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Posted: Today at 17:31

LMH/Padams - cheers both. We always had dogs when I was growing up, and the kids are very keen on one, as am I (the ex didn't like them, which was why I hadn't gotten one previously), but as both of you have said it's a big commitment. I work from home a few days, but, tbh, if I'm honest I know it's neither viable nor fair (on the dog) at the moment

Cheers CD/AlanB.

Turns out there's a glitch on sportsshoes . com whereby if you change the currency to euros at checkout and your order is over 100 euros you get free delivery (no comparable offer in sterling). Also RUNAW16 for a 10% discount on the autumn-winter 16 stuff.

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Posted: Yesterday at 21:04

Jooligan - I was club captain for a bit so can get where you're coming from but I bet nobody at your club would expect you to risk your main race for the sake of a cross country. If I were in a similar situation I wouldn't have run the Saturday as it wasn't necessary, wouldn't have run the parkrun, and would have incorporated the 'necessary' one on the Sunday into my plans such as Padams suggested for the parkrun (i.e. at Mara effort, but preferably slower).

Padams - a question for you re: Jaffa. Normally (ie before Padams jr arrived), how often/long would she be home alone? And what breed is she? I'd love to get a dog but not convinced I'm home enough on the days I don't have the kids to make it viable........

RS - sorry, I meant recommendations for places to buy them - I'm a big fan of the Hyperspeeds for general training. What I've listed are what I train in (though the Hitogami were my race ones at London).


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Posted: Yesterday at 14:22

PP - that will make Bath fun! We should have a good enough v40 team to give ye a decent race at the road relays in the autumn as well (assuming they're back to their usual date a week before Berlin)

Jooligan - that's tough luck with the virus, but, in my (no offence meant, but I don't do sugar-coating) opinion, you threw away your race with the weekend before - 3 races, even if not flat out, is a tough ask of any weekend, never mind the weekend before a target marathon. Doing it with a virus in your system is just daft.
You need to have confidence in your training the next time and not chuck it away trying to prove your fitness.
Fwiw, I've found, as LMH said, 4 weeks is ok to race, 3 weeks not quite enough, and that's without a virus in your system. As for racing this weekend (once, never mind twice), I think you could probably guess my opinion.

Excellent running piscator; very well done!

Congrats on your first, of hopefully many, sub-3' GBRM.

Padams - nice weekend's work! I think the phrase 'fit as a butcher's dog' might have to be updated to 'fit as Padams' dog'!

Good signs with the relay improvement AlanB.

Not too shabby a turnaround from Berlin LS21, and a nice way to remember your brother!

Looking good for Valencia Dan!

Al_P - nice running! What's next for you?

That's a quality run SL. I'm with Padams - you've got to be a low 2:2x at worst surely?

Got my back fixed by the chiro yesterday which has massively eased the hamstring. Will beat last week's humungous total of 24m by this evening. Spent Sunday watching NFL at Twickenham. Great day out with the only downside being I was too far away for the cheerleaders to realise what a catch I am

Any tips for good, cheap deals for racing flats - something along the lines of Puma Faas, Asics Gel Hyperspeed, Mizuno Hitogami, etc - basically softer soles and reasonably flexible? I've been too busy to remember to buy any for ages and just started looking but am only finding loads of overpriced 'bells and whistles' trainers.......

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Posted: 21/10/2016 at 21:40

Good luck to all at Abingdon this weekend!

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Posted: 21/10/2016 at 21:39

You're sounding in good shape Dan!

Wardi/Padams - yeah, the xc was a decent position, but I think, much like last year, I'm just getting better at wringing a bit more out. I've struggled since, which is a better indication of my shape - my hamstring played up, which has pulled on my back, so I've had 0, 0, 4, 16, 0 so far this week. I need to start working to my weakest link, which right now is lack of strength as things go 'out' easier. At least the initial signs are not discouraging I guess!

SL - that is a very cool target!! Good luck! And with the training marathon!

