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Posted: Today at 10:13

selbs - yep, I run for Reading. Shame we didn't realise you were right behind us. It would have been good to catch up. Congrats on the pb!

Well done Dan.

And good to see you back at it CC2.

PP - a lot of clubmates complained of similar yesterday, and it was around the same time I started to really notice it too, so if it doesn't clear soon it may be worth trying an anti-histamine to see if it is hayfever.

Races are looking like buses for me at the moment. Looks like my next one will be a tough/hilly 5m in my hometown in Ireland when I'm over there next week. All being well that means that in the 9 weeks of 10k/HM type training I'll have run the 10k yesterday, the 5m next week, 2 x trail 10k', a marathon, a tough 11m leg of an off-road relay and a HM

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Posted: Yesterday at 15:27

Oh, and that was my first race for 7 months (Frankfurt). Felt affirming to be back out there again

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Posted: Yesterday at 15:20

Jools - as elsewhere, hope you feel better soon.

Congrats on the pb TJB. I did walk past the 'B' marker, but couldn't spot you - it was a bit crowded by then though.

Caught up with PP, could see Jools in the posh start just before the off. No sign of selbs (though I have seen his time).

As for me, I started to have breathing issues as soon as we got into the park. Somewhere between 3-4k it got quite bad, but manage to hit my target of getting under MP splitting 17:18/17:12 for a controlled 34:30. Gives me a starting point and not too bad given that I only started jogging again 5 weeks ago and last week was the first week that approximated proper training.

Loads of club pbs, which was great

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Posted: 24/05/2015 at 21:30

Congrats on the gold CW. You can only beat who turns up.

Well done on the 10k RS.

selbs, Jools, TJB - see you there tomorrow. Courtesy of Captain Dachs, I've got one of our club places and will be in Red A, which I think is just behind Jools' posh pen.

Been struggling with pollen levels the last few days which meant an easy run instead of a workout on Friday, and 15 instead of 20 today (though that felt reasonably good). Was enough to make 90 for the week which was my 3rd highest week since the start of October (and that's why I'm unfit). Hopefully it's the start of things kicking on now

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Posted: 22/05/2015 at 10:51

What pace were the reps selbs? Not sure on the starting stuff, but I know our bus leaves Reading at 7am (though we are also taking marshals, so that may be part of the reason - I'm not sure what time the race starts at?). My plan is the same as yours - run it as fast as I can on the day and see what happens. I'm suspecting a positive split

That's it Wardi. It'll be here in no time. I've got a 10 week plan that started this week (looking to improve 10k/HM paces with loads of very easy endurance work), before a 9 week marathon specific phase, so right now I'm just focusing on the first part. Sounds ideal for the parkrun

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Posted: 21/05/2015 at 09:54

That's an itch I occasionally get Padams. I might do Endure 24 one year.

As this week was the start of proper training, last night was the start of properly structured efforts. Plan was 8 x 800m, 1 x 1600m @ 5m pace, off of a 1 lap jog. As I'm optimistically targeting sneaking a sub-35 (84s laps) I thought 83s laps was a solid target. Ran 2:46, 48, 46, 42, 40, 41, 40, 37 and then 5:20 for the mile (77s last lap).

Pleased with that (but still think a sub-35 is a best case scenario target - especially as I'll have a big first week in my legs).

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Posted: 20/05/2015 at 15:03

Crazy stuff TTock! Good luck, and cheers re: Paris too. I was thinking there can't have been too much of it on the cobbles - I'm still achy from them today!

selbs - see you there. Hope things pick up for your Dad.

Jools - likewise, see you there, and fingers crossed for the manflu. I'll be delighted if I can manage MP.

My training 'officially' started yesterday with a very easy 17m (was supposed to be 20, but got caught in hail at 13 and was getting a bit shivery).
The last 5 weeks were basically trying to build back into it (with last week's 77 being the highest).
The plan is, essentially, 10 weeks of very easy endurance stuff whilst working on 10k/HM paces, before a 9 week marathon specific phase.

Have to keep reminding myself that my goal race is 19 weeks away so I don't succumb to the temptation to try get fitter quicker.

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Posted: 18/05/2015 at 19:45

Christ no selbs. I'm just curious given that I am in pain after walking on them how much of the race is run on them. Nice treadmill session

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Posted: 18/05/2015 at 14:42

Oh, to those who have raced Paris before, how much of it is on the cobbles as I reckon walking on those is what done my leg in?

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Posted: 18/05/2015 at 14:41

Afternoon all.

Nicely done by Mrs Wardi, Wardi.

Top stuff JAP

Good endurance JH.

Steve6 - I hope you get your Achilles sorted soon, but as others have said, maybe relax a bit about it all. Certainly focusing on what your clubmates are doing and thinking you should be running the same times too can't be helping you.........

CW - quite a few years back when I had the VO2 testing done they also done fat analysis using callipers and my legs also had the largest proportion. He said (but I never looked into it to see if it is true) that the body tend to store it where it is most needed.

Fingers crossed the injections do the job bains.

I spent the weekend in Paris and had an absolute ball of a time. The Moulin Rouge in particular was a highlight
I'd intended to run more than I did, but my legs were thrashed from all the walking I did - must have been over 20m across Friday and Saturday - as well as a 10m sightseeing run on Friday evening (great way to cover a lot of sights in a short space of time) so took Saturday and Sunday off.

I also took today off as my right leg is still very tight and sore from the walking (this always seems to happen when I walk a lot for some reason), and given my recent back issues I don't see the point in taking a chance at the moment.

Still ended up with 77 for the week, including a surge 20m and a light track session the day after it (2 x {1600,1200} with 1 lap jogs + 1 x 600m fast (1:55 - that was hard work in current shape), with a small bit of faster running on the Thursday too (last mile of a 6m at around HM pace), so still the best week I've had for a long while.

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