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High Tibial Osteotomy

Posted: 22/02/2013 at 06:14

Thanks for your input Rick.  I will certainly pass this on to OH. 

High Tibial Osteotomy

Posted: 21/02/2013 at 18:26

Thats great Rick.  OH had the procedure in May last year.  He has recovered well but is not running.  We are back to long days out on the hill walking, he cycles about 140 miles a week and swims. He is wary of running as the consultant was cautious - this is not a cure it is merely a stopgap before the inevitable knee replacement and what you do with the repair post-op dictates to how long it will be before the replacement. We both realise everyone is different and nothing is set in stone though. OH is still looking to begin running again but probably only ever up to about 6 miles off road.  I think he is just so happy to be pain free (mostly).  Did you have the metal plate removed or have you left it in? 

FLM 09 - 3.45ers!

Posted: 05/05/2012 at 17:49

Where is everyone?  I actually have nothing to report.... 

FLM 09 - 3.45ers!

Posted: 01/05/2012 at 20:37
@ OG - can't believe you've picked up a niggle a week before your next marathon... oh well at least it's not cellulitis!

FLM 09 - 3.45ers!

Posted: 30/04/2012 at 19:56

I wear them for the width too NfS.

Where is the 3 farts OG? and how far?  Is it all off road?

FLM 09 - 3.45ers!

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 20:48

 Thank you Claire - that will be £20 please... discounts for 3.45ers. And very well done again!  Crouching for a wee does NOT irritate Piriformis BTW.  Sitting for long periods in cars or at desks does. 

Great race reports guys! Almost makes me want to do it again.... but not quite!

Viking - if you run London along the blue line painted on the course it is exactly 26.2 miles... it's amazing how much we do weave around courses! If you watch the elites... they all stay on the blue line.

FLM 09 - 3.45ers!

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 06:12

@ Mr P - I feel for your mate Mr P but I hope someone told him that London is not always the best choice for a first marathon attempt! Especially if you have your eye on a time.  I hope he makes another attempt on a quieter course.  Both he and viking would have creamed me anyway....

Back to work this morning after suffering a bout of the virus from hell.... Norovirus has hit Egremont and the town is like a ghost town! Still can't face coffee in the morning...

FLM 09 - 3.45ers!

Posted: 22/04/2012 at 20:52
(((Viking)))) don't be disappointed - you finished in a very respectable time! I mean that.  It's just an event - you turned up and did what you could on the day - there will be reasons why you didn't do as well as you thought you might and other events to get the best out of yourself.  London is a great event - if you run too fast you miss the best bits anyway....   From what I remember you had a few injurys and illnesses in the run up.  Don't beat yourself up - be proud.  xx

FLM 09 - 3.45ers!

Posted: 22/04/2012 at 18:34

Great running guys!  All my mates both on here and others seem to have done well this year - no one has had a shocker!   Brought back some memories..... That wee girl Mary Kitani (?) - what a star!  The Kenyons seem untouchable this year.  Well pleased for Shelly Woods - she's a Blackpool girl and is in the same club as LTL - she's a lovely girl.  I think it's the best I've ever seen her perform and bodes well for Olympic year. 

Sophie Rayworth really showed what training properly can do for you - I think she ran about 6+ hours last year and had to be helped over the line... this year she was virtually doing cartwheels down the Mall in sub 4!! Good girl!  Nell - what an athlete - I bet she could give some of our elite girls a run for their money if she took it up full time!

Claire - so pleased you didn't just get through but shone (again!).  How did RQQ do?

Pilates with Running

Posted: 21/04/2012 at 15:48

I'm a true Pilates convert - not just to improve running techinique but just for everyday life!  It makes sense and having suffered in the past - I think it should be compulsary for all desk bound people!

With your shin splints, there are many causes.  I've not read your previous thread but you are right when you say over/under pronation can be a cause.  Have you checked out your glute medious muscle?  This muscle controls the inward rotation of your leg as you run - weak glute med = over pronation= shin splints?

I'd definately recommend Pilates to supplement core strength training.  I started a year ago after injury - what a difference it's made to my running (and when sitting at my desk!). Don't underestimate the movements - the thing with Pilates is, it is strength and control - the control element is important. If it feels easy you're probably not hitting the correct muscles.  A good instructor is invaluable at first.

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