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Why do people do Ultras?

Posted: 13/11/2016 at 18:07

I am the previously- mentioned "typical" ultra runner, becuase I used to be able to just break 4hrs for a marathon, and I can't any more- however I am usually in the back 10% of the field, so presumably the other 90% don't fit lardarses criteria!

I think that road marathons are fine (I've done a handful), but an Ultra is a much more sociable, relaxed day out ( perhaps that's why I'm near the back). The ultra community (in scotland anyway) is a really friendly bunch.

24 Hour Soloists

Posted: 13/11/2016 at 14:52

The advice from a variety of folk on FB, including a race director, and a few fellow slowish guys that know my pace, is that I would probably be fine for either, but the stress of stepping up significantly from the 50-ish miles, and worrying about cut0offs, makes me think I'll plump for the 24 hr race, to just prove to myself that I can keep moving for that length of time, then maybe the 71 miler next year. I might change my mind again, but I think that's a more safe/ cautious way to go.

I don't know that I would ever do a 100 miler, but the WHW race (95miles) sounds so awesome, that I have to admit to being tempted. Probably only something I'd try if both the 24 hour race, and the 71 mile race were OK. ...............trouble is I will be 54 by then- and there's no guarantee of getting in on the ballot, but hey- I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, so no point planning too far ahead.

Recommend a marathon book and plan?

Posted: 12/11/2016 at 23:22

Daniels is a fantastic text book of running. It will take you a wee while to read! .FIRST is not much fun, as all run are done too fast for comfort (I've tried it). Better to go for an 80:20 easy: hard type plan, I've been using P&D, but converting the miles to km's - their lowest volume plan is "up to 55m perweek"- so that converts to about 30 miles, and is fine for me! 

You are just a touoch faster than me over 10k/ HM, and I managed 3:56 for a marathon at  my peak - now slowing down due to age and ultra running

I'm sure that is just bonkers, and some one more sensible will be along with better advice soon, but hey , whatever.

What Can I Do ? Now that I can't do marathons ?

Posted: 12/11/2016 at 23:15

How about cross country/hill racing? That looks really fun- depends where you are in the country thoiugh.

Runners Knee.... What support?

Posted: 12/11/2016 at 22:59

Having said that..........a strap that lets you carry on running, and getting stronger might help! - I used a CHOPAT strap for the first 3 or 4 years, and now don't use anything, unless I use KT tape - try looking it up on Youtube. First you need to figure out whats wrong, and see if there's anything to do about it  (eg I was wearing the wrong sort of shoes), but strapping or a support might let you carry on if you want to.

24 Hour Soloists

Posted: 12/11/2016 at 21:41

Interesting to read all this. I am swithering between a 24hr lapped race , or a 71 mile ultra with a cut off of 22 hours ( which I suspect wll be tight for me). Not sure as yet. 

My longest race so far is 14.5 hours to do 53 hilly miles, want to move up, but definitely not up for 100 miles as yet. Does anyone enjoy these races? They sound a bit grim to me!


wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: 12/11/2016 at 18:34

Hi folks, just checking in to see how everyone is going- I'm just in a bit of a lull after a busy year- 5 ultras + 2 marathons over the last 6 months. Now I'll have a quiet month, then start building up again towards the Fling again next year( 52 miles, but on the WHW, so it takes me over 14 hours)- I'm thinknig of the Great Glen ultra too- about 70 miles, tempted. 

One problem I'm getting is some foot pain, so I'm trying some minimalist shoes on my tready runs to see if that strengthens my feet a bit- I'm nervous, as I've had PF in the past, but it might help- otherwise I'm going to have to go the opposite way and use strapping/ arch supports in longer races.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 12/11/2016 at 18:26

Hi folks, sorry for the long abscence. Life sometime sgets in the way of posting on RW. Anyway- I amanaged all of my crazy race schedule this year- Glen Ogle was the last of the Ultras for this year, so I ended up doing D33 (33miles) , Fling (52 miles) Clyde stride ( 40 miles) 2 marathons, then Wee Eck ( 34 miles- although I didn't realise that until 31 miles, whicih I expected to be the finish!), and finally GO33 ( 33 miles!).

Amazingly, my only injuriy seem to be 2 missing big toenails (I'm going to get a bigger pair of shoes now!), and a bit of foot pain, for which I'm going to try doing my winter tready runs in minimalist shoes, to see if that strenghtens the foot enough to avoid this- don't know if it will work .

As far as next year goes- I have a Fling entry again, so back into it in a month's time, after a restful November to let everything recover a bit!

Scottish Runners

Posted: 12/11/2016 at 18:09

Well done OH!!!!

Anyone describing GO 33 as flat needs their head examined- I did see you come into the hall at the end, but didn't get to speak again before I went back home. (My OH is willing to bring me to races, but won't hang around too long after, so I was on a short leash to get away).

In other news................obviously not running much this week after all those races, so I went shoe shopping on thursday- I'm going to try doing my tready runs in minimal shoes, to see if it helps with the various niggles in my feet- so I have a pair of ero drop shoes, instead of my usual ones- ran/ walked for 10 minutes in them today, then did some cross trainig. We will see if I can build up to running my regular 5k tready sessions in them, and whether it improves anything. I wouldn't try a longer run, but I am hoping it will strengthen my feet to avoid problems in my normal trail shoes- don't nkwo if this is logical.

Any views on 'maximum heart rate'?

Posted: 25/09/2016 at 18:09

Just check the graphs first- was the 190 a spike? Was there a consistent period of varying around what looked like a true reading? Best to ignore any spikes, especially at the beginning of teh run, but if there is a steady climb up to more than 190, then, if it felt kie you were maxed- out, set that as Max HR for now, until you top it again, if you felt you were pushing it, but not totally at the limimt, then perhaps add 5 beats to give an estimated max.

The 220- your age is meaningless.

Another correlation for "easy " pace- should be able to hold a conversating , and shoudl be less than 75% max- so if your max is over 190, easy should be less than 150, and you should be doing about 80% of your running in the easy zone, only pushing up the zones for short sharp runs.

I found Parkrun the best way to set a max Hr - but then our one has an uphill finish!

My last "max HR " park run gave me a peak of 191, but a pretty steady 188 for half a lap. I am over 50, so 220- your age is way out!

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