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Sub 3h15

Posted: Today at 18:30

Gul, new haircut and shoes...now you really will be superfast!

Fishy, good work on the quarters and LR. Enjoy the trip.

Birch, great combo run and good tally for the month (nice to see 3 20s in there already...I still need to get to the first one this cycle).

SB, PBs abound...great week for you.

PMJ, good luck whatever you settle on for a goal. Hope your legs are strong on the day. And nice mileage for the year.

Lorenzo, good mileage regardless of how you covered them!

GM, hang in there. Glad to hear you found some light the past few days.

Leslie, time may be running out, but you got some decent mileage in the past month regardless. I missed some time a few races ago and ended up surprising myself. I'd say just go out and run by feel (forget the splits). You may end up running the most enjoyable race ever (and not have to worry about the speed).

Speedy, all my good vibes for you. Good luck sorting it all out.

Moof, you are an animal. Monster miles. I like the idea of not running every LR/MLR with that 20/10 formula. Leave a little gas in the tank...

2 runs since the fateful day. No GI issues! 11M yesterday (pushed a bit fast and paid w/tired legs near end) and 7.5M today (all very easy...legs still a bit tired). Another subLT on schedule tomorrow. 233M for the month (1351 on the year)

HADD Training Method

Posted: Today at 13:50

SSLHP, could be cooler weather but you may also have just realized a big fitness gain (otherwise known as a holy sh&t moment). Those tend to happen every couple months if you stick with it...

HADD Training Method

Posted: Yesterday at 19:58

Hi BB, welcome aboard. I too would suggest a "retest" of your maxHR, as painful as that may sound. Good to dial this in up front. You've got lots of fitness gains waiting as you slowly ramp up your mileage.

Yidd, sorry to hear of the niggles. Hope they clear quicky.

DD, nice pace on those LT miles. And best to have these little adventures now in training as opposed to the big day, eh? 

My stomach has settled, but am tired right now. Just as I bragged of cool weather, it got rather warm today. Did 10M and was ticking along easy and brisk for 7, then dialed up a bit for 8, then some more for 9 and kind of hit the wall after that...slow final mile back to work. Think tomorrow will be short and slooow so I can have a chance at a strong subLT session Friday.

HADD Training Method

Posted: Yesterday at 13:57

Good luck today, Dan. Like the approach...if legs aren't fresh Friday will be a great plan B. So much of this is mental.


Chick, laughing at that. Yes, dreams of fall are alive and well here too! You earned your easy run today. Hope you get some spring back tomorrow.

Heading out in a while. Hope all systems back to normal. We actually have some cooler weather the past few days (and I'm loving it!). Sending cool vibes to all.

Sub 3h15

Posted: Yesterday at 01:36

Rennur, hope it's minor and that you heal up quickly!

TAR, can picture the exchange. Glad you managed things so nicely on your distance breaking ride. I think I need to buy a real road bike to spark some love for that sport (and save my joints in the process...I just run).

Leslie, nice effort. Miles in the bank.

Abbers, you're rolling again. Hoping it's all blue sky from here for you.

Today did 11.5 w/8 at subLT. But due to a poor food choice prerun cramped up so bad had to walk after 6th fast mile. And walk I did (about 1.5 miles of cramped misery to a public bathroom!). After that 2 more miles easy and then 2 more fast as I neared home. I'll mark this as something never to repeat again! Dairy is evil...

HADD Training Method

Posted: Yesterday at 01:28

Chick, I feel a comeback on they way! Nice running.

DD, well done on sticking to the plan on that long run. That's a hefty bit of combined mileage for sure. Have you tested your resting HR lately? I bet it's ticking along very slowly. 

So I had the subLT from hell today. Covered about 11.5M w/8 at subLT. But did it in odd fashion. After a 1M w/u, jumped into my fast session. Did 6M right 7 m/m spot on. HR stayed between 155-159 (last week on same road in same weather HR was higher up to 165). But in 3rd subLT mile got stomach discomfort. After 6th mile had to stop running and walk. I walked 1.5 miles before I found a public loo (one of the most painful walks of my life!!). After pit stop got going again for 2 miles easy and when convinced I wouldn't cramp up again hit another 2 at subLT. Same pace and HR. Bizarre for sure (but I know what did it...have to be smart in my eating...apparently I have no tolerance for dairy before these harder efforts). Overall was impressed to have salvaged what I did but am hoping never to feel that miserable again.

Maybe the good of it is that now I'll have a little more energy for Friday's subLT.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 22:56

I'm hoping this fall I can do the same. Thinking a Ketel One w/tonic and extra lemon would do nicely

Sub 3h15

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 22:19

Well, congratulations again SJ. Glad for you and hope you bask in this one for a long while. That took some serious guts. Especially like the finish dive! Hope the neck/back is good now.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 22:12

SJ, loving your story as it unfolds! Great break in my dreary writing. More please.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 19:50

Whoa, this thread moves fast.

First, great racing to Marrows, PMJ, SB, Minni, MsE, and OO (as always!). SB, heat (like speed) kills. But seems you still found yourself in a good place fitness-wise. And SJ, you win the ironman award. Have no reference other than that is a fast marathon time after all the other and you finished well in front of the pack. Well done!

Leslie, can you remind me when you event is? I bet you'll have time. And hope you are feeling better soon.

GM, I feel for you. It's one of my worst fears. Keep the faith and run your a$$ off in the mean time.

TAR, very impressive. I say make it an even 4 next time!

Last week got in 54 miles including a subLT run (13M w/10 @6:55 ave pace) and a very comfy 18M LSR. Legs felt great all week and think I've just about got all systems back up and running. The plan this week will be 2 subLT sessions and a LSR, then the following week 1 subLT and a progressive LR. Hopefully I get up to 20 mile LR distance in good shape. Then can recover and have another couple of 3 week cycles before taper.

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