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Sub 3h15

Posted: Today at 00:16

Well, I know everyone thinks the Hokas are super ugly, but I can't help my love for these shoes (BTW, the cliftons are the least ugly of their shoes).

Did another subLT run today (13 miles w/10 at 80% maxHR). The fast miles worked out to 6:45/m again. What is interesting is that in the Hokas my cadence/leg/minute is 87 while in the Nimbus it's around 83/84. Something about the design of the shoe works for me. Gets my turnover up and just helps my overall form. I guess a lighter shoe is good.

Entered a 25K w/16 big hills (and many more small ones!) for end of next week. I haven't really trained for hills like this (my marathon is relatively flat) but figure why not. Regardless should be a great marathon specific-training stimulus.

HADD Training Method

Posted: Yesterday at 23:58

Iower, what happened with your leg? 2 weeks off of running due to this? Hope it's not serious.

BB, I want to go on a vacation like that. Serious eating and rack time sounds fine to me!

DD, welcome back. Sounds like a good trip so far and more good stuff to come. Enjoy the xtraining (Hikes) and good luck on the races. I've spur of the moment decided to enter a very tough race coming up a week from this Monday. It's a 25K w/16 big hills (and many smaller ones). My wife's family has a place there so train part of the course several times a year on our trips. So I have a small idea of the pain in store (Gulp!). But figure why not as I'm due for a cutback week so I can kind of taper into it.

Chick, so sorry to hear about your Achilles! Be sure to include the eccentric heel drops on the stairs. Hope it sorts out quickly.

So subLT #2 done. Trend continues. Finally dialed one in w/very little HR drift. Pace felt very calm. Legs did start to feel a little tired in last 3 miles, but cardiowise not issues. An interesting stat for the Hokas...have brought my cadence up on this route form 87 steps/min/leg (from 83/84 in the Nimbus). I'm in love with these shoes



Sub 3h15

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 19:37

SJ, I like very much the idea of not having to stretch. Build in eliminating my normal physical therapy exercise stuff plus core and hip work and I could really save some time.

Also, interesting speed/tempo work you do. Is this in preparation for shorter stuff or still marathon distance? Nice session today BTW.

Enjoy your break!

Sub 3h15

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 15:10

Abbers, have you been stretching your calves really well? What seems to work for me is to squat down on my heels, then slowly lean forward so all my weight shifts onto the front of one of my feet. Then you can push so that you are on each part of the front of your foot (think working the little toe area, then the middle toes, then the big toe). That should really stretch out the calves (in addition to standard wall stretching w/leg straight or bent). The other thing that really helps is to do eccentric calf exercises (stand on the stairs on just the front of the foot and slowly lower body, then use both legs to go back up and repeat). Those couple of moves have really helped me w/tight calves and a lot of the assoc. problems. Thought I'd throw it out just in case you weren't already doing these.

Gul, I'm dialed in for slow and/or easy for today and tomorrow

Sub 3h15

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 01:33

So not sure if it was the shoes or me finding a new gear tonight. But 13 miles w/10 at averages of 6:46/m and HR of 80%. No fatigue and could have kept on going (which has been rare on these runs to this point).

The Hokas had me bouncing all over in the first mile at speed. Kind of surprised me. Then I focused on really pushing into my steps and things straightened out in a hurry. Hard to describe but these shoes just seem to eat up the roughness of the road, particularly on downhills. You can push into it and not have any heavy impact. Also, my cadence was higher than usual and seemed to be easier to keep up the frequency as the shoes just seemed to bounce a bit for light, happy feet.

HADD Training Method

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 01:25

Iower, much respect to you for enduring the test! Well done and now you've got your benchmarks. Will be interesting to see the next number in 6 weeks.

OK...think I found a new gear tonight...


 What a difference a few days can make. Was dead on my feet at end of Sunday's LR. Today just felt strong and in control the whole way. Could have easily kept going with the subLT miles. BTW, I pushed a bit on the last one just because it felt like a crime not to...so HR a bit higher than it needed to be.

The Hokas were an experience at speed. The first mile I felt like I was kind of floating around a bit, but then realized I could really push into my steps w/out any brutal feedback from the road. Ended up with a  really nice spring in the steps and a lighter foot for higher cadence. Was much easier to focus on light, happy feet.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 22:24

Abbers, yes, no visits to the fizz recently. PF and TFL calm now. Had some other hip weirdness last week but the LR magically made it disappear. Legs haven't felt this intact in a while (knock wood!!). Off for some MP in the Hokas....

HADD Training Method

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 18:18

Iower, nice catch. You are right, my LR is a big % of my week. Will have to think about that as I've been doing anywhere from 17-21M. Also, I do have a cut back week every 4th week (but may go every 3rd week depending on how I feel). The other concern  might be that 1/3 of my miles are also done at essentially MP (in the subLTs). Running 6 days instead of 5 would certainly balance things out a bit more, but almost hate to cut any of the recovery runs shorter just in terms of building aerobic capacity. Interesting things to consider.

Nayan, I can relate to the humid/hot progressive LRs. They are tough. I think your last LR shows you are in a good place. I like your plan for making your London goal. For me, my first marathon was 3:31, second 3:21, and hoping to go sub 3:15 now. So we are on a similar journey. Also, my 5K PB is roughly the same and have been thinking the same thing. Get my sub3:15, and then spend a cycle training/racing 5 and 10Ks and finish it w/a half marathon. Then move back to the marathon from there.

HADD Training Method

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 14:10

Iower, I was thinking the same thing about finding some local races to pace in for some of my training runs. As to my nonsubLT days, all are run at sub70%. But Maybe I go too far on some. Usually my week looks about like this:

Monday: no running but do hip/core strengthening

Tu: subLT

Wed: 9-11 easy

Thur: 7-8 easy

Fri: subLT

Sat: no running but do hip/core strengthening

Sun: LR (usually run P&D style...slow to faster, but not a blow the wheels off progressive)

HADD Training Method

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 00:08

Andi, glad to hear you are back out and about! The race I'm running in October is flat so not too worried about hills (but still get them as hard to find flat stretches around here). But feels like a luxury not to have to worry about them. I bet you'll show up and have a good race.

Nayan, very nice progressive run from you. And I like that link to the garmin readout, which is easier than trying to screen shot my sportstrack probably. I think you are certainly in shape for your time goal. How did the pacing on the last 6 miles feel?

Iower, nice couple of efforts last week. Sounds like a nice time. I have no idea about the LT testing as I've never actually done the test (seems too tiring to contemplate)

So last week was 60M. Got in 2 subLTs (10M at effort each) and a 20M LR. First subLT really felt good coming off a recovery week. Very little HR drift at all and pace was about 7:0X/m. Second one was faster at 6:55 m/m. The HR did drift a bit in the final 3 miles (and I felt tired in these miles) but ave was 80%. Sunday's LR was 8:08 m/m aveHR 68%. Again, felt really good for 16, really tired for final 4. It's certainly hard to do these weeks featuring 2 subLTs (at least for me). My time were better late in the week as we finally had some cool temps.

Debating (sorry Andi!) doing a subLT in the Cliftons tomorrow. Or perhaps I should be not doing a subLT as legs were pretty trashed Sunday. Game time decision...

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