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K9 9K

Posted: 15/03/2003 at 00:22
We all missed it for this year; it was in Feb or Mar and is just of M25/A3 junction.


Posted: 14/03/2003 at 00:57
Barbara - I wouldn't have thought you'd loose too much fitness, specially if you can get some non-impact cross training in insstead.

Billie - good luck for your long one; the preparations certainly sounds good!

New frolic to be planned

Posted: 14/03/2003 at 00:34
Ooh a frolic - put me down as a definite maybe. Incapable of planning that far ahead.

Thursday session 13 March

Posted: 14/03/2003 at 00:17
Excellent news Stickless.

What: Just 5.5 miles for me today which felt harder than it should've done. I knew it was all going too well.
Why: Dunno really
Last hard: Tuesday
Last easy: Yesterday

Next run for me will be 18miles on Sunday. First proper long run for 2 weeks but I hope it'll be OK.

Running Vest

Posted: 13/03/2003 at 01:16
If you're worried about melting your vest, find an old shirt/pillowcase or something similar, iron the transfer onto that, cut round it and pin that onto your vest.


Posted: 13/03/2003 at 01:03
Hang in there Barbara. If your shin's still a bit sore from Sunday wouldn't you be better with a shorter run tomorrow (that's today by the time you read this) to allow fuller recovery before going longer again at the weekend?

Just for anyones interest

Posted: 13/03/2003 at 00:55
Good work Chris - don't go overdoing it now though.

See you on 13/4

Wednesday session 12 March

Posted: 13/03/2003 at 00:14
Morning all

What: 5.5 miles far too easy probably.
Why: club night, was supposed to be 6 but I trailguage says it was 5.5. Too easy cos that's what the '6' mile group were doing. First three miles were up hill though.
Last hard: yesterday's intervals
Last easy: Monday's rest.

Yasso's 800m

Posted: 12/03/2003 at 23:39
Oo-er JtP, I might just be tempted to go for it!

Recall Your First EVER Marathon PLEASE and Help a Flagging Bunny

Posted: 12/03/2003 at 01:23
PS - the sense of achievement when you cross the finish is tremendous and lasts for weeks. And yes, I was so happy I cried too :)

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