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Sub 3h15

Posted: 06/01/2017 at 22:38

Gerard, glad to year you are better. TMI not necessary. In response to you and Abbers, it is cold here right now (not brutal, but nippy at 18 F (which I think is -7 C). But supposed to get down to 4 F tomorrow (-15 C). Our winters fluctuate quite a bit. Plenty of days in the upper 20s F/low30s (anything over 30 w/out wind = shorts), but also stretches in single digits/teens (and of course subzero stuff...maybe 1-2 weeks of days of the latter all told by end of season). My biggest nemesis is the wind on colder days as my finger tips can get painful if they start to get too cold. Snow/Ice is also a hindrance, but we've been pretty dry this winter so not much of a factor so far. The main reason I passed signing up for Boston this spring though were too many 20-22 mile runs on Saturday morning in dark at 5 F in wind last winter. Just didn't seem worth it to go through that again. Need more separation before I do that again.

Have a big grant due next week and am going on day 3 w/out a run (but may sneak out w/headlamp later). In that jittery place (with angel/devil cautioning me against/urging me to go for a run!).

HADD Training Method

Posted: 04/01/2017 at 17:59

Hi Dan and Chick! Great to hear from you guys. I've fallen off the boards but am trying to make a come back. I hope you are both well. Chick, sounds like you are finding a good balance and sometimes it is just great to be able to run (however much that might be!). Dan, you seem to have found a great new equation, especially if still delivering PBs.

I miss this thread. For Sol2 and Martyn, I have used HADD very successfully in the past. After a spring marathon last year I tried Hanson's (which frankly was fun after several years of HADDing; it's basically HADDing with one subLT replaced with a track session). Not sure of the end result as I had some medical issues (read kidney stones) this summer while doing Hanson's for a fall marathon. My time was a few minutes down on my PB, but with interrupted training could have been that result HADD or not (still got around strongly). Might try it again this year. However, I always go back to HADD after each marathon as I get ready for any more specific plan. Never more fit then when doing 60-75 per week with 2 subLTs in the mix. Trouble is transitioning from that (once you've gotten fitness dialed in) to anything else as by then you are ready for the marathon (and soon to peak or already peaked!).

HADDing if great for the love of running. Keeps you healthy, fit, and on the road.

One thing I've noticed this year is that my easy runs have slowed about 30 seconds/mile. HR dropped with the time drop. These feel super comfy (which HADD said normally would not). But can still run SubLTs with same pace as before. Is this a good thing (getting closer to the bottom of the tube?) or am I doing harm running too slow? Deep thoughts.


Sub 3h15

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 21:56

Hey GM, I missed it, but did you get figured out? Are you well again? Your recent running would suggest yes!

Sub 3h15

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 21:55

Madbark, what can I say? You continue to amaze. Congrats on the outstanding result and for putting some pretty serious stuff behind you this year. You may find that a lower mileage year will recharge and pay dividends. You're in a good place. Good luck on the next goal. Also, I have to admit that at 43, I felt I slowed down this year. But too many variables to conclude yet so will remain optimistic!

Leslie, sorry to hear you are less than 100%, but you fly better than me at 100% so I bow down! Maybe a gentle reduction in cadence is what is warranted? Strange to consider slowing as I have spent the last few years increasing mine. Ave across all runs of 160 a couple of years ago to 176 now (and 180 or above on fast stuff). I got hurt when I first started to increase (stress fracture in metatarsal) so careful in the speed of progression!

SBD, subLT is a HADD term for roughly MP at any given moment. HR and subLT pace increase as you gain fitness. I've never actually translated my subLT pace (what you can hold for 70 minutes w/steady pace/HR) to the marathon. Usually ends up about 20 seconds slower per mile on the day. But hoping to change that for the better.

Lorenzo, nice interval work. Like the sound of that workout but the short recoveries would likely have killed me in current state.

9 easy miles P&D style (faster to finish) for me today. Old man body in first 1 mile, then loosened up.


Sub 3h15

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 03:41

Leslie, wow, your last couple posts suggest you are damn speedy these days! I assume your knee is holding up well...

Abbers and GD, nice fast work from you as well.

I probably should hit take a cut back week but did a subLT session today (14 miles w/9 at subLT at around 7:15 m/m). Not super speedy at the moment. Seems to take me a while to get the speed back after each marathon. But miles banked just the same.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 02/01/2017 at 02:32

Hi Folks. Happy New Year!

