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Posted: Today at 11:13

I didn't know that Dan. How cool. It was also a WR at the time of course. I've had some cool stories from Barry before about different aspects of training under Lydiard. Bill Adcocks makes me laugh. Very much straight to the point, no bs!

Muss - for me that's what a base period is, yes; lots of upper end aerobic running (and plenty of lower end aerobic too). TR's point is along the same lines but pointing out that, as a novice, you will benefit from simply running lots of miles easy enough to allow you to keep running lots of miles.

Nice run on tired legs SL. And nice miles!

Positive reps from PP and bains too.

My pb was set on just water. I took advantage of the option to have bottles out for Frankfurt last year (PSP22 mix), but don't feel it gave me much. I suspect I get plenty of carbs on board in the days before and my fat burning is sufficient to see me through with that as long as the pace is appropriate.

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Posted: Yesterday at 18:49

Dan - Rome 1960; Barry Magee - one of the original Lydiard boys. I'm basically going out for all of August, and yep, open to every one (and very good value too ) - http://www.lornah.com/hatc.html

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Posted: Yesterday at 15:54

Oh I made a proper mess of explaining that

The hills phase is between London and Waterford (traditional Lydiard is: base - hills - specific). The plan for Kenya is basically long, hard running, where I'll be happy that there's nothing to do but run, eat and sleep

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Posted: Yesterday at 13:13

CW - slower than expected tempo, and the mention of 'easily a record' week of mileage in the same sentence. I think you've got your answer there.
The hills phase is simply because I've sat down and had a look at what I want to do when I'm in Kenya. I'd always wanted to have a crack at the 12 week schedule my ex-coach used when he got his Olympic bronze (but obviously at my comparatively slower paces), but the middle 4 weeks in particular are very very tough. However they coincide with when I'm in Kenya, and there are no harder reps in there - all longer, upper aerobic effort - which fits with a better use of altitude, so I thought if there's one chance to do it.........
After that it became a case of prefixing it with similar to what he would have done, so a base phase and a hills phase (but I'll be putting my own take on the hills part), and 7 weeks just fits nicely between London and Waterford (with an easy week either side). Should be fun

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Posted: Yesterday at 09:49

selbs - oh totally. It's just to give me some guidance as I do better if I have some form of structure. Really though it's main purpose is to remind me that I don't need to start doing hard fast training until later in the year.

marrows - I've mentioned surge runs on here before, which will, to an extent, deplete your glycogen and leave you with a few miles still to run on tired legs. Not quite the same thing, but in the ballpark.

Track last night was 4 x 4 x 400 off of reducing recoveries (2:30 / 2:15 / 2:00 / 1:50 - whatever was left after the rep was your recovery). No idea what shape I'm in so just picked a number and ran to it and finished with the last 2 a bit quicker.

Weather is finally warming up a little too

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Posted: 25/02/2015 at 17:43

kin' hell selbs. That looked painful!!! And expensive! I really dislike dental work so you have my commiserations!

Nicely done on the pacemaking duties Wardi. I hope you're back at it soon!

Congrats on the pb Toro.

Looks like ThR is in very good form.

And TR, big miles!!!

Barcelona is just over a week away I believe, so who else is there other than Dan who seems in fine fettle?

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Posted: 25/02/2015 at 17:32

Afternoon all.

Just thought I'd pop in with a little 'hey' as it has been a couple of weeks. I haven't scanned back yet, but from this page it looks like there's still plenty of good training going on. It will be interesting to see the results from Bath HM this weekend if the weather plays ball.

Congrats Tmap.

Training has still been up and down all over the place (came down with a cold - the group I was training with stand around quite a bit, plus stress levels probably didn't help), so I sat back and decided to think what I should be doing with current circumstances/Kenya/Berlin in mind....

So, current plan is:
8 weeks of base training (ideally with some classic Lydiard base stuff in there, but at least getting used to running more often again)
1 week easy and London to see where I am
1 week recovery
7 weeks hills
1 week easy and Waterford Marathon to see where I am
1 week recovery
12 weeks to Berlin

So, basically, two marathons as training runs and all eggs in the Kenya/Berlin basket with a complete reduction in any need to do serious training until later in the year unless I really feel like it, so hopefully that will get things moving in the right direction again.....

Will go have a little scan back now!

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Posted: 12/02/2015 at 11:03

Tomorrow will be a better indicator SL - a mix of 2km, 2m and 1km reps @ 10k-HM effort, but yeah, better than expected so far

I'm trying to stick to the Squires principle of a bit of faster running every day, even if it's just strides, or a brisker finish (didn't quite manage it before Amsterdam), so this morning's 10 was 6 easy, 2 @ 6:29, 2 @ 6:15. Hopefully 8-10 home too, though that will be easy easy for sure!!!

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Posted: 11/02/2015 at 22:23

Hey Njord Yep, that's almost exactly the wear pattern I have, but the worst of it, and where it comes right through, is literally under where the upper joins the sole. I noticed the same with the Green Silence, but find them uncomfortable around the ankles.

SL - snap on not being able to ease off in races; that's why I've only done one 20m 'race' as I'd bury myself too much otherwise.

Fair enough KD. It's more reasonable against a 2:50 target, but still a very solid pace, especially on what sounds like a hilly course. I do think there is a time and place for quicker long runs (ala Canova) but you wouldn't want to be doing too many or you'll leave your race in training.

TR - nicely done. I'll hopefully be doing something similar tomorrow, but might start with an 8 + 8. I'll see how the legs are in the morning. Good spot on Njord's fridge magnets

Padams - nice progression.

Nice mileage Dan.

6 + 10 for me. The 10 included track. Scheduled session was 5 x 1km (200 recs) + 3 x 400 (100 recs) - all supposed to be at HM pace. For me, right now, that should have been ~ 3:37 / 87.

Seems my legs are still not fully lined up with my current condition as I averaged 3:26 for the 1km (in theory not far off of 5km pace at present, but it didn't feel that bad), and then ran 81, 75 & 72 for the 400s. I was happy to stop at that to be far, but the idea of Wednesday track is that it is (by my usual standards) a light session, so perfectly bridges a bigger Mon/Fri long/session combo.

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Posted: 11/02/2015 at 13:35

Al_P - the latter. The pickups were just to stretch out the legs a bit and change the range of motion as my legs were a little tired, and were well spread out - done them over an ~30min stretch in the middle. The Squires stuff I used to do before did reference doing some bit of quicker running every day, even if it was just something like 5 x 1min pickups, or the last few miles a bit brisker (not even MP). I've not really got the appetite for what I had planned to do for London, so I'm just going to have fun doing that style of training (plus it worked well for Amsterdam).
Btw, you said a repeat of the 7 x 4mins, but then referenced 7min reps; which was it?

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