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Posted: Yesterday at 19:48

Gul, you are developing a relationship with that watch. Good entertainment for us. And nice session despite the technical delay.

Birch, sounds rough over there. Glad you got some rest and are feeling a bit better. Rejuvenating thoughts headed your way.

Badbark, incredible session! You are a fitness monster right now. And glad to hear my ceiling is far off yet! Good luck finishing this grueling week and enjoy the taper (why do I suspect you won't enjoy the taper?).

Hello Abbers!

Leslie, sorry to hear the news. But at least you know what the problem is. I'll have faith you can get help to correct it!

Another hot run today. Felt really good (surprisingly) again. Wonder if I didn't just get a fitness shift smoldering amidst all this heat?

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Posted: Yesterday at 03:31

Gul, I think you might be part hummingbird...or perhaps need to upgrade the HR monitor!. Nice MLR BTW.

GD, that's a pretty wicked (good) run for so little time on feet lately. Impressive.

SJ, good progress and glad the hip is better.

BI, seems you've turned a corner this year. Nice speed work.

OO, nice double. I was hoping to sneak out tonight but instead got stuck doing the final lice treatment on daughter (and paranoid check on wife). Got 10 in earlier in very hot conditions. Snuck back into work after sporting the drowned rat look. Very nice run though. Legs felt great w/brisk cadence. Think I'm getting  used to the heat a bit.

Also, forgot to mention, turned 42 last week. Not slowing down yet as my running and fitness seem to still be improving. I haven't raced since October though so need to find a couple of races just to see where things are at before the marathon in October. Hard to do though w/kids' activities every weekend morning when most races are happening. Wife and I usually divide and conquer...

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Posted: 27/07/2015 at 19:37

Whoa, KR!!Big miles there. I've never cracked the 70s so am duly impressed. Are you training for an ultra? Or just going full Forest Gump?

MsE, impressive miles for you too. Hopefully your body takes them in stride.

Gul, nice fast run. That's pretty good if you can get your HR to 200. 166 ave is also pretty good for 8 miles. You can start dialing in your HR vs effort/pace as you get ready for the next marathon. This could really be a nice metric for you on the day to keep everything between the lines early.

I went out for a subLT run today against my better instincts. It was 82, sunny, w/dewpt of 69 F. Let's say I finished w/everything, including my shoes, soaked. My garmin wouldn't fire up so ran naked (I was like a junkie in need of a fix!). But afterward compared my numbers and hit my pace perfectly. No idea of HR, but despite the heat, legs felt great. But on the cool down miles started getting a little light headed. Now am feeling a bit done as I sit in my (cool) office. D&D though...

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Posted: 27/07/2015 at 04:10

Yes, big miles piling up in here. I just finished a 69 mile week and have 240 so far for the month. I seem to have adapted to the higher volume weeks after a slow ramp up. Foot is much better too (thankfully!). Had a nice break from the heat the past 3 days, but tomorrow the furnace is back on.

Also, Gul, hope you're feeling better and good luck at the doc Leslie. And Birch, we must find your mojo! I bet it's close by...

And much great racing going on here!! GM, you fast devil, what is your marathon target (or is it still too early to predict?)?

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Posted: 15/07/2015 at 23:34

Nice binge there KR!

Gul, Haddtastic HR range! What is your maxHR BTW?

Badbark, nice LR w/MP! Agree, those runs really iced the cake for my last marathon.

BI, I was just thinking about a 200 M workout like that. May try to duplicate your effort soon.

OO, congrats to your superstar daughter!

Saw the Fizz today. Good news as she thinks what I'm feeling is nerve related, possible due to some minor discomfort I've had w/my lower back the past week. She suggested I run today so got 12.5 M easy miles in on a beautiful cool summer day. Foot fine after so think I'll live to fight on, which is a big relief. In other news one of my daughters came home with lice last night. Sent my wife into orbit and kept up us up to the wee hours cleaning and delousing. Nasty little buggers


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Posted: 14/07/2015 at 02:37

Birch, that's the benefit and danger of being a road runner. You can train and race as much as you want, but the season can go on and on. Usually it takes an injury to get me the rest/break I should probably have taken. Sometimes I really think I need a coach as all I do is self taught from internet research and a few published books. I bet I do so much wrong, starting with my form! BTW, when is your next A race, Birch? Maybe you need a little lower volume base time to reprime the engine?

