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Posted: 05/02/2016 at 12:34

Wardi - no troubles really. The back just highlighted the lack of motivation to do what is necessary to run quicker than what was my ultimate target anyway. If I had run 2:22/3 and sub-2:20 was a possibility then I'd have felt differently, but I can't see that a pb of 2:26 or 2:25 will feel any different to me than a 2:27. Nice long run!

selbs - there'll be a few clubmates there I think so I'll have motivation when I start flagging. I think the biggest thing for me will be learning to eat and run at the same time - given I can't currently have breakfast before a marathon it presents an interesting challenge.
And yes, I get what you're saying with the 5km, but a useful marker nonetheless.

CW - nice week! If you look on the results page that's more up to date and lists the 75 miles. A clubmate done 65 last year which was good enough for 7th, so there could be a similar jump in depth this year too which would make it interesting.

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Posted: 04/02/2016 at 14:57

Worthy of a separate post..........

I'm well aware that the increase in volume and quality is the most likely cause for both the migraine and back issues (though the windy long run with efforts last week won't have helped on the back front). Lack of any functional fitness is also a big part of it, plus not having trained properly for over a year.

What probably doesn't help with focus is that when I came on here I had, in my mind, plucked the ultimate target of sub-2:30 out of the air, and having run it 3 times in wildly varying conditions I don't really have another target that appeals enough to make me want to continue putting off all the other stuff I've always wanted to do, yet always avoided because of marathons, so I'm starting a weights programme next week and have signed up for Endure 12/50 in mid-July as a solo runner (course record is 75 miles on a 5m lap for the 12 hours), as well as looking at some other more adventurous race possibilities.

The 12 hour race in particular is going to be interesting given that I can't even eat breakfast on the morning of a marathon at the moment..........

I'm still going to do marathons though, and still want to run them as fast as possible, but if that ends up being a bit slower because of the other stuff I'll be doing then I can live with that.

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Posted: 04/02/2016 at 14:51

Afternoon all. Bit of a hectic period again.

Sounds like you're having a ball out there Dan.

That's a very good 5km for an extra 5kg selbs! Only 20s off of your course best despite the ballast I see!

Congrats on the team silver Jools.

Huge mileage RS!!!

Sorry to hear that Lev_. Fingers crossed everything settles/heals up soon.

I too was supposed to be running the Southerns on Saturday, but my back kicked off again on Friday to make it a no go. I was on driving duties though so still went along to watch, but was reduced to lying on the floor of our tent for most of the afternoon.
Booked an appointment with the chiro for Monday, before which I ran 4m, which was the limit of my pain threshold. He aligned my hips and lower back to their rightful place, and I managed an easy completely pain-free 20m Tuesday and my best track session in ages last night - 2 x 2km, 4km, 1 x 2km off of my usual long recoveries. Wanted 10km pace for the first 2 reps, HM for the 4km, and then a touch quicker with a faster last lap for the last 2km. Went harder than expected/planned and averaged 83s laps for the sessions (so just squeaking inside Mara pace for a lot more effort! ).

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Posted: 27/01/2016 at 13:07

Nice workout Padams. That's similar to my hills & stuff sessions! Almost there. Still got a bit of a headache and tight calves, but nothing major now. It usually takes a week +/- for it to clear completely.

CW - I looked it up and apparently migraines can cause (or be associated with - the order is unconfirmed) mineral depletion, so in my case the screaming calves was probably due to cramping. Sodium and magnesium seem to be two of the main culprits and I've not been taking magnesium for the last few months, but started back on it now.

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Posted: 26/01/2016 at 22:46

CW - you are truly bonkers!

Nice one on the consistency selbs. Loads of time, especially for somebody who responds as quickly as you!

Nice progression Padams!

bains - I'm with TR. Get healthy first and then crack on. One of the hardest parts of running is to accept when you need to stop (I had it last week).

Nice repping Jools.

I'm sure you will Dachs. You looked mega comfortable out there today.

And I hope things are not too bad CC2.

CJ - why in the work gear? I think you and CW are trying to stitch us up!

All part of my cunning plan Wardi. Fat and unfit instead of over-eager and injured

More big volume RS!

After ticking off Monday to Thursday as intended (more or less - track on Wednesday was hopeless as it iced over) I came down with a killer migraine on Friday. First one in longer than I can remember, but it was lethal. Tried to run on Saturday, but couldn't muster any faster than 7:40 for 10 because my calves were screaming (always have this with migraines) and my head was still a mess.
I ended up having to be sensible and give the xc a miss on Sunday.

Quite a bit better, but not perfect, yesterday, so got in a solid 12. More improvement today, and almost there now, so I somehow managed to knock out a decent (for current fitness) long surge run - 20.8 @ 6:42.
Surges of 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 minutes, starting every 6 (i.e. 5mins easy after the 1min, 4 after the 2, etc). Averaged 5:38m/m for the surges and 7:08m/m for the recoveries. 5m before, 8m after, both @ 6:57m/m. Bit windy out.

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Posted: 20/01/2016 at 14:21

Dachs - it helped that I had a (very little) bit in the tank in both races. I was trying to treat them as just a solid tempo rather than race them (bar the leg-sapping uphills!). And yeah, Marigold was there (and CJ (Christchurch Jon), who was probably before your time on here). I had a chat with him later and he was saying he's just getting back into it.

Solid xc-ing from bains and Padams, even if it wasn't quite the level you expect from yourselves.

