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Posted: Yesterday at 14:32

lol @ 50kg bloater Jools!

Fingers crossed for a good sleep all around tonight chez selbs.

KD - 5ft 8in / 1.73m.

Plan was for 7-8m with 2-3m @ tergat MP at lunchtime. Stopped the 'MP' at 2 on account of going too fast (5:27 - I wish!) and my ankle being a bit achy.

Nice training marathon marders.

I'll post my number up when I know what it is if anybody wants to track me. As I fly back Monday and straight out to Prague (Mrs TT's birthday break - usual disclaimers about house-sitters, burglar alarms, etc, apply) early Tuesday I don't know if I'll get to post a report, so feel free to break protocol, etc.

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Posted: Yesterday at 08:20

Nice write-up LS21.

Good to see JI pop in too!

PP - I'm planning Bath and Reading as my only two road races before London next year. Nice one on the training volume.

Dachs - must(ard) you go for puns?

Ankle is still a bit gripey, but given that 2 weeks ago I thought it was game over I can't complain. Weight is in the right direction (59.5kg this morning), if not quite there. No nerves at all here; I think I actually thrive on the last few days pre-mara now as I relish (another one for you there Dachs ) the challenge ahead.

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Posted: 21/10/2014 at 10:50

Fair point on the HM TR, but I know I benefit from a few sharper sessions in the last few weeks. Still, no point worrying about what has been missed.

Jools - you've obviously got my taper madness then. I'm surprisingly chilled about it all (much the same as last autumn actually; no idea why though) - I've only checked the weather forecast once so far this week Don't worry, you've put in some great training, you're blatantly well ahead of where you were last year and you'll get your reward on Sunday.

DrD - easy. What's the rush? When I finish Sunday I'm putting my gear away for a week. You've put a lot of effort in to go from injured to fit/huge pb. Give yourself some well earned rest.

Looks like there will be a huge turnout at Berlin next year! As was pointed out to me yesterday, even if you've got the sub-2:45 time to get guaranteed entry you still need to enter before the 2nd of November.

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Posted: 20/10/2014 at 15:09

Nice weekend of training Padams.

Dachs & LS21 - as per FB.

Dan - 5 aside the day after a marathon and just 6 weeks before your A marathon? You're a braver man than me.

ON7 - close to target on a bad day can't be knocked.

CW - mechanically (as in stride, rather than mechanically as in protecting the ankle is making me run like LS21 ), I'm in a much better place because of the chiro treatment. I'm not as fit (or anywhere near it) as for Amsterdam last year, but because I'm wasting less effort fighting my body I'm hoping it balances out.

selbs - let's get it on like Donkey Kong

Today was the first day I've managed to repeat one of the sharpening workouts I done pre-Amsterdam, and it ended up being surprisingly promising.

Last year it was 10m with efforts of 1/2m (2:35), 1/2m (2:25), 1m (5:07), with an easy mile between each.

This year it was 10m with efforts of 1/2m (2:26), 1/2m (2:23), 1m (5:01), but with only 1/2m between the first two efforts, though I kept the easy mile before the fast mile. The mile also included a few seconds lost stopping to step around a car.

So, basically, at this stage:
a) keep treating the ankle to reduce the swelling and improve mobility as much as possible before Sunday.
b) One more effort (3m @ MP on Thursday).
c) Some strides on Saturday.
d) Get as close to race weight as feasible by Thursday (still about 1kg over).
e) Leave whatever I've got on the course on Sunday - A target - 5:35m/m, B target - a bubka, C target - finish with my ankle intact.

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Posted: 20/10/2014 at 08:19

Some excellent results yesterday in less than ideal conditions.

Al_P - congrats again. I didn't realise you were only mere seconds behind 1st. Very well done.

RS - so close to a pb and a slight negative split too!

TTock - sub 3 with a cold; nicely done.

DrD - a 12min pb with all that faff, etc!!! Impressive.

TJB - getting close now.

Dan - it'll still provide a good training boost for Florence; just absorb it properly before cracking on.

Lev_ - your current form and training is becoming a little frightening. Glad to see you recognising the need for/benefit of LT work.

Things still continue in a 'meh' fashion here. The biggest problem with this ankle is that I haven't been able to do the usual bit of sharpening I would normally attempt over the last few weeks, so last week was all a bit non-descript and just a case of trying to get the volume in (I managed 87 out of a target 90 in the end).

With that in mind I dropped the scheduled 6m @ MP for Friday/Saturday (was supposed to be Friday, but I was in work getting ready to pop down to track and realised I'd forgotten my shorts!), and just ran a faster 2m on the roads in the middle of a 10 instead.

The pace (5:10), and how it felt, aerobically (mechanically is a different matter), says I'm in decent shape, but I really don't know what's going to happen on Sunday, and how much the lack of my usual sharper efforts over the last few weeks will affect things, but I'll just wrap my head around the concept of going off at target pace (groups on the day depending), try to get in the right menthol frame of mind and hope things stay together until Sunday afternoon.

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Posted: 17/10/2014 at 10:05

Nice MLR CW, and a step up, pace wise, from recent ones if I remember rightly?

KD - I worked out early on when I was running that I get stomach cramps in races with any food in my system, plus what you have on the morning of the race doesn't give you a whole lot of benefit anyway (other than topping up liver glycogen from the night before). What I tend to do now is have breakfast the night before, and then have coffee and PSP22 (now SiS Go) on race morning and that's it until after (though I'll be trying PSP22 mid-race next week if I manage to get any of my drinks).

Marigold - I was tempted to give the deplete a go, but the only time I done it I got a cold. I don't do well with carb deprivation - that's what a childhood/national diet of potatoes does for you 

I saw the chiro yesterday who took one look at my ankle and went 'OHHH', then 'popped' it, which produced a bigger 'OHHH'. It appears most of the fluid was actually in the joint. I now have some movement back in it again, though it's still sore and a bit restricted. He tweaked a few other bits and pieces too, so I'll see how everything is when it settles down.

Best of luck to all the Abo-ers this weekend. Fingers crossed for good weather, etc!

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Posted: 16/10/2014 at 09:44

selbs - cool.

TR - I meant to say, hopefully your ankle pain comes to nothing. It certainly seems to be the latest 'fashion'

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Posted: 16/10/2014 at 08:08

TR - you'll be glad to hear I've taken today off after yesterday (so I'm not completely stupid ). The pace reference was more for me as a rough calculation of effect.

Well it's no worse after yesterday, so that's something in itself. I was already booked in for a chiropractor tune-up today anyway, so hopefully he can dissipate some of the swelling whilst I'm there.

Is it just Abo this weekend or do we have anybody out in Amsterdam (incidentally, Amsterdam will be live on Eurosport and has Abel Kirui vs Wilson 'Mr Amsterdam' Chebet)?

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Posted: 15/10/2014 at 16:38

Sounds like a good target based on those reps ThR.

selbs/Jools - given I don't do breakfast pre-race I won't complain about food and drink right after Assuming my ankle improves and I can run to/near form and get in first, come find me by the nearest beer stall/tent then  (I'll send you my mobile Jools; selbs still the same one if you've saved it, but I've got yours anyway).


Posted: 15/10/2014 at 16:32

So will too much love.

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