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Scottish Runners

Posted: 30/01/2015 at 15:39

At least there should be no spiders in the dunny FFB - too cold !

Talking of spiders, I found a funnel web in my shed the other day...well, its a web...and its in the shape of a funnel . I just hope the owner does not live up to the name. Surely not? In Scotland in winter? It must be a garden spider with ideas above its station !

Went out at lunchtime for a run, I was the idiot in trail shoes when they have gritted all the pavements . So I ran to the park, did some hill reps in the snow, then came home, changed to road shoes and went out for a couple of miles, following the trail of grit from street to street.

I have a big writing job on at the moment but after 3 or 4 hours I start to go doolally and lose the plot . Nearly done though, maybe one more week...

Scottish Runners

Posted: 29/01/2015 at 18:41

Rest day today so I didn't attempt a run in it, but I did have a bit of a walk - decent layer of snow here was a good test for my Inov8 boots, which in truth rarely get chance to be used!

I don't mind the snow if its deep, but the worst bits are the side roads where the cars have polished the snow into glass !

Meanwhile down here in the land that grit forgot...I actually saw a council van out gritting the pavements today !! Last weekend I went out with a bunch of neighbours and we did it ourselves because it was sheet black ice.


Scottish Runners

Posted: 28/01/2015 at 18:17

The Inversnaid section of the Fling certainly involves a lot of swearing!  Or that might just be me...

Cold sleety run this morning after a couple of nice bright days. Got out early before the snow started to settle.

Froze my rear end off at the allotment on Monday morning - quite literally as I've had a bad piriformis pain ever since!!  Or it might have been lifting heavy stones that did it .

Oh lucky me, two games on at Hampden this weekend , and probably be too cold to escape!!


Scottish Runners

Posted: 20/01/2015 at 13:45

My cat is mad enough already 57.5 .

He goes down near the river quite a lot to hunt, so I'm thinking he might have slid in, then managed to drag himself out ! His tail and back end were completely soaked through, but his front end was dry...he had a lucky escape anyway whatever he was up to !

Slid over to the local park myself today and did hill reps on the grassy slopes where at least there is still a depth of snow rather than ice. Pavements are not great at the moment!

Scottish Runners

Posted: 19/01/2015 at 17:26

Lol Adbru - you choose you moments - coldest part of the year and snow everywhere!

Ran yesterday but it was very slow, quite treacherous first thing with a thin layer of snow over ice, but it got better as the run went on. Looks like more snow tonight, which should hopefully give more traction tomorrow, but you cannot tell until you actually try it out .

My poor cat was out last night in -4temp . I had had to carry / drag him back into the house after my run during the day because he wouldn't come in, but then he created again to go out at 4am this morning, so I let him out thinking he would be back soon...and he was out until 7.30am . Came in soaked and bedraggled looking like an abandoned cat, wouldn't eat, totally frozen. So I defrosted him with a blanket and hot water bottle  and after about 4hrs heat he finally came around and had his breakfast. Stupid thing, he is getting locked in tonight and that is that...!

The Spine

Posted: 16/01/2015 at 19:59

Cragchick - well done for getting as far as you did. I was following your progress and could tell from the trackers you were making a good steady pace at the back. It made no sense to me when you were pulled, particularly as the guy Leif was only just in front of you. I think it was a really cr!p decision personally. I think there will also be guys at the front who will not be happy with how their races went either, with all the forced hold backs to stop the field spreading out too much...and some doing re-routes / short cuts whilst others had to do the full course in horrific conditions.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 16/01/2015 at 10:21

Woke up to snow in Glasgow today - proper stuff not this 'skim then turns to ice' we usually get in the city.

Freezing cold but no wind. Hoorah!

*Frolics off to put trail shoes on*

Good luck with Tyndrum to Beinglas MrsMac. Should be good amount of snow up there by now .

Scottish Runners

Posted: 15/01/2015 at 14:06

I tried to run this morning, but the wind is bending the trees in half...I did precisely one mile, then it started to hail as well, so I turned around and came home again!!

I think this is the windiest day we've had all week here .

The Spine

Posted: 14/01/2015 at 22:09

Forecast overplayed for parts of Scotland today..was not as bad as they predicted in some areas, so maybe they could have gone...or maybe not. Nobody could know unless on the ground. Either way, I don't think I would have the patience for this race! Go home, or get on with it !

Scottish Runners

Posted: 14/01/2015 at 10:58

It is obviously where CC went wrong - severe lack of beard !

There were some bizarre shenanigans going on last night with the trackers - people going off all over the place - must have been blizzards!?

Its kind of ironic when its advertised as 'brutal' and all these other hard-man words they like to use...and then when the weather gets bad they re-route them by a lower course . Errrrrm, if its that dangerous in January...do it in May ...

So some people have gone 'over the tops' in horrific weather, some folk have gone round the bases (not necessarily easier because of bogs etc), or taken more direct routes...then they get time credits for being held back, or penalties for having advantages...how the heck they keep track of all this is beyond me !

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