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Just started my training

Posted: 28/03/2003 at 22:35
WWR - good to see you around again.

I'll watch out for you and Snoop in Narrow Street but I ought to be there a bit earlier this year.


Posted: 28/03/2003 at 22:27
No3 - what a bummer. Fingers crossed for you. Here's hoping two weeks rest will see you right.

Caro, Happyrunner, Jobie - I'm a second timer. Last year was the first and I loved nearly every minute of it. Advice is right - start slower than you feel you could and dont try picking up pace till after half way. Trouble is, it's easier said than done, the atmosphere is great and it's very easy to get carried along by the crowd.


Trip down memory lane

Posted: 28/03/2003 at 22:12
Brought up on Radio Two - Ed 'stewpot' Stuart, Family Favourites and good middle of the road stuff like that.

Parents took me to my first ever concert - The New Seekers. Also took me to see Gillbert & Sullivan operetta's every year in Bournmouth.

Musical taste is very broad now - I'll listen to almost anything.

Anyone about tonight?

Posted: 28/03/2003 at 22:07
But if it's your first for the week you can have 5-6 which is one bottle :D

My connection/pc is being extra slow tonight for some reason so I'm about to give up.

Have a good weekend.

Anyone about tonight?

Posted: 28/03/2003 at 21:56
Yo Caz - how's it going?

The Connemarathon

Posted: 28/03/2003 at 21:55
Have a good one folks. Look forward to reading the post race reports.

Friday 28th March

Posted: 28/03/2003 at 21:52
Oh and don't forget the clocks go forward this weekend.

Friday 28th March

Posted: 28/03/2003 at 21:51
Evening all

Hippo - we're not training now, we're tapering. Good luck with the house move and the new job.

What: Nowt
Why: taper - or that's my excuse
Last hard: Wednesday
Last easy: Thurday

Good luck to all racers this weekend; and for those tapering, take it easy and stay injury free.

BBC Caption competition

Posted: 28/03/2003 at 21:44
Oh no, you mean there's more than one Murf in Epsom? And there was me thinking I was unique.

<Murf wanders off feeling disillusioned>


Posted: 27/03/2003 at 23:54
Slowmoe - started basic weights/resistance work last year to try and improve overall body tone to complement running.

Charlielips - this week I've done a fastish 5, a slower 6 and will be doing 13-15 on Sunday depending on what my training partners want to do. Next week will be pretty much the same but long run will be around 8 and in the final week I'll probably have a gentle swim Monday and maybe Friday and run 5 on the Wednesday.

Each to there own but I take tapering very seriously!

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