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HADD Training Method

Posted: Yesterday at 17:46

DD, nice race! Fast!! Out of curiosity, how have you felt since the race? Did you get major DOMS? Has your HR been high vs pace on your recovery runs? Interested to see how it has gone. Your 5K suggests you are in a good place.

Chick, good luck tomorrow!!!!!!! I am nearby and the weather looks to be perfect for tomorrow. I'll be running a 5 miler so will send some speedy vibes over the river to you!

HADD Training Method

Posted: 19/04/2014 at 13:16

Some interesting discussion going on here...need more time to catch up and comment.

I've kind of been in a funk the past 10 days or so (just have felt tired, sore, etc). After my Wed subLT (which felt taxing) I've surprisingly bounced back. Thurs did 9M @ 8:15m/m HR ave 141 (71%), then Friday got my long run in early (16M, 8:04, 142!), and today did a 6 mile recovery run. Felt like superman on each of these runs. Strange, but my toothpaste tube has been squeezed from the bottom up. My low effort runs (68-70%) have improved by about 30 seconds per mile. I need to look at my data more, but seems my paces are being pushed together from low to high effort. The other really great news is my calf has been completely fine (normal?) since the twinge on Wed.

I'm hopeful that this means I'm still on my way to peaking. I was starting to worry I'd peaked too early.

Signed up a for 5 mile race Monday. We'll see if I left any gas in the tank...

HADD Training Method

Posted: 17/04/2014 at 00:28

Dr. Dan, I'm not sure what to say about your race result. As you point out, the miles were in the bank and the paces were spot on for a sub 3:30 (I think sub 3:25). Chick makes a good point about running without the HR monitor (e.g. is the mind so fragile that seeing high numbers leads to a mental letdown that can't be overcome on race day?) but agree that in likelihood, you would have hit the wall earlier if you had pushed more. Did the other P&D folks run watching their HR? Did most of them pay attention to HR during training? Just curious. I also think Nayan has a valid point that we train for 4 months (really more than that) for a 1 day performance. Could just be the day in some cases.

Tek, you run super high mileage schedules. And you seem durable through all the miles and tempos, etc. Do you feel that you stay fresh under those demanding conditions week in and week out? I've followed your training for a while now and sometimes I wonder if you perhaps do too much and you body can't truly absorb all the training? I ask as in this marathon buildup, I've had several periods where I'm simply run down and feel like I have lost fitness (only to see if roaring back after taking things down a few notches for a week or so). So hard to know the proper balance.

Today I ran a subLT (Chick, we had an ice storm last night but it melted away by days end). Sunday I felt my HR was high due to the heat, but perhaps due to not being fully recovered. Today my HR was a bit high, but only by a few beats (and it was cold out). I ran 12 w/10 at subLT. 1st 5 miles into wind and slightly uphill and last 5 back over same ground. Overall ran 7:06 m/m and felt reasonably good. Was definitely tired at the end. I'm finding that when I run a 20-22M run, it takes a while to get full energy back for a hard run like this. My calf got a little tight near the end, but after icing it all seems OK. Hate living run to run like this...

HADD Training Method

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 16:01

Especially if it's the same location as your picture

Chick, as of today, the forecast is sunny with a hi of 55 and low of 41. Don't worry about the snow and other nasty we're getting...will all blow away by the time you fly. I live just a few hours north. Spring is sprung out here finally (although it's going to be 20 degrees in the AM!).

HADD Training Method

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 13:19

Chick, hang in there!!

Nayan, don't do it! You're going to get hurt. You should go for 4-5 weeks with only recovery run efforts. All easy. And sloooowly build back up. You are really vulnerable right now and you're body can't absorb any hard training in this state anyway. In addition to physical recovery, this time can also recharge your mental drive as you get ready to train for the next one.

Roy, I agree with Chick...seems like a good performance in time. We need more data! Race details please!!

