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Posted: Yesterday at 22:22
Well done toro. Sub 2:45 at vlm?

Lev - cant see that report from here.

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Posted: Yesterday at 18:33

Abbers - Boardman bikes are great value, esp the ~£1000 carbon road bike. Ribs were ok enough to not hold me back in my race last week, and sneezing is no longer a problem. My youngest has a trial next week for Hampshires feeder academy bowling group for U12 to U16. Its nice to be invited but he wont get in as the County seamers are 6ft+ at age 13.

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Posted: Yesterday at 18:21

Orange is so 2013...and 2012...and 2011....and 2010....and 2009....and 2008

PP - great read, excellent digging deep esp when we all thought the splits would have been so even.
Why no gels ? even if you train yourself to not use them reasearch shows that your body will still respond to them on race day. Its energy. Also, did you do all of your MP stuff with company ?

I think  besst thing about an Autumn mara is that you can train in the heat of summer for a warm race day, rather than the cold of winter for a warm race day in the Spring. Must make a massive difference.

Padams - I like your 200, 250, 300 approach. I;m aining 100+ for October.

Selbs - another strong mlr, looking good for a sub3.

9M this morning !

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Posted: 30/09/2014 at 20:31
Abbers - I commute by mtb. But road biking is enjoyable so its worth considering one. I was still racing on my ??500 road bike last year. If you spend ??1k you'll get a nice bike. Second hand is a decent option. I bought my TT bike for ??350 cos I knew where it had been and its old enough to keep my numpty image alive.
82m for me in sept, 3rd month in a row in the 80s. Will have to up it a bit to repeat last years lordshill 10 and gosport 1/2 times in 4 and 6 weeks time.

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Posted: 30/09/2014 at 17:35
Ds2 - the sessions are a mix of mp running and soke shorter faster reps. Witha bit of a warm up and down they can add up to mlr type distances. I wouldnt change p and d though, it should be done as a whole. Lots on here do their own thing schedule wise. Padams is looking to do them as a group which is how the bac lot do them. The one bonus of doing them solo is you can do them at your own effort.

Tt - I can see the benefit of the bac stuff with a group. But long runs with fast folks would take some handbrake esp if you do the midweek bac stuff too.

Sl - hope you get the all clear.

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Posted: 29/09/2014 at 19:36

PP - great work, really chuffed for you. Excellent pacing too, IIRC you faded a bit during your previous PB, but were super strong this time.

Lev - really chuffed for you too. When you learn to relax and make running part of your daily life instead of taking over it, you'll save yourself some mental matches and go even better.

Toro - good to see you PB too. Not sure of your build up as you havnt been around on here,

Same applies to DS2 - pleased to see you do well, but havnt followed what you've done. I know Nigel (to say hello to), he has made good progress on the BAC stuff, we finished withion seconds of each other at the Gosport 1/2 last year, dont think it will happen this year !

there has been a big shift from MLRs (which we used to champion on here) to a more BAC sytle midweek long session, seems to be working well ! It can be done remotely too (I did a few of the sessions last winter on my jack). I would consider again next time I did a marathon too.

6M today. 82M for the month. 3rd month in a row in the 80's. need to try to hit triple figures from now on (for a while).

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Posted: 29/09/2014 at 19:29

no wonder you didnt catch Lev, he knew you had those shorts on (or nearly on) !

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Posted: 28/09/2014 at 17:32
Im sure ron hill was happy to be mixing with famous forumites. Dids will be out of the woodwork now.

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Posted: 28/09/2014 at 17:30
Yay! Well done pp, lev and toro. I was thinking about you 3 in the last mile or so of my ride today ( as I was going to look up your progress when I got home). Pretty pleased with the accuracy of my predictions.

Back to it here with 6m long run yday (got a blister too, ive run so infrequently recently!) and 40m on the bike today.

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Posted: 26/09/2014 at 20:38
Sj - sounds like a career in 1/2 mara and 1/2 IM. Similar to me. Yoj can do both off not much running. Although you could blag IM without the 20m runs in training.

Minni - get some stroke advice and do lots of 50s or 100s to ensure you do all of your swimming with good technique. Im spending the winter working on swim technique (at last) so I get back some of the head start back I keep giving everyone.

I looked steve ways wava results up. End of competition I guess.
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