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Posted: Today at 14:24

Lev_ - stunning stuff! Delighted for you. I've been easing myself into it. As I spent some time on it a few years back I know if I go at it too hard too quickly I get fed up, so the first 4 days have been singles of 1hr, and 45mins x 3. Turns out I seem to be ok on the recumbent bike too, so will use that - this morning was 75mins consisting of 60 on the elliptical and 15 on the bike. Will look to do a bit more later as my first double, and then start introducing some form of efforts next week.

SL - also looking very good. Impressive running!

I hope the physio helped Al_P. Some good training bagged too.

selbs - with you on the sleep issue. I had some massage to loosen up the muscles which were tightening up as a result of the disc, which has removed some of the pain, so maybe worth looking into? Good luck with the run.

Congrats on the win ES You can't do anything about the course.

One of the most frustrating things about the x-training is that the gym I'm using faces out onto a park so I keep seeing runners going past. On the plus side, there is some amusement in the gym with what some people get up to. One guy done the 'whack the speed up, jump on when it's in full flight and see how long you last' (about 5s a go), but then, after 4 of those, stopped the treadmill, jumped off, and started using the back of the treadmill for some convoluted stretch that made it look like he was humping the floor!

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Posted: 25/03/2015 at 12:51
Dachs wrote (see)
Stuart Leaney wrote (see)

Selbs - A couple of reasons, my sense of direction is terrible, the last time I ran in a unfamiliar area an easy 6 miles turned into a 21mile run because I got dreadfully lost. Plus I wanted to do some timed efforts.

Well if you'd intended a 21 anyway, you should have just gone out and tried to run 6.

Exactly what I thought!

Dan - less fragile and more that I need to avoid anything that can be construed as diy as that seems to be how I keep picking up the big injuries. Unfortunately no chance of that for the foreseeable as I need to get the house done up to sell. Maybe I should have a decorating party

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Posted: 25/03/2015 at 11:22

Lev_ - that really does suck, particularly with having had the time in Kenya! Fingers crossed it clears up sharpish.

Glad to hear you've got at least one cheek off the bench bains.

And good luck with your back and hammy (I presume they're linked?) selbs. Looking back at my log, I was noting a stiff back for quite a while, so I suspect I probably triggered it around the time I was moving stuff between the houses, but didn't register it at the time because of being so busy. It's a shame as some time off then would have made a world of difference now. Another case of non-running stuff inducing an injury that stops me running! Well done on the half.

A gentle return to running then DrD? Nice one though!

That (autumn plans) is my consolation and sole target now Dachs. I think I'll just target a HM next spring and accept that spring marathons are a no go for me. I've got you and LJ setting the pace over the HM for me to get my finger out and target now

Nice repping PP, Jools & ES.

Started on the xtrainer yesterday. 1hr at a reasonably solid effort, but hard enough over the last few minutes to need to lean against the wall to recover after; though that possibly says more about my current level of fitness than anything else - still, it felt good

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Posted: 23/03/2015 at 13:03

Afternoon all. Been absent, not because of injury (though I still am), but because of my laptop packing up and it being too fiddly to post from the phone.

I just wanted to add my congrats to both JAP and Wardi, in addition to my previous congrats to Dan for Barcelona.

Good to see Dull popping in too.

Some very good results yesterday at Reading. I was spectating just after the 5km mats, though had to sit down as standing for prolonged periods is very uncomfortable. I had a GP appointment this morning where, after some tests, he determined the cause of my pain is most likely a bulging or slipped disc (hopefully the former). It has been like this for at least the best part of 3 weeks, so if I'm lucky it should settle in another 2-4, but that obviously means London is out the window (spring jinx strikes again).

He is sorting out some treatment for me to hopefully speed it along, but in the meantime I've got a list of stuff to help with it and have been told I can get on the x-trainer so that will help some bit, fitness wise, so fingers crossed.

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Posted: 15/03/2015 at 11:23
Fanbloodytastic Dan! Well done. I'm delighted for you!

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Posted: 14/03/2015 at 11:30

Good luck ES.

Ouch RS. Take it easy.

What happened DrD?

Bench is getting a bit crowded at the moment

Unfortunately I'm on it too. Feels like I'm doing the hokey-cokey at the moment. The hip/groin/glute problem from last weekend has never really gone away, but by yesterday evening it felt like somebody had pushed a hot skewer through from groin to glute.

Serves me right for saying how good the chiro has been for me (though I know this was only because he had to try something new because of my lower back being locked out).

I'm back in to see him Wednesday to try get it sorted. It should be just a case of manipulating things back to where they should be, but it's definitely back to the drawing board time as I've lost too much training, so no Reading next weekend, and though I'll probably still do London, it'll just be as a chilled training run/day out. I might pace one of my clubmates or something. I think that's me done with spring marathons now tbh; too much hassle for no reward, so I'll probably just target shorter races next spring altogether.

The flipside is that I've got enough going on, so it's not as if it'll do be any harm to have a more gradual build-up anyway.

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Posted: 13/03/2015 at 13:32

That sounds very positive on the niggles JAP. Excellent

Nice reps LS, PP and Padams.

Fingers crossed you get those quieter weeks and that you perk up Jools.

I'm with selbs, CW. Big 5 days after a fast half, and the lack of quality will just allow you to absorb the half. 

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Posted: 12/03/2015 at 12:45

LS - Brooks t7 for me. I think the last iteration came in at 187g (in a size 8). Low profile, good flexibility and neither too hard nor too soft.

Alan - welcome btw. My Dad told me the other day I looked 'healthy' I really only use the scales to confirm what I know, but it does help to know what race weight was when in pb shape.

Plenty of time selbs.

Good to see you JAP. All injuries/niggles properly gone now?

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Posted: 12/03/2015 at 10:11

I missed your mega day first time around TR. Top stuff!

Nice LMLR Padams. With the running style, it was more that the adjustments the chiro made (he needed to do some new ones this time) left me very tight in one hip and lower back, so I was originally running squatted down a bit. Once I straightened myself up and concentrated, it was better (though still not getting full extension in the right leg because of the tightness), so a bit of stretching, etc, should help.

PP - I'd rather not resort to the Ricky Hatton method of weightloss (starvation, and wrapping himself in clingfilm whilst sat in a sauna if I remember rightly!)  Now is a very good time for you to build in the extra mileage!

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Posted: 11/03/2015 at 22:55

TR - too much junk and alcohol and not enough training tends to do that, and I've already lost a bit of it too! I'm glad I didn't step on it a week or two ago.

Track this evening was set as 6 sets of {600 fast, 200 jog, 800 fast, 400 jog} where fast was set as 5km pace. At the moment 5km pace is probably about 80s per lap for me, but I'm rubbish at running 5km paced stuff, especially 8.4km total volume of it, so just figured I'd see how it went. First couple of reps were rough (still feeling the effects of the necessary extra chiro adjustments last week), but once I realised I had been running 'bum in bucket' style and made myself straighten up it suddenly picked up (after the 3rd 600).
600s: 2:03, 2:02, 2:04, 1:59, 2:00, 1:57
800s: 2:43, 2:45, 2:41, 2:40, 2:39, 2:34

Pleased with that for current fitness and it should hopefully help things kick on a bit!

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