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Posted: Today at 20:54

Congrats all the relay runners.. TT, Dachs, Padams, Bains, & a nice trophy for PP - well done to Mrs Pub too.  Funny when you get a trophy & immediately think 'what can we fill it with?' 

Very impressed with your 1st Brit award Marders, so impressed in fact that I will overlook your 19:58 pacing debacle.   Hope yours & TT's niggles disappear.

Sensible strategy Lev, hope to see you fly round on the day.

Re. the V70 chap - there's more than one up here!  Another one (Vick Shirley) ran 41.30 ish for 10k the other week and that was a twisty off road course!  My own clubmate is 69 now and he managed a 1:32 half recently.  I think they're all on some beetroot/spinach shot combination but they won't reveal their secret!

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Posted: Today at 01:03

TR.. top effort 13th, well raced under the circumstances fella.

Al P.. blimey, sub 76 after an 8m warm-up!  Great pacing & looking good for the main event!  Nice 100+ for the week too.

Charlie.. brave effort putting in a 20m after a party night!

Jools.. wow! That's a big chunk to take off a PB.  Where did that put you amongst the lesser spotteds?

ON7.. cracking sub 59 there & well done on the podium place.

Jimbob.. still a thoroughly decent time at Reigate, nice one!

Tick Tock.. congrats on the 5k PB, well done on grinding out a 20miler same weekend.

Routine Park Run for me yesterday.  Thought I would assist the 16 yr old sub 20 pacemaker until he charged off at 6mm pace, headstrong youth etc!  I overtook him around half way and suffice to say my Bubka-esque 19:59 contrasted with his slightly mistimed 20:05.  The guy who finished 1 second behind me turned out to be a V70!  5m more in the evening & another 11m today.  55m for the week which is my highest for a while.

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Posted: 15/09/2014 at 23:22

Al P.. 107 mpw is going some, nice miles! 

A good stack of weekend miles for Jools noted & decent long runs from Selbs, Jimbob & Tick Tock.

Well done Charlie at Grunty Fen, nice prize haul.  Impressive cello carrying too.

Congrats to Old No 7 & Steve6 on their Park Run wins.

Bains.. great racing in the relays, sounds like you got a few scalps.

PP.. an admirably robotic session there!

Marders.. I will be spectating at York so I will give you a shout.  RaceJase is running it so you might have a bit of company for a while.

My legs were groaning yesterday after Saturday's double so I could only match TR's heroic 6 miles!  Did 10.2m after work tonight as it was a pleasant evening.


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Posted: 13/09/2014 at 20:09

Adidas.. yes I find I need a half size bigger than my usual Nikes as the fit is a bit narrower, bad luck with that Dr Dave but nicely done on the 20 miler.

All the best for Grunty Fen Charlie.

Dachs.. nice MLR with a tasty Park Run at the end, congrats on 1st place too.

I can't hold a candle to PP & Dachs' 5k pace but pleased enough to card 19:54 at York this morning for 35th/336.  Another 5m tonight so I'm off for curry & beer to restore calorific balance.

Tick Tock.. a couple of my mates drink the local dark/light mild up here which is something of a bargain at £1:31 a pint!  Nice long bike ride BTW.


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Posted: 10/09/2014 at 20:31

Welcome to Tick, sounds like you already know a few of the southern boys.

Sounds like a good bike purchase Padams, hope it gives you more speed.

TR..  meant to say much sympathy with the beachfaring rib injury.  I guess you won't be humming Beach Boys segues anytime soon   

PP.. one Rogan Josh/Pillau Rice & one Jalfrezi/Pillau rice duly purchased from Tesco this morning for the princely sum of £1.65 each.  I decided I could also afford a jar of Patak's spicy chutney to accompany!

Jools.. hope the lurgy clears soon.  I would recommend 13.1 miles at brisk medicinal pace from recent experience.

Bains.. cracking progressive mile reps!

Charlie.. Mrs Wardi is Cambridge bound this weekend - the Midsummer House restaurant beckons.  One of her girlie trips away where a small group of them spend exotic amounts of money on life's finer things.  Oh, and swift hardening to your feet!

Mileage base building up nicely again, last few days have been 13+4, 5.2, 8.9, 7.4.

