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Scottish Runners

Posted: Yesterday at 18:14

Hail and snow here too, had to cover loads of stuff I'd planted out at the allotment so it doesn't freeze to death after last weeks heat .

Had a nice run at Balfron 10k yesterday, it was a bizarre one though as they had sold more spaces than last year (over 600!) and last year it was rammed, this year I sat in the car in the hail and snow wondering where everyone was! Luckily the hail stopped just in time for the start at 11am, and the sun came out . I had an easy first 5k out, no jamming in like last year, got a clear run, although wasn't pushing it so was slightly slower at 26mins, but on the back it was into a head wind and of course every year everyone forgets the big long climb to the finish. Still happy to finish with a 54.something on the garmin, especially after being ill and decidedly wobbly-legged on Saturday!

They had some problem with the timing chips not working properly, so no official times. I thought mine was rattling or loose when I collected it, then on the shoe it was constantly rattling like it had a loose connection, but it looks like no one has got a time. The mats didn't do that beeping thing they usually do when you cross, which I thought was a bit odd. They said they have times but they are all incorrect, so the timing company might have a bit of explaining to do there!

Finished with a massive slice of lemon drizzle cake so wasn't that concerned about the chip !! Then had a wee drive along Loch Lomond to put myself in the mood for the Fling next year .

Scottish Runners

Posted: 25/04/2015 at 13:55

Looks like a lovely day in Glasgow after a really rubbish forecast for rain all day - the Fling weather God's strike again .

They should all be passed Rowardennan by now (new cut-off of 1.30 in place). My favourite tea and ginger cake stop, on a bench looking out across the Loch .

Having an extra rest day today as have bad stomach and feeling a bit spaced out, don't want to miss Balfron 10k tomorrow.

Off to do some online shopping, fancying a new running pack - oh dear, the devil finds work for idle paws!!

Keep going Flingers...only the dreaded Inversnaid rocks to get across next !!

Scottish Runners

Posted: 23/04/2015 at 09:31

Good luck for everyone in the Fling on Saturday !

Scottish Runners

Posted: 20/04/2015 at 10:07

Speedy 57.5!!

That route becoming your regular Elspeth?

Hope everyone else had good runs.

Attempted to cycle yesterday...not too bad for the first hour out, then I turned into full on wind and was barely moving . Freezing cold by the time I got down off the moors and glad I had put a jacket on, hands frozen rigid to the bars in Summer gloves...putting my Winter gear away in the cupboard was perhaps too hasty .

Scottish Runners

Posted: 18/04/2015 at 15:26

Good luck BM !

Long run done, hot out there! Time for feet up and stuff my face .

Scottish Runners

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 18:36

Thanks BM, I'm not going completely mad then !

Lovely afternoon on the allotment, finally put up my poly-tunnel I have had since Xmas! That was a job and a half!

Back to work tomorrow. Looking forward to some long runs at the weekend.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 14/04/2015 at 16:48

I'm all 'thrown out' as regards the Easter holidays, are the kids back at school yet? I keep seeing loads of people in Pollok Park, and last night my upstairs neighbours (one is a trainee teacher) had a party...on a Monday night , luckily didn't go on too long...feel like I'm in some kind of time warp since I came back from Italy .

7 miles today and then had a big load of work delivered, that will keep me out of trouble .

Read a lovely story about the SDW50 this weekend just gone - the first place lady (7hrs and something) left behind her trophy for the last place lady (fought to the very last minute to come 9secs inside the 13hr cut-off) as she said it was more deserving to go to someone who had spent longest on the course. Just when I thought ultra running was in danger of getting all w*nky and up itself someone comes along and shows you there is still true sportsmanship and some unselfish people out there .

Scottish Runners

Posted: 13/04/2015 at 16:40

Ouch to the early shift BM!

Spent Saturday dodging the hail / sleet / rain at the allotment, mostly planting things indoors, Sunday turned out quite nice in the afternoon so got loads of digging and building done. By the time I got home, quite late, I thought I had better not sit down until I got my tea on, otherwise I would probably totally seize up and not get up again !! I am looking forward to the summer when I can get my BBQ stove on and sit out on the plot after a days work .

Surprisingly did a decent 8m today and legs didn't feel too knackered or stiff. Need to build some more long runs now...

Scottish Runners

Posted: 08/04/2015 at 15:45

Afternoon all

Welcome to all the new folks joined over the last week or so.

I had quite a tough run today too, but not as hilly as yours Deasy.

Think the travelling is finally catching up with me, really heavy legs today, plodded out a very slow 8miles with a big hill at the end.

Anyone else coming to Balfron 10k on 26th? Usually a good one .

Scottish Runners

Posted: 06/04/2015 at 14:17

Yes I'm doing Lochleven half too. Not done it before, but its supposed to be good. I'm using it as a preparation race for Strathearn marathon.

Hope FFB has fun in the cold, we know she likes it really !

Good running Elspeth, nice places to run.

Back into training with a nice 10miler today around Pollok Park and into Bellahouston, a few people out cycling and dog walking, but compared to being in Italy Scotland is really quiet ...even including crossing the M77 !! Its so nice being home in the wide open spaces of the parks and not looking over your shoulder every five minutes because some guy is about to mug you.

I hope the person who unzipped my back trouser pocket coming out of Ercolano station enjoyed finding the used wet-wipe I had in there !

So cat saga . My puss was with his usual sitters, they had him all of one day, then they had people in making loads of noise and he got a fright and ran outside. They didn't notice him missing until the next morning  and couldn't find him. They put up notices and a few neighbours said they thought they might have seen him. So I got home after two flights (went via Gatwick), knackered, literally put the bags down then went over to look for my puss who by that point had been out missing for 8 days ! looked all around the back alleys then decided to go down to a close where someone thought they had seen him a few days ago, got let into the back court and called him a few times and back came this 'Meeeeoooow', louder and louder, it was my cat !! He jumped up onto a bin store roof and I had to climb onto the bins to get him into his cat box. Took him to the vet to have 5 ticks removed and he has lost a bit of weight, but otherwise okay . So, that's them sacked from cat sitting!!!


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