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Posted: 17/10/2014 at 13:47


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Posted: 17/10/2014 at 13:46

get to 20 miles at 6.50 per mile you say T-moth .....

(aw ma gawd)

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Posted: 16/10/2014 at 11:55
Dan A wrote (see)

TJB - expect I'll try to start at 2.59 pace and seeing how I feel after a few miles. Will say hi at the start.  Not sure on kit, but the shoes will be orange, & the tatty white cap that's been on countless marathons & ultras around the world over the past eight years is making it's final appearance before being sent to the bin (not by me).  A sad day, but on a pence per mile basis, it's the best bit of kit I've ever bought.

outrageous! who's binning your old cap - the Missis?

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Posted: 16/10/2014 at 11:52

Morning Ryan - I think I did see you at TM - sprint finishing against some other dude? did you take him? I did the half and took 1st Old Codgers category (11th Overall)  See you in Abo, look for my coming at first light on the Day of Sun, look to the East, look for the Aviators .....

Cheers for the positivity ON7. I'm taking a Posivtastic approach - no disappointments on Sunday at all. Just enjoyment (till the last 6.2 miles) 


Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 16/10/2014 at 09:34

I love The Rocket, his 5 or 6 min century breaks are astounding, switching to left handed shots cause he can't be arsed to use the rest - he is a master of the game, but a little unhinged, he lacks the PR skills that Federer or Pele have (and Beckham learnt) which makes them the ultimate package. He has the raw natural talent and ruthlessness, but it's disappointing that he has these wobblers and threatens to retire cause he's disillusioned with the game. The game, the fans, have given him so much. He's not very good with the press, he gets irked with them - and someone needs to just give him a shake and tell him to rise above it. If he could sort out that defect you could rank him alongside the greatest sportsmen and sportswomen ....

(btw I'm not putting Beckham in the same group as the other 3 as far as sporting greatness goes, just used him as a good example of a working class cockney boy who was erratic and then mastered his PR skills - it helps that he has a good tailor!) 

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Posted: 16/10/2014 at 08:57

Morning All

OK that's me done. Nowt more to do except eat food, get out the bubble wrap and bring on Sunday. Just did a 5 mile tempo at marathon pace - at 6.54 it wasn't quite sub3 pace, but with a slower first mile and some bobbing and weaving with pedestrians, few crowded tube station entrances and crossing roads, it probably would have been more like sub3 pace. That's not to say I believe I'm in 2.59 shape. Because I'm realisitic. I believe I can probably settle at 6.50 pace for a while and see what happens, I also, believe I've enough long runs in the legs. Whether I've enough miles in the legs will see. At the best with perfect conditions, fuelling, energy levels,maybe I'm knocking on the door of 3 hours. The main target will be to just have a go - and enjoy the race, and try to have some banter along the way to eat up the miles, till we get to the nasty bit.

So, Abingdon? whos in and wants to say hello? DanA, Dr Dave Al_P, Ryan - all the speedsters - and little old Jimbob. Anyone else?

Meet up? - i'll be in London Heathside vest - sunglasses on my head ....


Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 15/10/2014 at 23:05
KeyserSuze wrote (see)

Hello all! Hehe Dannirr, that sounds like a fun run! What does Hamlet's soliloquy sound like? Is it the 'slings and arrows'  one? I did Hamlet at uni, I should probably remember...

Speaking of literature and theatre, I read Ronnie O'Sullivan's "Running" at the weekend. He's pretty speedy - 10k PB of 34mins. He has also been coached by Prof Steve of the Chimp fame, and talks about it quite a lot. I found it really interesting - the snooker stats kind of went over my head but the running stats were good (pace, intervals, splits, mileage etc). A nice read if you're a fan of the Rocket. He talks a lot about his mental state as well, and his parents' prison time. Very open and candid. 

Weedy, o list faerie, please can you add me and Mr KS to Adnams 10k on November 16th please?

The Rocket was running the same XC at Claybury that I did the other day. He's not in 34 min 10k shape at the moment, but he did bag a 34 min time for the 4.8 mile course, a minute ahead of me. My pal at Heathside tracked him for the whole race and sniped him in the last few hundred metres. If I'd not been in "imminent marathon bubble wrap mode" I'd have been running with my pal and trying to do my own sniping!  Mind you, Ronnie's got a 31 min 5 mile race in the bag this year, so the fella can move on the right surface. 

Boston Marathon 2015

Posted: 15/10/2014 at 19:11

Well done TS and CP3 for toughing out your marathons at the weekend. 

Sounds like a few weeks off might be a better ploy For both of you. Then start when you start your Boston training, build you mileage slowly from scratch. 

I did the XC at Claybury last Saturday which was fun.  Heathside had over 100 runners In attendance. Few more days till my marathon and Taper Paranoia in full effect. Got friends, running pals, work colleagues, and my kids all getting sniffles and temperatures and gastric flu n all sorts. Hope I can make it to the start without picking up a dose.

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Posted: 13/10/2014 at 11:04

Morning all. Ouch DanA - hopefully you be fine for Abo and we meet beforehand for a say hello with the rest of the forumites? .

I popped the XC cherry on Saturday at Claybury. Heathside had a huge presence there. Our Elite Tom got engulfed on the start line and didn't manage to get away with his rivals so came in 10th. I was a little bit behind him in 296th 35:19. . Ran in road shoes (rookie alert) from the back as a training run. Kept it low HR on the first lap and then spent laps 2 and 3 overtaking which was kind of nice. Slight ankle turnage on lap 2 and nearly slipped a couple of times. 11 miles yesterday with the 9am HS group, turned at the Steeles and ran back across the Heath to Finchley via Bishops Ave (only RS and Selbs will have a scooby where I'm talking about). Last week was supposed to be taper, and at 35 miles, I guess it was (30% reduction on previous week) - this week taking it very easy.

Will be on here at some point to get advise on XC footwear.


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Posted: 08/10/2014 at 23:58

Yep, I'm there TT, we'll arrange it

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