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Posted: 20/07/2014 at 20:03
Do JD sports sell garmins? I thought it was more of an Adidas track-suit kind of a 'sports' shop!!

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Posted: 16/07/2014 at 21:48
Yes, can't wait. Mountains, fresh air and family time - perfect!

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Posted: 16/07/2014 at 21:25
Caro - I meant it when I said you could stay in our house too - we could do with someone to feed the cats! Hope you hear from them soon. I agree, very frustrating, and not what you want when you're waiting to find out about your treatment plan.

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Posted: 13/07/2014 at 23:05
Oh Caro, that's not a brilliant response from him. I bet it looks absolutely fine, and I'm sure on reflection he'll wish he had been a little more tactful! A colleague of mine at work has just had chemo and she seems to be embracing the hair-free look, but she only had very short hair to start with, so maybe it's not so much of a difference. I think in this weather you'd have to have something on your head to stop it burning, at the very least!

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Posted: 12/07/2014 at 09:55
Caro - definitely not weird, and will be hugely appreciated. If you can bear it, it would also be great to send an email to the chief exec praising the people who you felt did a good job (even though I know your overall experience wasn't great) as these things really do lift people's days. Well done M, all those things sound amazing!

We've had a good school report here too - I gave Isabelle a pack of pens she's been hankering after for ages and she's delighted!

They have a really odd, completely non-competitive sports day, apart from one running race. They run the heats the week before in school, and only the 6 fastest from each year group (boys and girls) get to run on the day, and they award 1st and 2nd place certificates. It basically seems that roughly the same group of children get to run every year right through their school careers, and most of them never get a chance to compete or win as the rest of the day is all about taking part (bleurgh!). Isabelle is fast, and I suspect will always get a place, but it seems a very odd system, and because everything else is non-competitive, the children who were running and didn't win all seemed to be in tears.

Anyway, Isabelle came second, and got her certificate and seemed very happy with that, although she seems to totally lack any kind of competitive gene - she was smiling and looking around whilst running and didn't seem much focused on the task in hand! I came second in the mum's race, behind one of my very good friends and running buddies - she would have been mightily pissed off at coming second so I think that was a good result!

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Posted: 09/07/2014 at 07:12
Minks - who cares what your 'true potential' might have been! It's your hobby, and at least you're really enjoying your running I don't understand the point of a hobby that makes you miserable, stressed and disappointed, and I think Camlo put it best - why be a slave to something you're supposed to enjoy?!

CC - looking forward to the race report. I think what you manage to achieve whilst single handedly sorting out the house and kids is amazing - I had had enough after 3 days the other weekend when my husband was away!

MM - TdF sounds amazing. We desperately wanted to go, and have friedns in likley we could have stayed with, but decided the logistics were too difficult and that ultimately we would be subjecting the kids to hours and hours in the car and hanging around which probably wasn't fair. I also sang in amazing concert on Saturday night which I'd had have to have missed - but I'm still sad we didn't go! I'm really glad it was amazing and that England put on a good show - did you get any of the freebies they threw out?!

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Posted: 03/07/2014 at 22:34
Caro - I hope you get to see someone tomorrow if you need to. Fingers crossed it all settles down soon.

Sonya - you'll cope just fine with getting to school with a newborn in tow...because you have to! I had 2 weeks grace because O was born on the last day of term before Christmas, but once school re-started I had to get them all up and out on time, and there were certainly days when I felt absolutely awful and things were a little chaotic(!), but we were never late.

I have developed a pragmatic view to labelling stuff. They do PE a couple of times a week and these are the only times all their uniform comes off, so you could theoretically have a couple of really well named sets if you were organised enough - I'm not! I have 2 sewn-in name tapes on the cardigans - one in the back of the neck and one that wraps around the bottom edge by the buttons which is visible when she's wearing it so I can see really easily if it's hers (or if hers is on someone else!), and most other things are named with a pen or a sewn in name tape where I've bothered. I bought a set of shoe naming stickers just with our surname so all their shoes are labelled (and passed down where possible!). I don't think we've actually lost any clothes yet -water bottles are a different story! - but I have had to retrieve cardigans from the 'jumper dumper' in the classroom a few times!

Has anyone got a good way to name water bottles etc? I write on most of them with a permanent marker but it runs off. I have considered buying a set of labels but assume they would come off with washing too, or one of those label making machines (which I quite fancy the idea of anyway!!)?

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Posted: 03/07/2014 at 13:07
Oops, knew there was something else I needed to ask...friends of ours want to camp in the vendee this summer and are strugling to choose a campsite online. I'm sure there are people on here who've been to that region - any suggestions? They're after quiet-ish campsite with pool but without lots of evening entertainments etc.

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Posted: 03/07/2014 at 13:05
Minks - he definitely doesn't sound like someone you want to be supporting at an ironman if he's moaning his way through a 15 mile run!!

Caro - all the opiates are constipating so if I were you I'd just stay on the movicol until you don't need them any more. Tramadol is a weird drug though - is the co-codamol not working? I would probably choose to take paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine separately, I think, so that you can have lots of doses spread out, and also add in extra if you need, but avoid the opiates unless necessary...but it does depend of course on how much pain you've got, and which drugs are working for you. Oh, and I haven't sent anything off to you yet, but have finished the thing I'm planning on sending so now just need to sort out packing it up and going to the post office!

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Posted: 30/06/2014 at 22:01
Hoggle - your immunity can be checked on a blood test. I had mine done at work because they wanted everyone to have the MMR jab to cover them for measles (cheaper than checking everyone's immunity) but didn't want to give it to me because I was pregnant - or breastfeeding, can't remember which! I would definitely avoid a non-immunised child if measles is around. If, however, you find out the child has measles and your baby has been in contact, you can give the baby the jab as prophylaxis. You do have to be quick though, and they'll have to have the jab twice more at the usual times, but it might save them getting measles. Personally I have no time for people who act in such a selfish way and would seriously consider excluding the parent from anything I was organising (and explaining why in as non-confrontational manor as possible).

TT - O isn't saying anything. Lots of noises, and she quite clearly understands an awful lot, but no meaningful words. She'll say 'mama' on occasion if you ask her to, but doesn't use it herself in context. Since everything else seems absolutely fine, and her gross motor skills are ahead of either of the others at her age, I'm just sitting tight and assuming she'll talk when she's ready - fingers crossed!

Caro - you could house/cat sit for us while we're away! Hope the dressings do the trick and your washing loads decrease. When do you find out what your treatment plan is?

Happy birthday CC!

CM - your work sounds, umm, special!
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