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Amsterdam 2015

Posted: 16/10/2015 at 23:07

ahh the dreaded cobbles , we have a few of them in Paris, nothing to write home about, but if you are death marching they feel worse. You wanna be taking them with good form / cadence then it's not so bad, but that's a bit of a lucky dip, cause no one knows how they'll feel on the day at 22-23 miles, till you actually get there.

I'm off to - early flight n all that. Loads of us are going drinking / eating on Sunday after the race, i'll post up the pub info tomorrow when I have it.

Night All, safe travels (whoevers not already there)

Amsterdam 2015

Posted: 16/10/2015 at 12:15
Always Aching wrote (see)

Jimbob - how many marathons have you done???? I've got Tokyo and Chicago to tick off but they don't seem to attract me!! Just pack your trainers for Florence and tell her you're popping out for a morning run

I don't leave home without them. Amstercarnage will be my 10th.

Amsterdam 2015

Posted: 16/10/2015 at 10:55

yeah .... my convo convincing Mrs TheJimbob that I needed to go run the marathon in Tokyo16 in Feb as getting a place in the ballot was a big win. Considering she's giving me a pass for this weekend and Paris in April. When she asked how many more I'd be doing I explained that i want to run all the majors, she made a face, but at least there won't be as much surprise when I come to ask for the passes to NYC and Chicago. Still, I am taking her to Florence next month for a mini break .... it might be falling on Marathon weekend .... what a coincidence.

btw AA - I am back for London16 as well - once you get the GFAs it's hard to turn it down, I've had many a rejection in the ballot.

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 15/10/2015 at 19:48
Structured training plans force you to get out and do the sessions. I'm not able to follow a plan like that anymore as life doesn't permit it. My previous training plans were based on a plan that came from some guys on here .... which was based on P&D .... These days I allow myself a little more flexibility. I still follow some structure and concentrate on getting in all the different sessions but there is a bit more room to breathe. If I'm honest I probably could do more...... there's guys I train with at the club who are similar standard. They seem to do so much more LT runs and HM tempo runs. I don't know how they do it ..... I feel like my body can't take that abuse!

But like wot has been said on this thread quite recently .... you shouldn't look too much at what other people do. You do what works for you.

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 15/10/2015 at 17:10
Eggyh73 wrote (see)

All my best marathons have been run in the least scientific way possible!

I think I'm a bit of a freak to be honest. I rarely look at my time and run races off instinct. For instance in Paris this year I wanted to beat my previous PB, set there in 2012. I knew I was in good shape as I'd ran a half PB on a difficult course three weeks previously, which gave me the confidence to decide I was going for that target. I wanted to match my split at the halfway point from 2012, which was 1:51. I did exactly that and I'd only checked my watch once, at 5km because I know I have a tendency to start off too fast. I came in with a new PB, two minutes faster the old one. Basically I faded less than in 2012.

In Stockholm when I knocked another three minutes off my PB I wasn't running for a time, just trying to keep a pace I was comfortable with, and only started to think I could run a good time as I went through the halfway point in 1:50, a minute up on Paris.

When I ran my half PB just before fracturing my foot I didn't check my watch at all! In fact in halfs or less I never check my pace/time.


you are a bit of a freak! (never done an interval session in yer life and all that!)

I'd have a few quid on you taking more chunks off those PBs if you were a teeny bit more scientific and did those VO2 Max sessions, be it reps on the track, spin classes, circuit training whatever..... the rest of your training is decent as far as marathon training goes. Obviously you have been woefully unlucky with the injuries, otherwise you would have moved your PBs on further. Still, the boot's off and Eggys back on the move so watch this space ....

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 15/10/2015 at 17:04
last out of the water wrote (see)
I have 2 Marathan training plans, one is 20 weeks the second is 16 weeks. They both obviously get me to the same place, the start line. My question is, is 20 weeks too long, burn out, injury.

How long do you prepare?

18 weeks for spring15 campaign. Ran Boston / London double. No burn out in training, but felt like dead volcano by the end of London

18 weeks for Autumn15 campaign. Marathon in 3 days. Still feel a bit heavy so lets see ..... (no more running planned till then)

Paris Marathon 2016

Posted: 15/10/2015 at 14:49
Heroine in a half-shell wrote (see)

Pacing is much easier said than done, as Dannirr is alluding to. Even working out what pace to aim for in the first place is quite difficult, it has to be based on a realistic calculation of how your training has gone, and on a well-timed half marathon race I think.

What do the experienced runners do to work out what pace to target?

And at what point should one be setting that target pace?

For me personally, my tune up race 4 or 5 weeks out from the big day. Only problem with that is that I have about 3 months of marathon training in the legs when I do the tune up, so I may never deliver my best performance in said tune up. So my calculation is based on how fast I ran in a half 5 weeks out. Use a calculator like macmillan to work out the marathon equivalent, do the race at that pace and hope for the best.

There are still variables that effect you on the day, a very slight headwind, you're maintaining target pace, but working that slight bit harder, burning that slight bit more energy, depleting your glycogen ahead of time.

As PJ Frizzle, says you could get a more scientific training plan, monitor the paces a bit more, monitor fitness, gains more frequently as well general improvements and adjust the plan accordingly along the way and then set your target based on a 5k time trial about 7-10 days out.

Then all you have is go out and execute, and boy that is hard, all the on the day variables come into play. It really is a test to run that close to LT for that time, for that distance, making the glycogen last for the full distance, so that when you cross that line, you have nothing more to give, you've done your absolute best to produce that performance. Most people can't, but you know you've had a good day, when your splits are even and you run a very slight positive or negative split. I love that stage in a race (it's only happened a couple of times) where you are well clear of 20 miles, and you want to push the pace on a bit, and just on feel your are able to divide up that energy you have left to last you for the distance left in front of you. It's very satisfying, because if you get to that stage, it means you've done everything right so far.


Amsterdam 2015

Posted: 15/10/2015 at 09:53

OK final run down. Now for the rest. (blimmin' training cycle is over)

Stats for the geeky.

18 weeks plan 784.7 miles

not as much as my spring campaign

18 weeks plan 809.1 miles

to be fair I punished myself over Christmas and January as I was eating loads and I was also "top loading" the plan in January in case we had a prolonged snow/ice period (which never really happened for more than a couple of days)

Amsterdam 2015

Posted: 14/10/2015 at 13:31

Yes HIAHS .... I did it yesterday .... except I started of steady and eased up to half pace arriving through the doors of my office panting, sweating with a red face! it's a good look - will try again tomorrow (via the cheap running gear sale in Aldi)

Good point about the disposable clothes .... it's gonna be chilly on Sunday morning and I think I might go for a 48 hour travel pass €10.50 with the voucher that arrived with the confirmation letter

Amsterdam 2015

Posted: 13/10/2015 at 23:03
Stuchbury ..... don't you mean stop worrying and put the kettle on?
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