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Posted: Today at 08:21

LMH - doesn't matter whether you're plodding or not; it's obviously working for you!

RS - yep, fits right in with what I've heard unfortunately. Really gets my rag. For ages they piggy-backed on other races down there, claiming accurately measured and certified events because there were other races there with certs, when in reality they didn't even appear to attempt to put the markers in the same places. Chuck in these kinds of 'prizes', baggage issues, and general CNBA about seemingly everything and none of my club will touch them with a bargepole.
As an aside, if your mate already has a GFA start he can usually upgrade if he bags the champs time in between I believe.

Turns out 'run 18m' was the answer to 'how can I offset the sleep issues caused by the asthma meds?'

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Posted: Yesterday at 21:38

RS - I meant to ask when you posted on FB at the time - was it an F3 events race? They've got a bad rep, both for organisation, and measurement, so if it was them it wouldn't surprise me that a) it was long, and b) VMLM wouldn't accept anything not sub-75.

LMH - 4000+!! Wow! Very impressive.

I missed your test run yesterday TR. Sounds like you've improved, but not quite there yet. Hopefully it continues to settle down. I get everything you've said. Trying to get back to it I've had the same thoughts - it takes a while certainly to even begin to wrap your head around why you do it.

Hopefully nothing wrong with the knees Padams!

Another night of minimal sleep last night (which should hopefully improve now I've finished the course of meds) saw me have to drag myself out the door for a run. Figured I'd do an easy 4m, even though I had 16 down on paper, as I was shattered. Somehow ended up doing 18m, and probably would have done the 20 if I wasn't tight on time. Even finished reasonably strongly rather than struggling.
I'm proper shattered now though!!

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Posted: 05/12/2016 at 12:49

Very nice xc racing from both PP and Padams!!!

And a solid HM from CW and 10k from ES.

Very nice annual volume CW and RB. I am currently just under 2400m, with a monthly low of 31m and a high of 292m.

OO - good to see you back!

Not really much to report here. The target for last week of 80m ended up as 64m. I'm on prednisolone to sort out some asthma issues - reasonably high dosage, but only for a short-term - and it really doesn't agree with me, so I've had dizzy spells, and woke up Friday morning to a persistent nose bleed. It has also messed up my sleep, so 4-5 hours a night is about what I've been managing. Luckily this morning was my last full-strength dosage, so I can hopefully get a bit more sleep and try establish some kind of regular training.

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Posted: 01/12/2016 at 11:25

Great news on the leg injury LD. Decent gap between Brescia and London so you could knock out a strong run in both.

RB - mileage is not too shabby but there's definitely a (re) learning curve to it all - ability doesn't match expectations at the moment. It'll come.

SL - it has been a bit of a struggle tbh. I'm getting stronger, definitely, but my body is not up to anything near the mileage of old yet. The tendons in my feet no longer hurt when I run so I'm obviously getting used to it again.
I'm planning on trying to consolidate around 80 for 4 of the next 5 weeks (I don't have the kids Christmas Day so that week will probably be bigger) rather than aim higher, and then push on from there. Good luck avoiding the lurgy!

PP - nice training volume!!!

November stats:
Mileage: 284
Pace: 7:22
Days off: 7

Only 1 weights session - aim for December is to rebuild core and weights stuff back in properly, and aim for consistency all around.

Had a solid track session last night which makes 2 in a row. Session was 1600m, 3 x 2km, all off of 1 lap jogs. I've revised my training paces* so was aiming for 87s per lap (5:50 per mile) which is estimated current HM pace (so 5:48 & 7:15 as the aim).
Most of it in lane 2 (or 3) due to the inside lane being a bit slippery, but 5:48 for the 1600, then the 2km in 7:13, 7:08 and 6:55. Happy with that for now.


* not sure I necessarily have the endurance to race at those paces yet, but for training purposes they feel about right, if the difference makes sense?

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Posted: 30/11/2016 at 11:39

LD - good to hear from you. What's the target?

Padams - coincidentally 4 out of the next 5 weeks are down as ~80m as it happens, so we're thinking along similar lines. The dog is ok then?

AlanB - modest by previous standards. A flipping lot by current!!

PP - our track tends to get more icy as the session goes on for some reason (I'd have thought the impact of a lot of people running would prevent it freezing over as much), so I suspect I'll be in a similar situation to you, tonight. Good session in the circumstances!
And the problem with the 91 (aside from it being too much for now) is that I have little to no consistency, so the 3 weeks before the 81/91 totalled 106! As we know, consistency generally trumps random high weeks.

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Posted: 29/11/2016 at 22:18

LMH - hopefully they'll get to the end of it in Feb if it hasn't settled by then. That's not too bad a wait - I had to wait 4 months for my ear appointment, after I chased them because they'd forgotten to book it.

Dan - I'm at a loss! As I suspect, are you! Have you kept a diary of pre-race for all of them to compare the good to the bad?

