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Overdone it?

Posted: 14/09/2015 at 10:13

Hello long time lurker here! Lovely to meet Lit at the Stirling 10k and well done on the team prize, you looked really surprised when the announcement was made. I was very impressed by your co-ordinated headwear, 80s style sweatbands are de rigueur with the menfolk in my club at the moment it's quite a 'look'. (Lit wasn't wearing a sweatband)

Back to lurking now, but wishing those of you who are carrying injuries a return to full strength and congratulations to all the racers.

Knee injury advice

Posted: 16/07/2015 at 18:48

I had a minor meniscus injury last year and couldn't walk properly for about 2 weeks, the knee was swollen and I couldn't bend it much. I rested completely during this time, the injury happened when cycling rather than running so I avoided the bike. Once the pain had gone (2 weeks) I started running again with no ill effects.  

I'm very injury prone so in your situation I would probably rest for a week and see how I felt after that. This year I tore my soleus muscle but continued to run on it (it took a while to get an accurate diagnosis) that ended up taking 12 weeks to heal. Maybe if I'd just taken a week off earlier it might've been better.


Overdone it?

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 12:04
Lit will you be wearing your Fife vest on Sunday? I'll look out for you, the weather looks crap, welcome to racing in Scotland!

Overdone it?

Posted: 28/09/2014 at 13:57

Lou + DT I'm so glad my OH is a runner we never have to have those conversations.  

loss of fitness due to menopause

Posted: 26/09/2014 at 22:14

Good luck with the test results x

loss of fitness due to menopause

Posted: 25/09/2014 at 22:13

Hi Helen, are you sure it's early menopause? Earlier this year my running became crap despite training, I had some rather unpleasant hormone related symptoms and self diagnosed an early menopause. Things got worse and I saw my GP and she diagnosed something else entirely, at 41 she thought I was too young for menopausal symptoms. Like Screama says ask your doctor.

Overdone it?

Posted: 24/09/2014 at 23:06

Hi Lit, I'm not doing the first relay, not sure anyone from my club is…we tend to do the 3 East District League races and the nationals (even tho we are slow) I should really do some more xc this season just to make up the numbers. My technique is to stand still and look for something to hold on to when going downhill, it's not a winning formula!

DT xc starts in 2 weeks up here too but it could be a mud bath!

Overdone it?

Posted: 24/09/2014 at 22:33

Oh jeez xc season! My club competes in the same league as Lit's but we've only got one fast female and she is injured. If they gave out prizes for best co-ordinated outfits we might be in with a chance. 

How long til he beats me?

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 22:21

You'll have to become an ultra runner and cake-baker.

Overdone it?

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 20:59

Bloody hell Pete, sorry to hear that. Wishing you a fast and full recovery x

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