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Frequency of long run for London

Posted: 10/01/2003 at 10:46
Hi Hubcap,
I had the same prob couple of years back so I know how u feel mate!There's so much advice around but will it work for you. Firstly I did all my long runs off road and didn't do as much racing approaching the LM.I also sat in a cold bath after the long runs!uncomfortable but it works,drains all the excess fluid that builds up around the joints, you can have the hot shower after.You are probably warming down and stretching after the speed work too so there's no point in telling you that!I also found that a good sports massage on the legs once a week really helped. My mate is a qualified Sports masseur but get your partner or running partner to do it.It's cheaper than physio bills!Hope this helps.Good luck.Oh I did manage 3.38 which was a PB.

Training partner, Woodford gn area

Posted: 10/01/2003 at 10:24
Is anyone available to train in and around the woodford area.I do most of my speedwork at the Walthamstow pool and track and do the long runs in Epping Forest starting in Chingford and running over the bridle paths to Loughton and Epping.It's hard with some great(nasty) hills but the bonus is that you are off road and the scenery is good.I am pretty flexible however and don't mind running somewhere different if it means training with someone or a group. I am following the RW schedules for 3.30 even though this is ambitious, I work harder.
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