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Posted: Today at 15:18
O signs more, and please, which pretty much serves her purposes it seems!

Mums Running Club

Posted: Yesterday at 21:15
Tangy - you'll get there, sounds like you're doing all the right things, and your running is clearly going great guns at the moment. No way I could consider a 30 mule run!

Turbo - aim for August 2nd - it's a great date to be born love the look of the tower - I can't wait to see what it looks like finished, our very own running mums grand designs! There's no way we could ever buil out own house - the decisions just on putting in one new bathroom caused enough anxiety to last a lifetime. I really should learn to just let my husband choose - he's got pretty good taste really and usually makes decent decisions! Hope you got a good sleep.

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Posted: Yesterday at 16:21
Turbo - your house looks amazing, and it must be so exciting to see it go up so fast! When do you think you'll be in it? I imagine the interior stuff must take a bit longer and I know I'd be incredibly impatient after watching the outside built so quickly! I've lost track of when your baby is due too - and whether you know yet whether you're on track for 3 boys!

My littlest 'baby' isn't saying anything yet and I think she's getting quite frustrated by it (we certainly are!). I think she's ok as she's very interactive, can follow commands (when she wants to) and can clearly hear what we're saying, but I'm pretty sure the others were at least saying a few words by this stage - she's 16 months on Monday. Maybe she just doesn't get a chance with so much going on all the time!

Tangy - your running seems to be going well, I'm impressed with your distances! You might see a difference if you gave up all booze until the race? I think it's surprising how many calories it's easy to consume through drink, and then it makes you more likely to snack. Also, maybe just ignore the calories you think you burn through exercise and focus on what you're eating - choose a calorie amount to aim for daily and stick to that, and try not to vary too much from day to day. I don't think the body works by averaging over a week, so if you have a 'bad' day I think you have to ignore it and move on, and focus on the next day getting back to 1800 calories or whatever you're aiming for. What you're doing though is clearly working, and is impressive, but you might see results a bit more quickly if you try things a bit differently?

Lovely weekend here so far, just pottering around and enjoying some time seeing friends and some time at home. I have even run twice!! I think we're going to have way too much chocolate in the house tomorrow - I've bought my husband an egg (don't normally) and I know he's bought me one, and the children have one each too, as well as some small eggs to do a hunt with, and some small hollow bunnies! Luckily the children seem to forget about it once it's out of sight so I'll put it away and we'll quietly eat it in the evenings when they're in bed - to save their teeth...obviously! Oh and I nearly forgot the enormous chocolate fish my brother sent us which some of you might have seen on fb - it's so impressive it will be hard to break into I think!

Caro - your holiday sounds lovely. Will look up your cottage as we like those sorts of breaks.

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Posted: 05/04/2014 at 13:53
MM - all the Isla bikes have brakes, even the balance bikes. I think the huge advantage of them is that they're lightweight so much easier for children to ride. You could look at the cnoc 16 which has 16" wheels so would hopefully last her a bit longer. Good news on the running, hope it continues!

Caro - we've stuck with islabikes on the basis that they'll be able to be handed down to both the others. Isabelle got a Beinn 20 small for her 5th birthday. Depending on how tall M is you might be able to get away with the 20 large which might last a bit longer, but would possibly mean that E wouldn't be big enough for it as quickly as he would if you got the small - does that make any sense?!!

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Posted: 04/04/2014 at 19:55
No idea RF, but a silk liner can add a couple of degrees warmth and packs up tiny, with the added advantage of being easily washable to preserve the inside of your sleeping bag! We took them when we went to Patagonia and they were great.

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Posted: 04/04/2014 at 18:30
RF & CC - hope you both have good trips, I'm jealous!

JG - fingers crossed for your job!

Caro - I would say 9 flat miles on one of those little bikes is probably possible, but is a pretty long way on small wheels. Isabelle did 12 miles a couple of months ago, but it wasn't all in one go, and she's got the bigger geared bike with 20" wheels. 14" wheels will mean an awful lot of turning for M's poor legs! Have you got a trail gator? Might be a worthwhile investment for when E's bigger and is perfect for what you want to do. When E starts riding the bike M's on now, she'll be able to go much further so it will mean you can all ride together without worrying as much about how far E can go. We used ours loads with Isabelle and I'm sure it will be in use again soon for our E.

