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Posted: Today at 15:32

Nice 10k in the middle of a major long run CD.  Impressive commute from your mate, not many workers can claim to need a packed lunch on the way home!

Good effort all the same Jools.  You've packed in a lot of volume this week so it still counts as a decent paced 20m on less than fresh legs.

Great racing/position in the XC TT, good luck with losing the rest of the timber!

Set off for a 21m long run this morning in the sunshine, lovely day until a black cloud showed up at 11m and I got caught in a pretty heavy snow storm.  Got gradually wetter & colder and once my gloves got wet I could sense my hands going numb.  Headed home @ 16m and jumped on the treadie for the rest of it giving me a chance to thaw out!  Not sure if that is proper hardcore or just wussing out    Anyway 21.1m on the board and 61m for the week.  4 weeks to go.

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Posted: 12/02/2016 at 21:25

Yes feeling rather better today thanks so the worst is over.  The newly constructed footbridge in the Town was opened today so I feel tempted to head into the west for a beerio.

Selbs.. I hope you're going to wear a rubber suit on the snowboarding holiday given your accident prone history.

Welcome back AlanB.

Nice double dose of MLR's in one day Charlie, not surprised you were a bit heavy legged today!

DanA.. I think this is you & JAP at 9 mins in going past the petrol station at Barca last year..



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Posted: 11/02/2016 at 21:31

Good to see you getting back in the groove TT.  Bad luck on the nose break but that's what you get for mixing sports

Good luck on Sunday Jools, is it a flat out attempt or a planned MP section?

Jimbob.. no not running London though I am attending in a supporting role complete with smoking jacket.  Should be at the Red Lion post race for a natter. 

Woke up with a sore throat & sniffles today so binned the planned long run and did a steady 10.5 miles instead.  First bug I've had in about 3 years but better to have it now than in 3/4 weeks I suppose.

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Posted: 09/02/2016 at 20:48

All the best Ryan, hope all that treatment does the job.

Just got a quaint notice from the Barca marathon folk about an organised training run coming up, the translation sounds like it's right up your street Charlie..

The Prior of the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona
10 k right before the mitja with victualling including different rhythms and carried by hares that later will lead you to the drawers of departure.

4.2m + 9.6m double for me today, with a bit of victualling in there for good measure.

Nice long runs Jools, Charlie, Tick Tock, Selbs.

Glad you seem to be over the bugfest Bains.

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Posted: 07/02/2016 at 16:41

Jools, yes I'm getting weary of this weather too, most of my runs this week have been wind buffeted and/or wet.  Good effort seeing it through.

Dan A.. good regular mileage there, I reckon that together with your history of VLM performances you're a banker for sub 3:30

Jimbob.. good to get the last long run over & done with, nearly cotton wool time.

Ryan.. careful with that shin, I have recent experience of shin problems which I tried to run through.  I ended up with full blown shin splints last autumn which took me 2 1/2 weeks to sort out.  Best advice I can offer is - if you flex your foot up & down and you can still feel it then don't run on it.  Hopefully you've caught it early enough so the physio can give you a comeback time.  Fingers crossed for you.

MLR of 13.8m for me today on yet another windy day.  62 miles for this week which is my highest this year, 5 weeks to go now.  I was thinking of running Barcelona in an orange hi-viz t-shirt and matching cap which would give Mrs Wardi a better chance of seeing me, plus I should get lots of encouragement from the Dutch contingent!


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Posted: 05/02/2016 at 21:36

Charlie.. around 9:40 pace which is a reasonable shuffle I suppose, I sped up for the last few miles once I left them.  He does stop for a light lunch most days, not ideal for runners but with his dietary requirements I guess he needs the fuel.  Nice week BTW, enjoy the beers tomorrow!  

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Posted: 04/02/2016 at 15:11

Day off today and as Ben Smith of '401 marathons in 401 days' fame was in town I thought it would be rude not to join him for a few miles. This was marathon No:157.

I wasn't looking for a full distance run so peeled off when the rest of the group stopped at a cafe at 16m.  Headed home to clock 20.7m in total, not a bad day for it.

Jimbob.. that's a lot of marathons on the menu, all the best for Tokyo for starters!

Sorry to hear about your troubles TT, hope you find a solution of sorts.  Nice track session to lift the spirits though!

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Posted: 31/01/2016 at 18:34

Top effort at the XC Charlie.. and for rounding it up to 20m!  Glad you came out of it unscathed... & congrats to Jools on a similarly fine effort and team silver|

Nice 20m in the bank CD.

Ryan.. wow, immense miles clocked there.  Looking forward to see what Seville brings.

15m jigsaw puzzle run for me this morning, 4m steady to the start of a low key club handicap race, 8m @ circa 7:10 pace then a 3m warm down.  Pleased enough with 55m for the week.

Charlie.. just a thought on your 'plods'.  Speaking from the lofty 'coffin dodger' knowledge of the gradual onrush of older age.. the first thing I noticed from 45+ years was a longer recovery time from hard races/sessions.  If you're trying to put in the same training load as 5-10 years ago on an older body then tired legs are the inevitable end result.  My max per week now is 55-60m whereas 10-15 years ago it was 60-80mpw.  Please keep on keeping on any way as I love to hear about your training adventures!

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Posted: 24/01/2016 at 21:07

Ryan/Selbs. Barcelona for me, I ran it last year after Dan A & Padams recommended it.  Start/Finish & Expo are all in one place so pretty stress free if your hotel is walking distance.  It's about half the size of VLM so busy but not overcrowded, plus a nice course that thankfully avoids the hilly parts of the city!  My build up has been much better so far due to lack of the nerve niggles I had last year.  5-6 weeks for a few more long runs & some fine tuning before deciding what to aim for.  BTW awesome mileage Ryan, Seville doesn't sound too far off now.

Very impressive CD, hope you won some worthwhile bling.  Great idea on the breathable suits, I can see them perhaps being marketed with a free iron as a tempter.

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Posted: 24/01/2016 at 14:31

Charlie.. that run sounds 'tailor made' for you, alI I can add to that is 'suits you sir'.

Selbs.. good to see you putting a campaign together.

Bains.. in my best 'don't try this at home' voice, if I'm poorly (or think I'm about to become ill) I tend to put one too many layers on and go out for a run, then have a hot bath.  Having said that I haven't had so much as a cold in 3 years (touches wood) so not having kids and minimal use of public transport might be helping!  Hope you can shake it off soon.

TR.. slowly building miles/long runs might be a good strategy to avoid injuries/niggles.

Jools.. 15m with mile reps is a testing session, good stuff.

CC2.. sorry to see life is getting in the way currently, that is still a speedy Park Run to clear the head.

That's a very fine progressive run Padams!

TT.. nice miles in the bank again now the house is about sorted.  You might make a spring marathon after all!

Only 7 weeks 'til my marathon so 20.1 miles on the board this morning.  Nice day for it and no floods for the first time in a while.


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