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Point me somewhere?

Posted: 16/11/2009 at 22:41

Welll it took me a good year before I entered a first event was a 10k and I have enjoyed it as a distance. But I'd like to do a half without feeling like I did on the last one.

 It is more about running regularly, I find I like having everything planned out so I don't have to think about anything except getting myself out of the door. Did you get your schedule from runners world?

Point me somewhere?

Posted: 16/11/2009 at 13:49

I am struggling a bit with how to develop the running. I have been running for a year and a halfish. Took part in a few 10ks, one or two 5ks, and recently did first half at Great North Run. Have OKish times (2hrs3mins for half) which would probably be much improved if I trained more, but I tend to only run three times a week.

 Problem: when I started I was simply amazed that I was running at all. Improvement seemed constant (hooray!). I also used beginners training plans which was good for me as I didn't have to think much and just knew that Monday meant 3 miles, Weds3.5 miles faster, etc.

 Now my expectations of what is possible are higher and a 2.5 m run in the week is not really enough but I'm not doing so well at making time for more. Been along to two sessions of a running club, and then missed two sessions. Need to get back but missing other sessions tends to make a spiral!

I seem to do better when I am working towards an event, and I don't have to think too much about. But beginner plans not interesting enough (and like a challenge) - intermediate plans seem a bit beyond current fitness levels. Might help to do an event and feel well prepared: GNR was pretty grim for the last mile and I'm sure I could contribute that in part to being underprepared in terms of long runs I got in.

 So what's the point of this post? I'm hoping anyone could point me in the direction of training plans for not quite beginner, not quite speedy club runner. I'd be interested in what other people did in the not quite a beginner but not that fast stage. Are there any threads on forums of people in same situation (don't seem to do too well with the search function on this forum). How much do other people run? What kind of cross training?

Any ideas/ experience welcomed - I am feeling a bit in a plateau!

Do your work colleagues comment on what you eat?

Posted: 12/10/2009 at 21:29
Don't post much but just had to post in on this one - I've been temping at a largish company after only ever having worked for 3 person operations: it's a source of constant fascination to me what people eat for lunch! Lunches I have noted: cupasoup, and only cupasoup (?): tinned tomatos on toast (ew): drinking 6 bottles of diet coke a day: the amount of crisps people eat......Endlessly fascinating. The comments I draw are 'is all that for you? But you're slim!' at which point I expain that I run in order to eat cake. I eat a mix of useful and not useful food: this morning it was porridge, but it depressed me so I put chocolate raisins in it. Then I had a homemade bean burrito and side salad. Then I had about 5 chocolate cornflake cakes. I don't do well with restricting food, so increased activity is my weight management tool. I am the person who could get through a pack of nuts and choc raisins in a day, I just don't look like I could

I'm getting muscly...but I'm a woman!

Posted: 11/10/2008 at 02:09
Are you kidding? I was so excited when I saw my (admittedly puny) calf muscles devlop after 6 weeks that I was showing evvvveryone them. Apparently no one can see them apart from me And then when I started doing press ups and got some guns, there was a week there I had to be held back from showing them to complete strangers. I've never had muscle definition in my life, it's deeply pleasing! Would love some visible abs, but I just don't think I'm willing to cut out the pies that hide them. But as for visible muscles, it's like a badge saying 'hours worked on'. I love seeing the effects made visible (well to me at least) of my hard work!

Running at night (in the local park)

Posted: 02/10/2008 at 00:41
I wouldn't run in a park at night. But then I wouldn't walk alone in a park at night, especially not in an urban area. I'm a bit twitchy about early mornings too, there being a few cases when I was growing up of women being assaulted on their way into work on an early morning. There is not letting your life be controlled by morons, and there is taking unneccessary risks. I have run quite late at night, solo and had raised eyebrows from family and friends. I do love running in the evening, but if an SO had concerns I could accomodate it. I don't think it's controlling, it's just a bit of overestimating the risks. If there is an acceptable alternative, I don't see running in the park as a great idea.

Race day etiquette

Posted: 24/09/2008 at 17:52

I learnt a new one on my third race - don't spit into the wind! Wasn't me spitting, but woman in front of me and ended up on someone's shoe. Twas very funny and she was mortified. If I'd had more breath I would have laughed out loud.

 Turn up and enjoy it? I think each to their own about encouragement and running back down the course. Personally if somene is running back down the course I think 'oh, must want to get their mileage in' and nothing more of it. And I love people who take the time to shout encouraging things. Even if it is something odd. I'm chanting in my head 'who's in charge? I AM!' anyway, so  think my internal dialogue outweirds anything I hear from the sidelines.

 Oh and carry on being smily and chatty with people before race begins. That's nice.

My only peeve when running races so far is people starting in the fast bit when they're not. It's not like I'm a speed queen, but it does mean they're more likely to be there for me to trip up over as our paces settle and i come from the mid pack.

And don't take your dog for a walk, on a lead, on the race course and stand on one side whilst your dog crosses the course. This wasn't a competitor, just a Mr J Public, but it was a terrifying, I could see a whole pack of runners about to be felled at knee level!

do running clubs actually work?

Posted: 19/09/2008 at 16:51

I'd be interested to read that article...I've been running for only 6 months, and have tried out a couple of sessions at my local club. Everyone was very welcoming, the second run I did with them was right on my 'pushing it' limit and was good to find new routes. But...I haven't been back. Maybe it's the regular time and that I'm scatty and will chop and change my running schedule. Maybe it's that I hang out on internet messageboards and have found so much information from sites like Runner's World. Maybe it's that I found myself falling in the gap between very experienced runners, and very inexperienced runners and found it hard to find someone around my pace. Maybe it's just that I'm antisocial and find small talk a bit tiring....

Will see as winter hits, I may find myself joining as the nights get darker... The actaul running is the same for me, company or not and I'm very used to shoving myself out of the door. But access to knowledge,running community, coaching, not running as a lone female in the dark , that's what sells running clubs to me.

Stinking clothes!

Posted: 17/09/2008 at 16:21
I get the curse of stinky tops too. I am just sweaty. I find if I wash straight away it helps. Also bicarbonate of soda apparently works?....

Bikers nod, Landy and Mini drivers wave so why don't runners acknowledge others?

Posted: 17/09/2008 at 16:15
Oh I am guilty of never ever saying hello. But then I'm a lone female runner who runs in London. When I started out, I wasn't sure of the running etiquette (like walkers who always say hello when hiking), so I smiled at other runners. They all looked at me like I was mad. Maybe they thought I was taunting them? I got discouraged so now I have blank face. Maybe I should just try a 'hello'! and see how many runners in South London I can terrify....

Running in new trainers

Posted: 12/09/2008 at 17:56

Really basic suggestion...but is it possible they were laced too tight, especially as you say your feet had been squeezed into work shoes all day, and so probably were swollen?

 I have a bone spur on the top of my foot, which has hurt a lot less after someone suggested I tie my laces less tight! I thought it couldn't make any difference, but it did....

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