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Black Friday

Posted: Today at 12:47

It reminds me of scenes from that zombie film 'Dawn of the Dead' - the zombies all clambering to get into the supermarket, the ultimate 'consumers'.

People that fight someone over a cheap TV or the latest mobile might not be zombies in the true sense but they have certainly lost their souls ...

Scottish Runners

Posted: 26/11/2014 at 14:38

Certainly a support crew would have been a definite massive advantage on my Gucr attempt this year - mainly because the official checkpoints were so far apart and the food on offer pretty rubbish / not enough for the mileage. I needed more hot drinks to fight off the effects of the soaking weather, and there were just none most of the time .

On the other hand I've never felt the need for a crew on a Centurion race because the checkpoints are fairly close together, the food is great, and the volunteers manning the checkpoints become like your best pals by the end of it - a lot of them volunteer for 12hour stretches, so you see the same folk all through the night. It is more of a family atmosphere.

Definitely it should always be there as an option though if you want to use your own people .

I've now been through all the sports products I have in the cupboard to weed out the ones that contain sorbitol - I couldn't believe some of the things I read about it, and yet they still use it in food!!

Had a good run this morning, but its gone very cold, thought I imagined a brief flurry of snow at one point !

Scottish Runners

Posted: 25/11/2014 at 21:19

100 miles is a different kettle of fish altogether, but with the right organiser and the right level of support, plus a very big dose of luck / good weather / not getting lost / staying healthy, it is achievable if you want it enough .

I'm having 2015 off ultras, but very tempted to do both races, Fling and Doth, again in 2016 now the crew issue has been over-come.

I think I have solved the problem of my race stomach issues. I think it has been caused by the artificial sweetner they put in nuun tablets . After a bit of research I found out that this chemical, sorbitol, is used in laxatives that they give people in hospital, it can cause IBS, and in some people has caused hypernatraemia - the very thing electrolyte supplements are supposed to stop! Wtf they put it in sports drinks is beyond me - cheap maybe?  Anyway, I've found a different electrolyte tablet now that doesn't contain this, so will be giving that a go during races and see if it improves things.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 24/11/2014 at 17:10

Interesting news about the Devil of the Highlands today - new organiser for 2015 (John D), which means - drop bags, water supplied and no car support needed, Hurrah !!

Might even do it again myself now you don't need a car and support crew !

Hey Tricia - you wanted a Scottish trail race, how about that (points up) . Two WHW races in one year, do the whole route!

Now if only the full WHW would see sense and do a supported drop bag race like most of the other 100m-ish races manage to provide for runners in these modern times .


Scottish Runners

Posted: 23/11/2014 at 17:51

Interesting 57.5. I remember seeing a programme a while back about the soldiers who got sent to Africa - heavy woollen tunics, and they would have to scrape their finger nails down the seams every night to remove all the lice, bugs and eggs! Yuk!

Nice day on the allotment today, very cold hands but got some good digging done. I love my mattock !

Scottish Runners

Posted: 22/11/2014 at 14:33

Tricia - true, but with the state of some of the roads in Scotland it can be quicker to drive to the North of England than to get to some areas here!

Besides it all gets very 'samey' and boring doing the same old same old every year. I like doing new things .


Scottish Runners

Posted: 21/11/2014 at 13:31

Massive well done FFB - it sounds incredible and just a really unusual landscape to visit. Hope you are over the effects of the altitude sickness now.

Yuk 57.5 - malaria sounds about as welcome as a dose of amoebic dysentery . Friends dad got that on a business trip to Pakistan and lost about the same amount of weight as you did with malaria !

(I'm surprised anyone from Britain ever survived long enough to build the colonies!! ).

Now where's that walnut and coffee cake...

Tricia - have a look at Lakeland Trails website, some nice races and not too far to go for a weekend. Cape Wrath is great, but its very close to the Fling date.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 19/11/2014 at 14:05

Ooh sounds exciting MrsMac .

I am trying to be on my 'best' behaviour and not look at long races for next year - I want to improve on some shorter distances and hopefully this will eventually have a knock on effect in improving my marathon time . HAH!

3 weeks no booze is easy when you've had gastric flu . Also lost 4lb in weight which is why I'm currently stuffing my face with anything that sits in the cupboard. I'm surprised no one has tried to market this like one of those faddy 'Hollywood' diets - 'Hey guys, detox, lose weight, quit drinking...all with one wonderful dose of gastric flu'. LOL

Yuk...I really wouldn't recommend it...!

Scottish Runners

Posted: 17/11/2014 at 14:40

Afternoon all!!

Not much 'action' on here at the moment - hope everyone is okay and looking forward to Christmas!

OMG Christmas  - unbelievably I came back from a run today and there was a note through the door from one of my upstairs neighbours saying she is having a Christmas drinks / snacks thing on Sunday tea-time for all the neighbours and would I like to come!! Bloody hell, nice to be invited and all that, but its only the 17th November ! I don't want to have to think about any of it until at least the 24th December if possible !

Equally unbelievably I was at the allotment on Saturday and a guy wished me 'Happy Holidays' and said he wouldn't be back until the NY so have a great time! LOL!!

FFS - some of us have work to go to !!

Stomach seems better now, and I'm back running. Still have bad IBS occasionally but its manageable and I'm going to have to really watch what I eat - no rich or processed food as that really sets it off, and I have officially given up alcohol since being ill ! Given that this is the time of year we are all bombarded with this stuff it seemed fitting to quit drinking - I do like a challenge after all ! 3 weeks today .

FFB did really well on her volcano - I hope I have as much fun when it comes to my mid-life crisis ! Well done FFB!!!

Hope everyone else is running well.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 09/11/2014 at 15:41

Elspeth - I'm semi-recovered, but if it comes back again in a few days I am definitely going to the Docs. I've cleaned the bathroom loads to make sure I'm not just re-infecting myself, so hopefully this is the end of it.

Down to Troon for a walk today and actually had an appetite and managed to eat a whole bag of chips  so definitely improving, although still horrible IBS stabbing pain after eating.

Good to have some nice dry weather, been nice Wintery sun down here today .

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