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Posted: 23/09/2016 at 19:01
Jools - swap 'not really racing' for 'standing around watching the race, same as last year' for a more accurate description ????
LS21, Njord and Caz are out here, and, so I believe, is Lord Didsbury.

SL - quality!

Dan - I love the Squires reps: long reps at 10k pace with bigger recoveries. Stuff like 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 1.5m @ 10k, with 4 minutes between.

Will read back properly next week when I'm back. Doing a very small bit but that's more than I had been doing. Little acorns, etc.

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Posted: 17/09/2016 at 11:05

Morning all!

RS - very very nice!! Well done. Good luck for the final run-in.

Looks like plenty of good training and racing going on from the rest of you too from a quick scan back.

TR - sorry to hear you're still not 100% with the ear/sinus thing. Fingers crossed it all settles down and you can get back to it fully.

I had my first run for over 2 weeks yesterday, with no other exercise in between either (bar a few ~3.7m bike commutes). It was horrendous, but as expected.
I've decided that the easiest way for me to regain fitness without knackering myself is to embrace some discipline and HR training (using the zones from Joe Friel's Triathlete Training Bible), so set out for 6m in zone 1. End result was a 8:11m/m average for a 65% WHR, which is bad enough without adding in that my pace nosedived as I was averaging 7:50 at halfway.......... Still, it can only get better!

It has all been worth it though as I had the house revalued yesterday (still have a few jobs to do), and for a total spend of ~14k (by the time I've finished), I've ended up with a house worth 90k more than I paid for it (not selling, so had it valued just out of curiosity). It was worth all the work and inability to train just to make it a home for the kids and I anyway, but that is a nice bit of icing on the cake

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Posted: 08/09/2016 at 13:23

Afternoon all!

Good to see things going well Padams!

Big mileage Jools. Not surprised you felt tired towards the end of the half.

Shame with the wrong turn ES, but still a good effort, and well done for not dialling it in.

RS - I can say this as somebody who has, at times in the past, put too much emphasis on it - it's only running, don't beat yourself up about it. You'll enjoy it much more if you can just dust yourself off after a race that doesn't go to plan. 
I ran Jersey as my second marathon (not including the two as a kid) in 2007, 3 weeks after my first. Assuming the course is still the same the first half is very uphill and the second half very downhill. I'd recommend not taking the same approach I did where I set a (then) half-marathon pb on the uphill first half. The second half was, shall we say, predictable...........

Sounding good for Sunday LMH!!

Nothing to report here. Literally. I haven't done anything at all since Friday. Decided there was no point racing Sunday (Maidenhead) as I'd be thrashing myself to finish probably 7 or 8 minutes outside my best. Also ruled out even jogging around Berlin and putting all my efforts to finishing the house.

Been working around the clock on the house since then (took a day off work yesterday and got probably what would have taken me well over a week of working just evenings and weekends to get done, finished) - much better than the half-hearted exercising/half-hearted diy approach I had been doing. I reckon it'll be completely done in a few weeks (bar some very small jobs), so can then get to work on the process of getting fit again.

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Posted: 01/09/2016 at 22:05

Dan - your running is sounding a bit like mine. Some (most?) days even a 7-high run feels like hard-work.
I suspect in my case a lot of it is cumulative lack of training over 2 years (i.e. no base), but can't say for certain. I've decided to train (mainly) by HR to see if that helps to bring things under control, but maybe wearing the HRM might also give some insight into what exactly is going on. Likewise, maybe sticking a HRM on could also give you some insight?
Either that or, as LMH suggested, back off for a while?

As above, I'm running/cycling by HR for now, at least until I start to build up some decent volume (I had 12 runs last month in double figures, but no long runs, which is something I need to rectify), but probably longer term - I need to start working with my body if I want to get fit again, instead of battering it into submission. The only exceptions will be a weekly track session, and a weekly spin class.

Track last night was 3 x 10 x 200m off of a 40-45s jog, 400m between sets. Buried myself and averaged 37.4s (whilst aiming/hoping for 40s). A 33 flat nearly finished me off. Effort wise the majority were probably around current theoretical 800m race pace. Doesn't seem too bad until you realise that current theoretical 800m race pace is roughly about 10k pb pace........... it'll be a long road back to any form of proper fitness.........

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Posted: 31/08/2016 at 16:20

 Padams; congrats!

Haha LS21, I'm working on the swimming thing. Surely only a matter of days before I'm gliding through the water with all the style of a dolphin (caught in a net..... ). I'm in the same boat as you at the moment (not really making any inroads into the improvements required), though not really training might explain that.

AlanB - congrats on the win!! Now recover and absorb it before pushing on again. Hopefully the cold passes quickly.

Well done on the trail podium ES.

And likewise on the hilly 10k podium LMH.

Nice weekend of training/racing Jools!

CW - cheers. It takes a lot to faze her so she'll be fine either way.

Training has still been hit and miss. Slight improvements, but I'm not getting the time to really do anything longer than a MLR (working on the house), and that's not going to improve much for the next few weeks as I've decided to have one last push on the house as I reckon I could (hopefully) have it pretty much finished by the end of September if what I have left goes to plan, so the chances are I'll do similarly to what LS21 is considering and just enjoy the weekend.

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Posted: 26/08/2016 at 12:55

Good to hear things seem to be improving for you LS21. I'm looking forward to the afters, if not the race. I still haven't run any 20s (in fact, since London, my longest run is 16m, or 17m if you include the race with jogging either side - just one of each, so everything else has topped out at 12m).

