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Posted: Yesterday at 22:31

Thanks for the link RV, looking forward to the channel 4 coverage. Been reflecting on this race a lot this week and I really think I'll go back in 2016. really would like a go at celtman but the whole wales weekend was just amazing. 


Posted: 18/09/2014 at 14:25

For the first few hours on the bike there was a constant stream of people on tri bikes overtaking me, but I controlled my thoughts of chasing them and stuck with my heart rate plan. The miles clicked on points of notice where the hills in Narbeth, Wisemans Bridge and Saundersfoot which were really well supported by the locals, in fact there were pockets of support around the whole bike course cheering, ringing cow bells, pumping air horns ect. It's just an amazing atmosphere. Just as I was approaching Saundersfoot the leading man passed me completing his second bike loop, absolutely amazing he was flying. I completed these climbs but I needed to get out the saddle and I could feel some tightness in my quads whilst doing so, then there was the downhill into Tenby ready for the next loop where I saw Sarah and her parents with our two children waving banners, this really lifted my spirits. Second loop was tough but I managed to ride up all the hills when quite a few of the riders around me where walking the steeper ones, back into Tenby to see the family again - 112 mile bike done - 07:23:03

T2 - Full change into run gear, listen to some horror stories about the swim and out onto the course -T2 - 00:06:38


I got out onto the run which is not an easy marathon route, basically 2 miles out of town up hill, turn around and a winding route through the town, I needed to complete this four times to be able to run down the finish chute. My legs felt okay, in fact they felt good. I kept my heart rate in check and stuck with a plan of running between the feed stations. At each feed station I poured a cup of water over my head, drank a cup of energy drink and ate half a banana. This seemed to work so I kept with this, I was running well and passing a lot of people I was actually enjoying the run and I only power walked one really tough little hill going out of Tenby which was making my HR go too high. The loops were flying by with the best game being where would Sarah pop up next, the run through Tenby meant she could go between points and I would see her two or three times per loop. The run is where the pirate kit comes into its own, loads of ARRR's and go pirates. Support on the whole course was amazing. Eventually I was being handed the treasured pink band which meant I only had half a loop to go, I was still running and I thought a under 4hr marathon might be possible.... Up to the finish line aeroplane down the red carpet to the finish. 26.2 mile run 04:05:36 pleased with that.

 I am an Ironman. finish 13:12:50

Sarah had managed to be right next to the finish line, had a massive hug, got my medal ate some cardboard that looked like pizza and went into town to support and eat chips. I would definitely do this event again, the atmosphere and the people of Tenby and the surrounding areas were amazing and the location is just beautiful.  



Posted: 18/09/2014 at 14:25

I signed up for Ironman Wales in Sept 2013,  I'd really wanted to do this race since hearing about the amazing atmosphere and the difficulty of the course. 

 I booked the accommodation in Oct 2013 and this was maybe a little late, but found a nice hotel on the esplanade which just happens to be the finish line. Training went really well I'd followed a 30 week training plan focussing on a lot of hill training on both the bike and run, but unlike the previous year I had stuck to heart rate training, this was difficult because it meant not going out with the "Badgers" running club as I knew I would not be able to control my head thus chasing the guys faster than me. I really missed the social side of running with the club. My target was under 14hours,

My race report.  I started the morning by walking down to the beach with my better half Sarah at about 06:30, she found a spot on the promenade right opposite the swim Australian exit which was a great spectator spot as she would be able to spot me between the laps. I'd been really nervous about the swim being choppy and if it was how I'd cope. Had last hugs and was one of the first into the water to check goggles, gosh it was choppy. Got out and got my spot on the left of the start pen in the middle of the pack with the other 1800 starters.


