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Scottish Runners

Posted: Yesterday at 14:31

Good example of two very different events, covering the same number of miles.

G2E - flat, mentally tough, legs get no terrain change, if you run / walk its probably best to do it by time, as there are no undulations to use. Brain liable to fall asleep unless you find someone to talk to or can sing as you run!!! People start too fast and find the second half tough.

Fling - hilly, rocky, first 12m lulls a false sense of security. Then Conic hill arrives but that is a lot better on the descent since they improved the path a couple of years ago. Wet rocks, tree roots and stair climbs around Loch Lomond test your concentration just at the point when you are starting to tire. Glorious scenery when you can dare to look up! People tend to start more cautiously and finish.

And it filled up sometime last night....!!!

I spotted a couple of familiar names off here on the entrant list !

Scottish Runners

Posted: 11/10/2015 at 21:24

Fling entry in .

627 places gone in first 11mins !

Almost as bad as trying to get in Lakeland 50....(which has fewer places).

Hope you got on okay at Pentland Elspeth and OH.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 09/10/2015 at 19:24

I managed to run across bogs, wet rocks, ridiculously huge boulder fields, sand dunes and cliff edges without falling over.....and yet tripped over a 0.5cm high raise on the pavement in Glasgow .

Good luck at the Pentland Skyline Elspeth, hear it is a good one.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 09/10/2015 at 16:38

Hello all

Back from running 3 trail marathons in 3 days in Cornwall. Superb weather all week, very tricky technical trail on the third day (like Inversnaid on WHW course only worse, bigger boulders to clamber over that went on forever and ankle breaking gaps and angles!). Only started raining when I got to Lands End (which was the finish).

Fell over when I was running the week before I left, got a severe muscular contusion to right shoulder, but nothing broken, and lots of blood from hands and knee. Spent the two weeks slowing building strength back, very painful, but the worse part was sitting in the car for two days to get down to Cornwall!!

Did lots of physio and walking and improved by the time of the first race and could carry back pack again. The third day was very sore clambering and dragging myself over rocks, and at one point hanging off a boulder by my fingertips over the edge of the cliffs! Days one and two are straightforward, some hills and steep lengths of stairs but nothing too major if you have done any of the hilly races or ultras in Scotland, but day 3 was definitely something else entirely!!

As if that wasn't enough, developed a bad cough early in the week (accommodation was quite damp) which worsened and has turned into a chest infection. So I'm just back from the docs with a course of anti-biotics and a steroid inhaler .

Apart from all that I had a great week and would highly recommend the challenge, great bunch of people, very smooth organisation. You have to grab what you want at the check points as they are not exactly forthcoming giving you stuff and I had to practically wrestle a guy to get my Cornish pasty at the finish, but as long as you are fairly self-sufficient its a great event to do.

Oh and Sand...don't talk to me about sand.... Beau Gest had nothing on this!

Scottish Runners

Posted: 12/09/2015 at 15:01

Well done Helga, nice run. I've done their Helvelyn and Ullswater weekend, and their marathon. Their trail marathon can accurately be described as 'hard and hilly' !

10mile run this morning in the rain. Got 3wks until my Cornwall marathons .

Waiting in for my plumber now to finish a few things off in the bathroom. Squad of Polish builders spent 3 days here and have done a stunning job on the floor and wall tiles, I'm so glad I chose them and not some of the dodgy people / companies who came to give quotes . They were here at the crack of dawn every day (cue some rather embarrassing moments with me just out of bed whilst they are ready to work work work!), ate their lunch while working and were away by mid-day, leaving me with peace for the afternoon whilst the various tile stages dried. Would definitely use them again, their attitude was so different to the British workers I've used in the past who act like they couldn't give a damn if they leave you hanging about all day.

Run tomorrow and then hopefully I can finally have a bath !!!


Scottish Runners

Posted: 05/09/2015 at 14:48

57.5 -  Italy .

Enjoy Keswick Helga, let us know how you get on.


Scottish Runners

Posted: 04/09/2015 at 14:39

Nice one Helga - 3wks taper now remember don't over-do it .

10m today through the woods, bit of an autumnal chill, prefer running in that to the heat. Probably do about a 13 or 14m tomorrow.

Bathroom getting trashed next week (and hopefully fixed too!), cannot say I am looking forward to the mess and disruption...and no shower!!

Scottish Runners

Posted: 01/09/2015 at 09:40

Just got my entry in for Lakeland 50 for next year.

Entries opened 9am this morning, and were full for both 100 and 50 by 9.30am!!

No hanging about!

Welcome Helga - Loch Ness is a nice marathon.

Pedestrian Etiquette

Posted: 28/08/2015 at 16:14

I've been in a 10k where guys have done that - run straight into the path of anyone that dares to take more than 45mins+ on the course. That is about the only time I've ever shouted at anyone to 'move out of the way you f*cking dick!!'

Pedestrians don't bother me, I usually just run around them. It's hilarious running around here when it snows, for some reason the pedestrian assumes I'm on the 'best bit' of snow, i.e. the least slippy bit cos I'm running on it, so they move over to my side, so I move over to there's, then they realise actually the snow is exactly the same on both sides and want back over to their original side. It's like a little dancing on ice routine!

So now I just run onto the road if I see a pedestrian coming toward me when its snowing !

Scottish Runners

Posted: 23/08/2015 at 16:19

I hate having to get people in to do work too, much rather try to do stuff myself. I know a good plumber so that is one less thing to worry about, just need to find someone to do the tiles.

Long run today in hideous heat and wind, got some good hills in and then cut it short as the heat was flaking me out.

So yesterday I was down at Rouken Glen park looking for some allotment supplies in the garden centre, mainly netting for the broccoli, walked in the door to be greeted by a line of 1m high illuminated Santa's!!! Yes, it was 22nd August and about 18degrees outside and they have already started their Christmas display ! They had also moved quite a lot of the useful gardening stuff in order to accommodate this tat!!! I think I might have to shop somewhere else on principle...

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