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Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 17:53
Hey Superman! So glad things are going well! Enjoy Cinderella!!

Good to see you at Ashby Ginger magic! And yes Malcs he heard me purely as he ran past me so I had to shout hello!!


First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 14/01/2015 at 08:15
I'm lucky DS2 is a very good friend of mine, he is coaching me, has worked out every step of my training plan. We speak daily and its helped him focus on something other than recovery from his foot injury. We met when I went to bootcamp first time. Other than that I would have applied for the Forum 6. I really do love the look of your plan only I already do a fair amount of milage, I will be sub 4 this year, and as for the other one....erm.... *choose words carefully tigger don't want to be made to feel a vilan again* it's not for me!

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 12/01/2015 at 10:12
I didn't literally help put Gingermagic in Bramster's soup because clearly that just sounds wrong!!

Great read Ruth thank you! Will definitely try the quick curry!!

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 11/01/2015 at 19:54

Hey, Glad your LSR today is going well! Loving the photos...keeping us on our toes with the angle of the photos and all that!  thought it was just the wine!! 

I did my 14 LSR today too, I actually love having the 'workout' setting on! Concentration on the pace detracts from thinking about distance a little! I ran with 2 friends...when I say ran.... we did for most of it... but then dragged there ass's for the last few miles, and maybe ran the last faster 1 on my own!! I'm totally loving being told what to do for my training, makes a big difference when someone else has so much faith in your ability doesn't it!

Tried the Shot Blocks didn't have them during the run but had one on my walk home! they are yummy! 

Cant believe you are on week 4 already!

Hey Gordie Jo I'm saying nothing about the other thread!! 

sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 11/01/2015 at 19:20

Evening All!!

You should have a look at the forum 6 thread! As either!! My friend had a mentor the other year, loved it! and I'm loving being told what to do!

Go Howard with your new pb! Cant beat a good run to give us a boost!

I had a 14 miler this morning! Fab pacing felt really good, so at the end of this week have a happy 36 miles under my belt!!

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 09/01/2015 at 13:12

Afternoon All!! Superman You do have a great thread!

Well Done on VLM Charles! 

Thought I'd pop back out of lurking as we on one my favourite subjects.....SWEETS!!!

Very interested in gel recommendations! I used the High5 until I tried the caffeine ones by accident which did sit better than the ones without! But for this marathon as I actually have my first proper training plan (which I am sticking to like glue) I should look to plan my fuelling too!


First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 09/01/2015 at 12:51

Ignore my last message, the workout I was looking at was hills where I had individual splits due to them being set up as separate sections.

So I'v set mine up as all 1 mile then repeat depending on how many miles I'm doing....simples!


First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 08/01/2015 at 20:01
I thought that about the laps too, however it does! I'd double check if I were you! May not show straight away on your watch but when you download it it is recorded. I ran with a friend today we got everso excited when my watch didn't bleep at us to 'speed up' when we did 2 miles at MP! Sad I know!

loving the photos! I can never drink wine the day after its been opened! Clearly doesn't happen that there is any left to save but there you go!!

sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 08/01/2015 at 13:00
Afternoon all!!

Very impressive Howard! Happy rollering....If that's possible?!?!

Have to share today's run! Bloody brilliant!! Slightly tired from a tough swim with the tri club last night, but the plan said 11 miles first 8miles at 10mm, 2miles at 9mm and last 1 mile 10mm. Nailed it 9.59, 8.49, 9.59! Very very happy with that!

I have 14 miles planned for Sunday, kinda prefer not to look at the weather!! Good luck with your 15 miler coop! I was supposed to be ow training tomorrow but my car is off for its mot!

What's everyone else up too?

sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 07/01/2015 at 11:33
Oh wow Susan that's brilliant!

I am a bit of a swimmer, only learnt in Jan 2013 did my first open water 10k last September! September this year I'm swimming the length of Coniston!
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