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Posted: 27/08/2014 at 20:35

Sounds like some good workouts planned Al_P, as well as some good ones already bagged.

CW - not a test. It was just that I realised the legs were coming around. Still a bit to go before they're back to normal though which I realised this morning when I woke up, so I went back to bed and left the session until late afternoon and kept it smaller than normal (6 x 420m hills and straight into a hilly multi-terrain 2.7m at about current MP). Have you had any shoes or trainers that have impinged on the problem area? It doesn't need to be much if they're your running trainers as the repeated motion will be enough to cause the problem.

Tmoth - stick. Better to turn up able to compete than knackering yourself beforehand.

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Posted: 27/08/2014 at 11:31

PP - we are moving house 2 days beforehand, so as long as there's no hitch with that and I don't drop anything on myself, then that is the plan I'm not in your shape at the moment, and that's a 71-flat pace you're planning, but I might try hang with you for a bit and see how far I get. I ran 72:41 there last year, but that was in week 3 of 9 pre-Amsterdam, whereas this time it'll be week 2. Nice session.

Ouch TR! I didn't realise there was a hurricane whilst we were away!

Nice LT work ON7.

Tmoth - I race without breakfast. As long as you've eaten well (composition, not pigging out) the day/night before then running without food is more a mental thing.

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Posted: 26/08/2014 at 20:57

Evening all. A hectic few days here.

PP - excellent 10k. Congrats!  What time are you thinking of targeting at Maidenhead?

SL - nice training. The hills+stuff is good fun, isn't it?

Jools - that's more than quick enough this far out. I wouldn't be able to get within 5s per mile of MP for a long tempo at the moment. I'd have thought you'll gain much more than 5s in 9 weeks.

DrD - Well done! I've finished 2nd at Pewsey two years in a row I believe, so you've trumped me! It's a great race with some cracking cakes after

All the best Dan!

Welcome KD. BarefootTed is a troll (for want of a more appropriate word to describe him) so don't waste your time responding.

LR. I train and race in flats (thought not the super light ones - all of mine tend to be around 190-230g in a size 8). Brooks t7 for racing, Brooks Green Silence, Asics Gel Hyperspeed and Brooks t7 for training, though I want to find another training pair as well for some variety. I prefer flexibility in my trainers, and, preferably a softer feel, so tend to avoid the likes of Adidas for both reasons.

Sounds like you're not far off pb shape Lev_. I think it's a good idea to stay on target with Berlin.

TR - what happened with your ribs?

Legs have been thrashed since coming back from holiday (combination of antibiotics whilst there and the resort being all concrete which kills my legs), so I've deliberately just stuck to easy running since getting back.

A 6+19 double today was promising, so I may try a hills+stuff session early am tomorrow. It'll be handy to get back to sessions as I need to lose some of the (too easily gained) holiday timber. Currently feeling fat and slow!

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Posted: 21/08/2014 at 19:02

Oh, and is it just me or have some posts disappeared? I was sure when I posted earlier there were a few more posts.......

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Posted: 21/08/2014 at 18:58

PP - indeed This has been a bit of a random week with the hols and travel (4 days so far have been 2, 0, 14, 8/12), but the end total should be a good starting point for the last 9 weeks. Quality 5k btw. I'm particularly impressed with you hitting 5m/m for the last 2km of it.

Glad to hear it Padams.

Nice repping Dachs.

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Posted: 21/08/2014 at 09:54

Padams - I could take the heat (at least up to 30) without the humidity, but stick the 2 of them together and I'm useless! Glad to see you back at it. I presume your leg is fully recovered?

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Posted: 21/08/2014 at 09:53

Oh, also meant to say, I did try a short run just before midday one day as it was a slightly drier heat by then. After just 30mins I was wrecked. Turns out it was 37 degrees, so not an experiment I repeated!

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Posted: 21/08/2014 at 09:34

Hola senors y senoritas!

