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Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 29/03/2015 at 08:35
Berkley you are correct. My bib name in 2013 was Jimbob. In 2014 someone else signed me up and didn't choose a nickname so bib name defaulted to James

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Posted: 28/03/2015 at 17:34
Btw nice win ES

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Posted: 28/03/2015 at 17:29
CC and Ryan. Sorry to hear you have to drop out. What a bummer. I'm sure you'll both come back strong later this year when you get things sorted. I'm doing Amsterdam in the Autumn. Big posse of us going over for that race, there'll be booze afterwards and everything. Join us!

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 19:43

I don't have a convocation this year

the thing I'm waiting for is called something boring like a "runners passport", and the London equivalent that arrived in the post is called - wait for it "registration form" sooooo boring

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 16:29
Heroine in a half-shell wrote (see)

I don't think that there'll be that much fruit on the floor when you are running 15West, there might be water bottles flying about though, but the fruit issue is far worse the further back in the field you are. I was languishing at 4h50 last year and there was enough fruit on the floor to keep a zoo going for a week, but then about 35,000 people had run on ahead so it was always going to be a bit dicey, you're starting right at the front of the field so I can't imagine it'd be much of a problem. If you are worried I would just say to keep your eyes on the ground and don't schedule a water stop at the same place as the fruit is, otherwise you're chopping and changing speed/direction and that is when you'll be at your most likely to slip.

You just reminded me of Reading the other day. I was doing my best to avoid the water stops as they do slow you down and I had a couple of gels on the belt, however it warmed up during the race and I had no choice. The first drink I went for was this woman holding a flimsy plastic cup of water. It wasn't a successful grab - I went steaming through and basically the poor lass got a face full of smashed cup and water. - I got nothing - till the next stop, a bottle, much more civilised, squirt some in, offer around to the runners around you before disposing of more discreetly.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 12:41

i'll be stalkin' the lot of yers

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Posted: 27/03/2015 at 12:12
PhilPub wrote (see)

...just spoke to the Red Lion.  Two people including deputy manager not aware of any changes to usual open door policy, and the lady I spoke to said it's their busiest day of the year, so she obviously knew what I was talking about. Red Lion then?

I'm there. I'll be doing a proper John Wayne walk with Bosti and Londi in the legs. Put me down for hmmmm many pints

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 10:38

exactly Onetit. Chip chip away slowly and enjoy the ride, keep's you hungry to do the training.

I just typed my Reading time into some marathon race time predictors. They are devils and gave me some silly low times that I will not even contemplate attempting to pace in Boston. Of course the devil on my shoulder is saying "but what if this, what of that?!" etc - I must also practice what I preach and chip chip away .... but it's Boston (oh whatever!)



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Posted: 27/03/2015 at 09:54

Lev / Ryan and other benchees. Hope you make it to the ball on April 26th.

Steve Jones 10+10, BAC Sessions, Mont Blanc course Profile?.Ouch! Put me down for some warm milk and my cuddly penguin.

talking of ouch my week of easy running was interrupted slightly on Wednesday. I had to abandon my commute run home, after the commute in was took a turn for the nasty. Not too far from my destination I avoided some peds (they kindly stood aside for me to go through), and I couldn't have predicted that a seemingly stable drain cover was actually very loose and forced me off balance and into an ankle turn/twist/sprain - whatever you call it. I didn't fall although a fall might have been better for it. A quick stop, 4 letter word and then a closer examination revealed the cover was tilting at least 4 cm when you put your foot on one end! Ouch - beware the loose drains. got to the office and straight on the ice. Have managed a 10.5 yesterday and a 4 this morning. I wouldn't say I'm pain free but I am managing it for now. talk about bring you back down to Earth after back to back half marathon pb'ing..It completely changed my mood

Good luck Phil at the relays - Heathside are sending a couple of squads I believe.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 26/03/2015 at 13:22
15West wrote (see)

How does one pronounce Foch?

apparently it's pronounced Fosh, but we all say Fock - with the T-shirt Pun

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