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The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

Posted: Today at 00:41

You should be fine with grinding out the 20m race Emma, I've done a couple of 16 milers and intend to jump to 20m+ on Sunday. 

Since I got my leg fixed I realised that I have to pack my training in somewhat.  I have done quite a few 10, 11 13m runs so as long as I can squeeze in 4/5 x 20m+ I will line up with confidence.  11m + 4m today as I had the day off.  Feels like autumn already!


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Posted: Yesterday at 21:29

Cracking stuff Lev; you & PP, TT all seem more than well prepared for Berlin so I'll be looking forward to the results on race morning.  

Fair enough DanA, I thought you might be tempted given it's the course where the gods usually smile on you!  LS21 is another new posh bogs qualifier so you can compare notes on pre race nerves on the day.

Charlie.. just turn up and dig in; last minute injuries/niggles to the competition, runners going the wrong way, no shows etc, you never know your luck

11m + 4m for me today.  11 degrees this morning FFS, long sleeves out again! 

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Posted: Yesterday at 13:56

PP.. Mrs Wardi works for a food company that make jars of stuff, supermarket sandwiches, pickles, quiches etc.  She can get peanut butter for about 15p so we've got a few in stock, shame you're not up north 

DanA.. were you thinking of Barca again??

Great stuff on the track TT.

Welcome back TR, hope the diesel keeps chugging.

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Posted: 31/08/2015 at 18:38

True grit for carrying on & finishing DanA after all those setbacks.  At least you do have the consolation of a sub 2:45 marathon this year..  

Charlie.. I was at an afternoon garden party yesterday and one of those attending was this fellow..  http://www.thepowerof10.info/athletes/profile.aspx?athleteid=71220  Nice chap and very modest, he's expecting an England vest in the post for an upcoming mountain event.

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Posted: 31/08/2015 at 09:34


 We had surprise guests at the York Park Run on Saturday in the form of Richard Nerurkar and his 14 yr old daughter Almi.  16:37 and 2nd for Richard and Almi was 1st lesser spotted in 18:37.  A modest 20:16 for me but my legs were tired after a heavy few days.  Enjoyed the burn out though and did another 5m in the evening.  16.2m on a sunny Sunday morning (I guess Charlie counts this as a MLR!) gave me 63m for the week.

Nice work Jools and an interesting prize haul! 

CC2.. good mileage banked there; and fingers crossed for your op - hope it improves things for you.

Great training & paces Ryan.

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Posted: 28/08/2015 at 00:38

Awesome PP, as the yanks would say.  Good to see you in progressively cracking form!

Good mix of paces there Charlie, best of luck with shifting the extra bit of lard!

Well spotted there Piscator, since I started wearing compression socks and orange shoes and drinking beet shots my pace has come on in leaps & bounds!    Good session there BTW.

TT.. sorry to hear lurgy has interrupted your top notch training holiday, hope you come back with plenty of altitude benefit all the same.

After 5m easy last night managed to squeeze in 13.1m today.  Bright & breezy afternoon up here so a pleasant outing.  For some reason my weight is the lowest since 2003, can't think why as I haven't cut down on beer or cake!  My 12 stone 'norm' is currently 11st 6lbs.  Must be the exercise!

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Posted: 26/08/2015 at 00:41

Cripes PP, impressive stuff.  Thought I was doing well with a 4.1m + 10.4m double today! 

Lev.. great to see you on track for Berlin, hope the glute problem eases.

SL.. you summed up Scotland quite well there

TT.. sounds like you've taken to your hols like a duck to water, bet you don't want to come back!

Muss.. hope you're ok, just ease off for a few days and see if it dissipates.  My physio reckons runners are the worst for ignoring injuries!

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Posted: 08/08/2015 at 21:10

Nice effort on the treadie Ryan, that must have been a hot one!

Best of luck tomorrow CC2 & Jools.

Top session as usual PP!

Nice to see SL back & chalking up good miles.

ES.. tired leg syndrome!  A bit of recovery & you will soon be in top gear again.

After my recent cortisone jab I experimented with an 'as you feel' 10.3m course on Tuesday to see if I was moving more freely.  The result was nearly 4 mins quicker than pre-jab so very promising.  Couldn't resist a warm Park Run this morning to see if a race would show similar improvements.  My last Park Run was a well below par 21:15 at full tilt but I had realised by then that having a partly functioning leg was not only debilitating but slowing me down.

From the off the difference in freedom of movement was massive.  I was going to hit somewhere around 20-20:15 with a k to go so I put the afterburners on & borrowed a few expressions from PP's patented gurn gallery (though my shorts were a more discreet black colour!).  Pleased to cross the line with the Garmin reading a Bubka-esque 19:59.  Only good enough for 3rd old codger but 39th/398 got me in the top 10%.  More importantly chuffed to bits to have both legs working properly again!

The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

Posted: 06/08/2015 at 00:02

I'm up to 15m and a few 10-13 milers so ready for a gradual increase in long runs.  After an 8 month nerve problem (right glute/hamstring) I got a cortisone jab last week which seems to have done the trick for now.  Nice to be able to run without painkillers!

Hoping for something between 3:15-3:30 depending on how training goes.  I'm nipping down to the York Park Run this Saturday to see if I can get some speed back into my legs.

Emma.. it is surprising how the body gradually adapts to long runs.  You'll be up to 18-20m before you know it! 

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Posted: 02/08/2015 at 20:59

Lev.. good to hear from you again.  Is it just the glute or down the hamstring as well like I've been suffering?  Hope you can get sorted.

CC2.. very well done indeed, really chuffed for you.

Muss.. congrats on the Park Run PB.

Good mileage Ryan.  Nice one on the new club, hope the vest is comfy!

Matt3.. sounds like a great effort in the 10 miler.  Sometimes the body does pull up the drawbridge when we're training/racing hard so the odd slight under performance will happen.  Good mileage for the day though!

Well done Charlie, enjoyed the video.  Not sure carting your own camera around the course will get you equal media whore celebrity status with Marigold though!

Had my first run since cortisone injection last night and t'was my first pain free run since Xmas!  Not counting all my chickens yet but I was suitably overjoyed to fancy a glass of bubbly - so I had one!  42m on the bike today as the sun was out.

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