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Cycling and knee/foot alignment

Posted: 04/01/2015 at 21:31

I've read that you should have your foot and knee in alignment when pedaling- makes sense. But what do you do if your knee and foot don't actually line up? My right knee moves inwards when I bend it. So I can either have my foot straight, knee bending inwards or my knee straight and foot pointing outwards. I naturally do the latter. Is that okay? I use an indoor bike at the gym occasionally and want to make it a more regular part of my training.

Inflexible Ankles and Swimming

Posted: 27/04/2014 at 15:14

I have very inflexible ankles and it's really stopping me getting better at swimming/ ruining my enjoyment.

I can swim up and down doing crawl, nothing fast . However, when attempting to use a float I've discovered I have an almost non-existent crawl kick! What propulsion I am getting seems to come entirely from my arms/shoulders/core. Using a float, I'm going so slowly, I'm barely going anywhere- sideways more often. It's that bad. My breaststroke kick is proportionally far better. 

If a top swimmer can lie with their legs out in front and their feet point flat over the ground creating a _ shape from leg though ankle to foot,  my feet do this /

Taking away the support of the ground, and my feet are almost vertical- !

I've found kneeling with my toes pointing backwards, rather than resting on them, has always been agony- even as a young child.  The only time it's not hurt was after I'd done months of pilates and yoga when it's part of the poses- but that's still using bodyweight to force my ankles to bend.

Don't know if it matters but I'm pretty flat footed.

Can anyone suggest any exercises I can do at home to improve that flexibility? 


Running Migraines- Finally found a solution for my own!

Posted: 28/12/2013 at 18:52

I've suffered from post-run migraines pretty much since I started running 15 years ago, running from my left shoulder blade up my neck and over my left eye. 

I've tried (and revisited repeatedly) all the usual remedies/reasons: low blood sugar, dehydration, lack of carbs, overheating, excertional headache, taking over the counter migraine tablets before or just after a run, poor posture, my weird running gait. 

Out of frustration one day when I had one of these, I was stretching my neck/back. I'd managed to get a 'crack' in my mid back and the pain dissipated. I've been experimenting ,mostly with limited success over a year or so. However, I've tried to use a couple of yoga moves this week and, touch wood, I've done it twice and been migraine free twice. No pills. No hot water bottles. Unheard of for me!

Post run, I've started off stretching my hips and hamstrings a few different ways.  I then lay on my back into 'table top' and rocked left and right on my hips. I find this really sore as I'm tender. I stretched my shoulders/ arms in front and behind of me. Then I did the 'cobra' stretch a few times. I seem to need the combination of the mid-back and sacral stretching. 

Its obviously not a panacea, and drives the dog nuts,  but if someone else has tried everything and is otherwise fit, it might help them. 

Shin splints, after all this time?

Posted: 28/12/2013 at 18:15

I'm replying as I'm just getting back from shin splints myself.

The obvious culprit would be the skipping, especially if you're a heel sticker and you're then bouncing on the ball of your foot. The floor of the gym can also be a factor. A sprung dance floor is going to give you more cushioning than concrete. 

Assuming you're still sore even when walking, I'd stay off the running and also avoid any weight exercise that puts undue strain on your shins. It's taken me about 2 months to get back into minimal running. 

As for suggestions, if you haven't already (and I'm no physio):

Get fitted for new running shows in a proper running shop. You don't say if you did this to get your new pair.

Massage your shins whenever you can. If you've got any muscley niggles, you want to work on the area. I've just used my fingers. You can use a tennis ball or one of those massage sticks.

Icing is good. A couple of times a day for 5-10 mins. Reduces any inflammation.

If you're experiencing pain even when walking, you might want to try an ibuprofen gel if you're not allergic. 

I'd then treat your shins like royalty. Don't run, don't go on any 10 mile hikes. Once they're settled, then I'd walk longer and faster just casually. Then, and only then, would I try 1 min run, 1 min walk for say 10 mins. If okay, slowly build back up. If you have any discomfort still, get back to icing, massage and rest. 

