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Posted: Yesterday at 16:23

DrDave - cheers for the info, I took a whack on the Lat/side muscle but think its rib damage, its been one week so far. I'd like to be swimming and biking properly in a couple of weeks at the latest as race day is just over 4 weeks away.

Bainspj - try a waistpack rather than a bumbag. I used to use one when I did run commutes. Its a better fit so will be more stable when you run.

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Posted: Yesterday at 10:59

DrDave - if you're going all inclusive then you'll probably need to run some days to compensate ! I sneak about early doors trying not to wake anyone most weeks of the year, so that was another reason to do nothing last week.

Did 8M real slow earlier, to keep my breathing real easy. Its just the vibrations then that hurts. Tried to swim last night and had to stop as certain movements took my breath away, and I'm living in fear of sneezing, so maybe I have rib damage after all. 

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Posted: 18/08/2014 at 12:20

DanA - not too many beers !

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Posted: 18/08/2014 at 12:20

Bainspj - I've been chief cook and bottle washer for the past few weeks so had to pull a week of zero when away, but I would do that anyway. Endurance sports are selfish and its only one week missed (although not ideal 6 weeks out from an A race - but I dont expect to win that race !).

Dr Dave - good long run that with 10 at MP in it.

Padams - both nippers have improved their surfing, esp the eldest, but it was a bit wild at times due to the remains of Bertha. A week of beach cricket has obviously helped too, the eldest scored 47 Saturday in his adults game after a run of low scores and the younger one bagged his first adult 5 wicket haul in his game (aged 13).

90min on the turbo y'day was manageable. Did 75min today with a 2M run off it which was a bit uncomfortable, but leads me to believe its more muscle damage than rib as it was the vibrations rather than the breathing that was making it hurt. Hopefully I can get swimming soon, before I forget all about my 1 to 1 coaching.

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Posted: 16/08/2014 at 22:34

Hey up sports fans !

back from a weeks RnR in Cornwall. A read back shows the usual mix of marathon training and racing, from 5k to 50k. Hope that the health scare comes to nothing SL, and good to see Padams getting back to it a bit more.

So after a self imposed week of zero (holidays are family time for me), the SPO gets her wrist cast off Monday and i have 5 weeks tomorrow until my A race (1/2IM), so 1 week of catch up and and then 3 big weeks. But I copped a surfboard (moving fast) in the back a few days ago and am struggling now, not sure if its muscle or rib damage. I reckon I'll be able to spin on the turbo, but not much else for a while. So I'll have to play it by ear as to when I can bike outside, run and swim again. Only run once in the two weeks since the Harting 10 too, good job I sold the ABo number.


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Posted: 08/08/2014 at 08:47

SL - hope so, although theres a bit of bad weather coming !

8M bagged, which means it wont get to be 2 weeks of no running.


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Posted: 07/08/2014 at 19:25

DanA - impressive view and running !

DrDave - happy birthday. Looks like you paced the BAC session well. Staying healthy and fit is indeed what you need to aim for, that means making the easy days easy as well as the hard (BAC days) hard. Make sure you dont spend toomuch time in the grey area in the middle, and make the easy easy !

Padams - hope you get running again soon. The swim coach said I have no catch and pull on one side. So I need to learn to swim bi-laterally in training to balance me up and make the non-working side work. He has given me doggy paddle and one armed drills. So each lunchtime this week has been 200m one armed, 200m doggy paddle both in 50m sections, then 1.6km of bi-lateral broken down into 50m sections with a few seconds rest (calm down) in between each. In a race I can revert to breathing every two, but should have two working sides by then ! Simples ! He told me to swim bi-laterally as much as I can, so I'm going the whole hog.........any drinking loads of pool water.

Hoping to get my legs to run a few miles in the morning as then I'm going surfing/fishing for a week and wont run again until the following weekend which would mean two weeks of no running, so any benefits of doing the 10M trail race will be long lost by then.

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Posted: 06/08/2014 at 19:08

Bainsy - yes, I do the odd 60sec/60sec too.

SL - hope that it was just a one off flutter.

Tmoth - you coudl use a HRM like SL says, but like you say soem days you might be tired so certain paces might take more effort to make and you might see lower HRs if you are tired. Just run the sessions at a pace that feels right for say a 24Min, then 18min rep etc if you get it wrong then you will have to speed up or slow down a bit on the next. Use the gadget to record your session but not pace it, listen to your body and learn about what its telling you. You should get to the stage where you can then run a race eg for me a 10M in ~60min setting off at a pace that I think feels right for ~60min. As far as MP goes, I'm sure some folks just pick a certain MP for race day as it equates to a time barrier eg 2:45, 3:00 etc regradless wether thats the optimum pace for them anyway. Pacing a marathon to a HRM then helps a bit I guess.

more bi-lateral drinking for me today !

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Posted: 05/08/2014 at 22:19

PP - it was indded front crawl but breathing to both sides, I'm aiming for every three strokes (instead of every two). Nice training, your legs are obvioulsy tougher than mine, to be doing that 2 days after a hilly race !

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Posted: 05/08/2014 at 22:05

RS - I ran a couple of sub80s last Autumn off low miles, you run more miles than me and have all the fell race training in the bank. Do a mile or two easy to warm up then do 25 to 30mins of 30sec fast/30sec easy, then a mile or two easy, the fast is a sort of strides pace. I've been posting it for a while but no-one has cottoned on to it yet they are all too busy running 26M+ long runs!

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