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Sub 3

Posted: 19/11/2013 at 16:29

TT et al, sorry about the shocking grammar! Thanks for all the advice and support tho'

Sub 3

Posted: 19/11/2013 at 11:25

yes the pee stops, i didn't really have a really satisfying visit pre-race and was sipping lucozade up till the start. It felt dry on course but i don't feel like i took too much on, the breaks were short, so i guess i have a weak bladder. Possibly the middle one could have waited and then it would have been two stops, but i was aware of the need to possibly go and didn't want it to affect things.

Re Boston and London, i will apply for a London 2015 in May when the GFA app process opens up, then in Sept will do the same for Boston in September. I won't be running both!  but i'll have to go for a place in London in case Boston doesn't happen for me. With a 3.15 qualifying time i would like to think the 3.05.37 ticks the box but nothing is certain in life.

Whos joining me in Boston then?

btw are you peeps saying that by running a negative split, i am holding back a little and there is still a little more in the can?


Sub 3

Posted: 18/11/2013 at 20:49

 (continued) ....... Paris 2014, if the tempo runs are not at 6.50 average - i won't be risking a sub3 - the priority will be to skim below 3.05 - to really help to nail down the boston chances.

Sub 3

Posted: 18/11/2013 at 20:41

Quick brekkie at the hotel then onto the metro arriving down there at 8am for the 9am start. Bit of a trudge and the bag check was not very well located (i thought) - it wasnt very deep and was a bit of a crush around there. Anyway all sorted heading to the pens with pal. Couple of pee stops in the bushes - was quite close to the start. It was a beautiful morning. Got a way nice and relaxed with a 7.26 first mile. Which i was fine with as a warm up but i wanted to get it more like under 7.10 average. I seemed to be motoring along and kept creeping into sub7 and telling myself too fast, so then just slowing my breathing - relaxing but maintaining the form - then it was like 7.05-7.08. The fuel stops were every 5k, and it was a nice wide course with the drinks either side. I was picking my water provider out from a distance pointing at the bottle in their hand and they were stepping out and giving it to me, didn't lose any time or form through the stations. Very impressed with that, although the slower runners had issues as some drinks stations ran out of bottled water which is unforgiveable on a hot sunny marathon. (it wasn't boiling), it was perfect conditions but warming up by midday - which was ok for me as i was nearly home. My pal, finished in 4.40 so it was tough on them. I had 3 pee stops on the route whcih was annoying but necessary. A little bit of tummy thoughts, but at km38 i thought if anything "happens" mid run, i'm not stopping for no one! At half marathon i was at 1.33.09 - so i knew the 3.05 was off the table - and i was fine with that, as that was not really my target. That actually meant i didn't have to push, was not going to try and claw it back in the second half so it kind took the pressure off. The pacing continued, at times just easing myself back over the 7mm. At 33km the mind started to go - tried to think of anything to shift the focus away from "i just wanna fall asleep down there ....." the legs/cadence were still doing their thing good ole legs, the water stops helped. There was teeny tiny (not even a real) hill around 35/36k - then after that it was flat to gradual downhill all the way home. Of course i did push it a little as the crowd support was brilliant all the way round as the kms passed, km40 was a sub7 - total of 9 sub7s in the whole race. Came in with another negative split 1.32.28! - in at 3.05.37 - which is more than i could have dreamed of. It was perfectly executed. I believed in my form, the pains stayed away - a nice wide course so you can just motor and eat up the road. (a bit twisty in the last 10k) - the finish area was brilliant, and the bag check backed onto it - so collecting my bag was tonnes easier. Free amstel at the finish, not one but as many as i wanted! First thing i did was get medal and bottle of water and went to the engraving stand which was empty - paid 3 euroes and got name and time on there. Got in there early and shortly after it was mobbo. Have to say this was a perfect race for me, and i would recommend it to you speedy types, although i think in terms of prizes it's very competitve, but for a cracking pb - thats a good place to go. As flat as berlin with no congestion - and free beer (that has actual alcohol in it) at the end!

For me, Berlin already got me the GFA time (in answer to you question Charlie) for which i am going to apply to Boston2015 and London2015 (already done London before but would like to do it again). Boston is a big priority for me. I have always wanted to do it. Its the holy grail. The main aim in valencia was to try to dip below 5 minutes under Boston qualifying mark 3.15 - which increases my chance of sucessful entry - i exceeded that, the next aim will be to dip under 3.05 - which is 10 minutes which would give me a fantastic chance to get in. I will try to train for a sub3 now - i have the belief. But come

