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Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 29/08/2015 at 15:56
agentpenguin wrote (see)
Cheers RR, bracing myself for the master reset, but gonna cling on for a miracle, and see if upload problem can be corrected by some work IT bids.

bummer really as just done week 1 of half Mara plan and nailed the first LT sesh! So running watch less now, amazing how much you rely on technology and how it motivates, hey ho! How many times did it happen to your garmin?

Happy bank hols

"Let go your conscious self, and act on instinct" .....


Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 13/07/2015 at 12:21
Evenin' all .... what's goin on ere then? Holy Shit Orapidrun 100k them ladies of the BCRC a bad influence I say.

Eggy sub 1.40 finally (would have happened years ago if you hadn't had the stinking injury problems). I think you'll do plenty more damage to that time if you can stay on the board and keep riding that PB wave. Love it!

Stumbled out another 20 mile run yester. Legs are pretty stale with loads of short races. Not expecting any PBs in July but the proper training has started,so after yet another short race this Sunday I'm having a good 7 weeks off racing to concentrate on just getting my legs and fitness ready for the Autumn naughtiness.

Well done everyone else on their acheivements at the weekend ....

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 30/06/2015 at 21:38
About to go for my 3rd shower of the day. Over 16 miles mainly slow apart from track session in the heat. 6 mins for a 1600 then 4 x 400s at 80 seconds each, then repeat (second set of 400s were a little slower) there was sweat, there was complaining .....

Managed to take in a raspberry magnum (pink wrapper) very tasty

Amsterdam 2015

Posted: 26/06/2015 at 11:41

Absolutely Rick. To run your best marathon you need to be fresh / without fatigue. You also need to have really good endurance obtained through a full block of structured training ticking all the right boxes.  If you want to get it fast you have to do the speed work. So many things to balance in a 16 week training plan!

You do anything hard it hurts your muscles, you do anything long it hurts your muscles. You finish a week's training and you have to get straight on it the following week. Tailoring the plan so that you are able to maintain the training takes some thought. I wrote a plan out a few weeks back, but I've hardly looked at it, but I'm at the stage where I know when to back off. This week. I've been plodding early on, to help get the fatigue of the previous two weeks training (4 short fast races & a long run & general miles) out of the system. I know I have quality sessions coming (tonight) and Sunday. I'll then need to "recover" on Monday so that I can do the Tuesday track session effectively. Then I'll need to recover again from that and get myself through to next Sunday and still keeping the general miles ticking over.

Sticking to the plan exactly can be pressurising and be slightly risky. I prefer to look at the previous few weeks and the coming few weeks and make sure I'm getting the quality in and general miles and conditioning myself to maintain it week to week. I've digressed slightly but my point is there isn't all that much space and time for quality "rest" in a marathon training plan - 8 hours could be the rest, So doing the recovery runs (and some walks) is the rest. Getting the legs feeling OK to do the next session.  The real rest will come in the taper, when you can shorten down to 3 to 4 running days a week.

I will occasionally take a 2 or 3 day break if I feel I'm overcooking it. That doesn't mean i'll try to "make up" for lost miles. That's a dangerous thing to do.


Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 23/06/2015 at 10:11
Yes BM I just had a nice one of those bimbles. 7.5 mile, pleasant sunshine commute, helping my achy legs recover from last week's abuse.

Amsterdam 2015

Posted: 22/06/2015 at 22:00
I think you had the base fitness HIAHS. You probably struggled late on like a lot of runners with a bit of glycogen depletion. Why, there could be a few reasons. I suspect maybe you were a bit lively for most of it and probably overcooked it a tad. Your estimated finish time on the tracker showed you were getting quicker and quicker. It was a great run still. Very brave. If you can manage weekly drills like wot Jimbo said you will improve your VO2 Max and also improve your speed endurance which will help you late on to hold the pace. Personally I don't think I can take it weekly, will try. To do minimum 6 hopefully 8 track sessions in this campaign.

It is a bloody tough distance Jimbo and you have to get yourself conditioned for the abuse you put your body through. All that hard work takes its toll and another thing that helps your chances is getting all that fatigue out of the system by way of a good taper. Ive been guilty of having too much in the legs come race day. Too many races takes its toll also. I won't be making that mistake again. I'm trying to fit a few races into my plan and using them instead of interval training as a 'speed' session.

