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Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 19/06/2014 at 11:58
Dannirr wrote (see)
Heroine in a half-shell wrote (see)

I can't believe you once did a 5hr+ marathon Jimbob!

It's what keep the rest of us eternally (but perhaps futilely) hopeful for our own progress.

I cheated! (although I'm proud of that London2010 marathon - it was the hardest thing I've ever done - apart from, you know, proper life stuff)


Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 19/06/2014 at 11:26
In the red zone this year there were 2 toilets. And 2 massive queues. We did the old bottle trick and then Tricky Dicky threw the bottles.

In the blue zone last year there were a couple of 4xUrinal units, and many ladies subtly squatting with their space blankets wrapped round them

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 19/06/2014 at 09:32
15West wrote (see)

Thanks Jimbob - that should get me a pretty good place I reckon. Might even get my own toilet.

everyone gets their own toilet in the Paris pens 15W - especially at the bottom of the hill in the fast pens, it's Lake Jaune down there

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 19/06/2014 at 09:11
15West wrote (see)

Ah. Yes, found it. I had stared at this page so many times and not seen it. Duh. 4505. Thanks Heroine. I got a 2.44 at London, not sure how or when I show proof for this?

15West. you can email them a link to the result e.g

Sub 3

Posted: 17/06/2014 at 23:38
Tmoth wrote (see)

Not read back..yet. (i currently have a phone which is decidedly NOT smart after breaking my very smart one, hence out of the loop somewhat)

Just popped into say I have applied for my first ever London Marathon , after a days delay to gather required proofs etc (rigmarole).

woooooooo hoooooooooo! 

Do they take long to respond usually? 

no idea - put mine in on friday morning got an email to pay on Monday morning so i guess thats pretty quick. I'm in a s well WOO HOO!

Morning All, been a bit quiet and subdued recently ... kind of injured havent really been able to train prpperly which makes you a bit you know (mental!) - managed 7.4 miles last thursday, 12 miles on Sunday and then a 10K'er today with a couple of fast miles. All these runs i'm so para of aggravating everything, so i putting in more rest days for now .... i'm still here but not my usual bubbly self .... will hopefully see some of you at Hackney this Sunday?  

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 17/06/2014 at 17:47
Dannirr wrote (see)

It ain't a hayrick unless they are consecutive....

now now - play nice

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 17/06/2014 at 13:51

HA HA Heroine and Emmy! you funny bunnies ....

the main things stopping me from doing Paris is 1) the fact that I am deserting my family the week after for a trip to the States 2) the fact that I am spending £1000+ for the USA trip - don't have another £400-500 to chuck about for a weekend jolly in Paris with all my mates. Lets face it we're there for the jolly, the marathon just happens to be going on at the same time. I would love to be in Paree and will try to make it to Corcorans, I might need somewhere to lay my head for the night if I do make it ....

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 17/06/2014 at 09:10
Paris is just ruddy brilliant, done it the last 2 years and will be back in 2016 to complete the hat trick. It's a good route for a pb, the cobbles aren't as bad as people say. The Bois de Boulogne is tough but then the last 6 miles of any marathon are tough. Just make sure you train well with lots of long slow runs to build the endurance in your legs.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 16/06/2014 at 13:32
The Jimbob wrote (see)

Boston Baby

Also, the GFA places entry system for London is open at the moment (closes in a couple of weeks) so get in there if you want to run London next year and you have run the required time since 1st Jan 2013.

Just got the email from London confirming application accepted and asking me to pay. Paid up, got the confirmation! London Baby

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