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Running shoes/ runner's toe

Posted: 21/08/2016 at 01:28

Have you tried individual toe socks? - Injijni's seem to be the answer- along with: the correct size of shoe, proper lacing technique to stop the foot slipping forward in the shoe, and trimming/ filing the nails down - try looking at "fixing your feet" ( it a whole bookabout feet!) for lots of info.

Training for a 4 hour marathon

Posted: 21/08/2016 at 01:15

As a 4 hour marathoner myself- a 3 hour long slow run will be a good bit under 20 miles, if run at an appropriately slow pace. This will make you feel a bit short on mileage. Equally, a 20 miler is going to take sufficiently long that it will wreck the subsequent week's trainig. I tend to go up to about 3and a half hour, but no further than that.

I've done quite a number of marathons, and I would say that it isn't necessary to do the much talked about 5x20 milers to get round in 4 hours, and infact, 5x20 milers would be ahuge problem in a 12 week plan. For my marathons, I do a few 16-18 milers, and sometimes don't get to 20 miles, although since taking up ultra running, and doing a few LSR's of 4.5 hours, my endurance is improving, but I can't do much the following week, so no speed work gets done, and I get slower and slower!

Arthritis of the knee????

Posted: 21/08/2016 at 01:05

"Anterior knee pain"- -ie pain around the knee cap, is very common in runners who are increasong mileage. It is not usually serious. See a sports physio, I don't think it is likely to be the start of arthritis. Be careful if you see your GP about it- they often tell you stop running when that is not always necessary.

Fat / muscle ratio- question. HELP!

Posted: 21/08/2016 at 00:57

As you get older you will naturally lose muscle mass- so having plenty now is a good thing!- It probably means that you will move up the age group gradings as you keep going. Also, lots of mucle means your basal metabolic rate is high, so it is easier to keep the weight down without eating like a bird.

Too much speedwork , and too little "easy " running in your week might be the problem as far as the lack of progression goes. 80% easy, 20% hard, is what I've heard.

P&D autumn marathon 2016

Posted: 20/08/2016 at 15:28

Parkrun thin morning for me- 24:12- not a PB, but a best age- grading for me, as it's 2 years since I set the PB, which as only 8 seconds faster, and being an old wifey, I'm supposed tp be slowing down to zimmer- pace.

Marathon is next sunday for me, so sitting on the sofa watching the olympic marathon is tomorrow's plan.

Well done on a decent parkrun post- ultra, Millsy, but watch you don't damage yourself going back to fast stuff this early.

Well done on all the sup fast running, folks, talk of sub-3 marathons like they are run of the mill always stuns me. My parkrun time apparently predicts a 3:55 marathon, but I don't expect that next week- it would be PB for me!- my old PB of 3:56 was a few years ago, and I don't really expect to get near 4hrs these days.

Starting Up Advice

Posted: 11/08/2016 at 22:38

You need to run slowly- "converstaional" pace, whilst you are building up the miles, also there's no great shame in starting off with a run/ walk strategy, but not running so hard that it takes you 5 minutes to recover at the end of each mile!

P&D autumn marathon 2016

Posted: 11/08/2016 at 20:21

Managed my work commute today ( had to- no other way to get to work), but felt unwell a couple of times. 2 days rest it is. Will be on call this weekend, so I will do something like your suggestion, Ferg, but whilst watching the olympic marathon from th etready- I quite enjoy watching the marathon that way- a good way to while away a couple of hours!

Re: olympics before the athletics start- as a previous target rifle shooter myself, with friends competing, I am duty bound to show interest in that, although in general it can be a bit like watching paint dry- at least there is an objective measure of who won, rather than it being a matter of opinion, and open to all sorts of bias, or even bribery an corruption.

Some of th egymnastics is watchable, but I don't really believe it is objectively markable.

I enjoy the outdoors cyccling, except when the course is downrigh tdangerous, and would enjoy the rowing if only the weather hadn't made it a lottery. Golf and tennis just seem wrong, but I agree, the events I really want to see are hept/ decathlon, marathon, and 10k. I can sort of take or leave a lot of the field events ( especially the big blokes chucking stuff, and even more so the big wimmin chucking stuff.

I find the diving entralling, as I constantly expect their tiny briefs to fall that wrong?

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 11/08/2016 at 20:09

Hm- made it to work this morning, but firstly my heart rate/ beats per km is about 100 higer than usual, and secondly I started to develop white blobs in front of my vision about 10 minute after getting started, which I am sure was low blood presure thing, and which got better with a brief walk, later felt lightheaded whilst waiting for traffic at a road crossing- me thinks I'll have a 2 day rest, and re- assess on sunday. I'm on call this weekend anyway, so can't go far afield. My favourite way to watch the olympic marathon is to be on the treadmill "running with them" ( albeit at half the speed), so maybe I'll do that this weekend, if the hospital gives me enough peace to do that. If I stay on the tready for the whole marathon, that 's a good solid 2and a half hour run, which will be less than 18 miles, but a worthwhile LSR.

Ollie- sounds like you were lucky to avoid being targetted by the geese- I'm not sure the V formation is meant as a personal taunt to you- but at least you can take pleasure from the fact that they will be flying off for the winter any day now.

Teknik- I've never had to deal with hyenas- hope they didn't laugh too much- I would find that unnerving.

Marathon in 30 days?

Posted: 10/08/2016 at 23:16

No point in doing anything other than just slowly building th emiles up, but don't push too hard or you'll injure yourself before you get to the start. No point worrying about any speed work.

Walk run is definately the way to go- try some thing like- walk for a minute at each mile marker from the start- and make sure you've a set of shoes that are roomy enough to cope wit hthe inevitable foot swellin gyou will get on race day- or you'll lose all your toenails.


P&D autumn marathon 2016

Posted: 10/08/2016 at 23:05

Ouch to the bloody T shirt! I also got caught out by the weather today- the forecast was for a heatwave, so took fairly lightweight stuff to work to run home in- then the weather hit- Grrrr. Managed to keep warm enough, but not pleasant.

11miles home- so now I've to do 11miles to get back there tomorrow ( my car is at work). My foot hurts. Ho hum, better strap it up I suppose.

P&D 6 weeks multiple marathon programme tells me to do an 18 miler this weekwnd, 2 weeks before race day- I'm not sure that is a good idea. We'll see. I have not had a rest day since last saturday, and I think I've overdone it.


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