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Posted: 09/09/2014 at 14:53

PP.. weren't you tempted by the Tesco half price curry & rice offer?  BTW congrats from me too on 2nd place, good to see you got the high-viz shoes in picture!  Congrats to LR1976 & Bus too, fab running!

Well done to Jimbob on the sub 40 10k & nearly sub 34 from Bains, good work lads.

Selbs.. great to see you running long distances agin.  BTW your 'mid run evacuation'  ties with TT's 'hygenically challenged' as the phrases best not though about too much.

TMoth.. a big round of applause from me.  Well done indeed on grinding that one out to get the win.  On endurance practice - one of my mates (Jon Steele) organises the Hardmoors ultras up here.  He does loads of them so gets used to the punishment & how to refuel etc.  Just look up 'Hardmoors' and there will be contact info for him - he's a really nice bloke if you want to ask any questions - tell him I sent you!

KD.. top bombing on the sub 3 - you'll be needing some metal polish for that haul of booty!

Great training from Lev & Al P as usual.

Dr Dave .. I won't say 'Doctor heal thyself' but like TT says go easy - a few days to let it sort itself out won't lose you any fitness.

Much sympathy to Jools who seems to have caught my sore throat from last week.  I had it from Thursday up to Sunday morning so was on the verge of dibbing out of the debut 'Vale of York' half marathon.  Still felt a bit rough but when I woke up to blue skies on Sunday I thought I might as well have a run round if only to try and sweat it out.

The race started on an aerodrome and headed on a lightbulb style loop around country lanes which were all closed to traffic.  Apart from one railway bridge which we crossed out & back the route was flat with light winds.  Settled into 7:20 pace which felt comfy and kept churning out + or - a few seconds either side of this all the way round (1:36 at the end).  Really enjoyed it with no pressure, the time wasn't important.  Top event this one, could get very big if the word spreads.  Great to have a natter with Race Jase at the finish, top performance fella.  Chapeau indeed!

Anyway, my sore throat had gone yesterday so it was all worthwhile.

Vale of York Half Marathon

Posted: 08/09/2014 at 00:17

Me too.  My local running/cycling neighbourhood so no surprises.  Pleased to see such an excellent turnout.  Would prefer numbers/chips sent out (I like to arrive ready to run when possible) but otherwise a super event and long may it run.  Cheers to the organisers!

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Posted: 04/09/2014 at 21:57

Charlie.. one of my fellow Park runners has a 5k PB of 17:02. It was his 100th last weekend so sub 17 or bust he 'went for it'.  Sadly the wind turned up as well so 17:09 was the result.  Bad luck on the blister BTW, I look forward to the surgery video!

Al P.. some cracking training runs going on, well deserved burger!

PP.. Sam Smith's bitter is currently £1.80 in my local, lager £2:08.  In actual fact it is probably 'too local' being a mere 100 metres from my house.

Jools.. tasty session there though I too miss the random number intervals.

Selbs.. good to see you battling through a few runs/sessions, hope the body hangs together.

Dr Dave.. nice to see you sorted the shin problem, hope you enjoy the hols.

Bains.. ditto VLM entry, though I did enter the ballot which is a bit like like trying to win the lottery.  Thinking of Barca or Paris as alternatives. 

Still building the miles up here.  I'm pottering round the vale of York half on Sunday where I may well bump into Race Jase.  After the start line my next sighting of him is likely to be at the prize giving.

KD.. rude of me not to say welcome along.  Nice to see another codger on here with an age beginning with a '5'.  Since erstwhile threaders Dull Napoleon, Tom & Running Bear exited stage left I'm the oldest left on here at 56.  If it's any encouragement I ran my fastest marathon at 50 though the wheels have been coming off since.  All the best for your forthcoming marathon, go for it while you can!

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Posted: 31/08/2014 at 21:09

A thoroughly decent Park Run Dr Dave & smoking stuff from Marders!  Nice Park runs from CD & Steve 6 too.

Sorry to hear that DanA, your training & recent form deserved much better.  As others have said I hope you find a cause.

Very impressed by Dachs 3k, top bombing!

Fantastic long efforts Charlie & Al P, great weekly mileage from PP

Anyone thinking about the Barcelona mara next year?  I know DanA & Padams have spoken very highly of it; I'm tempted.

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Posted: 23/08/2014 at 18:53

Nice track hamster work out PP! .. & congrats on the PB.

Top Park running DanA & well done on the 80% WAVA.

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