Padams - what SL said. I can't comprehend the level of your natural ability that you can just consistently run so well, even at times when you're not doing a lot!

Looking good AlanB.

That sucks LMH. Hopefully you can get it sorted asap.

PP - I'll see you at Bath (must enter). I'm also doing Brighton HM (just confirmed this evening), and the SEAA xc (I turn 40 on the day so it seemed a bit rude not to) as my build-up races. Also need to decide whether to do Wokingham HM 2 weeks before Brighton or to do the last Hants xc......... Will be good to see you racing a spring mara.

As per my comment to Wardi/Padams above, this week has been a bit of a bust. Some of it was my own bravado (i.e. stupidity) in going out the day after the xc and throwing in a few hills and a bit of quicker running, but I know a lot of it is that I just don't have the strength I need at the moment so I think I need to slow down and just build up the miles at an easy effort, rather than going for a more moderate mileage a bit quicker - my test run on Wednesday was 4m @ ~ current MP + 20s, which is just a bit daft. I think I'm just too excited to be back targeting running races again!

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Posted: 15/10/2016 at 22:07

I'm on the same long road CC2. It's kinda fun though.

You is da man LS21.

Good luck for the taper AlanB.

xc for me today too. Felt awful this morning, most likely due to bumping up the mileage (avg 29mpw since London, last week 65, this week will be over 80 by tomorrow). Somehow done alright. Misjudged my effort and finished with far too much in the tank, but achieved my target of beating last year's 59th in this race by coming 52nd, so it's something to work from. Still feel fat and slow, but definitely stronger.

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Posted: 14/10/2016 at 09:34

CD - I guess it's probably a complete blanket ban in theory. In practice however you'd like to think it only applies to elites.

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Posted: 14/10/2016 at 09:28

RS - I agree, but then again the organisers shouldn't have accepted his entry in the first place with the rules as they are.

SL - these big sessions you've been knocking out for the last while are very very impressive. As per RS, what's next for you?

Padams - you're probably right, as yes, the others were relatively comfortable (4th was actually a 26, not 29). I tend to get caught out by looking up and thinking there's no way I could run a mara at the pace predicted by my usual pace/distance correlation, and then looking back down thinking that must be wrong for the shorter stuff, whilst forgetting I've got ropey endurance at the moment.

Still on target for 80 this week, including the first xc of the season in the Hants League at Farley Mount - anybody else there?

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Posted: 13/10/2016 at 13:29

RS - you might be going up a place: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/athletics/37628903

AlanB - that's interesting because, after saying mine has been fully under control for ages I've clicked I've been a bit caught up (not when running), and am due a check-up anyway, so will see if they suggest anything different. I don't carb deplete and only take on extra carbs the day before (but usually a lot - about 10-11g per kg of bodyweight).

Glad to hear things are going well with Jr, Padams.

TR wrote (see)

I have a date with my barbell again - I cant have TT getting bigger muscle than me.

I don't think you need to worry too much TR Good news on the pain disappearing!

5 x 1km off of 200m at track last night. Target was 3:34-3:39 (based on est current 5km pace of 3:37/km / 5:50/mile) but ran 3:30, 28, 31, 29, 15. Last one hurt a bit.

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Posted: 11/10/2016 at 21:35

Jools - great report and well done! A 2:53, with everything involved in it, is a bloody good result, and, as has been said, is a mark of how much you've kicked on since your first sub-3.

ES - quality run and report. Congrats on the big pb!

CW - looks to me like the bigger mileage might actually suit you. As elsewhere, there's still life in the old legs yet!

Wardi - shame with the niggles but sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless! A number of my clubmates rave about Rotterdam and keep telling me I should do it. It has been a while since they were there, but I'll ask them what they remember about it for you.
No chance of beefcake status here (think 'silk purse' 'sow's ear'), but hopefully some bit of muscle and extra strength. It definitely made a difference to how my form felt at London.

Jooligan - makes sense on the recoveries now!

First 'long' run since London today. Just 17m, but finished a little stronger over the last 2m, so not a bad start.

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