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Training Session - Sunday 26th January

Posted: 26/01/2003 at 18:19
Laura - I'm kn@ckered just reading your report! Well done. Didn't manage to get the housework/shopping or ironing done but did walk dogs, take hubby to airport, run, wash and walk dogs again. Feeling a little weary now - should've gone to bed before 1.30 last night.

What - 11.5 miles in 2hrs which surprised me cos it felt like I was going slower than that. Guess the fitness is improving.

Why - building up the miles for FLM
Last hard - Thursday
Last Rest - Saturday


Posted: 26/01/2003 at 17:55
Andrew - finally got around to downloading the new version a couple of days ago. The ability to move, add and remove points makes life much easier. Haven't played with all the features yet but no doubt I'll get to them in time.

Keep up the good work.

Eating the night before

Posted: 26/01/2003 at 17:49
Hundreds of packets of jaffa cakes for before, during and after!! High in carbs, low in fat and yummy :)

Staying Healthy

Posted: 26/01/2003 at 17:42
Hi Cath,
Sorry to hear your burns aren't improving much. Even the forums, including the dark side, are pretty quiet much beyond midnight these days. Perhaps we should set up a roster so there's always someone here for you if you can't sleep.

Hope you manage to get a bit more sleep tonight.

Goodbye - (ish)

Posted: 26/01/2003 at 17:34
Au revoir HS, bet you don't enjoy the coursework as much as you do the forums!

All the best

FLM dreaming

Posted: 25/01/2003 at 16:42
Not started dreaming about it yet but expect to have one or two before the event!

FLM Supporters Club

Posted: 25/01/2003 at 16:40
Watched it three times from Tower Bridge after dropping of a running friend at Greenwich. After driving out of town a bit and jumping on a train reached Tower Bridge around 9am before the crowds arrived and took up station on the rails. Long wait for the first runners to arrive though!

Last year my support team were on the bridge but I didn't see them and they didn't see me. Howver, they moved round to somewhere around 22 miles and spotted me easily there.


Posted: 25/01/2003 at 16:36
Thanks Barbara, have a good one this evening.

Got my route planned for tomorrow, 10 mile loop so by the time I feel like giving up there'll be nothing to be gained by turning back! Must remember to charge the md player.

Training Session - Saturday 25th jan

Posted: 25/01/2003 at 16:25
Greetings and good luck to all with races tomorrow - Hippo, show those monkey's how it's done!

What - nothing it's my official rest day (apart from dog walking which I don't count cos it happens every day)

Last hard - Thursday's gym session
Last easy - yesterday

Got to do my long run on my own tomorrow - that makes it much harder. Must make sure the minidisc player is fully charged.

FLM Supporters Club

Posted: 25/01/2003 at 16:15
MandyW - I trust you'll be wearing your forum baseball cap so we can identify you.

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