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Posted: 10/05/2016 at 15:13

Dachs - not at all - it just means I put in a good effort at London and my body was a bit run down after; I'll take that! I understand it was a tad hot here on Sunday, so maybe that with the marathon just two weeks ago? I know a few have said they were wayyy off what they expected.

CW - you've not got another race this weekend, have you? I don't know how you do it!!! Beer was medicinal pain relief, rather than balance (that was only an issue when we were flying), though maybe it might have counteracted any remaining issues.

Sorry to hear your back is still not right LS21. Hopefully it just settles down and you can get a good campaign bagged for Berlin!

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Posted: 09/05/2016 at 15:15

CW - top notch performance! I'm very impressed!!

Padams - congrats on the podium @ MK. Well run by the sounds of it!

coro - another quality 37m run! I hope this doesn't catch on as the new 'coro 10'!!!

Having initially felt ok after London I noticed that I was starting to feel worse as last week went on, so when I felt particularly crap on an easy run on Wednesday I knew there was something up, particularly as my ear was becoming sore.

I was off to Istanbul for a few days with a few mates, and, sure enough, as soon as the plane took off Thursday morning it really messed with my balance and the pressure caused me a bit of pain so I spent 4 hours shuttling between my seat and the loo. Luckily I'd had the foresight to pack plenty of painkillers (I've had mild ear infections in the same ear a few times before) so was able to take the edge off once we landed and plenty of medicinal beer helped a lot too!

I left my gear in the suitcase and just enjoyed the trip without even considering running a single step - Istanbul is a beautiful city - feeling almost back to normal now so fingers crossed the worst of it has passed.

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Posted: 30/04/2016 at 23:36

Welcome to all the new folks!

louisev - I remember the days of little ones teething, etc. I'd suggest having a plan but using it just as a loose guide rather than trying to strictly adhere to it, simply to give you some idea of structure. As has been said, be kind to yourself. It will all come back, but leaving it happen in its own time is better than trying to force it at any time, but in particular when you have a lot on your plate.

Dan - that Yamauchi piece on Mazuronak was interesting. I'm impressed that you managed a parkrun at that pace today!

Padams - best of luck for MK!!!!

Big move bains. Best of luck with it!!!

Good to hear things are settling down Jools.

Finally filled in my training log for the month today and amused to record 289 (running) miles - amused because Jan-Mar were 290, 292, 288.
Also slightly surprised to see that my last 9 weeks average (as that's what I usually need to have put in good training for to run a decent marathon) was a mere 67m. I definitely feel like I got out more than I put in to be fair.

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Posted: 28/04/2016 at 09:54

Al_P - love it!  And thanks for not putting up the gurning one, though I did like the air shot one where I seem to have actually found some knee lift!!

I should point out at this stage that I didn't sit on Al_P' shoulder and unleash a Mo Farah-esque sprint, and, neither, did I deliberately leave it too late to give him a chance to respond. I had been trying to close on him from about the 1km to go sign, and at 400m I thought I had no hope as he was moving strongly. It was only at 200m that I thought if I could muster a sprint finish I might just about catch him.

LMH - I remember you from the daily training thread a few years back. That is immense improvement!

Ros - quality run!

Great write-up Muss. Sounds like you need to find a HM and rewrite that pb too!

CW - nice on the WAVA. Mine wasn't my highest ever (5 marathons ahead of it), but it does give me a nice set of my top 6 marathons being my top 6 WAVA scores!

Marathon/all medals. They're shoved somewhere in a box. The kids play with them occasionally. I could sell my VMLM one I guess, but I've probably missed the best prices now. The t-shirts I use for training.
The only things I've got on display are the 2 pieces of glass for my 2 mara wins and the piece of glass for my HM win. I did consider getting a picture collage of my 3 x sub-2:30s done up, but if I manage a multi-sport sub-2:30 later in the year that would 'ruin' that........

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Posted: 26/04/2016 at 09:52

Oh, and apparently Sunday, age-graded, beats my HM pb and is dead-even with my 10k pb, which means that my top 7 age-graded performances are 5 marathons and a dead-heat for 6th between Sunday and my 10k. At least I know what my best event is I guess!!!