Sub 3

Posted: 18/11/2013 at 20:04

OK evening Peeps. firstly, must mention - nice sub3 LD and nice cheeky 1 sec 10k pb by the lady of the moment. I must say i was feeling particularly inspired by Jools's very even paced and disciplined sub3 in Frankfurt. from that race you could have possibly been more aggressive, risked more to go a bit quicker but i like the fact that you set yourself a target pace and stuck to your guns, and executed your race plan perfectly. With a marathon 10-20 seconds either way per mile can be costly, it can balls ones race up. Too quick and you are risking a blow up further down the road, too slow and you have missed the boat. To quote a great friend who runs marathons and works in the medical profession, you can't bank time, only energy. Cutting it so fine but seemngly in control the whole time, thats a strong mind. Your legs are trained for it - but the mind struggles more in the last hour. I would like to think that at some point i could run a sub 3 mara - i'm not ready yet - i know from my training that i am not there yet. There were times yesterday - where i was running sub3 pace confortably but i knew that it was not the time to try such antics so whenever i saw my watch creeping to 6.50 i just relaxed and let it drop to early 7s. In berlin i had the 3.11.52, the achilles and shin splints pains, the congestion in the first half - the big negative split. I've rested well since then while still keeping the training "simmering" - had a good half at GWR and a good 20 miles on dartmoor and plenty good 10 mile marathon pace tempo runs. I was thinking if the pains stay away and i can get away cleanly without wasting energy jostling i could do a little better than Berlin (if it's as flat as they say it is) 

Valencia. Arriving on the saturday malarkey and going to the expo - thats the 3rd international i have done this year - it's tough, it's an early rise - you are on your feet most of the day with a heavy backpack. All you want to do is chill out. There you go - i was in a cab to Mill Hill at 4.45am with my pal. Took a 5.15 train to gatwick - takes over an hour - 8am flight to Valencia. Straight to the expo. I don't know how much you know of the race, but it starts an finishes in an area called the City of Arts and Sciences. It's a very cool place - google image it. The expo was there - that wasn't good. Similar to Berlin where they trapse you through the whole thing to get your numbers. London and Paris have a much better way - you get your number at the beginning, and you just mooch through the expo to get out, much more likely to spend money. After that went to another bit the complex for tghe Paella party - free beer and paella, fruit etc btw it was lovely weather. Then another bit, wherey ou got your finisher's technical t-shirt which is a good tshirt although they didn't have the sizes. I ended up with a XL which is more like an L but i'm an M so it's still a bit of a tent. thanksfully met another forumite who wanted an XL and they only had an L so we have swapped. It's a good shirt. Then off to the hotel. It's very cheap in Valencia, we went out the evening for a carb load. More paella vicar. Then managed to get to sleep at 9.20. Had broken sleep but had the best sleep i've ever had before a marathon. The alarm was set for 5 and that was fine ....

Paris Marathon 2014

Posted: 18/11/2013 at 18:53

Go Sticky! But will you make the pub afterwards ?

Paris Marathon 2014

Posted: 18/11/2013 at 18:31

BTW we are not doing Disney. We are saving for Florida ..... And will go in a couple of years

Paris Marathon 2014

Posted: 18/11/2013 at 15:36

'ello, i've not recovered but Matt, i'm taking the wife and 2 small kids to paris next year for the race. I rented an aprtment 5 minute walk from Arc de triomphe. Its a studio appt - a double room and a double sofa bed in the lounge. It cost 220 quid all in for the saturday and sunday night. check out at 7pm on the monday! (so will do touristy stuff then) probably in a similar condition to what i am in right at this moment! (JOY!) - free wifi - no telly, big bathroom, bath and shower, good kitchen facility. Will take laptop and ipad in case the kids want to watch a movie ..... be back later - going to serve myself (and the family a massive roast dinner i'm making)

Valencia Marathon 2013

Posted: 18/11/2013 at 15:13

Brilliant effort yesterday everyone. Really enjoyed hanging out at the pub after. Me and Pottermoss had a skinful and navigated our way back to the UK with a couple more jars in the departure lounge. Crawled in at 1.30am and had a cuppa.

Here's the results from the bib numbers i had:

Bib:       Screename:

1256    Doylie in Disguise     -    3'25'45

1949    The Jimbob     -     3'05'37

3267    Chris Abell 2     -    3'14'32

7187    JR1878     -     3'42'58

7986    JakeUK     -     4'24'38

8230    Pottermoss     -     4'42'05

8273    Daniel Snowden 2     -     4'37'56

10471  Keira P     -     4'43'18

10490  Liam1988     -     4'13'28

I didn't have all your bib numbers so please feel free to complete the list.

Fantastic that everyone finished - lets face it the last 6 or 7 miles of a marathon are torturous and with that sun warming up it was tough out there. A great flat course for a mara pb. Jake made the point, last year they had 50 odd from the UK, this year it was over 200 odd. Word will get round and it will get more popular. It's a good medal to have in the collection. Marathon newbies, will you be coming back for more 26.2 abuse?! (yeah yer will!)

In my witterings yesterday i may have mentioned once or twice about Paris on April 6th. We'll be over there en masse - I know Chris is already signed up, so anyone not booked into your spring marathon yet - Paris the best way forward. We have a good thread here on RW, finish time/speed etc is irrelevant - we just have a laugh and keep each other motivated over t'internet through the grim winter training period. We have a varying range of runners and most technical questions can be answered, but really it's more a social!. Paris is a fast marathon, a great city and ticks all the boxes, easy to get to. Every question you have will be answered so don't be a stranger. Come on over:


Paris Marathon 2014

Posted: 18/11/2013 at 10:46

 feeling ropey but will post a race report later ....  planning to eat lots today - feeling like a waif!

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