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Posted: 05/02/2003 at 00:50
Forced myself out this morning and went to the gym. Decided I would do the interval sessions on the TM 3 x 2.5k + 400 recoveries. First set was fine then about 500m into second 2.5 my heart rate went crazy and I completely ran out of oomph. Should have stuck to the original plan to swim and do upper body workout only. Did the upper body stuff anyway but not any other CV work.

Club night tomorrow and I think I'll stick to a slow, steady 5 miles without a watch. It occured to me that I've not really been eating properly over the past few days which may account for poor perfomance. Bad Murf.

On a slightly brighter note, had my first FLM 03 dream last night. Don't remember much about it except that my dad was there (which is very odd cos he died nearly 15 years ago) and I finished in 4.38 - happy with that.


Posted: 05/02/2003 at 00:38


Posted: 05/02/2003 at 00:25
EPInd-Iain - Go to races and open April, then click on 'more info' for the FLM, scroll down till you find your name then click on 'update details'

SB - been there done it, see you there.

Runner's World 15-Mile Training Run, Richmond Park

Posted: 04/02/2003 at 19:17
Robyn - no I don't think that is the right hill. This hill is about half way between Robin Hood and Kingston gates going clockwise and ends at the Broomhill car park before the track winds more gently down to Kingston Gate.

CrazyMike - you may be right, but I'm sure someone told me it was 7.5 around the perimeter - I've never actually measured it.

Tuesday session 4 February 2003

Posted: 04/02/2003 at 18:50
Another less than satisfactory day.

What: schedule called for 3 x 2.5k + 400m recovery. First 2.5 was OK, did 500m recovery then about 800m into second set I just ran out of oomph and threw in the towel. Decided against doing other CV work so just did a standard upper body workout.
Why: scheduled speed session
Last hard: Sunday LSD
Last easy: Monday rest

First FLM dream of the year last night. Can't remember much detail except I finished in 4.38 - happy with that!

When does the clock start?

Posted: 04/02/2003 at 18:37
Except that last year it took me 20 mins to cross the start line not the 11 mins anticipated in the Pacers forecast. So, they may end up going a bit faster to make up any additional time lost at the start.

giving blood

Posted: 04/02/2003 at 18:31
I'm a donor too and have found that sometimes it doesn't seem to affect my running at all, others I have to take it easy running-wise for a week. Never been able to pinpoint what makes the difference.

Am next due to donate in late March but will probably defer that one until after FLM. Let's face it, training is hard enough with a full eight pints!

Staying Healthy

Posted: 04/02/2003 at 11:42
Cath - you may be alone, apart from Oscar, in reality but you know that all of us out here in the virtual world are with you.

Still wish there was more we could do for you.

All the best

Runner's World 15-Mile Training Run, Richmond Park

Posted: 04/02/2003 at 11:30
CrazyMike - yes you're right. Don't know the route but to get 15 miles I would imagine two complete laps of the park. Having said that I'm sure I've seen or heard somewhere that it might be 3 x 5 miles loops.

Last year's paced run was 10 miles and they finished up the short, vertical side of THAT HILL. Not a friendly thing to do!

tips for spectators??

Posted: 04/02/2003 at 01:06
Andy S - the 'expo' is where all the FLM runners have to go at some stage during the four days prior to M-day to pick up their numbers, kit bags etc and spend loadsa dosh buying new kit, gadgets and all things running/FLM related. It's usually held at the London Arena, Docklands I think but full details will be sent to you with the registration pack in March.

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