Sorry to hear about the cat Wardi.

Looking very good AlanB! Impressive training.

Will be interesting to see how the big mileage goes for you again CW. And good re: Jr, on all counts.

Good to see SL.

Nice fartleking RB.

Anybody heard from Padams?

Not much to report here. My eldest (back in Ireland) didn't quite get the results she wanted (much to her surprise - she's getting them rechecked), so is considering working for a year before going to uni.

Training wise, up and down. As per my comment to LS21 above, I still haven't done a 20m since London and have only been above 12m twice..... If I don't get in at least 3 x 20s in the next few weeks then I won't even consider racing Berlin, and, even if I do it depends on how I'm feeling closer (it all feels rather like hard work at the moment - 45m in the last 4 days has left my legs thrashed).

In general I'm trying to take a 'base' style approach and just focusing on building up training again just to re-establish some basic fitness. Ideally I'll eventually get to a place where I'm doing 10hrs+ on the bike and 70m+ of running. Oh, and I'm getting swimming lessons shortly, so no prizes for guessing where this is going

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Posted: 18/08/2016 at 13:18

Haha RB. There have been doubts around Hickey and his dealings for quite a while. I suspect when the dust settles this will turn out to have been a very precisely targeted operation. And Ireland has got to be one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. Have a look at all the stuff over recent elections, water charges, etc. Crazy!!

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Posted: 18/08/2016 at 10:02

RB - exactly. No country is immune to doping, but the general trend is that (in each country) it's only dodgy foreigners who do it. There is, of course, absolutely no reason why the swimmers could not be doping, irrespective of nationality, especially, given as you say, that records routinely tumble.......... Nice fartleking.

Nice HM result CW! I was in a similar quandary in terms of how much/what kind of effort to put into training for the next few months, but opted to go for a base approach to running whilst building time on the bike and getting back to the gym. Slowly slowly basically.

Last night's track session was pretty much ideal in respect of my current base approach. Essentially it was a continuous scorpion (i.e. no rest) of 10 x {700m steady, 100m fast}. The prescribed pace for the 700s was 70% of 10k pace, but I ran them @ ~ Mara effort, and strode out on the 100s.
The end result was 6:07m/m for the 5m, i.e. close to estimated current HM pace, making it really a light tempo with surges. I liked it as it meant I was recovering at Mara effort, so a good base workout in my book, and one I'll do again myself.

Weight is starting to come down a little too - 64.7kg this morning, so just 2.8kg over London.

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Posted: 15/08/2016 at 10:48

LS21 - that's tough! I've been there thinking that things won't settle down, and, tbh, at the moment it all feels like hard work. It does sound like you're struggling with motivation for marathoning though (completely understandable if you think your body is going to break down on a regular basis), so maybe it'd be an idea to target something that excites you more whilst allowing your body to ease into training?
As I've said before I no longer have the motivation to do the fastest marathon I can (set my ultimate target and hit it) anymore so have been working on new targets and have something in mind that is a very (very) long term target but is getting my juices flowing again. Maybe a similar approach will take the pressure off?

Good luck with the Abo build-up Al_P!

Nice improvement Jools!

RB - I was gobsmacked by Ayana, but I'm edging towards clean, partially because I want to believe that it's possible - only her second ever 10k race would point to naivety about how to run it, exacerbated by the Kenyan going out crazily hard. Her debut was 30:1x I think. A 14:12:59 5km pb would put her in that ballpark too (obviously an assumption that that was clean too).
However, the other way of looking at it is that if there's scepticism there, then why none about Adam Peaty breaking his own world record twice in successive nights? Or the fact that the 10000m had 18 outright pb' plus a Masters World Record for Jo Pavey.
If you look at it in percentages, Ayana improved the WR by 0.81%, Peaty by 1.36% (in a shorter distance which is proportionately much harder to do).

Impressive mileage AlanB.

Salisbury Trail 'HM' yesterday (actually ended up running an extra 0.5m due to a long course and poor marshalling in a couple of places. Got lucky and nobody quick turned up so I ended up with a gun-tape win by a little over 8 minutes. Overall time was shockingly poor (1:30:07), but it's a very tough course on a hot day and I'm in poor shape anyway. I put a finger in the air guess when setting training paces at the start of the week that I could probably just about muster a 10km @ 6m/m pace at the moment, putting my HM pace at about 6:08m/m. Looking at the times of some of the other runners it looks like my time would probably equate to possibly scraping a sub-80 on a better course, so about right really.
A few miles before and after made 17m for the day, and 67m for the week.
Nice surprise to see Njord and Caz beforehand too as they happened to be in the area. Good day out.

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Posted: 09/08/2016 at 12:09

Nice mileage Jools, and nothing wrong with that 3k in the midst of a 12 at the end of it all.

LMH - flexible working patterns help a lot - 2 days a week working from home (which means I can do my long run at lunchtimes and it's therefore unaffected by if I have the kids at the weekend or not) plus I can start earlier or later as I choose (within loose parameters). The 3 days a week I'm in the office I'll cycle in one direction and run the other, so it all adds up quite quickly.

Longest run since London at lunchtime. Only 16m, but the first hour easy (7:54), 2nd hour brisk (7:16). Legs could feel yesterday's run (unsurprising given it was only my second 12m since London!).

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