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Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 19:25

TJB - aim 2:55:52 it read the same upside down on my fridge magnet and so I consider it to be my best time.

LS21 - I'm glad you came back to post a report and even more glad that you came back to finish it. Great to see you run is a year round thing in my house what with all the club sessions, squads, indoor matches etc I just choose not to bore you all with it some times, however I could bang on about how I hate the Expo (6 months early).

CW - I read y'day of an Abo 2:49 off a long run of 16M, if only the 2:43 off 30M was done by the same person we'd have the answer at last.

9M (still only 8mm but so what !) in the trainers this morning, equal longest since the 1/2 IM, but better than all the 5 and 6milers I've been doing for the past couple of weeks, 85M for the month too which beats July, August and September. Just need to see how the ankle is tomorrow. Could be up to double digits soon !!!!!

Sub 3

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 21:13
Barefoot doesnt join in normally just asks questions and doesnt usually respond. This question seemed quite normal too.

DrD - a service I provide for you free of charge too, great value really. I posted to CW a year or two back that I could be the best coach he'd never had but he likes doing things his way and will no doubt be doing the 27milers again soon.

Sub 3

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 19:45
Tick tock - you had a decent run then and would have been around pb time ona better day. Are you running vlm next ?

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Posted: 21/10/2014 at 17:30
DrD - you might love running but I seem to remember you being grumpy when ill or injured......put your trainers away until sunday in the interests of longevity.

ThR - you are getting some big miles in, outside of marathon training too.

All these swim drills are making my shoulders ache, not sure bigger shoulders wil help my running, but then I guess my running is out of balance with my bike and swim anyway.

Sub 3

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 20:49
Jools - sounds like the taper is going as it should then.

Ryan - top decision, very wise. Enjoy the rest.

Sub 3

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 18:11

TT - wise to stick with the A target, who's to say that 87M na dkless sharpening wont be better than 90M with sharpening. Remember that you have the 1/2 mara under your belt, must be better than some of the sharpening work.

Tick Tock - nice sub3, what is your PB ?

ON7 - you were always going to find that 10M hard a week after a 1/2mara.

LS21 - I saw your result and was really pleased for you, hope the new plans work out well. Not that you can probably read this as it would take another visit to teh library.

Just Selbs, jools and TT to go now!

Sub 3

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 21:12
TJB - good stuff. Looking good for a sub3 next time out.

A full on lev report too!

A great few weeks for the thread marathon wise. With more to come next week. Very nearly made we want to join in.

Sub 3

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 17:02
We done again ryan, you are still on the upward curve

DrD - very pleased for you. Defo more to come esp on a better day with others to run with. Are you doing vlm ? Or is that you done until berlin?

Not sure it could have been all that windy though. I've seen dan's time !

Hope that ls21 is going to pop in with a report too.

Sub 3

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 15:31
Selbs - good to see you survived the last main run of the campaign.

Al-p - top work, great return on all the hard work. You should have taken that fitness to berlin.

Ryan - another strong sub 2:45 great stuff.

Tick tock - well done for getting the sub3 bagged.

I ran a slow 6m without having to limp a bit until my ankle got going, so that was pleasing.

Sub 3

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 18:50
Toro - where does the sothsea parkrun go? Round the common?
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