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Sub 3

Posted: 28/04/2016 at 21:01
Welcome Louise .... well done on de-cloaking. Of course you'll get back to sub3. You've done it more than once and you know what you're doing. Like Dan says build the miles gradually. There will be plenty of good advice in here on training smarter. You face a challenge juggling everything but you will do it. As for getting in, put yourself in the ballot as a "just in case" .... then work yourself up to a couple of fast half marathons later in the year, see if you can sneak a 1.29 .... or maybe run a marathon like Abingdon?

Also welcome LMH and congratulations on a stunning sub3 marathon debut.

VLM 2017 Good For Age

Posted: 28/04/2016 at 14:31
Dan A wrote (see)

1300 men sub 3 hours in 2014
1800 men sub 3 hours in 2015
2000 men sub 3 hours in 2016

The GFA times will surely be clipped otherwise there will simply be too many (doesn't factor in all those who qualify from other races).  Wouldn't be surprised to see the 3h00 or under limit reintroduced for men 18-40.  Haven't looked to see if there's a similar trend in the women's stats.

I was amazed at the congestion on course, seemed like there were so many going for 3. It didn't start to thin out till 18-19

Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 28/04/2016 at 10:01

today is the last day to sign up for the London 10,000 on Whitsun bank holiday. It's a good route, well organised by London Marathon. Start and finish on the Mall

there's a big group of us running and we will have a little gathering in Green Park after with beers and food and beers ..... put some cold tinnies in your kit bag. I checked a crate of cold carlsbergs into bag drop last year ..... I've a mini keg of Bitburger for bag drop this year!

Sub 3

Posted: 28/04/2016 at 09:46

YOU GUYS! (flogging your VLM medals and T-shirts on ebay)

I just can't part with them, or the t-shirts, or the bibs .... (call me sad, that's fine)

My 14 marathon medals are proudly displayed on hanger (gonna need a bigger hanger) to remind me I ran my heart out and pushed through the pain barrier to earn them. As for the other 70 odd medals I have (and bibs) they are shoved in a draw.


Sub 3

Posted: 28/04/2016 at 08:04
Ros. ...... Amazing truly amazing run!

Cakesy. ... did i just read you ran 2.52 off 15-20 miles a week. DAMN! ...... surely 70-80 mpw ..... do loads of training. ... join a club and you will be in the 2.30s probably!

Wardi ..... sorry we didn't chat the other day at the pub .... (were you there?) ..... cheers for the encouragement as always.

Sub 3

Posted: 27/04/2016 at 09:44

nice report Muss and bang tidy run. The lady you are speaking of at FGFA was dressed in a Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf outfit. She hadn't practiced in it .... I wonder how she got on! (actually I think there was more than one, but not many)

Sub 3

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 23:30

continued ...

.... despite feeling very tired and squeezing every last drop of energy out, I ran hard to dip under 2.59 .... 2.58.52. I am please to snag another sub3 so I know it wasn't a one hit wonder ... also with my training ... I've kind of winged it a bit .... more easy running, and then doing 3 spring marathons. If I just focused on one .... and had a good block of training and worked a bit harder I believe there is more in there. So i'm happy with that. Got passed by 36 and overtook 277 runners so another strong last 12k.

The atmosphere yesterday was brilliant ..... same time next year peeps

Sub 3

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 23:29

Yep .... outstanding runs by you all .... yesterday was perfect weather conditions for knocking out a fast marathon and seems like everyone had a piece of the pie.

Dachs superb job mate ,.... sorry we didn't chat at the pub I was there nattering away for a while.

TT congratulations again, amazing run, nice to meet you again yesterday.

Selbs me old mucker ... glad we said hello before you slipped off .... holy shit you have some power in those legs.

AL_P / Coro wow! CD wow! CW wow! Muss wow! Ryan - cracking! so much 2.30-action all round.

Jools, good to see you down at the pub ... putting up with our witterings when you had the disappointment with the knee. Thanks for the the encouragement. You were on good form. Hopefully see you at London 10,000? (end of May)

TickTock .... another solid sub3 to keep the sequence going and I know you are getting ready for RTTS which I have other pals doing so i'll put you in touch.

Nice to meet Hiroto .... great sub3 .... safe trip back and all the best to you, your wife and new baby.

Dan, I know you were a little disappointed once you realized PB was off the table, but you're still solid, comfortably sub3 ...  well done, another one in the can .... don't forget it's been a hectic week of work for you, not ideal preparation mentally. Catch you soon mate.

Nice chatting to Marders and Mrs Marders ... good to put the whole Manchester 2015 short distance PB thing to bed by scalping that yesterday. So damn fast man!

SpeedyG ... you did the race, you got the bling, you'll get back to where you were once you have a decent crack at training. Sometimes in the marathon, it's not about the goal time, it's about finishing it ... you toughed it out. Well done.  

I had a good one ... not a PB (13 seconds short of that) .... I wasn't gunning for a PB .... I was pacing the 3 hours with a view to  squeeze under 3 if I had anything left towards the end.

FGFA was fun with loads of club mates there and other pals from the running community .... At Heathside we have good standard of old boys and loads of them were going for Sub2.50s, 2.55s sub3s all sorts. I have Tokyo (3.04 no sleep) and Paris (3.05 hot day) already ticked off this spring and no real proper training since Early Feb. Paris was still in the legs .... London was about trying to "run well" and have a beer or 10 after. I planned to go off a little easier that the sub3 hopefuls that were near me, so I did my own thing.

When the red start met with the blue start after 3 miles there was good banter as usual. My first 5k was 21'ish ... and then I came across Phil with his 6.52 pace flag on and mobbed by runners. I had no intention of trying to stay with him, running with a pacer is risky, they dictate the mini surges ... but I didn't fancy trying to get past him so I kind of thought i'm gonna ignore him, try to run steady and don't really care about the finish time. I was chatting to other runners and he was definitely pushing the pace earlier he must have been about 40-50 metres in front of me and that was as far ahead as he got .... I kept it steady and decided that once I got to 20 I would have one more look at the watch and then I was running on feel until the end. No more mile splits info. Another sub3 pacer came along and I spoke with him, he explained that Phil was probably on a different strategy, this guy seemed to pacing even where Phil's pace towards the end seemed more relaxed. I knew Phil would be fine so as long as I could see him ... I was OK .... I dug in the few miles and was pleased to see big Ben with the time 12.55 on it .... despite feeling very tired and squeezing every last drop of energy

Sub 3

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 15:23
Wardi wrote (see)
I saw one chap at the pointy end wearing number 1111. I thought it was a barcode!


Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 15:23
The Jimbob wrote (see)
Morning All ..... I've got a sore body after acing VLM in sub3 yesterday and a sore head after going on the lash after with HIAHS, Nells, Nodster, Pottermoss, Running Rodent, Stuchbury, Kenno, Mr HIAHS. Had a right laugh out on course yesterday ... My clubmates were all over it and then it was just pub after pub. A miracle that I made it home in one piece. Great running by everyone and fantastic support.

btw I forgot to name drop Radar Sal who was also at the boozer with us with her OH .... it was a proper little gathering. Next big get together is Vitality 10,000 (formally Bupa 10,000) on Whitsun bank holiday Monday .... if anyone hasn't signed up it closes in a couple of days

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