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Heart Monitor Training for the Complete Idiot by John L. Parker

Posted: 20 November 2007
Overall: Overhyped, overpriced and over here. I gather it's in short supply. You can have my copy for £80 including UK mainland postage ;o) Seriously, it is to HRM training what the street-evangelists' tracts are to the Bible. A useful introduction, but not the whole story.

Falke RU4 Attack

Posted: 12 November 2007
Overall: Falke make a fantastic range of sport-specific socks, and the RU4s are probably the most popular of their running socks. They're a good all-purpose lightweight sock, but if you're looking for something even less bulky to shave off those crucial few grams in races, there's the RU5 and the anatomically shaped but uncushioned RU6 :o)

Falke RU3 Short

Posted: 12 November 2007
Overall: I've been wearing RU3s as my everyday training socks for several years and have never had any problems with them. In fact, despite generally being devoid of brand loyalty it would take a great deal to entice me away from the Falke socks range, be it for climbing, trekking or skiing.

Shock Absorber Pump Sports Bra Top

Posted: 04 June 2007
Overall: An excellent bra for a relatively modest £23.99. I think it's worth paying a few pounds more than the typical price of a basic support bra from a non-specialist supplier to get a prodict that looks and feels as good as this one.

Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running by Dagny Scott and Runner's World

Posted: 23 January 2007
Overall: An ideal first book on running for women whose usual hangout in the bookshop is the self-help section. And for readers of both sexes who like to see decorative photographs of slender women doing stretches.

Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas

Posted: 23 January 2007
Overall: The yield of useful information per inch of print in this book is phenomenal and it's an easy read. If you'd rather be running than reading about running, let this be the one book you buy. As the title suggests, it doesn't really belong in the same shopping basket as the works of Sam Murphy or John Bingham! It's ideal for the non-elite marathoner who wants to run the best marathon that his/her genetic potential will allow.

Nike Air Zoom Apace

Posted: 23 January 2007
Overall: I thought this would be a perfect lightweight shoe for me, since I wear Nike Percepts for most of my training, but what cushioning it has is in the wrong places, leaving my metatarsal heads uncomfortably close to the tarmac, a problem I don't have with the Marathoner or the Vaporfly.

Inov-8 Terroc 330

Posted: 07 December 2006
Overall: These are my footwear of choice for winter hillwalking and trail-running when it's mostly on paths and tracks. I'd choose Mudrocs for more challenging excursions.

Lucozade Sport Energy Bar

Posted: 15 November 2006
Overall: I'm sure it does what it says on the label, but wouldn't eat one of these in preference to a handful of fig rolls.

Science in Sport Go Bar

Posted: 09 November 2006
Overall: The only "energy bar" I use.