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getting tough

Posted: 14/04/2003 at 12:41
Hippo, you're still being too hard on yourself! Conditions yesterday were TOUGH so a 10min PB is good going.

Well done.

PS - I hear you might be persuaded to come along to the Hogsmill 5 (my club's race)after the Moonwalk. Hope you do, it's a nice route and very friendly - and I'll even try to ensure there's some Crisps/Pringles for you at the finish.

sub 4.30 hopefuls

Posted: 14/04/2003 at 12:26
Well done everyone.
I was doing OK till about 15miles then slowed dramatically. Finished in 4.42.54 according to my watch but FLM site showed 4.57 last night which I reckon was my gun time.
I didn't enjoy it as much as last year but I think that was a combination of the heat and subconcious pressure on myself to go sub 4.30.
Still, I finished and I can walk today and even the stairs aren't too much of a challenge!
See you all next year?

Yes or no

Posted: 14/04/2003 at 12:00
Last year I knew before I finished that I wanted to do it again.

This year at about mile 20 I decided I wouldn't do the Auckland marathon in November but would do the half instead and as for London next year, well probably not.

Today, I'm thinking about how to change my training to improve mental strenth and general pace and stamina to make it easier next time.

So, FLM next year? Instant answer no, but I'll almost certainly be sending in my entry come August!


Posted: 14/04/2003 at 11:44
Excellent job Ashley. Thanks again to you and all the other forum supporters.

Monday 14th April

Posted: 14/04/2003 at 11:32
Well done Cath - that's more than I could do today!

Dont plan to do any running at all this week but of course dogs still need walking so that'll be my main exercise this week. Legs not too bad today and massage booked for tomorrow morning will hopefully get rid of remaining aches and pains.

Happy recovery to all FLMers and good running to all others.

Spectating the Tiger way

Posted: 13/04/2003 at 22:00
Saw you on the Highway Tiger and from your timings, you must have been at Mudchute by the time I got there too but by that stage I was suffering a bit and not sure who I actually saw!

URWFRC at Mudchute - Stars

Posted: 13/04/2003 at 21:55
I've said it elsewhere but I'll say it again - brilliant support guys. Loudest cheer I've ever had!

Results on the web?

Posted: 13/04/2003 at 21:53
Glad to see others think the currently listed results are on gun time. I'll be a bit disappointed if that was my chip time.

Predict your finishing time

Posted: 13/04/2003 at 21:51
Out by a huge margin

predicted: 4.22.12
actual: (by my watch) 4.42.54
actual: (?gun time) 4.57.30
difference: too much to be worth calculating.

Well done NickJ

FLM Website Times

Posted: 13/04/2003 at 21:43
My official result is at least 9 minutes out by my watch. I'm sure the clock actually said 4.56 as I went under it but my time is recorded as 4.57.30 so maybe the official site is just showing gun times at the moment?

Didn't actually record my own 10k splits so cant compare those. Might do an estimate from my watch to compare when I've rested up a lot!

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