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Posted: Today at 20:05

TR - well raced especially given your recent rib injury.

Padams/PP/TT/Dachs - good relay running. and Bainsp,j though different one

CW - nice 20 after not much kip

Wardi - good to see wisdom and experience leading over youthful exuberance. And well done for beating the v70!!

The Jimbob - nice half on what sounds like a toughish course.

Seleb - Getting the start line has to be the main objective given your set backs, fingers crossed you can get the miles in over the next few weeks.

Marders - well done on Bristol placing. Is the World 100km somewhere hot this year?

Lev and PP - really looking forward to seeing how fast you guys go in Berlin. I need to check if it will be on Eurosport.

Tonight for me, it was my last long mid week run before Abingdon. So 14 miles with 6 at marathon pace (approx 6:40). Felt pretty good which I was happy with considering it was into a slight head wind and I was carrying rucksack.


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Posted: 21/09/2014 at 15:24

Sorry Toro, I missed you off the taper good wishes. I ran Berlin a few years back and it is a great event. It rained from the minute I arrived in Berlin and until I left but it still was an amazing weekend. The course is proper quick so I would to return again one year... and not just for the beer and sausage, which are excellent for refuelling.

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Posted: 21/09/2014 at 14:55

The Bus - yes it is quite hilly! Splits were 5:43 (down), 5:46 (flat), 6:05 (up). Good to see you back running a bit and good bike miles for the week.

Jools - great run in Bristol. Well done on the PB. Looks like 2:55 is definitely on the cards.  I banking on 1:21 converting to 2:55 myself.

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Posted: 21/09/2014 at 12:44

Old No 7 - storming run in the 10. Well done, sounds like you are flying at the moment.


I am looking forward to hear how those racing have got on . Do we have Joolska, Al-P and TR all racing today? Fingers crossed the results are good.


PP, Lev - sounds like the taper is going well for Berlin and you are both in great shape.


Instead of my usual club ride yesterday I ran the local Parkrun in Richmond Park.  I managed a 10s PB to finish in 5th in 18:09, which I am pleased with as it is a hilly course. Today was a steady 20 miles to bring up 58 miles for the week with a  few bike miles. One more hard week then can start the taper. 

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Posted: 16/09/2014 at 18:19

Too much training and racing to comment on so selective highlights:

CW -well done on the half marathon time and for bagging some dosh

PP - great pacing job for MsPP sounds like a mentally tough sesh

Lev - looking good for Berlin and good to se confidence peaking at right time.

Marders - insane training!


No story of running with a musical instrument but it has felt like I have been carrying a grand piano at the end of a few marathons.

I had the day off work today so decided on doing a harder run. Ended up with 13 miles with 2x2miles at tempo pace (6mm). Legs felt it this afternoon but hopefully will feel refreshed after a curry.


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Posted: 14/09/2014 at 16:56

LR 1976 - Yes we probably shook hands - so nice meet you? I avoided the guy chucking up and decided to congratulate the 2nd lady as we ran together for about 6 miles.


Wardi - well done on the solid sub 20 parkrun. £1.31 for a pint is pretty amazing. To be fair in London there are pubs were you can get a pint for under £2.50 and my local it is about £3.50. Anything close to £5 is always a shock.


Lev - I hope the manflu clears up. You are in amazing shape for Berlin


Steve6 - Well done on parkrun win and tempo. Which half you doing?


Joolska - good to see you are on the mend. Great mile reps and top weekly mileage.


Today  I managed 22 miles with 4 at marathon pace (~6:40). I cannot say they felt comfortable but at least I managed them. So 110 bike miles and 53 run miles for week..mmh probably deserve another beer?

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Posted: 13/09/2014 at 15:44

Thanks for the continued welcomes and apologies for the name which conflicts when abbreviated!


TR - My life would be duller without a few beers most weeks. PP - I am really enjoying London Pale Ale this year but occasionally have been left with a bitter taste when charged £5 for a pint in boozers near work!


DD - I have found when buying Adidas trainers I have usually needed to opt for 0.5 size bigger than my usual Asics. Love the colour though! Have a fun holiday.


Dachs - great run and parkrun. I bet there were many others who had done your type of session.


CW - good luck for the half.

Saturday training for me is a club ride. So 45 miles with a fair few at a decent pace trying to put the hurt on each other 

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Posted: 12/09/2014 at 17:58

Great times PP and Dachs.


Yesterday I managed a rare double with 4 miles before work and 6 at lunch time. I really struggle to run first thing in morning so the pace ended up being little more than a shuffle. At least getting the runs out of the way allowed me to  pursue my main sport - drinking beer.  Though 5 pints of London Pale Ale followed by a late night dodgy pasty on the train home led to today's bike commute to work being more of a struggle than usual.

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Posted: 10/09/2014 at 20:07

Thanks for the welcomes.

PP - perhaps I should just be shortened to Tick. Good luck with the 5000m race.

TR - I am flattered you describe us as a similar standard but your half and ten time are much better and I suspect you will one day run a sub 2:50 marathon.

The Bus - are you doing a marathon this autumn?

Padams - what TT bike is it? A nice Cervelo P5?

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Posted: 10/09/2014 at 14:23


 Long time reader, first time poster on this forum.


PhilPub -  I was one of the random runners who recognised your amazing shorts and came up to speak to you after the race. Well done on a great run and 2nd place.  I had a good run at Maidenhead and managed to run a PB in 81:05 and felt I could gone slightly quicker. So hoping this is good sign for Abingdon next month.


A bit of background from me. I am 46 and been running for years but since I turned 40 been getting quicker each year. I ran my first marathon in London in 1996 (the hot year!?!) and it took 13 marathons before I dipped under 3hrs. It was in Abingdon a few years ago and  I remember Dan A cheering me on as I hobbled over the line with 8s to spare – I am sure he could see a t-shirt sale falling through (BTW Dan – I’m John from Richmond Park). Since then I have managed to get my marathon PB down to 2:55 and hoping to go quicker this year.


Some outstanding training by your guys and particularly impressed with Tmoth’s epic race and KD’s medal haul at the marathon.

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