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HADD Training Method

Posted: Today at 03:06

DD, meant to say NOT the onset of a sinus infection!!

Andi, that's quite an improvement in 1 year's time. Am taking it super easy so far but know next week I'll be tempted to push. Will be good though, promise.

HADD Training Method

Posted: Yesterday at 18:41

DD, you felt like this before the last race too! No worries, you'll be good on the day. You still have several days to get that spring back. And lots of eating to do too! Really hoping the throat is just a random thing and to the onset of a sinus infection. Rest up, stay well, and don't be _______!.

Welcome Zicksi101. Lots of knowledgeable folk here. Pull up a chair.

Legs nearly DOMS free today. Think I'll wait till this weekend to test the waters on an easy jog.

Good Clifton review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShBwr6u1w6M


Sub 3h15

Posted: Yesterday at 17:52

Fishy, sorry to hear about the injuries. I hope the 2 wk plan rights the ship!

Gul, tis the season. Hope you clear the bug fast.

Marrows, maybe a cut back week is needed? Also, nice marathon splits!

BI, yes, understand the bad taste feeling. It really helped me to pick a new goal and focus on redemption. Although I have to admit I did feel a wee bit o pressure to perform!

GM, nice effort for a training course PB. And those fellas you mentioned are fast...

Saw this review of the Clifton's today and thought I'd post it for anyone interested. Also, I'm not so sure these shoes can be called ugly. They are growing on me anyway...




Sub 3h15

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 20:50

Jools, good luck!

Leslie, yes, just under LT. Ideally, you get this effort level mastered by doing tons of miles at it and supposedly on race day you can maintain for the full 26.2. Which I now know can work. The coach (HADD aka Walsh) that came up with this plan said that if you are fully trained, your subLT can be as high as ~87% of your maxHR. That's my goal now is to see if I can keep raising it up from the current 80-82% range.

OO, like the bold statement. Good luck chasing it down!

Gul, seems you are back to your normal ways. How is the body feeling?

Here DOMS is nearly gone. Might sneak out for a few miles tomorrow.

It's been nice taking a break from running this week, but I'm kind of going stir crazy too. And calming that by eating waaaaaay too much food! Not getting on the scale anytime soon...

HADD Training Method

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 03:42

Or not...you get the idea hopefully

HADD Training Method

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 03:31

DD, glad to hear your approach since the first marathon has been spot on. You should be ready to rock and roll. And glad to hear our plans dovetail so well. Will be good to have company.

Nayan, plenty of time from now till London to do what you propose. I guess the key will be proper recovery before the fast stuff. As the your pace goals, 40:35 was my 10K time 2 wks before the marathon so that should be spot on. I've never raced a half so no idea there.

Below I'm pasting my garmin HR profile from the race. I've never viewed the raw data in garmin like this...am still surprised my HR stayed in check for so long. Probably a combo of being tapered (and fueled) but maybe more than anything getting such cool weather to run in.


 That top picture came out pretty bad...below is another view that may be better





Sub 3h15

Posted: 22/10/2014 at 21:54

Badbark, forgot to congratulate you on the ultimate honor! Incredible.

OO, despite the obstacles, I actually enjoy winter running very much. And never does a hot shower feel so good as after those runs. The biggest drawback is all the laundry (another very legitimate reason my wife is not fond of my running!).

Moof, my max HR is ~200 so the 160 is about 80% of max (and right near/just under my LT). The training I do is HR based. I basically do 2 sessions per week of 70 minutes at this 80% HR (plus a LR and the rest of days easy running). The whole point of the training plan is to push the LT up. When I started this 2 years ago I could not run for 70 min @ 80% comfortably, but now can and each cycle I get faster at this HR. What I really need to do now is start pushing my training up so I can run comfortably at 85% of maxHR (which seems to be where you are). I think it will be possible in future builds, but so far have only been able to master 80% in a given 4 month window. Still working on building my aerobic engine so to speak.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 22/10/2014 at 15:31

Thanks everyone for the well wishes!! You've all been a great source of information and support the past few months.

PMJ, yes, I live in Vermont. I moved here a few years ago from San Diego and I worried initially about the very point you brought up. But in reality, I get it done. I've figured out the right gear for the cold (took some trial and error). But the main thing is we have pretty good snow plowing here and some areas of the city have the sidewalks cleared too. So most of the time I can find some clear surfaces to run on (although clear is a very relative term!). But lots of planning to get runs in before/around storms. I also revert to the (dreaded) treadmill a few times each winter when there is no other alternative. So you can get your volume in but the hardest part is doing solid speed/tempo work. Sometimes it's just too icy for more than easy/moderate pace. This will all factor into training for Boston next year as we have snow on the ground until end of march/early april and the marathon is end of April.

MsE, yes, the race did feel incredible. I've been reliving it in my mind w/a big smile on my face the past couple days. My first marathon was kind of like this. I went out very conservative as wasn't sure what to expect and ran a 5 minute negative split. But felt terrific. Next race felt gassed from early miles on (but still managed a negative by 40 seconds). Then ran my recent spring race where I collapsed near the finish. So didn't think it was possible to "race" a marathon and feel so good. This was an inspiring finding for me!

Sporty Badger, a number of things helped on this run. I think the main thing was just getting consistent training in for the past year. I have run since August 2013 without major injury (knock wood!). My previous PB was done on a build up that was marred by ITBS so lost about 5 good weeks in the middle. Or perhaps it was the Hoka Cliftons??!! Seriously though, my DOMS has been just a fraction of what I normally get (and I think this has a lot to due w/the super cushioning of these 7.5 oz shoes; yes that statement is a paradox!). Today I'm having no problems on the stairs and could run if needed. Normally my most severe pain is today/tomorrow.


HADD Training Method

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 22:48

Love the description of your stair walking! Was just watching The Walking Dead last night and the zombies do indeed exhibit the post-marathon gait.

I seriously could not run this soon after the event. My quads are too shredded. It would only make recovery worse in my case.

When is the London event? Someone on the 3:15 thread suggested 4 x 1 mile repeats as a good workout for the 10K. I need to get up to speed on all this though.

My other thought for future marathon improvement would be to fully finish the HADD plan and get my subLTs to 85% (comfy for the full 70 minutes). I've really only gotten good at 80-82ish range. This last cycle I was strong there for probably the last 6-8 weeks. Maybe I should have considered properly doing small sessions at 85% and moving to the full 70 minutes. Doing that might really get my speed up by simply raising my LT. I might have the base now to more quickly get to the stage of starting the 85% work so I can master it in time for a race (so far it seems to take a full 16 wk cycle to just get the 80% covered).

HADD Training Method

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 20:13

Thanks everyone! You guys are the best!!

Now I guess I need to figure out what next year will look like. I had convinced myself that I would not do another full marathon until Boston 2016 and just race shorter stuff next year (10K to 1/2 mara). Maybe the plan should be recover for 6 wks (just easy running/reverse taper), then do more of the same HADD stuff (2 subLTs per week + a (M)LR (maybe not over 15)) over the winter months. Then when that base is strong again I could move more into the speed stuff and prep for the shorter distances for spring, summer, fall. What I need to do is track down training plans for these shorter races. My thinking is that if I can develop my speed this year, I can put that towards improving my marathon pacing down the road. Would be interested to hear what you guys think (and for some advice on training plans).

Nayan, enjoying the DOMS? Surprisingly I can still walk stairs (not just up but down!) today. Past efforts have left me needing to hold the railing and kind of crab walk down on day 2 post race...

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