If it takes more than a couple of months and hasn't settled, get to a recommended physio. 

Shin Splints and walking a half

Posted: 06/09/2013 at 08:52

No- no outside pressure except for my best friend. We're both coming from quite a way, spending money to stay locally (we live about 200 miles away from each other).. She's from a rowing/circuits background so I don't think she quite understands the long term implications of not letting it heal. I think she thinks I'm being a bit precious.

It was last night- just a normal 2 mile dog walk over mixed terrain- and that nerve feeling that set my alarm bells ringing and I guess I needed a bit of mental back up before going back to her and saying I'm not walking it either, for my own good. Best friends, eh? 

I really appreciate the no nonsense replies. But six months no running ?! Me in a swimming costume is not a pretty sight...

Shin Splints and walking a half

Posted: 05/09/2013 at 20:25

Windsor Half Marathon is the end of the month. I've managed to give myself anterior shin splints in my left leg after using a higher cadence and better kick in a 10k almost 3 weeks ago ( I had been practicing at shorter distances- I've been getting bad headaches due to poor posture- new style=no headaches). I've been feeling it intermittently when walking regardless of shoe/trainer. 

Been icing, stretching, I do yoga and pilates and I've been indoor cycling but after about 2 mins on a treadmill I stop as I feel it isn't a good idea to run through it. 

Pal who is also running in race has asked if I could just walk instead. A pull on bandage dulls the discomfort but gives me a weird 'nerve' sensation where my leg meets the top of my foot. Can I walk a long distance on it or would it be inadvisable?

Improved running form giving me shin splints

Posted: 28/08/2013 at 14:04

Should read that my right leg swings inwards, not the left.

Improved running form giving me shin splints

Posted: 28/08/2013 at 14:03

I'm feeling somewhat frustrated with running right now. 

I've recently been working on my form because my natural gait is long, flat footed, over pronates quite a lot, I hunch etc etc. I also get severe tension headaches as a result almost every run. 

Building up my time on the treadmill, shortening my cadence, lifting my heals etc, I've found my back/shoulders don't get the pounding and, with a good back stretch, the headaches are vastly improved. I ran a 10k on Sunday trying to use these principles and I didn't get the headache I'd expect. Problem solved or so I thought.

Hopped on treadmill this am and stopped again after 2 mins as felt the dreaded pain of mild shin splints on my left leg. Later, in flat unsupportive Vans while walking, I'm getting occasional sharp pains in the same area. So I'm typing this with ice and ibruprofen on the shin. My shoes are Brooks support ones. Not enough mileage or old enough to be worn out. I have a half marathon in about 5 weeks time. 

You can see from my profile pic that I have a slightly bowed tibia on my right leg and I'm also sort of hitched up slightly on that side but since it hasn't caused me any pain yet there's no point in seeing anyone about it. I also have a wide q angle and my left knee swings diagonaly in rather than forward. 

1. As the shin splints improve, am I okay to continue working on my new running form or should I temper things?

2. Any point trying a knee brace to try and straighten the right leg while running? I feel the weird workings on the right mean the left takes a disproportionate load. Really can't afford a private physio right now.


Poor form vs Good form- difference in muscles used?

Posted: 16/08/2013 at 12:00

I was wondering if poor running forms works certain muscles and if good running form works other muscles?

I'm working on my form since I videoed myself last week. I'm naturally flatfooted but I really overstride, have no kick, swing my arms from my elbows, am too upright- basically I run backwards in a race... 

By changing my form (gradually etc) will I find that I'm using different muscles/muscle groups more than I presently do? I feel I overuse my quads at the moment and have really puny calves. Will these have inverted prescidence with correct form?  Just curious as I couldn't find an answer elsewhere online.

Has cycling or strength work caused my improvement?

Posted: 27/06/2013 at 08:10

Excellent. I shall book my place this afternoon. 

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