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Is running in the dark easier

Posted: 15/12/2014 at 16:05

+1 what Bear said.

So have you been wearing your Christmas jumper today?

Posted: 12/12/2014 at 16:37

seren Grinch didn't say "I don't have to wear one"... they said "I don't HAVE ONE to wear".. merely stating they don't have a Christmas jumper, but their daughter did and wore it to school.... calm down...

head bands

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 17:51

Get a buff!!!! Buff themselves now also do cycling specific ones which are a bit smaller which can also be a general advantage  Love my buffs!!!

cut off times for Wild Boar Middle Distance

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 16:45

Did you do the Sportive Tri?

total entries help

Posted: 05/10/2014 at 19:57

the results will be online tomorrow and will also be in the Evening Times.

Laundry Question

Posted: 24/09/2014 at 09:02

Agree with RicF... it's a washing machine. Everything goes in together. I keep wool separate/hand wash and tend to wash whites separately but otherwise towels and non whites, running/gym/swim/bike gear all goes in together. Unless I've been away MTB'ing and have load worth of really mucky gear - obviously then I'll just bung that all in together, but otherwise I don't see the fuss.

Starting swimming again

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 18:48
Hi adbru, I'm looking to get 1-1 lessons too, in Glasgow. If you find anyone suitable I'd be interested to know. You are still in that area??

Speed work on grass - finding it really tough!

Posted: 22/08/2014 at 18:10

Also, just a thought.. why would you be going onto road with the winter coming in? (i.e. XC season... grass!!, potentially icy roads... we tend to be on grass more in winter ). Keep persevering though, it's tough but great fun!!!

Hill training sessions

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 15:25

It depends what you are doing but generally yes, if you are doing reps on say a few hills around the area then you would do a few on each (depending on what session you/friends/club have devised) running up and jog ging back down. Do a couple at first at low intensity to ensure you are warmed up. (Perhaps an easy jog for 10-15mins prior to the session). Once you have done your allocated reps on a certain hill, just jog to the next hill. Nothing complex.

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 18/08/2014 at 22:02

Thanks for the info Pete!!! Will definitely keep an eye out for that one!!

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