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Posted: 18/08/2016 at 13:18

Haha RB. There have been doubts around Hickey and his dealings for quite a while. I suspect when the dust settles this will turn out to have been a very precisely targeted operation. And Ireland has got to be one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. Have a look at all the stuff over recent elections, water charges, etc. Crazy!!

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Posted: 18/08/2016 at 10:02

RB - exactly. No country is immune to doping, but the general trend is that (in each country) it's only dodgy foreigners who do it. There is, of course, absolutely no reason why the swimmers could not be doping, irrespective of nationality, especially, given as you say, that records routinely tumble.......... Nice fartleking.

Nice HM result CW! I was in a similar quandary in terms of how much/what kind of effort to put into training for the next few months, but opted to go for a base approach to running whilst building time on the bike and getting back to the gym. Slowly slowly basically.

Last night's track session was pretty much ideal in respect of my current base approach. Essentially it was a continuous scorpion (i.e. no rest) of 10 x {700m steady, 100m fast}. The prescribed pace for the 700s was 70% of 10k pace, but I ran them @ ~ Mara effort, and strode out on the 100s.
The end result was 6:07m/m for the 5m, i.e. close to estimated current HM pace, making it really a light tempo with surges. I liked it as it meant I was recovering at Mara effort, so a good base workout in my book, and one I'll do again myself.

Weight is starting to come down a little too - 64.7kg this morning, so just 2.8kg over London.

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Posted: 15/08/2016 at 10:48

LS21 - that's tough! I've been there thinking that things won't settle down, and, tbh, at the moment it all feels like hard work. It does sound like you're struggling with motivation for marathoning though (completely understandable if you think your body is going to break down on a regular basis), so maybe it'd be an idea to target something that excites you more whilst allowing your body to ease into training?
As I've said before I no longer have the motivation to do the fastest marathon I can (set my ultimate target and hit it) anymore so have been working on new targets and have something in mind that is a very (very) long term target but is getting my juices flowing again. Maybe a similar approach will take the pressure off?

Good luck with the Abo build-up Al_P!

Nice improvement Jools!

RB - I was gobsmacked by Ayana, but I'm edging towards clean, partially because I want to believe that it's possible - only her second ever 10k race would point to naivety about how to run it, exacerbated by the Kenyan going out crazily hard. Her debut was 30:1x I think. A 14:12:59 5km pb would put her in that ballpark too (obviously an assumption that that was clean too).
However, the other way of looking at it is that if there's scepticism there, then why none about Adam Peaty breaking his own world record twice in successive nights? Or the fact that the 10000m had 18 outright pb' plus a Masters World Record for Jo Pavey.
If you look at it in percentages, Ayana improved the WR by 0.81%, Peaty by 1.36% (in a shorter distance which is proportionately much harder to do).

Impressive mileage AlanB.

Salisbury Trail 'HM' yesterday (actually ended up running an extra 0.5m due to a long course and poor marshalling in a couple of places. Got lucky and nobody quick turned up so I ended up with a gun-tape win by a little over 8 minutes. Overall time was shockingly poor (1:30:07), but it's a very tough course on a hot day and I'm in poor shape anyway. I put a finger in the air guess when setting training paces at the start of the week that I could probably just about muster a 10km @ 6m/m pace at the moment, putting my HM pace at about 6:08m/m. Looking at the times of some of the other runners it looks like my time would probably equate to possibly scraping a sub-80 on a better course, so about right really.
A few miles before and after made 17m for the day, and 67m for the week.
Nice surprise to see Njord and Caz beforehand too as they happened to be in the area. Good day out.

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Posted: 09/08/2016 at 12:09

Nice mileage Jools, and nothing wrong with that 3k in the midst of a 12 at the end of it all.

LMH - flexible working patterns help a lot - 2 days a week working from home (which means I can do my long run at lunchtimes and it's therefore unaffected by if I have the kids at the weekend or not) plus I can start earlier or later as I choose (within loose parameters). The 3 days a week I'm in the office I'll cycle in one direction and run the other, so it all adds up quite quickly.

Longest run since London at lunchtime. Only 16m, but the first hour easy (7:54), 2nd hour brisk (7:16). Legs could feel yesterday's run (unsurprising given it was only my second 12m since London!).

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Posted: 08/08/2016 at 21:53

Padams - best of luck to you and Mrs Padams!

LMH - quality running; well done!!

Great training going on by many. Slowly getting into a rhythm here - 53m last week, but with a longest run of 8m (done a few doubles as I wasn't ready to get back on the bike yet).

Plan is to do around 70mpw plus build bike and gym time on top of that, but all in a kind of base style at the moment to try rebuild some basic fitness.

Kick-started with a solid 12m today, but I probably need to gain about 5s per mile per week just to get into London shape, never mind pb shape (which I'm not looking to do anyway).