I only had a very quick scan back, but it looks like some excellent training has been logged over the last fortnight. Dr D in particular seems to be really coming along.

SL - noted re: Budapest. A quick look suggests you should be competitive towards the front. I want to do Prague for similar reasons (post race food and drink, plus my wife is Czech). The kids have been asking about coming to a European one to watch, so we may do similar next autumn (everything is already booked for this autumn). I hope the heart flutter is nothing serious.

Dachs - nice time at Yateley. Don't go putting too much into me 10k wise this year though, will you? I want to have a reachable target when I next do one

I've been noting the BAC session comments with interest again. Some of them seem spot on for what I need as the standard MP only sessions leave me short of LT work which I need to do, so I'll probably try a couple of the mixed sessions to see how I get on with those.

I'd hoped to ideally run every second day and have it done before breakfast whilst we were away so we could get on with the day, logging ideally 80-90 miles across the 2 weeks. In practice I knew this was a touch on the optimistic side as I struggle with my asthma in high heat/humidity and even at 6:30am it was 27+ with over 90% humidity. Ended up bagging 58m which will have balanced out some of the all-inclusive

Had a ball of a time though and ready to crack on now for 9.5 weeks to Frankfurt. Picked up a Cohiba cigar as my 'carrot' for my next marathon target (breaking 5:30m/m avg). Hopefully I don't have to wait as long as I did for the sub-2:30 one.

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Posted: 04/08/2014 at 17:09

Nicely done TR, especially off of less running. The swim side of things sounds pretty promising.

Quality bubka-ing Jools. Even better if you look at it as 0.1s per km

CW & PP - I have probably less chance of understanding what is a good fell performance than understanding what is a good tri performance, but it sounds like you both enjoyed it and done well for first attempts.

Sounds like crazy times DrD. Hopefully things settle down chez vous. Nice long.

Fingers crossed the test jog goes well Padams.

Nice training SL. I've got a head like a sieve; which autumn mara?

Maybe not what you want ON7, but at least it will have given you a good training benefit.

Sorry to hear that Pi Man.

I take it from some of the posts that RW has been changing his handle on a frequent basis over the last few days and the current incarnation of 'Barefoot Ted'? Probably appropriate given his obvious multiple personalities

Got 91 last week (with 3 days of singles - 6,7,9 and my usual 1 rest day, and no long run), and bagged 22 today (which actually makes 107 in the last 7 days I guess).

Off to Cuba in the morning (house sitter in place for any lurking potential burglars or pranksters of course! ) for a fortnight where I'll be looking to run every second day, so, including today, I reckon I'll be looking at roughly 1 week's mileage across the fortnight. 9.5 weeks when I'm back to Frankfurt which should be enough for me to get in shape for a decent pb if I get it right.

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Posted: 02/08/2014 at 10:30

Very nice 3km bufo.

That was one of the problems I had CC2. I hope the appointment on the 20th sorts you out.

bainspj - Good luck with the imminent arrival. I can't see any reason why a 2:40-2:45 isn't more than doable with your shorter times, even allowing for a poor conversion. It's those 'dreaded' midweek long runs (medium-long I presume) that will most likely get you there on top of your longs. Nice 800s too.

Good luck CW (and RS78 sorry to hear you won't make it).

Lev_ - with high mileage there is usually a time a few weeks in where your body feels knackered, etc, but if you persevere you'll usually adapt (disclaimer: obviously if you think you're verging on injury territory then be sensible).

Pi Man - I don't see why you should bin Abingdon. There are still 11 weeks left so I can't see why you couldn't bag a good time to boot if you time it right and do it sensibly.

DrD - congrats on the imminent arrival too; it'll be all the sweeter after your previous travails.

July stats:
Mileage: 312.76
Pace: 7:08
Rest Days: 10

Not too bad after the mara at the end of June (which was the reason for most of the rest days, though some were down to hayfever issues).

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