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Kit List

Posted: 27/03/2003 at 23:43
There's no socks on your list but perhaps you dont wear them.

I think at the finish you get 500ml bottle of Vittel water. Don't remember getting a recovery drink. Do remember not being able to open the pack of sandwiches provided though - had to ask a passing non-runner to open it for me!

Track, Road, Trail, Fells

Posted: 27/03/2003 at 23:16
Run mostly on roads with a bit of trails/off road thrown in.

Very wary of off road cos of a tendancy to trip over blades of grass or molehills etc.

Thursday 27th March

Posted: 27/03/2003 at 23:12
Evening all

Stickless - WOW; brilliant, well done and thanks.

What: 6 miles easy
Why: seemed like a good idea
Last hard: yesterday
last easy: Tuesday (rest)

Tha't me done till Sunday now - I believe tapering hard is just as important as training hard :)


Posted: 26/03/2003 at 18:27
Slowmoe - you'll come to no harm missing a couple of sessions at this stage. Over the next 17 days I'll be doing enough to keep me ticking over and no more; a couple of 5-6 milers during the week and probably 13 and 8 for my long runs. If I do go to the gym I'll probably stay off the treadmill (hurrah!) and just do general CV and weights.

Like others have said, tapering is about maintainance and recovery. Relax and enjoy the decrease in intensity; run for enjoyment and don't overdo it.

Wednesday 26th March

Posted: 26/03/2003 at 18:15
Evening all

Stickless - Good luck with your 11 tomorrow

What: 5-6 steady
Why: Its Wednesday
Last hard: Sunday
Last rest: yesterday


Calling Linca, come in Linca!

Posted: 26/03/2003 at 00:22
Oooh, a double post, how'd I do that then?

Two pairs of shorts might not be a bad idea actually. I've been having problems of the trot variety recently.

Running FLM with a HRM?

Posted: 26/03/2003 at 00:16
I find my HRM essential to ensuring I maintain a steady pace. In races I will keep a check on mile splits as well for the first 2-3 miles so I can make the necessary adjustment to HR for 'the race effect'. Seemed to work for me last year so hope it'll do the same this time around too.

can i do it?

Posted: 26/03/2003 at 00:00
I ran a 20 miler in 3.28 and I'm still confident of getting sub 4.30 - as long as I get the pacing right.


Posted: 25/03/2003 at 23:51
Evening all, 18 days to go.

Wimped out of my gym session today cos I was feeling really weary and persuaded myself that I've not recovered from 20miles on Sunday and 4.30am start on Monday. Still, went for a two hour walk with the dogs instead which was much more enjoyable.

Cait, Mudchute is on the Docklands Light Railway, and about 18miles into the FLM route; that's all I know about it. There's a thread about the supporters group on here but can't remember what its actually called though.

I'm at the red start, no 37225 wearing a vest which looks like this and will have by real name (Penny) on it somewhere, blue shorts and the unoffical baseball cap which has Murf on the back but you'll need to get real close to read it.

Old Timer -Surgery Success

Posted: 25/03/2003 at 23:31
Good news OT, were they able to give you a timescale for full recovery?

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