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Posted: Yesterday at 19:10

Bainsy - i wear a T shirt every run nowadays (apart from VLM day), and dont get to run in the daytime warmth much unless its a workday lunchtime 5 or 6 miler.

Banksy - I hope your last minute cramming pays off. My 5 week plan was sub 3 proven too !

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Posted: Yesterday at 13:06

DrD - yes, hope to do Gosport, still mulling over wether I can get away with the Lordshill 10 Sunday to give me a fitness pointer for Gosport, or wether racing Sunday will put my ankle back and put me out of Gosport.

I was on a rare (topless) Summer time afternoon run on the way to the MiL's house a few years back (the family were in the jam jar), some filly who was the passenger in a convertible stuck in a traffic jam stood up and gave me a "yes please".........another time some chick gave me a "boom chick a wah wah !".......I guess they couldnt help it.

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Posted: 29/10/2014 at 23:17
Dan - not a nickname to keep !

Tmoth - not sure you'll be able to cover all of that. Maybe you need to decide which distance you want to do well at. I consistently under achieve at marathon distance as I do too much swim and bike too, and dont do well enough at tri as I spend too much of my winter doing marathon specific running (esp long runs). But it depends whats going to make you happy.

Stubby 10k entered for january.

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Posted: 29/10/2014 at 20:34
Padams - gout? You need to set some easier targets, I need 5m more to hit my 120 target. Thats taken a lot of 5 and 6 milers too. Its not easy to rack up miles off short runs.

Selbs - enjoy the beers.

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Posted: 28/10/2014 at 19:01

Bainsy - I guessed you'd been busy ! congratulations to you and your family.

Selbs - still made up for you. I put you in more like 1:16/1:17 shape (going on the effort you didnt put into the 1:19) and knew you were fit. I'd say it was a good job that you ran to feel and didnt set a pre determined target as you might have aimed 2:5X. You just need to stay healthy and do the right combination of training that allows that to happen. You might have found it !...................cant decide if I'm more happy for you or jools

ThR - there are two gel stations, one soonish after 1/2 way (?), but the 2nd is very late I seem to remember. Luco stations come around a lot more often there could be between 4 and 6 I guess. VLM is busy with folks dodging all over the place, so carry everything you might want IMO (plus a spare  - i learned this the hard way last year) gel wise. I dropped a gel last year and then tried to ration out what I had, I ended up light headed and having to get through my nutrition early to catch up. I probably should have carried the luco for longer too and used all of each bottle to try to catch up. If I do another then I'm going to try the AL_P approach and take in more gels, maybe 6 instead of my usual 4, I need the calories !

DrD - impressed with the beering up, not that you were looking for a Lordshill 10 slowly for a while please !


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Posted: 27/10/2014 at 22:11
Dan - no self belief then ?

PP - good to settle into a few months of steadier training with shorter long runs than marathon training ( for you obviously - i havnt been doing them)..

You can buy a belt to do the gel job. Just make sure its tightened up or it falls dwon early on in the race......or put a elastice band round a couple and carry one double in each hand. You just put them into onr hand to drink. By the time they are getting annoying they are nearly all gone.

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Posted: 27/10/2014 at 18:46

sounds like a good explanation, never had a conversation with Samir and dont plan will you go for the Germany hat trick next October with a sub 2:50 ? 

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Posted: 27/10/2014 at 18:33

Jools - whilst I like to see the new folks go well, I can remember you being here a long time (as long as me ?) and a few 3:0X's along the way, so its especially nice to see you bag another sub 3. Whilst I can remember you doing PnD regularly you might be doing some things differently ? or is it simply down to nowadays believing and expecting to run so well  ?.........I even made a rare P of 10 visit in your honour today (to look at your previous results). Can you get some I love jools T shirts made ?

6M today including the 30s session which wasnt too bad on my ankle (esp after y'days massive 12M long run), if it survives ok then I might get to wear my Lordshill 10 number Sunday !!!! 109M for themonth, so I might also make the 120M target !

Also had a flu jab today (free at work), so I hope to avoid having a big chunk of February ruined with the lurgy this winter.

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Posted: 26/10/2014 at 20:37
TT - well done for making the start and finish line, another top result. Hope the shitstorm clears for you.

Jools - you made my day last october with that sub3. But today was still mighty imprssive. The rest of the thread will have to start taking advice from you now.

PP - to describe your bad luck, one can say that fortune has just taken a dump in their toaster.

Th R - selbs midweek runs and that 1/2 pointed to a good time. The secret weapon was him saying that he was going to run on feel.

The thread looks well placed for some more decent results come spring time.

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Posted: 26/10/2014 at 15:33
Where is jools?

No doubt selbs is on beer number 5 by now. I'll join in later.

What a series of autumn race times folks have posted. Looks wise to train for an autumn mara through a hot summer rather than train for a warm spring day through the winter.
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