Great pb ES, though less lucky on the ankle!

Nice weekend of racing and training PP.

Padams - very nice 5m!

Lev_ - plenty of time to get fit again (that's what I keep telling myself). Theatre looks like an interesting project.

SL - sounding in great form for it!!

RB - nice 10m tempo!

A solid 10m Thursday morning saw me on 52m, but then the rest of the week went - sick kids Thursday, me being a bit wiped out Friday, helping some friends move and a tattoo Saturday, and then a 6m jog on Sunday that felt horrible before spending much longer than intended in a comic convention and running out of time for a second run.

Heading in the right direction, but slightly concerned that I seem to keep putting off planned long runs (haven't done one since London!!), but I have done 8 runs between 12m-15m (1 being a track session) so far this month, so that's something. I think it's simply that I know my body couldn't take a 20m yet.

I also seem to be struggling to get used to what is (by my previous standards) modest mileage - I think it was the 81m & 91m weeks, followed by 52m in 4 days that left me wiped out on Friday, rather than catching anything from the kids. Again though that's only to be expected! I've had to sit down and come up with a rebuild plan rather than do my usual wing it with rough guidelines.

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Posted: 24/11/2016 at 11:44

Dan - like others, I'm at a loss! TR might have a point about Abo though. In theory your endurance training should preclude it, but maybe you need something like the Canova type long efforts to better absorb that kind of run?

TR - well jel with the dog. Good to hear you're still at it.

Wardi - Pirelli calendar? Well I do have a spare tyre  Nice xc/10m double!

Jooligan - sounds like the base work is paying off. Congrats on the pb.

PP - by Bath I should hopefully be in good shape so I'm looking forward to the head to head More nice reps too!!

Solid HM CW. Nice one!

Welcome (back) TJK.

SL - more impressive treadie action. Totally agree re: Padams (good luck!); based on recent performances I reckon he's sandbagging

Nice on the job RB.

Best track effort in a long while last night. Was 10 x 400m, 6 x 800m, all off of 200m jogs. Target was 84s (estimated current 5km pace) for the 4s, and 2:52 (estimated current 10km pace). Averaged 80s and 2:47. First time I've done any session averaging under Mara pb pace (84s) in ages, so must be getting there.

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Posted: 18/11/2016 at 21:59

That one didn't make the final cut LS21. Somehow, despite that picture, we're doing ok on sales so far! Nice one with the plan. Any target for BM?

PP - nice one; I shall look forward to it! Which races? I know you said Bath. Wokingham again too? Starting to feel a little stronger but there's an awful long way to go.

#1186 for me - finally got the email earlier.
13m on the way home with a solid 10m in there averaging 6:29 (but 6 @ 6:39, 3 @ 6:20, 1 @ 5:57) when the target was somewhere between 6:28-6:48 (based on current MP of about 6:08).

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Posted: 18/11/2016 at 09:58

Flipping heck Wardi!

Nice treadie session ES.

And another good session from PP. You make me slightly worried that you're doing those kind of things this far out and I could probably just about squeeze out 1 or 2 reps at that pace. Hopefully going to have a track group shortly (every second Friday for me) that will force me to put a bit of effort in.

Good read RB.

HA77 - I was short on time this week and had some stuff come up, so my planned 16 was a 9/7 split with an hour between. I don't mind doing stuff like that this far out (but would rather be doing proper long runs). What you've done is not dissimilar to some of the Canova double day workouts, so a good use of the time as long as you recover ok. Obviously, as you've acknowledged, it's no substitute for long runs, but for now a double workout seems like a good use of the day to me.

Feeling a little stronger week on week. Last week by Thursday I'd run 59m and felt shattered with massive DOMS, whereas this week I'd hit 61m and felt tired, but no DOMS. I've done a little less quality so far but it should roughly balance out by Saturday.

My club has put together a calendar in support of our charity for this year (Sport In Mind), which is different to the usual - think of the movie Calendar Girls............
All tastefully done (ish ), and, tbh, it was a riot doing it. Taking pre-orders now here if any of you would like to donate (min £8 per calendar, though you can also donate not to receive one ): www.justgiving.com/RRRcalendar

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Posted: 15/11/2016 at 10:20

Dan - good luck for this weekend!

SL - stunning treadmill workout!

PP - massive congrats to MsPP! Nice back to back racing from you too!

Nice racing also CD, RB, Padams, & ES.

I didn't finish off last week the way I'd hoped. Legs were too thrashed to do the planned long run on Friday, so took the day off, just done two short easy runs on Saturday, and then a 9 (including xc)/4 double on the Sunday to make 81m for the week.

XC was sh!t. Back/hamstring were both tight and I was struggling with CNBA to boot, so 17th @ 5:55m/m for 5.75m on a flat course was about as much as I deserved. Rightly whipped by some of my clubmates.

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