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Posted: 13/07/2015 at 18:25

Birch, sounds like you performed nearly perfect in that event. Well done on such a stellar effort. Don't like the sound of the footnote though. What's the deal? Related to your big toe??

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Posted: 13/07/2015 at 16:04

MsE, the only thing on calendar is an October marathon. In fact, I just realized I haven't raced since last October's marathon! How is you ankle after the effort today? My experience is that ankle injuries can vary greatly...some you just can't do anything on and others you can surprisingly push through. Hopefully yours is the latter.

Gul, what HR monitor are you using? If garmin, they have a chest strap that works really well and another not so much (e.g. those spurious readings). I can give you a link to a good one if needed. Also, really happy to see you tracking your HR now. I think you might be interested to read the HADD document (it's long but well worth it) now that you see where your effort zones really are day to day. Maybe you are spot on but perhaps you have lots of potential sitting in the tank. For example, my max HR is ~200 and I only hit 160 during my subLT efforts (pretty much marathon pace or a bit faster). All my slower stuff is at 140 (or lately well below that). Anyway, might be worth a read http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/training/hadd-training-method/260438.html

Lorenzo, how old is your boy? Pretty impressive lad! And glad to hear you are returning to normal after the epic race.

Bike It, enjoy the teaching. One of my favorite parts of my job hands down.

And SJ, never got to congratulate you on that amazing effort in your IM from hell. Loved reading the report and am in awe of your beastliness. Between you, Madbark, Lorenzo, and Poacher, we've got some serious guts on this thread.

Just operated on another blister (next to the old one). No pictures for the weak of heart, but it was a good one just the same (well maybe not as choice as the toenail shot recently). Foot feels much better after compression socks have been on overnight. I'm hoping it is just some minor inflammation in there as it feels more like numbness than a sharp pain and the socks have eliminated this in the past. But as this is my cutback week, will take today off and will consider tomorrow if needed.

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Posted: 13/07/2015 at 02:21

*Gasp*...got out from under at work (finally!). Sorry for the long absence but I've been in the trenches finishing up big projects. Lost some miles in June as just couldn't get out as I'd like (but still manged 230 for the month), but came back 2 wks ago with a 77 mile week and just logged 68  miles this week. Got a 20 and 17 mile LR to cap these weeks as well. Strange training going on. My HR keeps dropping on my lower paced runs, while I seem to be plateaued on my subLT efforts (but then again it's been super hot on these and it's hard to judge effort as I keep HR in the right range but the weather cannot be controlled). So things have been good but been feeling some weirdness in left foot (right in the area of my last injury which was a SF/SR type thing). It was more noticeable yesterday after  a 7 miler than today after 17 so hoping I'm not broken. Will try wearing compression socks round the clock for a few days as this eliminated this feeling as I made my comeback. Anyway, I'm rambling. Good to be above water again.

Leslie, really gutted to hear your news. Hang in there and I look forward to Leslie2.0 (which I'm sure will unveil in top form!). MsE, take care of that ankle. And great racing from so many of you recently. Top form!!

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Posted: 19/06/2015 at 19:47

Rodeoflip, an impressive array of races and persistence. So happy you nailed the last time out. Now you can just savor the victory (while pretending your feet aren't f*&ked). Battle wounds!

GM, you're getting some decent miles in these days and doing them fast! Looking good.

Hope all you VLMers get your stuff in on time.

GE, welcome back.

Bikeit, nice fast easy running. Cool weather is beautiful (although it seems like not too long ago I was freezing my arse off...how quickly the perspective shifts).

MsE, steady as she goes. Nice job listening to the internal barometer.

So I've officially run all over Siena. Kind of mentally taxing as there were not too many nice long stretches so I basically threaded my way all over town. Lots and lots of hills, so probably gained some power during this cutback week. Arrived in Florence today and walked all over. Love the Duomo...it's so damn big! Tomorrow will get a LR in along the river.

Then next 2 weeks are going to be hell on earth meeting big work deadlines. Then I can downshift and get back to the marathon training.

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