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Cape Wrath Challenge 2016

Posted: 09/11/2015 at 14:34

I will see you there next year OH .

But I might see Els first at the Fling (for about 5mins before she zooms off leaving me for dust)!

Doing the hill run, round Durness run and marathon, and using the other days to do some of the hill walks in the area I've never managed to fit in as I've always been too knackered from the running!

Last up there in 2011 so really looking forward to going back and experiencing some real wilderness and solitude .

Scottish Runners

Posted: 01/11/2015 at 15:26

Good race at the Southside Six this morning. Did 2.45 for 16 very hilly, sometimes muddy miles, taking in 5 different parks, good mix of road and trail sections. Nice of them to throw in the 'worst' set of stairs in Queens Park just before the finish !

Well marshalled and marked out so no worries on losing the route, which was just as well as the bit through Linn Park was quite convoluted through the woods. No road closures, so there was a lot of running up to pedestrian crossings and waiting for lights, or waiting for gaps at major junctions, but that was a good excuse for a rest after some of the hills!

Discovered trails I didn't know were there. From Linn Park we were out on the pavement up to Clarkston, then a long downhill, then another long uphill up Ayr Road, overtook about 5 here (the local advantage of regularly running this hill!!). Into Rouken Glen, about 1.5m in here of quite muddy rocky leafy trail then out at Speirsbridge roundabout. A boring bit down the road through Thornliebank scheme, which just went to prove anywhere can look quite nice when the sun shines ....sometimes .

Across the very busy roundabout near Pollok Park and then went the back way into Pollok Park (through the muddy bit at Cow Glen), also a route I wouldn't normally take, overtook 3 on the muddy bit, and then out onto the road past the football fields, the only place where we experienced any problems with cars (this comes back to my usual rant about how this part of Pollok Park needs to be one way, as its not wide enough for two cars and you get mown down if you're on foot). Managed to pick up a bit of speed here mainly cos I wanted to get clear of the traffic as quickly as possible and overtook another 3. Then from here across to Bellahouston Park, where again it seemed like we went up every hill in the place, and then yet more stairs up to the checkpoint (another 4 caught).

From Bellahouston 13mile done, then a long stretch down Nithsdale Road, (shook off 3 from earlier who had managed to catch up when I stopped to cross the road), but legs really starting to drag a bit here, finally across Pollokshaws Road, caught 1 more and overtook and then into the bottom of Queens Park, but the finish was back uphill at the flag pole, so we did a bit of circle around the pond then the climb up to 'The Stairs of Doom' . Walked up the stairs, but the hill just after the stairs is actually worse, so jogged up that, then straight uphill to the finish!!

Good race, free hat in the goody bag! Enjoyed it and was by no means near the back, good mix of runners and good marshalling. The hardest part is probably getting an entry in the first place!

Scottish Runners

Posted: 27/10/2015 at 14:02

Well done OH. I must admit I have looked at that event a couple of times but I usually miss the entry and it sells out.

Lol 57.5, that would be funny, plod along at 12mm (can you even go that slow? ) then hammer it at 7mm .

Lovely autumn colours this morning. Hope this weather holds until Sunday!

Scottish Runners

Posted: 24/10/2015 at 10:35

330 - If you are experiencing hip, knee or foot issues I would suggest go see a podiatrist (free on NHS). I wouldn't trust a running shop to understand the results other than as an excuse to punt you off a pair of trainers that may or may not be suitable for your needs.


OH - good luck in Welsh-land.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 19/10/2015 at 16:06

That is an atrocious attitude from the organisers!

I bet they were more than happy to take your money though !!

I hope these people never organise an ultra - complaining about folk being over-due by half an hour - they are in for a big shock !!


Scottish Runners

Posted: 17/10/2015 at 14:35

Out for a run in the freezing fog this morning, feeling very Wintery all wrapped up in loads of clothes.

Shoulder and neck been very stiff last few days, probably shouldn't have painted the bathroom ceiling so soon after returning from Cornwall!

Quite slow running but the legs are moving forward which is the main thing .

Southside Six for me in two weeks time - it could be considered a very local race, given I can walk to the start in 5mins, no excuses not to go then . Given my current post x3 marathon plodding speed I suppose I had better check the cut-off !!

Scottish Runners

Posted: 14/10/2015 at 09:58

Elspeth - third time lucky?  Well done on the race.

I've had sweepers do that to me, really pisses you off, puts you under pressure when actually you are fine at the pace you're going. Good sweepers will chat to you and make sure you are okay but generally hang back a bit, and if you fail you fail of your own accord, bad sweepers run so closely behind you they nearly trip you up like you are just in their way, and constantly put you under pressure so you can't even get a drink and then you end up failing anyway, just another one for them to knock off the course.

I had two sweepers on a race a few years ago who basically wouldn't talk to me, and yet ran so close the guys foot kept going under mine. I was so hacked off, eventually I started talking to them and forced them to engage me in conversation, like yes I am a human being not someone for you to run over like I'm not here. I basically said to them 'there is 13m left, there is no way off this course due to the terrain, I have to finish and I am going to finish well within the cut!!' (so piss off - was what I wanted to add!!)

Scottish Runners

Posted: 13/10/2015 at 16:20

Kennyyan, I didn't mind running G2E, it started out quite wet but turned into a nice afternoon which helped. I palled up with an adventure racer from Manchester, he wasn't that hot on the running, but determined to finish, so we shared a few stories and the miles passed quickly. I ended up staying with him through the rough part of Edinburgh as he didn't have a headtorch, and was more nervous of the locals than I was!!

Definitely good to have a target to get you out in the Winter.

Well done Elspeth on finishing and OH on getting half way on a tough event. I think the half way cut would probably have got me too!!

Scottish Runners

Posted: 12/10/2015 at 14:31

Good example of two very different events, covering the same number of miles.

G2E - flat, mentally tough, legs get no terrain change, if you run / walk its probably best to do it by time, as there are no undulations to use. Brain liable to fall asleep unless you find someone to talk to or can sing as you run!!! People start too fast and find the second half tough.

Fling - hilly, rocky, first 12m lulls a false sense of security. Then Conic hill arrives but that is a lot better on the descent since they improved the path a couple of years ago. Wet rocks, tree roots and stair climbs around Loch Lomond test your concentration just at the point when you are starting to tire. Glorious scenery when you can dare to look up! People tend to start more cautiously and finish.

And it filled up sometime last night....!!!

I spotted a couple of familiar names off here on the entrant list !

Scottish Runners

Posted: 11/10/2015 at 21:24

Fling entry in .

627 places gone in first 11mins !

Almost as bad as trying to get in Lakeland 50....(which has fewer places).

Hope you got on okay at Pentland Elspeth and OH.

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