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ice challenge

Posted: 23/08/2014 at 19:41

Ok so I have just seen one for McMillan yeah, should all be for MND, a previously pretty ignored condition.

ice challenge

Posted: 23/08/2014 at 19:01

Tbh I have only seen this in connection with ALS not cancer ....

Midnight man

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 05:51

Hey Gavo was good to see you I DNF after 40k on the bike, knees were shot after ride london last week and I knew I wouldn't be able to run so I decided to not risk any more damage.


nice event though.


and well done Posh Twat

Robin Williams

Posted: 13/08/2014 at 23:13

I was once signed off work with depression. I had been fighting it for months, becoming progressively more self destructive. I eventually realised I had to do something before something terrible happened. I had been at home a couple of days when my manager rang me. 'So' he said 'how's that flu you've got?' Determined not to hide behind a lie I told him it was actually depression . 'oh,' he said. ' so you're not ill then, people are really struggling to cope with the workload here, so it would be best if you came back tomorrow don't you think?'


i went back, I felt really ashamed of leaving everyone else in the shit.


the day I left that job was the day my life actually started  

goes to illustrate the attitudes you have to put up with. The attitudes towards suicide upset me a lot. but that's very personal.

Pirate spotting

Posted: 08/07/2014 at 20:56

Thanks for your shout Uncharted Waters......FF is right I don't post much here anymore, but I appreciate support and often wear kit really enjoyed the race, hope you did

Fancy a social?

Posted: 14/06/2014 at 11:15

I expect she is far too distraught to answer.


i know I would be

Lanzarote 2014

Posted: 23/05/2014 at 20:29

Awesome SA! You are a superstar

Lanzarote 2014

Posted: 19/05/2014 at 18:50

There was an extra word there.

Lanzarote 2014

Posted: 19/05/2014 at 18:50

Was great supporting while we were there


well ill done all!

Lanzarote 2014

Posted: 05/04/2014 at 07:46

I can't remember where we are going but we will certainly be in wherever you said for the day

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