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Can I run another marathon 6 weeks after running a marathon?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:14

Yes - the back of Pfitzinger and Douglas has a section on it.

London Marathon Cheat?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:12

Kaffeeg - I doubt it they'll be adjusting the GFA times at the moment to annoy everyone on Tuesday!  Any takers for the young M bracket going Sub 3? 

London Marathon Cheat?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:11

I ran a 29 min 5k on Sunday... for a 3:15... ouch!   I imagine this chap is rather sheepish.  

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 20:06

OS - "Like" I notice Natalie Wright is following you.  A competent RN runner chasing her sub 3.

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 19:49

Also Dave, I am in for Berlin too aiming for sub 2:45... yes I know a big jump but I will get there!

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 19:42

Dave nice, report and cracking time.  Averaging a decent mileage without going overboard and getting good value for money.  Where/what is the Fitzgerald nutrition plan?

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 19:34

 I had planned my tribute to Carly Rae Jepson and i'm quite pleased with it...

Sub 3

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 22:47

Dids - I love burgers but not sure I could chain eat burgers! Reminds me of Peep Show TV programme and the chain eating roasts line.

The trainline dot com have an advisory email which alerts when cheap fares get released as it varies by operator.

I am tempted to book an hotel early though although i can't complain as I got an ensuite with TV (single bed) in front of Waterloo East for £60, mates rates!

Phil - barking! 

CW - I called them and asked for £XX (can't remember maybe £20 for the lot) and they snapped my hand off.  I am rather proud of my Carly Rae Jepson (call me maybe) over Tower Bridge photo.  I could take my medal winnings off to but that!

I'm not sure they would make more money - I am sure they have looked at the business model and maybe London is a special beast compared with the rest being so charity/money focused that it would make sense but with 30000 "fun runners" no disrespect intended but the top 10% guys/gals aren't that fussed about a momento of the time they didn't beat their PB or ran London again!


Sub 3

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 08:15

Goodness that Marigold story is a good read!  I haven't got Tuesday legs which is a bonus and commensurate with not really running the whole marathon very quickly!

Sub 3

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 20:04

Dids - Do you hear what I hear?

Whine, Please keep sponsoring me, Whine, The wind was really bad, whine, it's worse for me than marigold, whine, I promise i'll do better, whine.

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