HADD Training Method

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 18:01


You've kind of got the idea. My current plan is HADD modeled upon the structure for long runs of the 55-70 mpw P&D. P&D has you running true lactate threshold runs (more like 83-87% range??). So for me instead of doing 160 on a subLT I'd be more in the 165-170 LT range. Those runs are during the week during the first half of the schedule. Then every 3rd wk or so  you do a long run with a lot of MP miles (e.g. 18 miles with 14 at MP). Then for the last 8 wks or so, they drop the LT run and instead get you doing some interval stuff (x600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1600). It's pretty demanding and it hurt me last year (got ITBS).

For me lately, I'm having trouble trying to do two subLTs during the week (tu/Fri) coming off a 18-22M LR on Sunday. Hard to do that then pound 10 miles subLT on Tuesday.

The other P&D item is one run a week doing a set of 100M striders in the middle of an easy run.

I agree though that the paces they recommend for non-quality days are way to0 high (at least for me). The work stuff is good. Although the LT makes me nervous that as a FT guy, I'm leaving aerobic base on the road with those runs. Much prefer subLT for longer.

I need more speed stuff in general but will wait until next time around for that.

HADD Training Method

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 01:59

Well, I too hope DD has had a good race!

Chick, You may not have lost as much as you think. You've logged HUGE mileage this time around. Remember that you can't gain any new fitness in the last few weeks, but I'll bet you've retained it well.

As for me, had a weird couple of days. After a pain free 6M Friday, did 7M Saturday. My calf played up a couple miles in and then was OK (but still a bit weird). So was thinking I was in trouble and should take today off. But listened to my Fizz and figured I'd try again and shut it down if needed. Not needed. Was able to get in 20 miles. Calf felt fine. It's still a little tight but not a problem this day. We finally got some spring weather this weekend. Was 65 and humid. I had nearly forgotten the effect of heat on HR/effort! I was cruising along and then around mile 16 my HR just climbed and stayed up. Pace at 80% near the end of the run was almost 50s slower than last week! But whatever, was good to get the miles in and now feel good about my chances of making the line. 48M for the week, but no MP runs at all. I think that makes 4 runs of 20M and 2 of 22M in the bank. One more 20-22M run left before the taper. I hope it all holds together. Might have to do more runs in the heat to acclimate a bit...


HADD Training Method

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 04:33

Dr. Dan, good luck buddy! Run your a$$ off!

Andi, glad to hear you are still in one piece and everything still works. Remember to reverse taper!

BeDe, things are looking good. Nicely done on regaining all that lost fitness. Must feel nice after all you went through.

So debated heavily today. Run...no...yes...no...finally yes! 6m easy and no pain. Will try 7 or 8 tomorrow and if all is good will do a sub70% long run Sunday.

HADD Training Method

Posted: 10/04/2014 at 19:44

Just back from my Fizz (is this the correct UK term Andi?) and I'm feeling much relieved. After putting me through the paces, she thinks this will only be a minor setback... Time will tell though. Amazing what she can do. I'd been deep tissue massaging it and foam rolling it to death. She said I'd already done phase I (to get things inflamed so blood would come in for healing)...so today she did something called passive release. Couldn't believe that pushing at the edge of the sore spot with one finger and just moving my foot until I said it didn't hurt (and holding there for a couple minutes) completely removed the tightness. Got ultrasound and stim too. Feeling much better from this and am cleared to try running again tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

HADD Training Method

Posted: 10/04/2014 at 16:11
Dr.Dan wrote (see)
Andi McGill 2 wrote (see)
No running as yet this week other than a rather humorous jog around the house barefoot! The OH couldn't stop laughing at me going "ooh, arghh" on all the stones.

Want a laugh?

Nicely done, Andi! Loved the video. I have the softest baby feet on the planet. Could never do it. Although in elementary school our class had a track meet. I won a race barefoot and everyone ditched their shoes for the other events. But we were wee lads and lasses and were on a brand new track.

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