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VLM 2017 !!

Posted: 23/05/2016 at 09:34
Wow some good running there!

DB7X I'd love to be able to complete a marathon in 4.13 - my best ever time is 5.19 so I can only dream!

Harmander that's nuts! Good luck with Luxembourg

I'm not a cricket fan but glad that you took some time out to rest TopSec!

Great news that you had no issues with your knee KieranG - hope the training plan and diet go well. I'm constantly on SW!

Parkrun for me on Saturday and then in the afternoon I went on a walk with my husband to investigate a new local wetlands that I'm now going to incorporate into a run home. It'll add on an extra mile and is all flat - yeh! Yesterday I went out for a plod - just over 6 miles but really struggled - I get hayfever induced asthma which means that I feel really sluggish - had to walk part of a hill but heyho, got round! My next race is on Bank Holiday Monday when I do the BUPA 10k. A lovely day out there today.

VLM 2017 !!

Posted: 18/05/2016 at 08:00
Wow TopSec that really is some schedule you have going on there. I don't do half of what you do and my old body complains occasionally. My week is 2 x runs home (between 2.75 and 3.5 miles) 2 x walk to work 1.3 miles; 1 parkrun (3.1 miles) and a run on Sunday which currently is increasing from 4 miles to a 10k in 2 weeks time. This still allows me 3 rest days. Maybe stepping back from something is what you need to do. After all, we want you fit and raring to go at the start of VLM 2017

Hope everyone is well? Sitting here at my desk waiting for the rain to start

VLM 2017 !!

Posted: 16/05/2016 at 10:45
Lovely weekend - hope everyone's well. Parkrun for me on Saturday and just over 4.5 miles yesterday.

VLM 2017 !!

Posted: 13/05/2016 at 08:06
Morning all! Not quite so lovely out there this morning but it's going to get better apparently

Tried a new route home last night which was slightly longer than I'd expected and a little hillier too! Normally average around 2.27 miles if I'm just going for a jog building up to 5 miles if I'm training - last night it worked out to 3.25. Warm too so next time I'll have to take some water with me.

Any plans for the weekend? Parkrun for me and a planned 4 - 4.5 on Sunday.

VLM 2017 !!

Posted: 11/05/2016 at 14:14
Thanks Kieran - have got a bike but I'm not very good at riding it - will maybe have a go at riding to parkrun! Like the image of a leisurely ride with baguettes though.

Lol at the parathaas Harmander - unfortunate!

VLM 2017 !!

Posted: 11/05/2016 at 11:04
Tried Pilates but it wasn't really my bag - good luck SickNote!

VLM 2017 !!

Posted: 11/05/2016 at 10:35
Great photo SickNote! I've yet to find one where I look anywhere near as good as that!

Short run home for me last night - just under 3 miles. Will extend that a little further tomorrow but still taking it easy.

What cross training do others do on here? I've got one of those gazelle glider things and a rebounder but haven't really used either as part of a plan tending to stick to running 4 x a week.

Well that serves me right for complaining about the heat - miserable weather out there again today

VLM 2017 !!

Posted: 09/05/2016 at 12:16
Well done Hamander - that was crazy weather to be running in!

VLM 2017 !!

Posted: 09/05/2016 at 08:42
Phew what a scorching weekend.

Parkrun for me on Saturday and was hoping for a longer run yesterday but I struggled bigtime to finish 3.77! Never mind - BUPA 10k on Bank Holiday Monday and I've managed to move up a whole 3 pens - yeah!

Take care all of you with niggles xx

VLM 2017 !!

Posted: 06/05/2016 at 08:08
Morning all! Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine. I think it's going to be a tad too hot for those doing the Hackney Half Marathon on Sunday.

Another short run home last night. Shoes still feeling good although I think I run differently in them - had previously been running in light support but these are neutral - had a pain in the buttock but seems to have gone this morning.

Parkrun for me tomorrow and then perhaps 4 miles on Sunday. I've got the BUPA 10k on 30 May so will start upping the mileage in preparation. As I've been "resting" since my HM on 10 April don't think it will be too much of a problem.

Anyone else doing anything this weekend?
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