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Science in Sport Go Gel

Posted: 21 February 2008
Overall: It took me a while to get used to energy gels on the go, but for longer distances there are not many options. After trialling loads of gels, SIS ticked the most boxes for me. They taste OK, as energy gels go. I prefer the tropical. It is possible to take without water but i prefer to wash it down with an electolyte drink. Importanty for me, they are easy to carry in your shorts, just tuck them in, or they can fold to fit in a pocket (just) and don't have an irritating plastic screw cap that digs into you whilst on the go. Performance boosting capabilities are good, and being isotonic allow the carbs to be absorbed quickly. It doesn't feel like it sits in your stomach. In addition, in consideration to the environment, they are easy to pop back in a pocket and transport to a bin or home, rather than add to our already littered county. Perhaps one improvement now would be a biodegradable package.