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Severn Bridge Half Marathon 2015

Posted: 28/03/2015 at 09:24
Day 13 - today - 6.6miles on an undulating route. Walked a few bits but my pace somewhat picked up when the hail/ bullet raindrops started

Severn Bridge Half Marathon 2015

Posted: 25/03/2015 at 21:55
Day 12 today no garmin today but id estimate 5.5 miles done. A bit of walking but mostly running. Route incorporated 1 big hill which i ran up from bottom to top. Ive never been able to run the full hill before so quite pleased with that. I could barely breathe at the top and had those few seconds where i thought am i going to be sick or pass out.
Legend - your right bout llanelli being our first marathon. Youve got a lot of races going on so good luck with your training plans.
Heather - Paris - very exotic for race.I looked at romebefore but the whole flight etc put me off a bit as theres a lot of organising.

Severn Bridge Half Marathon 2015

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 18:44
Thats exactly what im planning a couple of shorter runs to get back in swing. Resting today but will be back out running tom.

One of the best bits bout running is buying all the snazzy running gear.i love going out running in new gear. Crazy how i can be all sweaty from running but feel like million dollars in new running trousers.

Hill training is whats needed for everyone i think.

Legend - i remember you from llanelli half a couple of years ago. Hope running going well

Severn Bridge Half Marathon 2015

Posted: 23/03/2015 at 21:40
Been a while since i last done any training. Its easy to find excuses and reasons for not running be it working late, manual work in garden, feeling run down. I suppose the reality is that i have just been too lazy because like anything if you really want to do something you make time.
Even though i was shattered after work today i did actually venture out for run
Day 11 - today 5 miles running with bits of walking. Although im more tired now i do actually feel better for going

I ran the saxon shore a couple of years ago and the motto on the back of the t shirt said
We do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard

If running was easy everyone would be doing it. A big part of why i run is because its hard and in some twisted way that is what keeps me coming back to running

Severn Bridge Half Marathon 2015

Posted: 12/03/2015 at 21:35
Day 10 - yesterday 1 mile warm up, some speedwork with emphasis on some then 2.5 miles back home

Severn Bridge Half Marathon 2015

Posted: 07/03/2015 at 11:55
Day 9 - 8 miles for me today. 5 miles running then 0.5 mile mix of walking and running and rest mostly running

Severn Bridge Half Marathon 2015

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 20:17
Day 8 - 4.5 miles slow

Severn Bridge Half Marathon 2015

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 20:15
Well done to you both for completing the race even if you didnt quite get the times you were hoping for.
Part the reason why i dont enter the big events is i dont think id cope well with all the traffic. Id probably fall over someone as i dont have good track record for being able to run in a straight line.
Hope your both resting up on settee with lots of choc

Severn Bridge Half Marathon 2015

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 15:12
Hope the race went well for you both. Hope you got good times.

Severn Bridge Half Marathon 2015

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 11:47
Day 7 - today 6.5 miles majority running bar a few patches
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