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Posted: 04/08/2016 at 13:52

LS21 - yep, I remember Njord mentioning it at London. Should be a good afters - I've got a couple of friends/clubmates out with me too.

PP - do it!! How's MsP managing the 50k training? Is she doing much different to marathon training?

Good luck LMH!

Very little here so far. Just easing my way back into it.
I'm tempted to run by HR for a bit except I've not been able to locate my HRM yet. I'm sure it's in the house somewhere, but probably in one of the boxes still unpacked and in the garage........

In the middle of changing gym to the one nearer home (upcoming change in childcare structure means the one closer to home, rather than work, will be better for me), which also does various classes and has a pool (for when I get my ear fixed and start lessons) as well as the gym/weights, so over the coming weeks training time/structure should hopefully settle into a good routine!

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Posted: 02/08/2016 at 10:00

Padams - not sure about ticking over, but I've just reminded myself that this time last year I had just arrived in Kenya, very unfit (though still significantly quicker and lighter than now) and in 3 weeks was in awesome shape, so 8 weeks to Berlin is doable. Still haven't run further than 12m since London though (and that was only once!).
Congrats on the 3k club record!!!

That handicap race sounds like a blast Wardi!

Tough luck on the 5000m AlanB.

LS21 - we'll have to have a few bevvies after to celebrate us both pulling it out of the bag

Looks like plenty of good training going on! Anybody else joining myself and LS21 at Berlin btw?

As I thought might happen I got nothing done last week after Wednesday, though still being up drinking at 6am after the wedding and then getting up to look after my kids with a mere 2 hours of sleep under my belt was probably more arduous than any training I would have done.

My mileage for the last 3 months has been 158, 31 & 134, so I don't even have the benefit of a decent block of training behind me but it'll be grand. 8 weeks is loads of time

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Posted: 27/07/2016 at 21:38

Evening all!

Cheers for all the biking advice a while back; much appreciated. I did see it at the time but never got a moment to reply. A mate checked me out and basically said that the setup is too aggressive given I "have all the flexibility of a plank", but will also invest in better gloves and check tyre pressures - I don't want to add anything that will slow me down unless it becomes necessary.

Wardi - sounds like a good run, especially in the conditions. What do they base the handicap on?

Positive @ the JPM in that heat Padams.

Likewise ES.

Good training overall AlanB.

Welcome back SueC.

Dan - it seems like the stock response to your exploits, but nonetheless meant - "flipping mental and well done!"

Hopefully you can get a good rhythm going on the training front Jools!

I took Friday-Sunday off completely to allow everything to settle back down, which left me on a mere 27m for last week. This week has seen 9m with 20mins of fartlek, 10m as jog out, brisk back, and then 4m today as brisk out, fast back. All very hilly as I'm back in Ireland for family stuff. Time will be at a premium for the rest of the week, but my kids are away with the ex for 2 (separate) weeks during August, so that should allow me to knuckle down and regain some shape. 8 weeks to go from fat and unfit to not embarrassing myself at Berlin (though will only be looking to get to my target planned training schedule, rather than sticking in extra exercise to play catch-up)!

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Posted: 19/07/2016 at 09:47

4 weeks Padams! Wow! That wasn't long coming around! Good luck for the 'taper'
I suspected I was probably being a bit cautious as the last time I got on a road bike a few years back I knocked out an hour at a little over 20mph, whereas now I'm only doing a little over 17mph for the same (relaxed) effort. I was fit then though, and lighter, so that could be some of it.

AlanB - mtb is a Carrera Kraken and the road bike is a Scott Speedster 40, so both decent, rather than spectacular. Incredible training!!!

Nice bling collection and a good day's work CW.

CD - good point. I can see the top-end speed is much higher on the road bike, and I tend to slow down in advance for traffic lights so I don't need to unclip, so that will add to it.

LMH - 30 the day after a 24 in that heat!  You must be incredibly strong at the moment!!! Yes to cleats, but I haven't gotten the hang of 'pulling' the pedals yet so seem to be mainly just pushing as I would on the mtb. No aero bars though. I don't see the need for them yet until I get used to it a bit more.

What I do seem to be really struggling with on the road bike is the vibration/feedback from the roads, which are rubbish around here - my chest and shoulders are incredibly tight (and a little painful). My boss is a keen cyclist and said that will go in a few weeks though.

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Posted: 18/07/2016 at 10:46

LMH/Padams - cheers both. I'm comparing road with road. There are knobbly tyres on the mountain bike, but I'd say more medium than full on, and I have had a fit on both (though feel the mtb needs some slight adjustments).
For similar effort at the moment there only seems to be about 1.5mph in the average distance, and I had expected more and was just wondering if it could be because I'm just getting used to the different riding position/feel (roads here are rubbish so am noticing the bumps an awful lot more on the road bike) and might ride a little more restrained on the road bike at the moment.

A long run in this LMH? I hope you're well underway by now!!

When is the due date Padams? Sounds like it can't be too far away now.

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