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Posted: 08/03/2003 at 15:13
Slowmoe- Anyone who can run on a treadmill for more than an hour deserves either great respect or a straight jacket :)

Barbara - sorry to hear your legs are still not recovered. Hopefully they'll not be too bad tomorrow.

Charlielips - Well done on your 16. I blow hot and cold over whether I can actually achieve sub 4.30 or not. On paper I should be comfortably inside it but in practice I'm not not so sure.

Reading 1/2 tomorrow will be my first direct comparison with last year's training. Official time last year was 2.19 inlcuding about 5 mins to cross the start. I'm aiming for 2.05 (I think) as long as I sleep well tonight and feel good in the morning and don't go off too fast and it's not blowing a gale and pouring with rain or anything else really!!

Reading Half

Posted: 08/03/2003 at 14:59
Have a great time this evening folks and I'll see you all at newspaper building in the morning.

Reading Half Marathon

Posted: 08/03/2003 at 14:57
Are we all ready then?

Hopefully this weekends weather is going to copy last weekend's: Saturday was very wet and windy, Sunday was dry and sunny and a little breezy.

See you all tomorrow and in case I don't, have a good one.

Enough for half marathon

Posted: 08/03/2003 at 14:48
Absolutely agree with Hilly - you CAN do 13.

Biggest danger is getting swept along too fast by the crowd, particularly at the start. It's very easy to go too fast early on cos everyone else seems to be going much faster. Ignore what others are doing, stick to your own pace and you'll be fine.

If you do have to walk a bit, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Better to walk a bit and enjoy the race overall than to run yourself into the ground and hate it.

Saturday 8 March

Posted: 08/03/2003 at 14:39
Greetings all - just popped in out of habit really so thought I might as well post.

Lindihopper - sorry didn't see you at the club run on Wednesday or I'd have come and said hello.

What; dog walking
Why: Reading 1/2 tomorrow
Last hard? - good question
last easy - Thursday

Tomorrow's aims:
Delighted - sub 2.05
Target - 2.05
Contented - 2.05-2.10
Disappointed - Over 2.10

It's currently blowing quite hard and raining here. Hope it improves before tomorrow.

Resting Pulse

Posted: 08/03/2003 at 14:24
Take mine occasionally as a measure of improved fitness more than anything else. Last time was a couple of weeks ago when it was a record low of 47.

Top One Hundred - Who's Hot, and Who's Not

Posted: 08/03/2003 at 14:16
Ohmigod! 78th - and I don't post that often or at least I didn't think I did.

As for how many in top 100 will be at Reading tomorrow, I make it at least 12. I'm sure all will increase their count considerably by Monday evening.

Have a massage

Posted: 08/03/2003 at 00:29
Last year my charity offered free basic massage at their post FLM reception and the benefits were huge. I went in with legs like lumps of wood and came out feeling quite human. Also didn't suffer half as much as I'd expected to on the Monday either.

Reading Half

Posted: 08/03/2003 at 00:02
Wotcha George

I suspect there may be a few who'll not be on line again between now and Sunday so wouldn't get to hear about a change in pre-race meeting point.

See you Sunday

Enough for half marathon

Posted: 07/03/2003 at 23:49
Not an expert but for what it's worth I'd stick to your normal routine. Don't run too hard in the second week, just enough to keep your legs loose. I wouldn't do anything for a couple of days before the race itself but that's just me, I know some people like to do a short (2-3 mile) easy run the day before a race.

Good luck and whatever else you do, make sure you enjoy it.

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