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Posted: 11/04/2003 at 00:20
Tired Legs - I didn't pick up a pacer leaflet at the expo but I think the 4.30 pacers are at the back of pen 7.

Still aiming for sub 4.30 but on chip time not clock time. Don't reckon I can manage 9.45 pace for 26.2 miles so wont be with the pace group.


Posted: 11/04/2003 at 00:10
I would of though it was more like


Hogsmill Women's 5

Posted: 11/04/2003 at 00:01
Running Duck - yes I know, and you're all braver folk than me! Hmmm might have to have a word with my mates on the race committee about a special welcome for you guys.

EP - absolutely. Will you be wearing anything else as well?

Annajo - hope the chiropracter said the right things and look forward to seeing you at the race.

Thursday 10th April

Posted: 10/04/2003 at 23:48
Evening all

Well they said it was going to snow and it did in Epsom this morning while I was out with the dogs. Didn't last long and was marginally warmer by the time I took them out again this evening.

That's the sum total of my exercise today and tomorrow will be similar but hopefully without the snow.


Posted: 09/04/2003 at 23:36
Red pen 8 - see you there cns.

daft toilet-related question

Posted: 09/04/2003 at 23:24
Official toilet locations are given in the final instructions which you'll be given at registration. Haven't got my copy to hand so can't be more specific.


Posted: 09/04/2003 at 23:21

Done the expo, red start pen 8, didn't spend toooooo much, didn't see any other forumites either though I'm sure there must have been some around somewhere:(

Done my last run before Sunday. A steady 5 miles or so which felt good - bl@@dy parky though!

I guess I've now got three days with not a lot to do except worry about what to take, what to wear, how many gels to take, when to take them, what to eat, what time to get up, etc, etc, etc.

Roll on Sunday.


Posted: 09/04/2003 at 23:10
Best of luck to everyone.

Hope both runners and spectators enjoy the day and that it's not too hot for the runners but warm enough to be comfortable for the spectators.

Running vest or long sleeved shirt?

Posted: 09/04/2003 at 01:55
Definitely not a long sleeved top. Vest or short sleeved, or maybe both.


Posted: 09/04/2003 at 01:47
After "Of" insert 'f'
Ater "Expo" insert 'tomorrow'

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