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 21/06/2015 at 18:00
Yes Nodster from scratch really although i try to wing it to a point. Will try to increase for a few weeks then cut back a week as the peeps on here have mentioned. Then build again. I'm looking to get some 20 mile runs on the board before the Dam. 4 or 5, plus 6 track sessions with the club coach and some track races. Maybe 2 or 3 track races (which I treat as training). Plus a couple of road races. There is enough quality there, throw in some mid distance, the rest will be mainly recovery running just boosting the mileage and strengthening the legs. It's making me tired just thinking about it.....

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 21/06/2015 at 13:51
Yes Nodster, more miles less speed (apart from speed session) worked for me and I made some good gains this spring off the back of that. TBH I'm not really into doing too much "race pace". I might blast the last few miles of a progressive 10 mile. I did a 20 mile race last year and ran the last 15 miles at marathon pace. My legs were trashed. I won't be doing that again. The most i will do is 16 miles (5 easy,8 m.p, 3 easy) about 6-7 weeks out. For me the most important thing in the marathon is having good endurance and minimal fatigue. I'll save my race pace for races. Of course my priority is the marathon .... my gains in the shorter races come from the marathon training and my 5k and 10k times are slower that what I should get. If I trained specifically for shorter races I could probably do myself better justice at those distances.

Over 16 miles with the club today, didn't hang about! Longest I've done since the marathon.

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 20/06/2015 at 21:27
Hi Nodster, I did that for a while and managed to improve a fair bit. I got to the point where I wasn't really improving so changed it up for more easy paced miles including commute doubles. More long runs. I'd love to do 3 or 4 quality sessions a week but the legs don't want to play so I'm more like 10 a month. My recent campaign has yielded improvement at all distances but I'm suprised as I'm not really averaging any different in terms of pace in training than I was 18 months ago apart from my speed drills which are done with the club. Running those in the group makes you work harder Deffo.

Different strokes for different folks, even my club mates who I share similar PBs with seen to be able to do race pace much more in training where as I just don't go there. It's like I save another gear just for a race. And I've realised too many races really knackers me. I have to fit the training in around family life so commute doubles work. I can ramp up the mileage without having too much impact on the home life. Feel free to give me a prod if you want any more chatter about my training ideas.

Amsterdam 2015

Posted: 19/06/2015 at 21:20
Heroine in a half-shell wrote (see)

Kenno - just getting round should be the main aim for absolutely everyone, irrespective of how many marathons they've done, sometimes 26.2 just isn't as simple as all that! I run a 1:35 half and have a 3:26 marathon PB, so that's an extra 16 mins on top of just a straight doubling of the half time, but I do wonder whether there might be a certain amount of practice that goes in to running marathons and getting the pacing right in the latter stages. Equally you've done triathlons etc so you know what endurance events are like. I think that you could go sub-4 Kenno, it'd be worth deciding that you want to run 9m/miles from the offset rather than going out too fast and fading though, because that hurts like hell I'm afraid!!

Evening HIAHS et al. Glad to hear you are testing the knee. Just ease back in. You'll be up to 50 miles a week in no time. Talking of about converting half times to full. There's no strict rules, there's averages you get on calculators like Macmillan which is more like x 2 plus 8 mins. My conversion in 2013 was +17 mins in Spring improving to +15 in the Autumn. In 2014 I managed +14 and again I'm at +14 in 2015. I think it does take practice to execute a good marathon. The most successful marathons I've had is where I kept the pace even despite feeling like I had more energy. This turned out to be a great tactic as it gave me a few dregs of energy late on to hold my pace and pour past the death marchers. Others try to get far down the road and hang on .... I'm not really into hanging on, I prefer to dictate the run (as much as I can). But it's each to their own. Once you get back onto regular training, do your fast sessions and your Long runs, tempos and MLR and see how you get on with your Autumn half. Then we could talk about a good goal pace. I think you running for the 3.25 in Paris off your 1.35 half was spot on, but it looked like you were in front of that for a while, and then you fell behind it late on, albeit a minute, but I wonder if you had held back a little, you might of got the 3.25. In Paris 2013 I targeted 3.25 of 1.33 and got 3.23 so I probably could have been bolder, but I was over the moon with how it went, so I'll take that conversion. I don't think I'll ever convert close to Macmillan formula as I probably won't really push myself right to the edge (of that pace where it's just too fast to maintain for 26 miles)

How's everyone's training going? I might hit 50 miles this week if the body permits

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