The starting horn sounded and I followed the mass in front of the into the water, attempting to start swimming to the first buoy which was about 500 meters away, I just couldn't get into my swim stroke at all every two or three strokes I was getting hit by waves that had no rhythm to them at all. My heart rate was spiking and I had to give myself a right talking to as I was thinking that I wouldn't even make this point. I eventually got to this buoy and started the longer stretch to the next one, this wasn't half as bad and I actually felt like I was getting somewhere, round this one, and then another smaller stretch into the swim exit. Ran round a timing mat quick wave to Sarah and get back into the sea for lap two. Getting to this first buoy was worse than the first time, but eventually got round and exited the swim... thank goodness. Swim complete 01:22:43

T1 -1k run to transition, full change into cycling gear in the post box size area for those stripping off fully and  off onto the bike - T1 - 00:14:50


The bike route is a two lap course the first lap being the longer of the two, but the second loop you complete twice and this is also the hillier loop. I planned to stick to heart rate as much as possible, only going above the planned HR when needed to climb the hills. For the first hour I could feel I had been panic gulping air in swim and had quite a rumbling feeling in my stomach, sipping water for the first hour and not having my gels or bars seemed to help. After this I stuck to my plan of sips of gel from a gel bottle at 20mins and 40mins and on the hour some energy bar, having water as needed. I was a bit disappointed then the bike bottles didn't have an Ironman logo on but hey ho.


Pirate DIY Half IM 2015

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 11:45

I'll be there too, want to improve my bike over the winter before Outlaw.


Posted: 16/09/2014 at 11:43

Race report will follow, but I like the others think Tenby and the surrounding areas really make this race and it would be terrible for it to move. I've signed up for outlaw next year but if it's still in tenby in 2016 I have permission to go back, the whole family loved it. Thanks to all the pirate supporters this kit is amazing. #lovethisevent


i will be writing to ironman to beg them not to move to Cardiff



Posted: 10/09/2014 at 13:30

Wasn't the pirate themed pub the place used on previous years. I think its the Buccaneer on St. Julian Street


Posted: 09/09/2014 at 21:28

I'm going with the whittle away the bike miles trying to calculate average pace and whether I'm going to beat the cut off plan. Although I may steal RV's tape

Same old competition 2014

Posted: 08/09/2014 at 17:04

Last weeks taper update (not a fat lot) Tues, massage, Wed run, thurs bike, fri swim sun bike,

Stupendous September

Cheggers (411) (404) (503) (467) (514) (559) (470) (488) 96
Blue Peter (187) (223) (260) (293) (285) (348) (317) (235) 88
Stanners (274) (289) (305) (246) (324) (245) (325) 80
maths (154) (185) (210.5) (143.2) (110) (126) (119) (150) 48.3
Smiff Too (132) (140) (204) (154.8) (196.5) (201) (143.3) (128) 43.6
Cake (121) (48) (144) (162) (207) (241) (199) (157) 44
Proven Rw (147.5) (142) (227) (300) (302.5) (270.5) (112) (281) 28
In the Blue (15) (36.5)(26) (31.5) 51.7) (30.8) (43.9) (32) 24.5
Long John Silver (59) (68.5) (114.25) (80) (119) (115) (94) (94.5)22
Trogs (154.5)(74)(129.3)(103.4)(193.3)(156.2)(55.3)(63.4) 20.5
TheBanksy (200) (175.5) (259) (232.5) (202.5) (255) (169) (134.5) 16.5
Tired Badger (276) (283) (268) (271) (312) (405) (390) (357) 24
Ironwolf (53.5) (48) (57) (92) (119) (90.5) (97) (65)3

Awesome August - The Best Month of the Year
Magna Carter (204) (234) (328) (212) (318) (314) (130) 21.8
Mikasa (44.6) (66.6) (8) (19.7) (66.4) (48.4) (19.26) 2.46
Seren Nos (272)( 281)( 416) (411) (333) (400) (268) 0


Posted: 08/09/2014 at 16:59

Don't forget ID for registration either



Posted: 08/09/2014 at 16:57

I was sent a excel packing list that I OCD over highlighting in different colours for packed, still to pack, still to buy ETC, your welcome to have a copy just send me a PM.I plan to start this OCDness tonight.

I've been printing run maps from map my run that has the street names on, bike routes for the Tenby bits, for the supporting crew today with expected times.


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