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Posted: Yesterday at 20:04

LMH - short term no more, longer term probably no more. I won't be back to running decent distances in time for VLM, and I'm happy for my GFA credit to run out. I don't want to run commute or do 20 milers this Jan to March, and that only leaves the odd lunchtime 6 miler. I'm a bit heavier now from all of the strength training and there's no longevity in long distance road running for me going forward. My body would deal with it a lot better if i was 7 stone wet through like Charlie.

CW - but a campaign has a target, and when you are in the habit of running it seems perefctly normal, after a few months of no running, running feels strange and you ask yourself why you are running. The one thing I will miss is "standing on the summit" when you cross the finishing line.

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Posted: 05/12/2016 at 22:19

OO - I remember you winning a Devon or Cornwall marathon, when was that ?

LMH - 4000 in a year is an impressive total, and a lot of big mileage weeks to keep the average right up.

slowly slowly indeed, I did another 5M today and was pretty uncomfortable after about 4M, so 5M is the limit for now, I need to do it a few times a week trouble free before I can try to run any further. However, seeing as the plan is to have a limit of 13.1M with a number on going forward (even after a swim/bike warm up), then I don't have to run further than about 10M any more in training. I havnt run a race since VLM 2015 and it will probably a while yet until the next as I cant see any quick running happening for a while. But some running is a lot better than no running.
Running (for the hell of it) is a strange sensation after not running for a few months, and does seem a bit pointless after not being in the habit for a while, and the thought of running 20M just makes me wonder "why?".

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Posted: 03/12/2016 at 11:00

Lev - hopefully an approach of easy running will help injury proof you a bit, ven when you reduced the run frequency you were still doing hard sessions on the "on" days. That crazy build back up won't have done you a lot of good though.

hope SL gets in the record books

some big totals coming in there.

Sept running miles = 0
Oct running miles = 0
Nov running miles = 0
Dec running miles = 5 !!!!

I hadnt been having any groin/abdomen issues lately, had a day off work y'day and a bit of spare time so I brought the test run forward from Jan 1st. No PF issues (the way to get rid of PF is to stop for a few months - but I always knew thats what it would take) and the stomach issue isnt gone but its much improved, it was sore by the end of 5 Miles, but was ok after and is ok now, so if I keep up the strength work, and it keeps improving, I might be able to introduce 2 or 3 short runs a week and see how it goes.

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Posted: 26/11/2016 at 14:08

LMH - agreed, that will mean that by the time he/she is ready to run a few miles it will be about September time and I might even be able to run again by then. Are you going to keep running intil Feb1st ? maybe a week off to get the inflammation down at Christmas ?

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Posted: 23/11/2016 at 19:17

Padams - I'm getting a training partner like yours in the spring (we've had to wait until all the various cats and rabbits have died off first, and we had a stubborn old cat that kept hanging on in there !), it will have a nice time by the summer munching cucumber sarnies in some nice cricket venues. No idea on what model yet as its got to be big enough to be seen with (and not have a ribbon in its hair), its a shame it couldnt happen when the lads were a bit younger but better late than never, and its going to be my cricket companion anyway.

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Posted: 23/11/2016 at 19:11

Hey up Sports fans

The treadmill science made me laugh, surely if you get the speed right you only have to lift your knees up alternately ?

DanA - might have been a bad day, or illness affected day.......but you now know not to do a 20M race as a race in the Spring, and whilst you'll point out Abo as being a training sub3, dont underestimate the recovery/training that goes with trying to run a sub3 as a training run and still bang in miles 5 weeks out. Its difficult to quantify how much Abo will have affected you negatively, but its not difficult to work out its affect positively. Just stick to Barca only in the Spring ?

Still plugging away with the strength work, turbo and swim. Not long until my New Years day test run, might be a bit chillier than my last run in early August.

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Posted: 12/11/2016 at 14:29

Great work Ms PP !

PP - you had best retire before you become the 2nd best runner in the household ! undderstood re that session being year round and not VLM specific this time of year, trying to hit VLM specific paces in November is a big ask mentally (and then to keep that going mentally).

I have found a routine of a couple of turbo's, a 90min to 2hr weekend ride, some short swim sessions and some strength work each week, not much volume but that's the idea this side of the New Yaer and a nice change. I fancy adding some C2 rowing which would be good for my cycling and good for the strength work, but I'm not going to get a gym membership going for the odd rowing session a week.

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Posted: 05/11/2016 at 15:22

AlanB - one BAC session and a Long run per week is enough quality IMO. Those BAC sessions are long and tough.

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Posted: 05/11/2016 at 15:22

LS21 - agreed on the icing, only I'm hoping I wont need it as I think the foot is runable now, so by the time I do run hopefully its even more healed up.

CC2 - sounds great, although if its for your waist then it will only just about go round my thigh, let alone my waist.

ES - that OP sounds about right. I'm not running and doing more strength work so hopefully I'm doing the right things. I have been more keeping fit than training in Sept and Oct, but Nov 1st saw more of a swim,bike, strength push so we'll see what happens.

Padams - agreed on those MLRs, they are the onerous part of VLM training for me as it needs an ealry morning ~2hr run, although it was less tedious doing them as BAC sessions. LMH raised the bar though with 3 long runs and 2 MLRs all done Sun to Thurday prior to VLM.

PP - Have I misunderstood or are you saying that you are aware of a training group that are doing marathon prep track sessions in November that are pace specific for VLM ? when VLM is more than 5 months away ?  I must have that wrong, otherwise they'd need a box of mental matches the size of a wardrobe.If they are doing it I'd be interested in to what their aspirations are as of now and what happened on race day.

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Posted: 01/11/2016 at 18:27

Agreed on the high heels, heel inserts (although not 7 inch) havd helped it ease off, so I wont be needing those shoes CC, although I quite fancied the sound of them.

PP - it would be good to do some multisporting next summer, thats the aim if I can get back to it enough.

Alan B - you learn a lot about yourself on the tough days, they are good for you. Far too many people in this sport are finish time focussed, the finish time is a result of the campaign and race day, none of which are equal, be proud of yoursefl.

Good to see Padams still running well off low miles.

LMH - I was at a well recommended physio's last night, but it was for some pre-hab/alignment work on the quick bowler in the family prior to winter training commencing next week. If there's any budget left in a few weeks then it might be my turn. I dont think I have a hernia, and I can now sneeze without backing it up with a few swear words (Tourettes sneezing).

The PF is probably runable now, my main problem is now the groin/lower abdomen issue that there's no way I could run on, so if CC has anything that I can wear to help fix that then I'm all ears !!!!!!

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