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Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 25/03/2016 at 10:10

Yes Orbs .... that's more like it. Nodster, you obviously don't know your Tolkien. (tut tut) 

Kenny .... there are many things to make it all work well on the day, and to lay down your best performance you need them all to line up. You can be perfectly fed, rested, tapered, trained, hydrated, toileted, everything'd ... but there are still some things that you cannot control, like weather conditions, or congestion, or someone tripping you up, so you need a bit of luck for everything to go your way.

I reckon play the percentage game with the things you can control, so stay off the spicy curry for at least a couple of days before, make sure you get good sleep through the week in case you have trouble sleeping the night before, don't spoon share with your partner or kids and risk catching one of their annoying little colds, if there is a chance of rain, tape up those nipples, don't overhydrate on race day but make sure you hydrate well through the week. There's probably a good list of dos and don'ts somewhere on the web ... but its percentages .... if you follow as many of those you'll have a better chance of doing the business.

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 25/03/2016 at 08:24
Andy-W- wrote (see)
Jimbob, thanks for the tip. Still have the poncho from 2014 and its big so would conceal my last minute wee wee!

I'm a little obsessed by needing to relieve before the start and usually still need to go 10 mins before despite having gone several times before

trust me mate, the minute I went through the start it was all I could think about. In Tokyo they don't let you take bottles into the whole race village let alone the start area! so I was holding this paper cup and searching for an opportunity .... and the fact that I couldn't screw a top on tight made feel like I couldn't do it so I didn't. In Paris there is better opportunity to do it and that last squeeze moments before the start makes you feel so much more relaxed.

Talking of relaxation, next week, however the race goes for me, whatever the time ends up being, I know I want to be calm in those first 2 miles. Champs Elysees is gradual downhill and with that rush of adrenaline through the start, one can give oneself a real blast at the beginning and going that fast feels quite easy (but it doesn't last).... and that can knacker ones race.

Happy Birthday LMB xx

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 25/03/2016 at 08:10


c'mon guys!? surely .... The Nine:


Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 22:46

Boys and girls ..... You will hopefully receive a plastic poncho thingy in your bag from the expo. This is to keep you warm on race morning.......I advise you to wear it and don't discard until right at the last minute. You may need to have a last minute pee in the pens. Easy for the boys ..... Take a screw top bottle, maybe old style lucasade ..... Make sure you "fit" otherwise it could all go Pete Tong. Then carefully throw it to the side just before you cross the start line.  Ladies, someone will be along in a bit to give you a tip, but I think it involves crouching (Paula Style) and then casually moving to another bit of the pen and acting like you haven't done anything. Last minute wee wee can be stressful ..... You lose you place in the pen. If you don't go, it's bad.  Moments after I crossed the start in Tokes it was all I could think about and ended up stopping in the first mile. 

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 18:27
I'll be Foching in green this year.

Radar Sal bring any spares you have, with you .... you might be able to shift 'em

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 15:02
Pistol101 wrote (see)

London Marathon final instructions have just arrived! This will confuse me for a while!


Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 14:39

..... and the Pasta party is on this year at 8 euros a pop (bit skanky) but I'm in .... all else fails, meet in there

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 13:49
Sorry Nells. Wilko's last minute drop goal v Aus in the world cup final is the stuff of legends. He trumps Jenkins for that No.10 slot.

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 10:02
Orbutt wrote (see)
The Jimbob wrote (see)

The French play on words is getting a bit old now, 

None taken

that Titanic one is a cracker mind .... but change is good

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 08:20

I agree Holder on Mr Wilkinson - good call! It's good to have a variation on the daily countdown gags. The French play on words is getting a bit old now,  tomorrow are we having a nerf gun, the next day a blade of wheat, the next day a set (jelly) maybe, next day a stop sign to represent "cease", the next day a picture of the Titanic just before it completely submerges ..... etc etc (you get my drift)

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