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The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

Posted: Today at 17:22

Marshalling duties at the Bramham Park CRUK 10k this morning then ran home as a final test on the (ex?) dicky shin.  Pleased to report not even a twinge so it looks like my patience and TLC has been rewarded.  Unless some unseen disaster thwarts me this week I should make the start line after all.  Having a curry and beer later to celebrate

Sub 3

Posted: Today at 17:10

Heroic stuff Ryan, gritting out a lonely 2nd half in the lead is worthy of the trophy alone.  Enjoy the seaside beers  ..and the hols.

Very encouraging Jools.  You deserve to be carried on high in a sedan chair should you go sub 2:45, that's if they have sedan chairs in Frankfurt of course

DanA.. is Abingdon a goer then??

Following my marshalling duties this morning I ran home as a final test for my hopefully ex-poorly shin.  12.6 miles went without a murmur so I am very tempted to join the start line next week even if it will be more of a long training run.  I am at least pleased that my TLC on the injury and no running for 3 weeks has seemingly cured what felt like a nasty condition.  Curry & beer tonight to celebrate.

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Posted: Yesterday at 08:44

Muss.. great report and there must be a bit more you can shave off that, nice one!

Hope you have a cracker at Carlisle LS21, is it a hilly one?

PP.. enjoy the break in Tenerife.  As it happens a bunch of us are on hols there in 4 weeks and we intend to climb Mount Teide on foot.  Please report back with news of spectacular views.

Best of luck to tomorrow's racers.  I'm helping out at the Bramham Park CRUK 10k tomorrow then attempting circa 12m to make sure the shin can stand up to it.

Sub 3

Posted: 02/10/2015 at 08:51

140m of running mostly done in the first two weeks of the month, then around 450m on the bike during injury! 

Charlie.. keep on looking for that win, maybe you're just losing your pot hunting skills

Congrats on finally getting a win Dachs, must feel good after all those 2nd places.

SL.. was your calf injury by any chance sustained by that wine fuelled behaviour in Medoc??

A not terribly significant birthday today, 58 also pushes me towards the 'wrong end' of the V55 age category!  Might squeeze in a run after work in what's left of the daylight, then out for a few beers.

The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

Posted: 01/10/2015 at 18:30

A bottle of Staropramen was indeed supped.  5.7m done without any niggles at all.  Did another 4m this morning just to be sure then 48m on the bike as I had the day off, the sun was out and no wind!.

The acid test will be a 12-13 miler on Sunday to see if that is event free then I can make a decision on York.

Good news on the glute Malcs.


Sub 3

Posted: 01/10/2015 at 13:18

Excellent behaviour from TT & Jase in Berlin, club 18-30 style antics!  .. and congrats on achieving 'different gravy' standard Jase.

PP.. nice one on the telly appearance, however to be a proper media whore you need to blag a post race interview

You've reminded me of that 'everyone's a fruit and nut case' advert Charlie

Well dones to Jools for the slight PB & great racing from Al P.

That's some mighty fine training Bufo, all augurs well for Frankfurt. 

All the best for Oxford Piscator.

After 3 weeks off due to the pesky shin I did a tentative first run back last night.  5.7m done with no niggles.  Did another 4m off road this morning just to see if it was a fluke but all seems well.  I need to see if a 12-13 miler this weekend is similarly uneventful before I decide whether to line up at the York Marathon a week on Sunday.  Still, nice to be running again.   Lovely calm day up here so I am shortly off for a 3 hour bike ride, that should give Lev enough time for his first volume.

The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

Posted: 30/09/2015 at 13:59

Ouch Stimpy, an ice pack for 10-15 mins a few times a day should hasten the recovery.

Malcs.. I couldn't feel a thing at the weekend so I've left it 3 more days, they don't call me Captain Sensible for nothing!  I plan a steady 4-5m in tonight's evening sun, any sign of a niggle and I will abort.  No sign of a niggle and a bottle of cold beer will be prized open in celebration. 

The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

Posted: 29/09/2015 at 20:23

Good luck with that Emma, tell him he's getting the cakes in if you trump his time!

Oh dear Njord on pacing duties.  That means somewhere in York there is likely to be a messy afternoon drinking session..  

Sub 3

Posted: 29/09/2015 at 19:48

Bravo Mr Boat, really pleased to see your time - I see you are in proper codger territory now so even more impressive!

WTGY.. as I remember I believe you won the Mablethorpe marathon back in 2010.  You could give this year's entrant Ryan Snell a virtual guide to the course, prizes, post race chippies, how many times a pigeon shat on your head, that sort of thing.

JI.. top bombing fella, that's not bad at all!  Also good of you to pop in and tell us about your teen bride

The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 20:08

52.5m on the bike for me yesterday Malcs, a peanut butter craving occurred when I got near the end!  10 days ago my shin ached on a long bike ride, no pain at all yesterday.  I can feel a test run coming on in the next few days.

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