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Triathlon clothing for size 26 plus

Posted: 19/04/2014 at 13:25

It sucks for you, but look at it from the sports equipment producers. You rarely see someone size 26+ doing triathlon, so they won't sell many clothes, so it is unprofitable, so why would they do it?

The leicester flashman seems to be a pool swim, so you don't really need any tri specific clothing. Do the swim in a normal swim suit, then throw shorts and t-shirt over the top at T1. Sorted.

You can then buy Tri specific clothing when you've lost the weight you want to lose. That way you don't have to buy kit twice as well.

Which bike?

Posted: 17/04/2014 at 16:58

Is there anything wrong with the Carrera?

Which bike?

Posted: 17/04/2014 at 16:30

What's the difference between the red & white triban?

Hotel & Bike

Posted: 13/01/2014 at 17:57

Ok, cool, thanks for the advice 

Hotel & Bike

Posted: 13/01/2014 at 17:20

How are hotels with you turning up with your bike?

Entering my first tri soon, and need a hotel for the night before. Can you generally just turn up with your bike or do you need to check before hand? Do you just keep it in your room?  

Has triathlon had any negative impacts on your life?

Posted: 17/09/2013 at 14:38

Yes, I spend way too much time on here, when I could be doing something constructive 

Alistair Brownlee post race interview

Posted: 16/09/2013 at 20:02

I wonder what the commentators would have talked about if it weren't for the history of all the monuments and buildings the race went past? They also stated the Queen was at home as "the flag" was flying.... Oblivious to the fact that it was the Union Jack & not the Royal Standard therefore she was not at home!

Alistair Brownlee post race interview

Posted: 16/09/2013 at 18:33
Ridgebackmax wrote (see)

Is he the skier that got the drug ban?

No. That was Alain Baxter.... And he was cleared of cheating!

Alistair Brownlee post race interview

Posted: 15/09/2013 at 18:23

For those that didn't see it!

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