Sounds like a nice xc performance Dan. I agree on the downhills; so few hit them hard, though I suspect that's down to fear more than anything else. I was a bit cautious on them in both races over the weekend because my left hammie was very tight (as was my back - all linked back to the diy lifting, etc), but usually do hit them hard. I've noticed the same in road races too.

I seem to be currently executing the Steve Jones method of training as I've continued in a similar vein to last week - reasonable volume but with more overall quality (though spread across runs, rather than all in one go).

Monday was 10m with a light 'hills+stuff' session - 6 x ~280m hills (5-10k effort), straight into 2m @ ~c(urrent)MP (5:57).
Yesterday was a progressive 6m which went 3m brisk (6:45), 1m fast (6:23), 1m ~cMP (5:58), 1m ~c10k (5:43).

Group track session tonight (but I'll do it at a more relaxed effort than whatever is prescribed).

I'm leaving my long run until Saturday instead of my usual Monday in deference to the back to back xc races. All being well I should be over 90m again this week.

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Posted: 18/01/2016 at 09:20

Nicely done Wardi.

CW - I'm just guessing saying at least a stone, but as far as paces go you have to remember there's so little between my paces that a stone can be the difference in making marathon pace 5km pace. Nice reps/long run combo!!

That's a nice MP run Dachs. Will be good to see what you do in 14 weeks time.

Big mileage and nice on the 10k RS.

I had a slight jump in volume last week, going from the last 4 weeks being 38, 30, 32, 46, to 93 this week. Longest run was only 12m, but included a tempo, 2 xc races and the quick 1/2m & 1m in Thursdays run, as well as a solid 10m (65mins), so not too shabby all things considered. I also started blogging again if any of you want any more detail - here.

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Posted: 15/01/2016 at 10:52

Good news on the ankle CJ. 40 degrees though? Blimey!

Al_P - did I send you the Squires stuff before? Those basically. Let me know if I haven't and I'll send them on.

Tough days Wardi Fingers crossed things start to get better soon on both the reconnection of the town and the weather. It's cold down here, but not a fraction on what you've got by the sounds of it.

Dan - luckily my move last July was only about 1m (radially) and this one is smack bang between the two, so no real chance of me turning a MLR into a LR (even with my hopeless sense of direction ).

PP - you can sing it. After the cooking and washing utilities get connected next Monday the rest of it will be at a much more sedate pace. That's a pretty solid track record you guys have. I'm looking forward to it too; mainly because I'm telling myself it can only help my fitness........

I seem to be finally back in the groove, though my legs were feeling a bit shot this morning. A 5/10 double yesterday, with the 10 including 1/2m fast (5:01m/m) and 1m @ a touch quicker than current 5km pace (5:31m/m) means that after this morning's jog I'm currently on 60 for the week, so definite progress.
I've got 2 xc races this weekend, so it'll be a pretty high quality week, albeit lacking a long run (hoping to do 15+ later which will be my longest run this week).

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Posted: 13/01/2016 at 23:50

Nice one on the medals CC2. First old lady - v35 I presume?

Congrats on the team medal PP. How do you guys normally do in the Southerns? You must be quite strong?

Huge mileage RS.

Good to see you Al_P. Will be interesting to see how it works out for you. For me, the change from specific to less specific training paid off, and you convert similarly to me as I remember, so maybe the way to go after the threshold runs is 10k-paced long efforts.......

Dachs - nice old man result

Nice repping Jools.

bains - similar runs/areas being worked on for us today (i.e. threshold, but yours was much tougher than mine) . We're in not dissimilar current shape by the looks of it. Nice session.

Today was supposed to be the day I got back to track, having spent the day building my new kitchen, but there are plumbing problems in the new gaff and I ended up having to dig down ~3ft to find the access hatch for the waste (not a very accessible access hatch obviously!) and having to wait in for a plumber (never arrived of course) instead of working on the kitchen.
Still managed to fit in 9m this evening with a 3m tempo @ 5:48 (to go with 5m this am, which makes 40m for the 3 days) - that was probably about 10m race pace. I seem to manage to run comparatively quicker when I'm unfit (I usually struggle to hit even HM pace for a 3m tempo), so pleased with that for where I am.

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Posted: 08/01/2016 at 23:26

Sounds positive Lev_. Nice one!

Bad luck CJ though 8 weeks seems a lot for a sprained ankle.

PP - looking in very good shape already! Congrats on the vest.

3-4lbs CW? I wish I was only that much over. I can't remember the last time I stepped on a scales but I reckon I must be at least a stone over race weight at the moment. Maybe I need to find the scales and see how bad it is to get focused!

Bad luck ES.

Good to see you coro. What races have you got in the pipeline?

First night in the new house today  
Spent all of today moving stuff, but still loads more to do over the next few days. Being decorating, etc, as usual, the last few days, but managed to get some running in even if it was very (very very) ploddy!

Legs have felt rough on every run this week. I'm assuming that it's simply the lack of sleep and being constantly on the go with the house all catching up with me. Plan was to spend this week running easy to build the volume up and, though it doesn't seem like I've done much I counted back, and my average mileage for the last 19 weeks was 46m, whereas I've done 46m in the last 4 days (3/5, 5/10, 6/12 and 6 this morning - ran out of time to do a second run as I only got to have dinner about 9:30).
Will get to run tomorrow with a bit of luck, hopefully a double, and hopefully enough to put me in the 60s for the week. Then Sunday off, and will start to introduce sessions next week. Just as well 15 weeks is a long time as I'll need every bit of it!

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