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Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 30/09/2016 at 08:30
Nells wrote (see)

Good suggestions - I might combine them and handcuff him to the Welshcake stand in Cardiff market...


you won't need to handcuff me ...... cake is my Achilles Heel

New York 2016

Posted: 27/09/2016 at 12:01

are we nearly there yet?

Boston 2017

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 14:54
bobdidmadrid wrote (see)

Thanks Jimbob! Yes, I remember you confirming entry details for me a couple of years ago and I followed the Valencia qualification route as you did.

Some great tips there, particularly about the downhill tempo work. Will definitely work those sessions into the schedule. Finding a downhill stretch will be tricky though.

Going back to Valencia again this year (will be my 3rd in succession). 

Good luck with your major quest. I think obtaining permission from 'er indoors is often the trickiest part! Where are you hoping to go?


Chicago17 ..... but I did Tokyo in Feb and am flying out to NY for the marathon in November so I can't bring it up for a bit. Need to get 2016 out of the way before I raise the subject. I've got London to keep me busy in the spring Good luck in Valencia, don't forget if you run a PB between now and early Feb you can notify BAA.ORG and they may move you up a starting zone or two.. After receiving acceptance based on my Valencia time, I ran a 3 minute PB at Abingdon in Oct 2014 and got that time submitted as my qualifying time which I'm sure put me up 2 or 3 corrals.

Nice 2.32 at London Caashford. I see you have Comrades on the calendar. You'll probably be targeting a silver medal (sub7.30)? .... hope the training goes well, best to take lots of advice from people who have lots of Comrades experience on the training, nutrition, pacing and everything really. Especially if you are planning to do it at pace. Good Luck. I plan to do it one day when I'm done with World Marathon majors.

Boston 2017

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 12:19

Loving All the Boston Entry stuff. I had a marvellous race and all round experience there in 2015 so it's a race close to my heart.

I'm not in for 2017 ... I do have a BQ but I have other majors to try to conquer in 2017 if I get the nod off the missis.

CD - this is your 3rd Boston right?

Bobdidmadrid - Congratulations on getting in. Our paths have crossed on threads over the last couple of years and you talked about doing it one day, so getting that BQ and now securing that entry into the race is a great achievement.

Slinky - ha ha, seizing the opportunity with that brilliant qualifier in the Dam. Love it.

There are lots of great things to recommend .... firstly get accommodation booked up sooner than later.

Secondly do some downhill tempo running, maybe a stretch of at least 3 miles ... if there is one near your house.... I would say one session a week. It's a fast marathon if you pace it right, but it's a painful marathon (compared to London, Berlin and some of the other flatter races) ... the legs feel trashed by mid race and if you haven't paced it right, the Newton Hills can feel worse than they actually are. I passed a lot of fast runners having a bit of a death march through Heartbreak who probably overcooked it during the earlier fast section of the race.

If you can get to 21 with a little left in the can the last 5 are downhill net so it's easier to keep the momentum going.

Also, the Red Sox is worth a visit on the Friday or Saturday. They usually play at home that weekend. The tickets went on sale on new Years day, but I recommend you keep an eye on the website.

Lastly the 5k on the Saturday. 50 bucks is a lot for a 5k but as a one off it's a good way to have a little pre race workout and then rest up on the Sunday for Monday's race. I ran it slower than marathon pace. The weather was lovely unlike the weather on the main race day which was very cold and very wet, but better conditions for a fast time unlike 2016's heat wave.

Congratulations on everyone for getting in and good luck to those still waiting to hear, fingers crossed everyone gets in.

Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 10:06

Morning All. Welcome Newbies Macca and Ryan.

Congratulations Nodster on your 15th Marathon of 2016 yesterday. That's quite an impressive haul. Not long till we are both Stateside for the big one early November. Also Congrats to 00-53 for his tidy early Autumn Marathon at Hull. Considering you didn't put in a proper block of training, that is a very decent performance up there.

My training continued last week with high mileage and a very long run yesterday with a few pals - 23 miles plodded out ..... couple of big hills at horrible moments late in the run, but mainly a tourist run, stopped for a selfie outside Buckingham Palace half way round. It was a very good session and I was very hungry for the rest of the day. I backed off the pace for the last 2 weeks and will also back off (slightly) on the mileage this week as I approach my "tune-up" half marathon at Cardiff on 2nd Oct.  I currently have "no blast" in the legs .... but want to give a meaningful eyes out hard run in Cardiff (not PB but hopefully within a few mins at least) so I can gauge current fitness so I can set realistic targets for the goal race in the Big Apple.

Will try to run a few miles in my lunch hour to breathe a bit of life back into the legs and general pelvic area ..... I'm dog-tired

Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 06/09/2016 at 10:09

will 2017 be your 5th Paris Eggy?

Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 04/09/2016 at 16:54

"ran" into me old china UrbaneFox at the Middx 10K champs today. He was sporting a new tash and was relaxing with a drink and a banana by the time I scrimped over the finish line in just under 40. Running Rodent was there giving me support which was helped but I lost a bit of momentum through the last lap as I seemed to be running a lot on my own. Saying that it is a great race and I recommend it. Normal training resumes tomorrow .....

Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 01/09/2016 at 11:11

I'm doing London so see you in FGFA hopefully, and I'm really hoping to run Chicago next year .... there is serious talk of a big group outing to the Windy City in 2017, and i'll want to be a part of it. I'm running my 5th WMM in NY on Nov 6th leaving Chicago to complete the set .... and i'll want to do that as soon as possible .... but I can't bring it up with the missis until NY is a distant memory. Keep in touch

Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 01/09/2016 at 10:03

Welcome back FOXY!

yes you did have a mare with Paris ... it was bloody hot as well (relatively speaking of course) out of the 49K finishers I doubt there were too many negative splits. You were flying to start with ... but in the marathon the virus always catches up with you .... you did well to finish in my opinion so good to just chalk that one down to experience. It's always good to try to take a positive out of every race. In this case it's a warning to all, that running when you are post viral is risky, and you have to know your limitations and be prepared to DNF if things really get on top .... the organisers always say don't run if you have had a virus in the last 4 weeks .... because they don't want you collapsing mid race, but we are stubborn marathon runners who can just keep going, we are mentally very strong.

good luck in Philly Foxy .... you like a Stateside race .... surely you should try to bag a couple of a 20 mile training runs in September and upgrade your bib to this: and google Rocky Challenge, maybe do 39.3 that weekend

New York 2016

Posted: 31/08/2016 at 14:07

How's the training going everyone?. September is a big month for us all ... by the end of it we'll be feeling the fatigue of marathon training and counting down the days to when we can start to taper. I'll probably have a 3 week taper if I can make the next 6 weeks count. Good Luck everyone

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