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Posted: 26/04/2016 at 09:50

Sorry to miss you @ The Red Lion Wardi. Not two bottles, no. I didn't do the hair just for London, but figured it was a good time to do it anyway. Besides it's blonde underneath so until that grows out I'll just keep putting something else in there. We've got a club group shot in our marathon t-shirts this Wednesday though, so it'll definitely still be red until then at least

TR - that's some progress for LMH! I'm generally in agreement with you for the easy mileage method, but it doesn't work for everybody. I couldn't do the mileage (easy or not) that some of the guys on here are doing but I've found less mileage with a good proportion of 10k/LT type efforts works much better for me.

Good news Jools, though rotten luck on the timing!

RS - sounds like a good plan, and yeah, does sound like a bit of over-training when you put it like that. For me the hardest part when I tried to do big mileage wasn't the physical aspect, but the mental aspect, so a break and then going at it again should yield a good return for you at Frankfurt; the training style obviously suits you.

TJB - so close to a pb whilst not focusing on training bodes well!

My legs felt great yesterday - some foot pain and mild DOMS in my quads, but ran 4m on grass and got a reasonable weights session in too!

The foot pain was slightly worrying as for the last few months I've had occasional burning pains in the balls of both feet, but the left one in particular, and about halfway around on Sunday it felt like somebody had dropped a brick on my left foot around the middle toe/2nd metatarsal (I initially thought when it happened that I'd just broken the metatarsal, but I've had that pain on and off too for the last few months). Looking it up it fits with Mortons Neuroma, and would be explained by the fact that for the last few months I had found the last iteration of the Brooks t7' very narrow and uncomfortable (used them for training and racing). As I finally ditched them (raced in Mizuno Hitogami on Sunday) I hope/expect it will settle down now over the coming weeks/months, so fingers crossed.

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Posted: 25/04/2016 at 14:35

Haha Dachs! Not sure that's one for the collection! The fact that your problems are coming on later and later shows that the training is paying off. I did wonder this morning if it's possibly down to the gels you're using; they might not agree with you - have you always used the same ones?

Last 7.2km - passed 41, passed by 0

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Posted: 25/04/2016 at 09:43


I think this was about 20m in and says it all; I had a ball of a time. I love that my hair blended with the balloons in the background!

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Posted: 25/04/2016 at 09:40

To those I didn't catch yesterday..........

Still a pb if not what you wanted RS. What are your thoughts training wise from here? You've put a lot of mileage together over the last few campaigns, so it could just be, as you said, some fatigue.

Congrats on the pb selbs! I don't know how you consistently pull it out of the bag the way you do.

CC2 - well done on getting around; I should have asked too - I think I missed half of the forumites who were there as I was bouncing between ye and my clubmates.

Muss - quality run. Congrats!

Al_P - I would say sorry about that, but I'm not :P And I'm sure you'd have done the same too I did recognise you were closing strong as I didn't think I was going to catch you. It was only at the 200m mark that I thought if I hammered it I might just about get you.

coro - great to catch up and a great run from you!

Padams - I'm more tired reading about your weekend than I am from running yesterday!
I'm not sure I could have gone quicker in the first half. I wanted to feel just the right side of the red line and I honestly didn't know what shape I was in. I think I only managed to pick it up over the last few km because I always had the plan of pouring it on then and constantly had a target to try to catch. I did feel stronger though, which I'm putting down to the weights, so that was interesting.

Legs feel good today. Will have a 30min jog at some stage to loosen up.

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Posted: 24/04/2016 at 18:47
Will read back later, but for now, 2:33:23. 77:06/76:17.

Irrespective of time (only my 6th fastest) it's one of, if not the best, marathons I've ever run. Unfit, under-trained, anaemic, almost 3kg over pb weight, and out of practice (last one was October '14) - my plan was simple, run to feel and stay the right side of the red line until 35km. 5km splits were consistent at 18:05-18:26 until then. 17:52, and then a 7:38 last 2.195km (pb saw me do 7:36 as a very strong finish) brought me home in style.

Today meant more to me than I'll say on here so I'm very very pleased with the outcome

Catching up with so many afterwards was the icing on the cake.
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