but it did give me the opportunity to finish very very strongly, which i don't usually do. What a laugh! (shin splints still playing up tho' so very little training again this week

I've a bib in my possession for the City of London mile on Sunday, I'm in wave 2 - put 5:20 as my target (ha ha no chance) - i'll be in heathside vest, aviators. Say hello if you're about .....


Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 08/06/2015 at 21:56
3 weeks Stuchbury

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 08/06/2015 at 18:49
Aaron. I did Boston & London 6 days apart. There are crazy multi marathoners on here but my opinion is its very tough. I did a full winter training plan then raced Boston at my very best and fastest. 6 days later in London I was cursing after about 10k onwards. I was mentally fried and despite giving my all and producing a relatively quick marathon by my own standards I was slowing down and felt battered by the end. My recovery after Boston was soreness for a few days as my quads were trashed from all the downhill. Then a short slow run on the Thursday & Friday. In between all that I rollered I rested I elevated. Visiting the Expo for London helped to gee me back up for round 2. I say give your all in Amsterdam and just finish Dublin with no time goal expectation

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 27/05/2015 at 18:08
Ha ha no need to apologise m'lovely. This thread will be a good place for you to get some ideas about improving your training and there is plenty of encouragement from the lovely people here and it seems to motivate you to get your finger out.

Without worrying too much about finish time, it sounds like you'd rather not be staggering in for your marathon finish. The staggering, also known as death marching, is really tough- torturous! It'd be better if one was finishing strongly with a smile on one's face and encouraging other death marchers to the finish. (In an ideal world!)

So, hopefully for Paris 2016 you can put together a (stronger and more focused than with previous marathons) training campaign that will give you the best possible experience on the day. So that when you get to Corcoran's on the Sunday evening you'll be on a marathon high!

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 27/05/2015 at 14:14

AspirantRunner. Welcome to the madhouse. Congrats on signing up for Paris, its a great race and we'll be with you all the way. To build good endurance, the time on feet long runs will be a very important workout for you, so make sure you don't run this session too hard thus knackering your training for the following weeks (and so on). You'll need to build your mileage gradually and give yourself time to recover in between sessions. The long runs are daunting but they get easier as you get stronger. This helps you prepare mentally for the marathon. If there is anyone you can do the long with, like a club mate or pal who is similar speed to you, then its nice to have the company especially towards the end of the training cycle when the long run is 3 hours etc

Also, don't forget the med cert: (signed and stamped)

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 15:28
Yes Eggy but in the marathon you were still checking the watch periodically , making sensible decisions and adjustments to your pace and ultimately getting rewarded with your best ever run. In most other races you can sometimes just 'effing go for it, I did it at Reading Half and expected to run out of steam. Ended up with a PB, but one can rarely get away with that recklessness in the marathon.

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 13:48
Scott. I'm not sure the "go out, run as fast as I can, and see where it gets me" technique is really the wisest option and I'm not sure if Eggy really did that. He might be pulling your leg. I reckon you have to know (roughly) what shape you are in and set a realistic goal pace and stick to it. If you overcook the first half you will come unstuck the second half. If you feel like there is more in there, pick it up the last 6 miles and overtake loads of the hanger-onners. Use the force buddy. I'll be on the stalk thread swearing at the screen.

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 07:17
Dannir, Running Rodent ...... Comrades Baby.

Sub 3

Posted: 25/05/2015 at 16:34
Tidy runs from TT and Selbs. Jools well done for keeping under the 40 keeping your record intact. You probably shouldn't have run today with the man flu, i'm sure you will kill it at your next race.
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