I came back in very unsuccessful fashion a while back (fell of the boards again!). Life has been in overdrive for me this past year and just barely keeping the balls in the air (but managing it!).

I took today off after a strong December push (246 miles). I realized I could hit 2600 at the start of December and chased that goal. Final 2016 stats: 2608 miles. That's a record for me (2350 my previous best). I consider it a miracle considering my battles with kidney stones, having lower back issues, and an insane work schedule. Battled strong at Boston in the spring, did my best in a fall marathon with what was still duck taped together post kidney stone surgeries (plural!), and even managed a PR in a hilly 25K. Hard to complain as I avoided major injury and crossed the big one off my list.

Will try to get back in here more often but unfortunately 2017 looks to keep on in the same fashion that 2016 ended.

Great to see that 2016 was good to so many of you. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2017!

Sub 3h15

Posted: 20/10/2016 at 22:44

Birch, trials of miles and miles of trials, eh? Glad to hear you captured some magic on the last run. Hopefully that continues and some new firm goals can't hurt.

Gul, you're getting downright speedy! I'd say you've had a great year. From that sub40 10K to that really fast parkrun, you are in a great place. And that half is pretty impressive too!

Abbers, nice to hear from you! What was the event in Salisbury and how did it go? How was your cricket season?

Leslie, glad both knees are good again!

SJ, you are still up to old tricks I see. Wish we could talk some sense into that hip for you.

Played soccer against my 9 year old and her teammates last night (parents vs kids). Not bad 3 days post marathon. This is the least sore I've been following a marathon (which of course has me thinking what if I tried to do one more this fall...).

Debating a short run now but it's raining and dark and I think I may just stay inside...


Sub 3h15

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 13:40

GD, well done! I was hoping you'd get back what you put in and sounds like you did that. Even pacing really indicates how well you ran. And 3:09 in the heat w/enforced walk breaks is impressive. You did it all right and got what you deserved! Congrats. Here's to another PB on the next attempt!

Gul, you were really getting fit last time I looked in. How fast did you get around on the 1/2 (I'm guessing it was quite speedy!)? And was it a tough course/weather day? How about the parkrun? I've hadd my scientist hat on when following you so want to see how the experiment has proceeded!

Leslie, you must be very fit again now. Has the comeback gone forward w/out bumps in the road? I hope so!

PMJ, interesting comment on your pacing for training. Most of my nonquality running is usually about 1:45 to 2 min slower than MP. Each year it seems these sessions get a bit slower. HADD would say that is good and you can't run too slow. I'm not sure though. But my cadence stays very high despite slow pace and my times haven't suffered so who knows. Main thing is doing what keeps you on the road and not benched!

Sub 3h15

Posted: 18/10/2016 at 23:47

Hello again to all my sub3:15 friends! I've been away for some time...and have missed you all!. I hope you have all had a fine summer and hit all your race and training goals.

My summer was a tough one. A steady mix of extreme work deadlines, kidney stones (and operations x 2 to remedy them), a 2 month chest cold (likely acquired during intubation from the first op!), and still managing to run Forest run.

I managed to run 3 races since I saw you last, including a marathon 2 days ago. I'll give you a brief recap of my highs and lows over the next few days.

In the meantime, I have no idea what you have all been up to (still have some big work deadlines coming up so no chance for a proper read back). But have to say I'm curious as to how GDawg managed in Berlin, whether Gul signed up for a marathon yet (and how the HR stuff is going), whether Birch got his mojo back, what kind of trouble SJ is up to these days, what type of gardening/landscaping project Poacher is doing, and how GM has managed with the medical stuff!

Sorry for the disappearance but promise to visit more regularly again!

Sub 3h15

Posted: 05/08/2016 at 21:10

Leslie, nice one with your girl! I'm trying to get my little rascals to go out for short stretches with Dad.

Birch, you're an Adonis. No grey here (or my Dad) but fortunately for him he's got your retention…I'm hanging in there but losing the battle.

Lithotripsy (aka stone smashing procedure) done. Won't know if all worked but until later but so far no pain and will be optimistic. Cool enough, my doc and his resident are both marathoners. My wife marveled that they spent 2 minutes talking stones and 20 minutes taking about, yes, you guessed it, running!

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