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FLM Supporters Club

Posted: 24/01/2003 at 01:06
Supporters from my club always head for the Highway on the basis that they get two chances to see people.

I'm running and was thinking of try to make up a placard for my support team using the URWFRC logo. Whether they'll display it though is another matter!

Training Session-Fri 24th

Posted: 24/01/2003 at 00:54
Make that sCheduled - when's the edit feature coming back?

Training Session-Fri 24th

Posted: 24/01/2003 at 00:53

what - 6 mile steady (as long as knee feels ok when I wake up)
why - sheduled run
last hard - yesterday's speed session
last easy - Wednesday
last rest - Tuesday

May return post session with an update. Have a good one!

Training session-- Thurs 23rd

Posted: 24/01/2003 at 00:50
Thought perhaps if I became a regular here I might just stick to my schedule! Training for FLM on RW mag sub 4.30 plan.

What - Gym session including: 3*1600@11kph with 400 recoveries @ 8.5kph. 10 mins on stepper, 10 mins on rower, weights for major muscle groups.

Why - Speed session which I ought to have done on Tuesday but couldn't fit it in.

Last hard - Sunday (Oddballs Perch - muddy & undulating 10k)

Last easy - Mon/Tue resting.

Slight twinge in the knee at the moment. Hopefully it'll recover overnight or I might have to forgo tommorow's 6 mile steady :(

Kit Orders

Posted: 24/01/2003 at 00:18
Finally remembered to post my cheque today.

Are you regretting volunteering for KitSec yet Foxy?

Caz gets a job!

Posted: 24/01/2003 at 00:16
Great news Caz - congratulations.

Media Star!!!!

Posted: 24/01/2003 at 00:11
Hey Mr Barkles, your famousness, you can tell me which station your on cos I live miles away from you and so won't be able to receive your 'localish' radio. Nor will I be able to phone in and ask awkward questions.

So go on just whisper...

Whenever it is, hope it all goes well - are you really going to be on for the whole hour or will there be others there as well?

sore legs

Posted: 23/01/2003 at 00:15
I do the cold water thing after a run but I have my hot bath to relax and unwind first. Then as the bath empties I use the shower attachment to hose down my legs with cool water. Feels great and does seem to help ease any sore muscles.

Only tried massage once and that was immediately after last year's FLM at my charity's post race reception. Definitely recommended. Could walk again properly immediately and didn't suffer as much as I'd expected the following day either. Could still feel that I'd run 26.2 miles but at least I could move!

Running Club Places

Posted: 22/01/2003 at 14:21
Don't think you get anything back until the registration packs are sent out in March. Sorry don't know the FLM no to call for info.


Posted: 22/01/2003 at 14:07
Hey Charlielips - envy you the sun but not the hills. I'm planning a trip to NZ to visit freinds in the autumn and contmeplating taking in the Auckland marathon while I'm there.

Have a great break

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