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Posted: 02/04/2003 at 01:16
Btw Barbara, sounds as if you're going to be good to go which is great.


Posted: 02/04/2003 at 01:15
Swiss Bobby has added an FLM section to the Unofficial website which shows the suggested meeting points for the various starts.

The bandstand has been designated a Red start meeting point and that's where I'll be from around 0830 or so.

Look forward to meeting some of you guys there.

The final 2 weeks

Posted: 02/04/2003 at 00:48
Jac - glad the word from the physio was good. Walking only eh, you'll be raring to go on the day and will blast the rest of your training partners off the course! Enjoy the massages, relax and keep smiling.

Llama Man - yeah, I remember the problem with achy legs at bedtime from last year and it's starting to kick in again now. Found that if I did a few gentle squats (ie going from standing to squatting) before retiring it helped a bit.


Posted: 02/04/2003 at 00:16
Forgot it's a new month. Mine usually arrives on last or first day of month so I'll post mine as missing too.

varicose veins

Posted: 02/04/2003 at 00:08
I have an impressive collection of varicose veins despite not being subject to any of the risks lised by V-rap.

Apart from the obvious cosmetic benefit, is there any genuine reason for getting them seen to?

URWFRC at Mudchute

Posted: 01/04/2003 at 18:45
Thanks again for organising this Ashley. Still not sure if my support team will be joining you at Mudchute or loitering along the Highway.

Looking forward to mile 18:)


Posted: 01/04/2003 at 18:42
Charlielips - would love to meet up at the expo but will probably be on my way home again by 4pm. And well done on your 10k run, you're obviously in good form.

Slowmoe - I've only done this once before and was able to go on a weekday then as well so don't know how busy it gets in the evenings or Saturday. I'd guess Thursday evening might be less busy than Saturday, unless you can get there for when it opens.

Never again - welcome, you might have to change your name after the event. Most common thought during/immediately after a marathon is "never again" but within a few weeks thousands change their minds! I'd say you were on target for a sub 4.30 as long as you keep your pacing steady and don't get carried away in the early stages. My 20 and 15 times were pretty similar to yours and, as long as all goes well on the day, I'm pretty confident of going under 4.30. Tapering does make a difference and the atmosphere on the day will lift you tremendously.

#3 - fingers crossed for you and I may see you at Expo.

The final 2 weeks

Posted: 01/04/2003 at 18:12
I've had more aches, pains and tight muscles since tapering started than I've had for the last three months put together:(

Roll on 13/4


Posted: 01/04/2003 at 00:50
SG - definitely normal.

getting tough

Posted: 01/04/2003 at 00:46
Hope all goes well for tomorrw Hippo.

And btw, not sure there's anyone on this forum who's tried harder than you.

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