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Posted: 22/02/2015 at 15:45

Just a quick note as I have to be in work in an hour.  

1:15:36, was windy.  I stayed tucked in until 10 when i hoped the wind would be behind us but alas it was still ahead of us!  Basically as PP said off the sea and I guess quite strong.  Pace (or mile markers) was fairly up and down.  Garmin was short but others had right distance.  Very pleased with 3 min PB.

Have a good week all.

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Posted: 21/02/2015 at 18:24

Great mileage TR - you looked relaxed and in form when we passed on the seafront (about halfway?) - I was doing 6 Easy in Adios Boosts - not sure I get on with them so will see how my feet feel tomorrow AM.  Not sure if it's them or the cumulative miles.  Running in them is great but they are not as cushioned as the supernova glides so I feel the difference afterwards.  

Well done Jools - looked good fun.

No XC for me as I have Brighton Half with Marders tomorrow (with I mean quite some way behind).  Weather has cleared just in time so apart from 66, 68 and this week's 56 (so far) I haven't got many excuses.  

I have shifted the P&D programme a little so have had Fri and Sat easy but same miles and sessions were there.  I have followed a basic nutrition plan too (Beet-it on race day but also I have had a flapjack a day to "load").

Should be a PB race for me with 1:18:26 to beat.  Sadly my cousin isn't running as he had a high HR all day post Bramley so is taking it easy but i'm sure i'll find some one on pace.  

I've also been very busy at work with a week of assessments next week after 3 weeks training (me being assessed).  Good news is that I will get promoted later in the year which is a bonus.  

A very me post but I read through on Friday but couldn't keep my eyes open to post!  

To those who have done well, well done.  To those who have done not so well, not so well done.  To those benched, may your recoveries be speedy!

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Posted: 15/02/2015 at 11:59

Wow nice run CW

Great stuff TR. 

TickTock - Sensible.  Speedy recovery.

18 P&D Long along frontn Eastern way then Farlington.

Days like today make it a joy to train for a marathon. Sunny, cool and a good rhythm.  1st 9 @ 6:56 2nd 8 @ 6:25 w/ a cool down last mile.  Almost perfect P&Ding if a tad fast near the end.  Tired legs to start after yesterday's walking and had to stretch R Plantar at 11 but immediately pain was gone - not concerned.  Gels at 7 & 12 to stay strong (I may have over indulged on the Campo Viejo last night).


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Posted: 15/02/2015 at 08:27

Weather looks rubbish for next weekend's Brighton Half sadly.

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Posted: 15/02/2015 at 08:24

Selbs! OMG Ouch.

Njord - you certainly get your money's worth!

Bainspj - No I haven't tried it but Charlie Spedding and his era used to do similar up to 20 miles.

Good luck to the Bramley 20 runners.  I felt it was too far for a training run.

Legs are tired after walking around London yesterday.  We had a good day but i'm going to wait until 10 AM to go for my 18 and hope I wake up a little.

I got a what I think is a good deal on Beet It

15 x elite shots and 15 free flapjacks.  £23.

Is Sweatshop damaging its brand?

Posted: 15/02/2015 at 07:38

Remember that outdoor brand Karrimor from the 70's immortalised by Bonnigton etc? 

Not the same brand.  This is tat with the brand name on it.

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Posted: 10/02/2015 at 19:15

Jock - i'll have a look now.  

10 w/ 4 @ Threshold.  Got 3.5 @ sub 6 then got lost in some twisty streets so had to settle for a 6:30 last mile.  Hopefully I can plan my Brighton pace from that.

Well done PP.

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Posted: 09/02/2015 at 20:24

Wow it's busy on here in 24 hours!

Great PBs at halfs for DanA, Marders Dachs.  I somehow have an "Elite" start place for Brighton Half 22 Feb.  I notice PP has done it before amongst others and i'll be looking to get my Half PB down from 1:18:26 towards 1:15, is anyone else going?  It's a nice early 9am start so be finished in time for breakfast at Bills.

Some great long runs (Stuart Leaney, CC2, Slebs, Tick Tock, StJ, ES & TR et al) and I am looking forward to getting some long miles in properly this week.

Shame to hear that Wardi - I really need to take care too.  Since my December cough (and now recent bout) my lower abdomen has been intermittently painful.  Can't feel a hernia though and it is getting better so hopefully gone in another week. Hope you heal quickly.

Al_P - yes XC was fast at the front, those BAC boys can shift! We (Victory) got promotion to Div 2 and our U20 won the U20 league despite not running and being 2nd prior to the race!  thanks for Red Lion info - i know it well, it's a Remembrance Day favourite (never knew its name though)! 

PP - yes I used XC spikes for track if not flats.  Track spikes seem too hard for me.  Adios Boosts grip a wet track quite will I find.

4 AM @ a painfully slow 8:15 but was the most my aching legs could muster.

6 PM after sitting on my arse most of the day except 4 half mile walks at a much better 7:39 and HR 80 beats per mile lower.   



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Posted: 08/02/2015 at 17:37

Hello all.  I had to have 9 days off post Stubby with a chesty cough.  I kept it at that to avoid changing schedule/goal iaw P&D!  I ran Alsager 5 and performed badly as expected (28:55) but good to be running again and got up to 35 miles off 4 days.  165 for Jan was pathetic with time off.  Al_P smashing it with over 400, amazing but many others stacking the miles up.  

DrD - thanks for wishes and you're looking in great shape also let me add my congrats.  


CC82 - yes I struggle to keep up being a non-English/humanities grad so always have a notepad for Sub 3 forum!  

StuL - Good luck at Bramley.  I considered it but thought it was a long way to go for a training run. 

Jools - I would say I am enduranced biased too.  Well done on changing your programme around.  I didn't realise your run today was so long.  It's tough to balance plan with commitments.

TT - Kenya sounds epic, enjoy and learn off Lev if you haven't been before. Looks like he had fun.

My team is out in the Algarve at the moment doing 3 sessions a day (Early AM 1-2 mile wake up run, Easy at 11AM then Session PM).  So annoyed to have missed the chance to go but I should really do some work.  I also missed a XC event that I would have like to see where I am.  

PP/ThR - Damn I missed a middle class grain chat! Quinoa, bulgar etc.. love it.

I'm off racing for a couple now after XC with Marigold (4th) and me (45th) although I know a couple here were there. 

Al_P - Impressive Ryde 10 off a big week.  You must be worth 5 min less rested.

My 16 today was P&D long run in the end as I nearly settled for and Easy run as I was tired after the XC yesterday.  68 for the week.  Hopefully work wil calm down and i'll be able to post a little more.

Good running all I missed.

Can I ask, if i'm not intruding what the plan is post VLM?  I know it's the Red lion but which one?!  Also what time do you meet and when do people tend to drift off?  I have to be in Plymouth on the Monday but am keen to get the last train having given my kit to a mate.  Also as my wife will be at home with the 2-4 week old I have a pass! 

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Posted: 25/01/2015 at 07:30

Well done Jools

Selbs and TR good lung runs.

TT - I enjoyed the blog, thanks.  I had to look up the zoopy zoopy!

Blanks for me.  Had a cough all week.  Felt it coming on Monday.  Thursday was my nadir, wheezy and real loss of lung capacity.  I would have gone the doctors if it wasn't night.  Also considered using son's inhaler.  Much better now although I hope to have a clear out run today.

Busy out of office work week this week so perfect to build up again before starting P&D.

Keep going all, looking good.

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