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Posted: 14/04/2014 at 10:07

Morning all.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed tracking so many of you yesterday. I know some of you didn't get what you want, and for that you have my commiserations, but there were some stunning performances too, so, obviously congratulations as appropriate.

Obviously Marigold's performance needs to be singled out. A 2:16 and winning the championship is just stunning!

And a very impressive debut from bufo too (nice conversion from Eastleigh also).

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Posted: 13/04/2014 at 10:11

Just popping the list back to this page for any trackers; I think it's the latest.


  • Al_P 2:35:59 (A) / 2:37:00 (B) / 2:41:00 (C)      Champs start #645 New Forest Runners (white/green) vest
  • Lev 2:35:XX (A) / 2:37:31 (B), blue (Champs) #895 Victoria Park/Tower Hamlets vest (white w/ turquoise and blue diagonal stripe) 
  • Dachs 2:37 (A) / 2:39:59 (B), blue (Champs) #1058 Green Reading Roadrunners vest
  • Jonny 2:37:00 (A) / 2:39:59 (B) 2:44:14 (PB)      (C) (Champs)
  • CharlieW 2:39:59 (a) 2:42 (b) blue#637
  • LukeStur 2:39:59 (a) 2:42:59 (b) 2:44:59 (c)      Red fgfa #32742
  • Sweedo 2:42 (a), 2:44.59 (b) red fgfa
  • Yasunaga 2:43, red fgfa
  • Bainspj 2:44 (a) 2:50 (b), red fgfa ,#31013
  • HR 2:43, red fgfa, #32515 All black outfit
  • A.W 2:44.59 (a) / 2:49.59 (b), red fgfa #31745
  • Ryan Snell 2:44:59 (a) / 2:49:59 (b) red fgfa      #31056
  • Old No7 2:44.59 (a) / 2:49.59 (b), red fgfa      #31682
  • Spirun 2:44.59 (a) / 2:49.59 (b), red fgfa #31064
  • Mr Boat 2:44:59 red fgfa #31793  BAC vest (yellow with blue vertical stripe)
  • Postie not the foggiest but hopefully under      2:50 #32839 red fgfa
  • Runningowl      2:49.59 (a) 2:55.00 blackpool mass start sub 3 JUST accepted
  • Pi Man 2:55(a), 2:58(b), red fgfa, #31153
  • CC2 - 2.59.59 Champs start #151
  • Tmoth – (A) TBC pending greed/fitness/fear      levels / 2:59:59 (B) (Belfast May 5th)
  • Le Jimbob (A) 2:59 (B) 3.02 (C) PB sub 3:05:37      Rouge (Paris)
  • PhilPub 2:59, green, #27081
  • Bedders - 2:59:59 (Orange start 'Corral #1 in      Milan
  • Nichs2 - 3:10
  • Wardi - 3:15-3:20 (old codger's GFA time)
  • Lord Didsbury - fuck off 

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Posted: 13/04/2014 at 08:01
Same as Jools, but swap Reading for Bristol. Good luck all!

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Posted: 11/04/2014 at 22:26

Dan - really sorry to hear that. I can't remember, but did you ever get a diagnosis as to the cause?

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Posted: 11/04/2014 at 14:42

Yes, the link has been posted before and yes, the argument is still flawed.

MarkyN - his use of statistics to back up his argument is based on the assumption that everybody got their optimal result on the day. If you want to see how statistics can be misused, then how about I suggest to you that there is only a 40% chance that the winner on Sunday will be African-born (if you allow for the fact that the first race was a tie between 2 non-Africans) ? Statistically only 14 winners out of 34 races (35 winners) have been won by an African runner, so I could suggest that you can't claim that my logic is flawed surely? In reality however, 13 of those 14 wins to African born runners were the last 13 races.......

Additionally, 5% quicker than your target time would be, for a large majority of people, inside their HM pb'.

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Posted: 11/04/2014 at 09:38

Bedders - well done on toughing it out. I was going to comment exactly the same as Prof. CW. I had this a few years ago for one marathon where I over-hydrated (and probably tried to stuff too many carbs in in the preceding days) and for the first few miles my shins hurt with every step.

LD - but any formula would have to take into account the fact that every individual will burn fat at a different rate. From my own personal experience, despite taking on board no fuel during the race and not having a breakfast, I've finished my last few marathons without feeling anywhere near bonking. My race-day routine consists of a mug of coffee and a glass of PSP about 3 hours beforehand (probably less than 20g of powder, so probably, at most 75kcal of carbs), and then just water. I presume that I was able to access a significant proportion of my on-board carbs whilst burning a high proportion of fat.

If I had to think about why it works I would guess that my morning glass of PSP is sufficient to stimulate my body into 'allowing' usage of glycogen (similar to the tests that show if you swill a sports drink, but don't swallow, it tricks your body into thinking there are more on the way and therefore relinquishing what it has).

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Posted: 10/04/2014 at 18:02
LD - you are mistakenly assuming you are burning 100 kcal of glycogen per mile. Assuming 100 kcal total energy expenditure per mile and a fully loaded total of 2000 kcal you only need fat burning to contribute 24 kcal per mile to reach the finish line without bonking.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 16:04

Dean, I am only an occasional lurker, so don't know the full background to/cause of your issue, but I thought I had sciatica/piriformis issues recently which turned out to be a misaligned pelvis (sacroiliac joint), which had the knock on effect of causing my back to tighten up as well as causing both a glute and hip flexor strain/tear. My quads had also started to lock out because of the other muscles locking out. Like you I never really noticed any pain in my back (or quads), just a bit of stiffness. My osteo, as well as realigning and massaging me, has told me to take hot baths and use hot water bottles on the affected areas as much as possible, so maybe that may help you too.

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Posted: 09/04/2014 at 15:44

Cheers CW. I'd have preferred to have had the pain myself.

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Posted: 09/04/2014 at 08:38

I think you're spot on Dachs. It seems to be a particularly British thing to have a pop at your top sportspeople (or successful people generally). It's almost part of the national psyche, along with fish and chips, queuing and the inability to complain when you're being shafted by companies.

Having said that, I think from what I saw of the NYC half that Mo is still a bit too bouncy for the marathon so I suspect if he is to be successful he will need a couple of attempts to get it right, much like Haile.

I've stopped running at the moment. The pelvic pain is gone, the minor glute tear has fully healed, but the hip flexor strain/tear is being a bit more persistent. I took a few days off the end of March and thought it had settled down, but it was a case of 'not quite', so I'm taking Padams oft-quoted approach of wait until it doesn't hurt and then wait one more day.

I've basically set it in my head that I'm now working as if I had run a marathon last weekend, and will build back up slowly in a similar manner. Annoying, but better to treat it like this, thinking a bit longer term.

Anyway, enough of that. The main reason for posting is to wish those of you running on Sunday all the best. As the saying goes, kick it hard and don't be sh!t.

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