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Posted: 30/03/2014 at 22:00
Brookie - I'm sure they will find you an anti-depressant to go with breast feeding, and if they say no, ask again, and keep asking until you find someone who helps you. Hope you're feeling better soon and have a god mothers day.

Am v jealous of Tatty's ring (not that I need a ring, but I'd very much like an extremely expensive sewing machine!). I got a new pizza cutter as ours broke a couple of weeks ago. I'm not quite sure how this is a present for me, other than that it's always me that makes the pizza, but it is at least useful I suppose! I did also get a plant and lots of cards Isabelle had made, as well as a special breakfast (which Isabelle hadn't been able to stop herself telling me about in advance!). Husband went to work and I went over to my parents where I went for a lovely run and then had a fab lunch cooked by my mum. We spent all afternoon in the garden so was a pretty good day all in all.

We know a Lachlan whose nickname is said Lockie (have no idea how they spell it!) so it could have been that TT? Depending of course on how the Loki you heard was pronounced! No particularly weird names I've heard round here, but on the doctors site I use there is a priceless thread of 'bling bling children's names' which has been going for several years and always reduces me to tears of laughter.

Must get to bed on time tonight. We've had several nights of disturbed sleep from one child or another, and some early starts, so am feeling a little jaded!

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Posted: 22/03/2014 at 14:34
I have little opinion on the perfect poo, merely passing on what I've been told!! If cutting stuff out of your diet works for you then go for it. I agree about IBS, but largely because IBS is a collection of symptoms and as yet has no known pathology associated with it. Any drugs are just 'treating' symptoms, and they don't do that particularly well because there's nothing physically wrong for them to treat. I personally think that IBS is just a continuation of what is normal for all of us - sometimes our guts are more trouble than other times, probably as a result of a combination of what we eat, what's going on in our lives, how we're feeling etc.

Anyway, probably enough talk of bowels!

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Posted: 21/03/2014 at 19:30
Lotte - I don't think any of us will be the slightest bit surprised you feel like that!! Maybe it would be a good idea to look at all the activities the kids do and try and cut down on a few so you have at least one or two evenings a week when you're not out ferrying them around? I know you like them to do lots of activities, but they shouldn't be doing them all at the expense of your sanity! I hope you have a really fantastic holiday, although I can well imagine that sometimes the organising must make you wonder if it's all worth it - I feel like that and only have 5 of us to sort out! We had the chance to go to a conference in Amsterdam in may but when it came down to it I just couldn't be bothered to organise the children, flights, hotels, transport etc. We're going to go to the one in Brighton in October instead!

I'm pretty sceptical of the 'intolerance' market and my cynical head thinks a lot of it is generated by companies wanting to sell their expensive 'free from' products, but as with anything I'm sure it's a case of whatever works for you. All I'll say is that cow pat consistency is pretty good - that's exactly how a gastroenterologist once described the 'perfect poo' to me (and that's not something you type all that often!).

I popped into ikea today whilst I was in town with the little two as I wanted some fabric, and found some fab new stuff they've got - it's white fabric with a design printed all over which you can colour in. Typical ikea print with lots of different things going on - houses, castles, boats, flowers, birds etc - so lots of fun, and sets of fabric pens to go with it. ??7 a metre for the fabric, and ??1.75 for the pens so really not expensive, and you can buy as small a piece of fabric as you want. The girls thought it was great and I've said I'll make Isabelle's into something for her when she's coloured it in - cushion, pencil case etc. Definitely worth looking out for if you're near an ikea and like that sort of thing!

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Posted: 17/03/2014 at 22:51
Oh, and sausage rolls - defrost the pastry and roll out if it isn't already. Shape sausage meat into a long tube and lay it down the pastry, brush the edge with beaten egg and fold the pastry over the top. Brush the whole lot with beaten egg then slice into pieces. Cook. People will think you're amazing. It's the easiest win in cooking!
I usually make two long sausages out of every piece of pastry, so if it's the pre-rolled stuff I put two lines of sausage meat about an inch away from each long side of the pastry, then fold the outside edges in over the sausage meat and slice all the way down the middle of the pastry to make 2 long sausages. Can't tell if that makes any sense, but I'm sure you get the drift - its not complicated at all!
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