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Yipee, another new PB.

Posted: 31/03/2003 at 18:03
Susi Q -, not mAcmillanrunning

Sex Please*

Posted: 31/03/2003 at 17:53
That's me, that is.....................>


Posted: 31/03/2003 at 00:35
Wot, no posts today, what's going on?

Did 14 this morning and felt worse after it than after last weekends 20. Guessing that it was largely due to poor nights sleep, kept waking up for some reason, and my body objecting to getting up at what it thought was 6am.

Plan for coming week:- couple of 5-6 milers midweek, possible gentle gym session and max 8 next Sunday.

Not long now folks. Those with recovering injuries - rest. Those still fit - don't go overdoing it :)

1000 Mile Challenge

Posted: 31/03/2003 at 00:26
Hiya Rory. Plan to be at the Expo on Wednesday so see you there.

Cant imagine doing what you guys are. Stay well and good luck for the remaining 13 days and of course the long one.

Yipee, another new PB.

Posted: 31/03/2003 at 00:12
Congratulations Jane. Dont think age is a barrier, you run and as long as you keep running, you'll improve for a while yet.

Did my first 10k last June-ish after nearly a year running and made it round in 63ish. Next one was August in 58ish. Last time out for 10k was February this year when I amazed myself with a 55.17.

Keep running regularly, continue your speedwork and you'll be sub 60 pretty soon.

10 wk beginners course for women

Posted: 30/03/2003 at 15:44
And mine.

Our current beginners group started in January doing walk/run. They are under no obligation to join the club, though of course we hope they do, and the programme is designed to prepare them to participate in our annual club race, (Hogsmill 5 - new thread about this one soon) in mid-May.

30/03/03- so excited

Posted: 30/03/2003 at 15:35
Stickless - way to go. A good run and a new training partner, runners are a friendly bunch aren't they.

FLM Expo/registration

Posted: 30/03/2003 at 14:16
Planning on doing it Wednesday, probably from 1130ish. Will be wearing my unofficial cap.

we're all tapering now........

Posted: 30/03/2003 at 14:10
Well I've just got back from a tapering 14miles and am feeling more tired now than after my 20miler last weekend.

Legs feel heavy and calves are tight. Mind you, early start - brain saying its only 6am - probably has something to do with it.

Not going to do more than 6 or so from here on in.

30/03/03- so excited

Posted: 30/03/2003 at 14:03
I hate early starts. 7am is bad enough but when my body thinks its only 6am - well, nuff said.

What: 14 miles
Why: Tapering. Bit disjointed as we kept having to stop for one reason or another so overall, not as easy as should have been. Last hard: Wednesday
Last easy: rest yesterday

Legs feel heavier and tighter than they have since late January which is not encouraging.

Ah well, in two weeks time I should be on/ approaching the Embankment hopefully feeling better than I do now.

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