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Boston Marathon 2015

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 20:21
Fair play Jonah, will be a marvelous achievement when you complete all 6. Hopefully I can run a sub3 one day .... Got Abingdon in a few weeks, you never know, in my heart I think I am just short of that form, but if I have a perfect day I could come close (who knows, if it's meant to happen, Boston has always been my "goal", not a sub3)

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 19:31
A fast course but a pain in the arse to get out of car park. Cheap entry, good medal, got my pb there, midday start is good, done it 5 times, not going back.

Sub 3

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 18:32

I just ran with a 4 pinter of milk. Not as impressive as a cello mind. I had to keep swapping hands as I felt off balance  

15 for the day - 10 this morning starting at tired legs o'clock and slowly winding up through the gears to reach last few miles at m,p as I reached the office ... then 5 awfully tired, awfully slow uphill miles home from work with 1 mile at carry the milk pace

Sub 3

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 16:33
bainspj wrote (see)


Jimbob – Not another one cheating by running with others!?  Good 60 there.  Whats your target for Sunday?  Congrats on the Boston entry too, sure it feels good to get it rubber stamped. 



ha ha Bainsjp - yes I'm lazy, letting the others do all the work. Actually I ran at the front of the group on my own for a good couple of miles going west along the canal from Maida Vale towards wormwood scrubs, so I did my bit. This was my attempt at getting in front of the fastest guys who were pulling us along, having a bit of a natter with them to slow them down and then sitting in front keeping the pace a little more easy and a little less steady - it worked for a while. Otherwise they'd be 7mm all the way which is a bit quick on the long run for me. I had a few more miles in the legs than most of them so coming back I parted company with them at around 18 miles. Most of the group were doing a 16 out and back from Highgate tube.

For Reigate - i'll be going off steady around 6.30mm - and am not planning to tonk it too hard - don't want to be heavy breathing - it's not my main race, but you never know - might squeeze in the mid 1.20s if it works well on the day. It's really about more being able to give the legs a good blast over a longer distance. Abingdon is my main aim ...... meet you in the starting pen?

Boston Marathon 2015

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 16:01

Cheers Orapidrun,Stuchbury, Orbutt.

Welcome Telstar Man. Well done on qualifying and getting through the applications. It's looking like all qualifiers who apply by end of tomorrow will get in (hopefully) - as I've said before, anyone who runs the time should be able to take part. Last year was tough, I had a pal with -29 seconds and he missed the cut off. My other pal Running Rodent (above) had 6 mins to spare, so went and conquered.

My usual haunt is on the Paris Marathon Thread, and the sub3 thread - although I'm not sub3 - but they are good people in there who do tonnes of training and have good advice. I thought I'd get this one going for a laugh.

So, I qualified at Valencia in November with a 3.05.37 (V40) and had a great run there - thankfully already bagged a good enough BQ in Berlin 6wks before at 3.11.52, so there was no pressure on the day really and was able to enjoy the run and went on to run a cracker. Boston will be my 8th Marathon and as we know they don't all go perfect. Chasing target times can be tricky and if you don't feel quite right on the day and you still stick to the clock you can end up jeopardising things and risk hitting the wall in the later part of the race or doing the last 6 mile "death marching" or risking the dreaded DNF - which would be horrible especially if you poured months into training for the one race. It's all about knowing the body, re-evaluating along the way, setting mini-targets, fuelling right, making the right decisions to get yourself to the end - and most importantly (IMO) enjoying the race.

This is what I want from Boston - to enjoy the experience. I'm not going to flog myself for the sub3 - I will see what I can do over the winter in training to get myself in that shape, but I'm not banking on it - I want the medal. Meet some nice people, have some beers and nice food and get back safe and sound to my family

Telstar Man - have you booked a flight yet? I booked my flight 4 months ago when they became available- typically they are now cheaper than what I paid which is annoying, but I suppose I have the flights I wanted..... flying BA on the Friday - coming back late Monday night


Boston Marathon 2015

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 09:55

10 Miles to the office this morning - recovery pace after my 21 mile blast on Sunday. cranked it up last few miles and have to say legs feel better now than they did before the run.

Everyone booked their flights yet?

Sub 3

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 09:50
Old No7 wrote (see)

CW - This will be my 3rd year at Leighton so I'll know what to expect come the hill. I was first finisher over the hour mark last year, hoping to go under it this time!

TJB - Strange thing with longest weeks, it sounds an intimidating amount when you haven't done it before then once you have you quickly get used to doing that much all the time & keep it up regardless. Then the next marathon campaign comes along & you up it again (that's been my approach anyway).

I was just scorning myself really - there is amazing mileage being reported on this thread. This year my base training is around 30-35 pw - and when I peak it's in the 50s - or 60s (as last week). To move onto the next level, that base needs to more like 40-45 per week and then 50-60 is more of a regular occurrence with peaks in the 70s. How dare I complain about 60 miles! I suppose building the base gradually over a longer period of time reduces the risk of injuries. That's my logic anyway

Sub 3

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 22:17

Blimey Marrows, that piccy with the hi hat stand reminds me a bit of Steve Backley in his old duelling days with Jan Zelezny.

Blimey Marders, nice 35km in the morning-'ing. I did nearly 35km yesterday with Heathside although just a smidge slower.

As CD will have already seen my news (cause he already dropped in), I got my Boston entry confirmed for next year, which I'm very pleased about as that's been the goal for a long time. I've started a thread over in events, feel free to drop in and mock me.

As I said - around 21 something miles yesterday, plenty in the low 7s which was not the intention but feel ok today - you always get pulled along with the 9am Sunday group.  A tad fatigued, managed 62 miles last week which I think is my longest week ever - wow! 60 Whole miles in one whole week. (it's all relative tho')

Got Reigate Half this weekend so will be mini-tapering down to mid 40s all easy pace before a blast on Sunday at the race

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 21:29

Le Jimbob wrote (see)

TD don't forget, Dan Gleables will hanging out in the 3 hour zone as well 

just found this n the 2014 thread ...... what ever happened to Mr Gleables?

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 20:30
Whaqatac wrote (see)


So if you do choose to go quietly (can't imagine you ever going quietly!) and be boiled down to glue, will you be changing your name to Tricky-Sticky or Sticky-Dicky??

Whaqatac, how you been mate? We've not chatted since Paris in Corcorans! how it going? What races are planning to run?

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