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Posted: Yesterday at 21:03

Nice one ES

DrD Well won even if it was not easy - Interesting nutrition/weight loss plan!

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Posted: Yesterday at 19:57

Sounds sensible Jools!

Thanks TR... noted.

Oh and I've just entered 2 "fun runs".  After VLM I have no goals as I am almost certain to be away for the next 2 years on/off and unable to train consistently.  I had considered BGR (love the blogs and links - thanks CW et al) but...

In the end I have entered the new (returning) Potters Marathon  and the Snowdonia Trail Marathon. so it will be a busy July!  Just for fun!

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Posted: Yesterday at 18:26

Good running all.

BarefootTed - be careful with predicting a Marathon from a 5K.  There's can be a big difference.  For me, 10k converts quite well at 5x 10K minus 10 min or 10k x 4.2?  If that has worked for you before should be fine.

I rested as my ankle has felt "weak" since Leeds.  Big week at work over last week, relaxed now and ready to start again.

 Jools - how'd you get home....! Another 11 back? #justwondered

Who owns Sweatshop ?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:20

Oh and next people will be surprised how many companies Nestle etc own.

Talk about monopoly: ASK, Pizza Express and Zizzi but then you read

"His cousins are Adam and Sam, founders of pizza chains Ask and Zizzi, which they later sold to PizzaExpress owner Gondola Holdings."  Anyway back to work tomorrow tax drones... repeat after me "I am free"...

Who owns Sweatshop ?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:11

Remember what happened to Karrimor.

It went bust!

As of 2013, the Karrimor brand remains and is licensed and used for marketing and product branding purposes. Sports Direct continue to sell Karrimor branded products, which are as of 2013 largely made in China rather than the UK.

Basically buy a respected name and continue like nothing happened!

Don't ask

Posted: Yesterday at 18:08


What your idea for a great race memento?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:06

Dash for the Splash - what makes your event unique?  Why should I provide you with my imaginative idea?

I like your website it would make me want to enter.  It is different and has some great selling points.  You are clearly marketing the Windmill and the "Splash".  SO I would either design a momento with those features.

An original drinks coaster would work I think and be a talking point whilst appealing to all in some respect (everyone drinks something, surely)!   

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Posted: 21/11/2014 at 15:51

Hi all.  Will catch up over the weekend.  Very little running done but passed a big exam this week so all good news.  Hope you're all going well.

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Posted: 16/11/2014 at 19:24
XC, Telford then Stubby via some warm weather altitude trg in Spain. Fleet half and maybe Chichester of I don't get holiday for a week's trg camp in the Algarve in Feb.

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Posted: 16/11/2014 at 18:10
Jools I'm sure no one would have noticed if you slipped into elite pen!.
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