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Boston Marathon 2015

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 11:14

I'd rather not be death marching the last 5 miles of Boston. Really want to soak up the atmosphere, come in nice and steady with a big smile on my face. You never know how it will really be come race day in the marathon so from what you say, self discipline is the key. Shame you got done by Armstrong, but as you say he was probably pumped up on steroids and hormones so it doesn't really count!  

Boston Marathon 2015

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 10:53
Cheerful Dave wrote (see)

Nice one Jimbob, it's a great race.  Entries seem to close a lot quicker these days, I haven't done it since 2008 when you had months to get your entry in.  It's harder to get pacing right at this one, what with the net downhill first half.

Ha ha CD. Cheers for dropping in. Yes regarding that course profile, I've heard it's quicker in the first half. Everyone goes flying down the first 5 mile gradual downhill. A pal described it as tenderising your quads on those downhills!  if you go off too quick you suffer in the 2nd half. I guess hill training is more important for this course as opposed to flat races like London, Paris, Berlin etc - as well as pacing it right.

Boston Marathon 2015

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 10:01

jonah8 - nice work. are you coming back for the hat trick?

Boston Marathon 2015

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 09:54

Hello All. Monday Morning doesn't feel so gloomy today as I received my confirmation of acceptance into next year's race by email last night.

One might say I'm a little excited by this news.

I've started this thread so we can all compare notes, talk about our plans, our hopes, our goals, our arrangements. Anyone who's running it next year or wants to run it at some point in the future or anyone who has already ran it and has stories to tell please make yourself at home. We're in for a long winter of training. Come in, pull up a chair, tell us your story.  Why did you want to run this race in particular? where/how did you qualify? How did you arrive at this point in your life where you are running marathons and entering Boston? Have you started training?

Sub 3

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 10:18

Ha Ha Phil - that gurn got you the PB.

Seeing as the Autumn Marathons are coming up soon is there an updated list of what everyone is running?

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 10/09/2014 at 12:23
E mmy wrote (see)

Welcome to the madness Britrisky!

Jimbob - i'm still very hurt you wont be in Paris and we wont get to see your beautiful girls again

when I come in 2016 i'll be coming without the family as I want to go on the mega lash post race.

Nothing to stop you coming to London and socialising with London BCRC'ers. Barbeques, races etc we are set up for staying guests in Casa de Jimbob - shame you are not in the London Ballot ..... (or are you?)

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 09/09/2014 at 20:58

Hello Newbies, I'm not in! but I did 2013 and 2014 and I'm coming back in 2016. This lot are a scream and great friends of mine. Paris is a fantastic marathon, comparable to London and Berlin for course "ease",atmosphere and scenery (probably the prettiest, if we say London is the best atmosphere and Berlin is the fastest) plus Paris is only 2 hours from London on the Eurotube. The metro is really easy to navigate. On Sunday arvo/evening after the race, Corcorans at Saint Michel is the place to be.

my spring marathon focus switches to the Boston/London double but I've nowhere else to go , so I'll be camped out in here for the winter, talking about all sorts of nonsense, maybe some talk of running and dare I say the occasional chatter about training.


Sub 3

Posted: 08/09/2014 at 13:35

btw nice podium-ing KD

Sub 3

Posted: 08/09/2014 at 13:17

T-moth - unbelievable. I've heard from a couple of ultra runner pals that you need solid food along the way, sports drinks and gels don't quite cut it. Next time take a picnic! Amazing achievement and superb win.

as for building speed endurance - over to Marigold

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 08/09/2014 at 08:21

atta'girl RR

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