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Brooks Ravenna 3

Posted: 18 February 2013

Saucony ProGrid Paramount

Posted: 03 June 2009
Overall: These shoes feel like a new experience for your feet. They are fast, feel light and very comfortable after 15 years of Asics and New balance I'm a total convert to Saucony!

Garmin Forerunner 305

Posted: 23 March 2008
Overall: A fantastic piece of kit that is great for keeping track of your training as well as providing motivation if you are running alone.
A pity that it does not have the auto learn feature from the 205 as if you are a reasonably fit older runner the 220 - your age forumula does not always fit the bill.
That said I have recomended it to all of my running friends and I would not now be without it!

Asics Gel Kayano XII

Posted: 22 May 2006
Overall: A pity they changed a great shoe. Having run in Asics shoes for 10 years this was my first major problem. Despite working them in well the heel cup continuously caused blisters under my ankle bone. When I asked at the FLM expo they said oh we've made the heel smaller (would have been nice if this had been published!)and they don't suit everybody. When tried in the shop you do not feel this instantly. At £100+ this was a very expensive mistake. I have had at least 6 pairs of Kayano's but I wont be buying any more!

Garmin Forerunner 301

Posted: 09 March 2006
Overall: A great gadget that has helped my Marathon training no end, especially good if you have to train a lot on your own as you can run against a virtual partner!Very glad I brought it but will have to wait a wile before I can persuade my wife to let me upgrade to the new better shaped 305