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Posted: Today at 09:11

*groan* Wardi Don't think I missed the 3rd pun either!

TR - that's it. I've encouraged him to try as many as he can, so as well as those 3 he also swims (like a bl00dy fish! which he obviously doesn't get from me), does cross country in school, and is getting a good intro to track and field with the local AC who get them all to try everything.
£135k for a 14 year old? Blimey!

I woke up this morning and thought I had dreamt that we had beaten Germany, but no, it turns out it did actually happen! 

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Posted: Yesterday at 11:26

Great news Wardi; enjoy

Positive on the recovery Jools.

Good point on the downhill running Padams. I usually pass people on the downhills in road races simply because they're not sure how to run them.

Welcome Tom. You've already got some solid advice. Sub-2:45 should be more than feasible.

That sounds awesome with Jr TR. My boy is apparently showing some aptitude for cricket, hockey and rugby (in particular); if he does half as well as yours I will be chuffed

I know in advance I have absolutely no speed endurance at the moment Padams, so my xc on Saturday will be no more than making up the numbers. First week back training I'd have to be daft to expect anything more than a hard sub-standard (pace/position wise) effort.

I've stepped on my change from miles to km for training by now putting my Garmin onto the time of day screen so I can't even see the pace I'm running. I figure if I'm going to be running less* (still wrapping my head around that, but getting there - it's all about getting to start lines), then it can't do me any harm to ignore the pace and if I feel good run a little quicker. I naturally run progressively, and have the auto-lap set off, so it really doesn't matter to me what an individual km split/pace is anyway.

* all going according to plan I should spend the next few months averaging somewhere in the 70-80mpw range, so a considerable drop down on my usual.

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Posted: 05/10/2015 at 16:19

RS - quality stuff. Well done. And, as others have said, more to come with company to share the pacing.

Jools - I've said it before and I'll say it again; you're seeing the benefits of repeatedly putting well executed campaign after well executed campaign on top of each other. If you think sub-2:45 is viable I have no doubt you'll nail it.

LS21 - not sh!t.

Tight on time at the moment, so that's as much as I've read back really. I have been doing the same as others as I took the approach when I stopped running two weeks ago to pretend I had run a marathon and have a complete down period after it instead of hoping I'd hold onto some fitness.

The test results came back clear on the stuff the GP was cautious about and indicated that the virus was possibly there or thereabouts gone, so I ran a little bit Wednesday to Friday, and, after I felt reasonably ok over the weekend I've started to build up again now. Today was a 'long' run of 20km.

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Posted: 30/09/2015 at 13:22

Well done on the podium training run ES.

It was an honour to be in Berlin to see so many excellent performances and to catch up with old and new across the weekend (Muss - my apologies; I don't think I clicked with who you were on the day; I can be a bit scatty at times! Sub-2:45 surely at VMLM for you). And, as referenced, a messy night out followed. I was still supporting at the end of the night, but only a wall at that stage (or maybe the other way around) 

I'm hearing a good collection of stories about it, such as RJ's missing phone, a missing wallet, somebody not being allowed back into their hotel, and some dipstick who thought it was sensible to try walk back to their apartment despite a) having no idea where we were, and b) having a malfunctioning phone (loose sim, presumably from being dropped) so no maps available to follow.
Luckily I eventually gave up, tried in vain to find a U-bahn station, and then managed to flag a cab down

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Posted: 27/09/2015 at 12:05
Well done Lev_ and yes I had gathered that conditions were maybe a little less optimal when I saw the splits coming through. Everybody was slightly down on expected, even Kipchoge's winning time was just the wrong side of 2:04.

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Posted: 27/09/2015 at 07:38
Conditions seem pretty much perfect here today - cool and not a scrap of wind - so fingers crossed for some quick times for all out here today. I'm hoping to pop up at about 1km, 5-7km, and then again around 38km and near the finish

Berlin Marathon 2015

Posted: 26/09/2015 at 20:16
Best of luck tomorrow folks! I won't be running at all now (still struggling with the virus from the stomach bug I picked up in Kenya), but am out here to watch and drink beer so it's not all bad

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Posted: 25/09/2015 at 20:00
ES - there is. And you can search for numbers by name on the website (if you know the name obviously).

TR - swimming, I know, which is why I'm not thinking of it as cross training. I'll be happy just not to drown

Al_P - massive congrats to you and yours!

Currently in Berlin and chilling out. Will see RaceJase and Jock Itch tomorrow and hopefully a few more on Sunday. Got a timely reminder why I'm not running when I was so knackered just from the travelling that I fell asleep in the apartment so quite happy I made the right decision and will just chill and enjoy the sightseeing and beers

Will read back properly when back in the UK but thanks for commiserations/best wishes in the meantime.

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Posted: 23/09/2015 at 18:53

CD - good news on the check-up and I hadn't appreciated previously that it is something you need to keep an eye on and manage. I guess having the option of cycling in good weather makes it easier to be sensible

TR - as it happens, I'm looking into swimming lessons again, though that's less as a method of xt and more because it's something I want to do. In terms of mileage, illness and injury, I'm actually averaging over 20mpw less than the same time last year, though more down to everything else I've had going on than by choice. Bar the Kenyan incidents (bad luck on both counts), most (all?) of my issues this year have been side-effects of the separation and what I've needed to get done along the way.
Having said that though I did sit down a few weeks back and draw up some more moderate training volumes that I intend to work to, to aid consistency, going forward.
Hopefully everything is continuing to settle down for you btw?

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Posted: 23/09/2015 at 14:08

CW - I'd have to train first for it to be overtraining syndrome

ES - nothing wrong with longer recoveries.

WTGY - lol re: Chris Froome

CD - all tickety-boo on the cardio front now? Good to see you back at it.

Dan - git! One of my work colleagues got tickets for England v Australia for being 'inspirational' (if I'd known that these things were available for giving a f*** I could have given it a go ), but you've trumped that big time!

Cheers for all the comments guys. I know that it was definitely the right decision to stop, so though annoyed, I'm not actually upset. Much. For now. As long as I don't have to wait too long to feel better and start back to it.

I had bloods taken this morning which was interesting as it was dark enough to remind me of a Shiraz, rather than its usual brighter colour, so it will be interesting to see the Hct count when it comes back as well!
Also my blood pressure showed as marginally high (when it is usually very much on the low side), which also fits with the viral thing.

And to round off a busy morning of setting things underway towards getting fixed, I also saw a new chiro who has confirmed a functional leg length difference of about 1/2 an inch (at its worst it was 3/4 of an inch, so pretty significant), but that has only come on again recently so should also remedy quickly.

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