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Stevenage Marathon 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 21:45
I just found them on Facebook by accident.

Sub 3:30 Stevenage Marathon 2 November

Posted: Yesterday at 21:38
It was just a tester. I'm returning from a complete three week rest after a minor injury and possible overtraining. I did a 23:05 5K three weeks after London. So that pace is within 160%.

I've not read Hadd but I'm going to look at my LSR pace. Which I think is usually 9:20:mi, 150bpm or 75%max.

I'm thinking of joining a club to get an independent look at what I'm doing because my ideas seem to jump around all over the place.

Stevenage Marathon 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 19:58
I've had good responses from Facebook. Try there.

Sub 3:30 Stevenage Marathon 2 November

Posted: Yesterday at 19:48
Sub 4:00. Bring it on!

Sub 3:30 Stevenage Marathon 2 November

Posted: Yesterday at 19:47
It always ends like this...

Anyway. I'm pain free and managed 4miles at 11:00/mi average HR 140 71%max? on Sunday morning so I've drawn up a 15/16week plan. I hope to be gently increasing mileage to 13 over the next two weeks.

Sub 50min 10k/Sub 1h 50 half marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 14:55
Matty - it felt tight and a bit sore on Sunday night but the proper pain has gone. Yesterday I could feel it when I stretched. Today I'm pain free and haven't thought about it at all.

Tomorrow will be 7miles.

Garmin FR220

Posted: Yesterday at 14:09
Probably time to uprade my phone.

I'll time the GPS fix then and see what it actually is. It's not seconds but I only use it once every few days which may have a bearing on how the satellites have moved about.

Sub 3:30 Stevenage Marathon 2 November

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 22:00
Struck by lightning on his way to the squash match?

Dear Idiot.....

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 20:22
210, you should be with friends, not posting on a forum.

Hope all turns out ok.

Sub 3:30 Stevenage Marathon 2 November

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 15:47
I'm confused at what distance he is actually running. Maybe if he's measured 10miles on mapmyrun and calling it a 12mile run he might be getting 8:00/mi mixed up with what is actually 9:40/mi.

That could be embarrassing.
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