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First Aid Kit

Posted: Yesterday at 22:30

To be honest-  blister plasters, some of those cleaning wipes in case of cuts/ grazes, some tape/ strapping of some sort, and possibly some paracetamol ( but NOT an anti inflammatory), plus some sort of lubrication ( vaseline or sudocreme) is probably all that's useful. The race should usually provide some sort of first aid cover, so they will have stuff that's accessible if more is needed.

Much more important would be a foil blanket, head torch with enough batteries, map (and ability to use it) and a mobile phone, plus some well as enough food/ water and clothes to survive if you sprain your ankle and have to wait in the middle of nowhere for a couple of hours waiting to be evacuated.

1st Ultra Advice

Posted: Yesterday at 22:18

Keith- I don't know what your current weekly mileage is, but don't be too startled if the mileages in some of th eultra plans seem huge- by no means everyone does massiv elong runs, or back- to -backs. As far as the 26 mile run 6 weeks before the race - how long did it take you to get over your last marathon?- if you were happily running again after a couple of weeks , then that's fine, but don't do a 26 miles LSR 6 weeks pre race if it is going to take you all of those 6 weeks sto recover, and mean that you have to choose between not doing any further long runs, or risking injury.

As Millsy says, marathon training, but with more race- specific running, and probably less speed stuff, should be fine for a 50k.(assuming your aim is to get round and enjoy it, rather than compete at the top end)

Am not sure if this sport is for me !

Posted: Yesterday at 22:13

As cunningfox says- try a beginners plan, alternatively, just go much slower, and take walk breaks if you need them, and build up very slowly. 10kph is probably much too fast to be starting at- don't give up, just slow down, and take it easy- you need about 6 weeks or so for your body to start to really get into the rhythm of it, and you should expect things to get much easier during that time- it might be faster for you, as you are young, but don't over - do ot , or you'll end up injured and/ or disheartened.

London marathon - would love a spare place if anyone has one!!

Posted: Yesterday at 22:08

Annabell- I would be very careful about putting your phone number on a totally public forum like that.

You really can't just ask people to give you their race places- if anyone has a succesful ballot place in London, and doesn't want it , they will almost certainly defer until next year. Ballot places are like gold dust- some people go years waiting for one.

You can still run the London marathon via the charity place route, but will hav eto raise  a lot of cash.

Also- most races do not allow transfer of entries- obviously if you try to do a number swap without the blessing of the organisers, the time will be allocated to the wrong person, there are also all sorts of implications for insurance etc. I believe that unofficial swapping of race numbers carries a hefty penalty, in terms of potentially being banned from future race entries.

There are loads of other marathons going on in April/ may- why not enter one of them- but don't keep pinning your hopes on someone else giving you a race place.

wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: Yesterday at 13:29

I'm a doctor, and still have to do on call weekends that last 48hrs, plus still be able to do a hand=over ward round, and drive home at the end. It would be rare to go 48hrs without sleep, but 24 hours happens on a few occasions, so I know I can stay awake and on my feet for 24hrs. The job is excellent training for ultra running in that regard, - it's just the running that I need to work on. A multi- day ultra is something else entirely, and I don't think I'd manage that- once I stop, I need days to recover.

The Spine

Posted: Yesterday at 13:25

He's done it- Well done Sean! Still about 20 or so out there, though. It seems like ages since the leaders finished- I wonder if they hang around at the end, or whether they are all home , resting up by now?

What to eat/drink advice ???

Posted: 20/01/2017 at 06:25

Lots of folk find gels fairly un pleasant to stomach- alternatives include shot blocks, tailwind, percy pigs, etc- try all of them until you find something suitable- obviously it's easiest if you can stomach the crap they hand out during the race, but many people can't, otherwise they'd not need to advertise it this way!

Just try everything, and decide how to carry it for the race.......then be prepared that at mile 18, there's no way you can face your favourite fuel option, and you may have to improvise!

Advice for novice

Posted: 20/01/2017 at 06:18

I am sure you will  finish it, but don't think that squeezing in longer runs in the last few days before the race will really help much- it may hinder you more ! A 7k or so just now might be reasonable, then you'll just have to ease back, to get ready for the race, and hope that race day adrenaline carries you through. Enjoy it!

Advice for a new runner

Posted: 20/01/2017 at 06:14

Enjoy it! It sounds like you have some degree of natural ability, compared to all those we see on here who never make it beyond C25k- but beware the risks of over stressing your lower limbs, and ending up as the predictable injury victim, 6 weeks in to an over - enthusiastic start.

Slowly, gradually increase, take your rest days, and enjoy the park runs- then think about entering some local 10k races- I suspect you  will do OK, as long as you take it gradually. 

Good luck!

2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 20/01/2017 at 06:05

Survived the ski trip (well, just need to manage to get to the airport, than get home without suffering alcohol poisoning). Will get home saturday afternoon, try to run gently on sunday afternoon. Then right back into it, jet lag allowing!

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