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The Importance of the 20mile run

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 22:19

I only did a 16 before my first marathon- OK, so it wasn't pretty on the day, but I finished with a run= walk strateg y from early on. Suddenly jumpoing up to a 20 might just discourage you, and be counter productive.

You won't be as fast as you hoped, but I susupect you'll be OK, as long as you take it slow.


Scottish Runners

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 20:00

Deasy- as Lit says, it is difficult to know what is too fast or slow for any person, but you are definately looking good for that half mara in May. You could probably manage it now, if you felt OK after 10 miles, so the main thing now is to keep at it whilst avoiding injury.

You will probably need to slow down more once your long runs get over about 15 miles- not necessary until marathon training kicks in- what marathon are you aiming for?


Posted: 01/03/2015 at 14:00

For your back- try some core strenghthening excercises, whilst you are off running due to your foot. As far as the foot thing goes- xrays don't always show stress fractures- sometimes you need an MRI, otherwise wait a few weeks and get a repeat xray. Meanwhile- who is looking at your injuries? If it's your GP, check that he has some interest/ experience in running injuries- if not, the chances are he'll just tell you to stop running, and won't get to the bottom of the cause of the problem. You probably need to see a specialist sport physio who can try to identify why you have these recurrent problems, so they don't start up again every time you tryto excercise.

Good luck.

Fuelling while running - advice please!

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 18:33

Hate to disagree with you, Millsy, but Lucozade sport is actually too sweet/ concentrated for ideal absorbtion, and as such might either make you throw up, or drag fluid into the gut, so it can cause problems, unless you dilute it down. I mix it 50:50 in races- they often give you water in a bottle , then lucozade in a pouch a few 100 m's later, so I drink some of the water, then chck enough away to give me space for the lucozade in the bottle, or mix them in my own drinks bottle.

Percy piglets are fantastic! Well worth a try- I think the type os sugar is differnt to gels, so might not cause the same problem.

Check that there's no caffeine in th egels too- caffeine seems to be a laxative!

Herniated Disk - How do you come back from that?

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 18:18

I know that in the acute phase, the pain can be horrible, but the vast majority of these settle within a few weeks. I am a surgeon- and by the time people get to my clinic, most of them have got better, and don't need surgery.

Keep moving, -even if it's just walking, as soon as things begin to settle, and hopefully you will get back to it sooner than you think.

Good luck.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 17:58

Welcome Deasy- somehow lots of us have ended up gravitating towards ultras, but not compulsory!

Just been out on WHW recce run from beinglas- inversnaid- beinglas. Only 13 miles, but took 4.5 hours ,with all the scrambling involved. Also pretty wet- only rained towards the end, but the amount of water coming down off the hills meant that the paths were pretty much flooded, and the small streams were pretty full too. The concept of dry feet went out the window after about the first 30mins, and after that it was mainly about trying to endure that they werer soaked in clean water, rather than claggy mud!

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 17:44

Wow- underestimated the difficulty of the terrain on the inversnaid- beinglas section of whw. I was out for just over 4.5 hours, but only covered 13miles!. So more of a long slow scramble than a run, but really using a lot of different muscles to scramble over rocks/fallen trees etc, and huge amount of concentration needed to avoid injury.

Much more fun than last week's LSR.

Well done to those doing more conventional long runs! I'm not sure where the ideal balance lies between trainig runs on the course, which are bound ot be slow, versus "normal" long runs on flatter ground. Tricky.

Well done on the mid- run Ward round, OH- I struggle with fitting runnin garound work, and that's certainly one approach, which I amy revert to now that daylight is getting longer- running to and from work certainly helps the weekly mileage.

Running in Iceland will be amazing- enjoy.


The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 23:22

Wow, lots of big mileagre going on. I continue to struggle with work stuff, but after last weekend's freezing cold outing, all I've done is a spinning session, and an intervals- 8x 800m on tready- definately getting easier.

Hope thea weather/ energy levels allow me to get out for a 20 miles or so whw rece run tomorrow.

How steady is your pulse?

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 23:02

You'd really need to capture it on an ECG - could be ectopics, A Fib, or just about anything. Some are totally innocent, others less so. Do you have any symptoms when it's more irregular?- breathelssness, liight headedness wtc?- if so I'd be more worried, and see GP.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 25/02/2015 at 21:06

Think I might wimp out and run in the gym tomorrow- still hoping to head up to beinglas for a run onsaturday, though..............saving my warmest running kit for that!

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