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Bucklers hard oly

Posted: Today at 10:09

I've done the Swashbuckler a few times too, this year the current wasnt really noticeable but sometimes it is. The race you are intending to do will have some small flat loops on the bike and then the part of the Swashbuckler run that is along the gravel path through the woods, there is a slight uphill at one end of the run and a steep short hill at the other (transistion end).

The Forest is a great place to race.

Sub 3

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 21:48
Padams - im not a great swimmer either. The drills from the 1 to 1 are my winter project I havnt been able to swim much lately so dont think I'll have improved much yet. Although I am more aware of what I should be doing. Hopefully I can swim the swim rather than survive it.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 21:16
SJ - I forgot to say earlier that I cant decide if your current hard running or slower long runs would be harder on your body anyway. I guess that you will find out the answer for me.

Sub 3

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 21:14
TT - you can still race well and not every race can be a pb race anyway.

Sub 3

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 20:06

TT - i guess I meant more marathon start and finish lines really as they are the ones that take the investment and its a shame to have to DNS them.

If you (or anyone else) have to miss a short race then there's always another possibility round the corner, but marathons take lots of investment and if you get injured then its not easy to shift the focus to another. I guess thats why the marathon has more challenge about it, as its difficult to get right and easy to mess up ! so when it goes well its worth having. I think that its easy to get sucked into thinking that folks have to be in perfect shape to run one and sometimes the minor set backs along the way dont actually mean a carp race (I've learned this one) or even much of a difference to the actual result as its easy to go over the top training wise. None of this is aimed at you, just a bit of a ramble.

New Forest Middle

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 18:50

Anyone else ?

Sub 3

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 18:28

Selbs - top stuff, you have to be in for a shout of somewhere between 6:30 and 6:40s after that run.

TT - hope the calf holds up. I agree with you, you need to start making more start (and finish) lines. Ribs should be fine in a week or two ! unless I go over the handlebars or get a kick in them Sunday then its probably more about the training they caused me to miss rather than how much they hurt on the day.

Lev - I agree on the non carb deplete/load (I never did the Aussie thing either), just eat a few more carbs and get some electrolytes on board in the few days before hand. Just dont go testing how fit you are with 12 at MP anytime soon !

Padams - according to the start list someone from your locality who is in my AG is coming to the forest Sunday, they are fast and might take out the whole race, we'll see. I thought that Weymouth and Wales would hit the entries for Sunday, but there's still 220 ish (so I'll hope for top 10% and AG podium), and after rough seas at both of the mentioned races last weekend the New Forest numbers might go up next year due to the (supposed) sanctuary of a lake swim. Hope its calm now Sunday after saying that.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 18:17

MsE - its ony a 1/2, you've been through childbirth a several times (IIRC), If you get to 1/2 way wondering where the hell another 6.X M is coming from then you are where you should be !

Sub 3h15

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 18:14

Abbers - ribs are nearly there, as long as I dont get a kick in them Sunday or go over the handlebars I should get round without too much discomfort. Its probably more about the training they cost me a few weeks ago now.

SJ - I think I did one of the BAC sessions within the first or 2nd 18M, but then I focussed on getting the miles in and just did a couple of MP miles at the end of the odd long run. I was going to do 3 long runs in the 2nd week as well as the first but had to cut it short at 14M due to calf tightness. I had missed a fair bit of running and knew I needed the miles to bag another sub3.
Fwiw, I think you could run a strong 1/2 off what you are doing (I did similar last Autumn), but not sure about a marathon. Marathons need impact (ie pavement.road) miles, so think that although you have some long races under your belt across may disciplines you risk your running legs failing on your later on. Who knows though ?

Sub 3h15

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 06:30
SJ - it was my saving grace this year after flu and a calf strain. Something like weds, fri, sun, thurs, sun the sundays were 20s finishing 3 weeks out. Not text book I guess.
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